Poor Ian Katz. Just days into his new job as editor of Newsnight and he’s already in hot water. Accidentally panning a guest behind their back is hardly the most dignified of starts.

Mr Steerpike would love to know who this was really meant to be seen by rather than Katz’s thousands of followers:

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While Rachel Reeves is undoubtedly tedious, it’s hardly a good idea to actually say it. Katz’s former Guardian colleagues will no doubt be happy to see him enjoying his new outlet. So what are the repercussions of the blunder? Not great if the reaction of Labour’s attack dog Michael Dugher is anything to go by: ‘Good luck in future to Newsnight in trying to persuade Labour people to go on their frankly rather boring programme at 11 at night,’ he quips.

I’m not sure he’s joking.

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