Are the baby boomers propping up the lazy ‘jilted generation’ while driving Britain’s economic recovery? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Daily Mail columnist Melanie Philips debates The Guardian’s Shiv Malik on the latest round of generational warfare, including on whether there is any need to blame one group for the country’s economic woes. How big a factor is culture and immigration in the differing employment levels between generations? Are the younger generations simply dragging their heels, or do they genuinely face more difficult circumstances than Britain’s post-war generation?

Maurice Mcleod discusses with Fraser Nelson the Chancellor’s generous offer for council tenants to purchase their properties at knock-down rates. To some tenants, would taking up George Osborne’s offer betray the original mission of social housing, or is this an easy buck from the state? And is the original right to buy scheme, introduced by Margaret Thatcher, responsible for the current problems in council housing and the market in general?

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Plus, our guests discuss the birth of royal baby, the effect it has had on the country and what we can expect to see in the coming days. You can subscribe through iTunes to have it delivered to your computer every week, or listen with the embedded player below:

The View from 22 — 25 July 2013. Length: 30:12

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