Twelve years ago, Andrew Rawnsley put a bomb under Westminster with his book on the Blair first term Servants of the People: the Inside Story of New Labour. Impeccably-informed and brilliantly-connected, Rawnsley used all his access to lift the curtain on what the New Labour lot were really up to. As Peter Oborne said in The Spectator, ‘it was a devastating piece of contemporary history, as well-informed as it is lethal’.

So Mr Steerpike notices with much interest that former Speccie editor Matt d’Ancona has chosen the same subheading for his book.  In It Together: the Inside Story of the Coalition comes out in September. D’Ancona is to the coalition what Rawnsley was to New Labour: a confidant of several of the leading figures in the government. Could he be planning a similar expose? Mr Steerpike certainly hopes so.

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