Newt Gingrich has a new love. ‘It’s a great study of plot,’ the failed Presidential runner and former Speaker of the House told Slate magazine. He was not referring to a ’90s sleaze inquiry, or the reasons why he lost to Mitt Romney. The object of his obsession is our very own Downton Abbey.

In what could be mistaken for an interview about his once colorful private life, Gingrich went on:

‘It has about 15 subplots plus four or five that come and go. At any given moment you could list these different developments going on with these different personalities. See, you’re never bored.’

Apparently, ITV’s most successful export is ‘sort of MTV, designed into long-form’ and is ‘very intelligently done, and I’m just really impressed.’ High praise indeed. Gingrich was coy about which character he is most like. If Newt’s career is anything to go by, Steerpike would say that Cousin Matthew would be about right.

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