Pippa Middleton writes an Alpine Notebook for the new Spectator, out tomorrow. She has this to say at the end:

‘Back home in London after my Alpine challenges, I can now pursue less demanding hobbies in my spare time, such as ping-pong. I’m informed that Boris Johnson, former editor of this magazine, wants to be “whiff-whaff” world king even more than he wants to be Prime Minister. I’m also told the Johnsons are almost as competitive as the Middletons. So I’d like to lay down a challenge to the Mayor. My only stipulation is that I can use my favourite Dunlop Blackstorm Nemesis bat, which I used when I played in the Milton Keynes U13 National Championships, don’t you know. Bring it on, Boris.’

So how about it, Boris? When he edited The Spectator we had a ping-pong table in the garden. We’ll happily bring it back, if the Mayor has the nerve to respond to Ms Middleton’s challenge. You can read her full diary here.

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