Sir David Tang and friends packed out the Dorchester Hotel last night to taste Johnnie Walker Blue Label. I last tasted Blue Label in an airport departure lounge, where the expensive tipple is ubiquitous. Old Mr Steerpike has a bottle on the go, which he uses from time-to-time to top-up his favourite 50-year-old malt. The sight of a near-full bottle of that particular treat on the sideboard warms the heart on a cold night.

Still, the evening was not without incident. Ben Elliot, co-founder of Quintessentially, revealed that he has been taken on to fundraise for the Thatcher legacy project. They want to build a permanent museum in her honour. I hear that cheques from home are rarer than those from abroad; a testament to the late Mrs Thatcher’s international renown as much as it is her domestic reputation.

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