Johnny Marr’s at it again. ‘David Cameron is not allowed to like my music,’ he fumes. He revives his disgust for Cameron’s love of The Smiths at least once every three months. God knows why he bothers. A bid to get his once famous name back in the papers? Or perhaps he likes to madden Tories?

Ever since Cameron appeared on  Desert Island Discs, Tories have winced at the furious and occasionally bemused response from musicians name-checked by Dave. Marr was, as we know, most put out to find ‘The Charming Man’ on the list; and Paul Weller of The Jam was lost as to why Cameron liked ‘Eton Rifles’. Weller memorably said: ‘Which part of it doesn’t he get? It wasn’t intended as a fucking jolly drinking song for the cadet corps.’

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Some Tory MPs have clearly taken enough stick this time round. Claire Perry, not known for mincing her words, has declared:

‘Hey:Johnny Marr+Morrissey! Listened while at Nailsea Comp in the 1980s and I still listen now I am a Tory MP!!#HeavenKnowsYourMiserableNow.’

Shame about Perry’s missing ‘e’ from her hashtag. It changes the meaning somewhat.

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