I was a little saddened by Baroness Warsi’s resignation. I like the woman; it is an odd and disturbing thing to say, but I felt I had more in common with her – a Muslim, Asian, woman – than almost any other prominent Tory. I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps class has something to do with it. I’m no Conservative but I think Cameron could have made more of her: he’s short of people who a). possess a vagina b). were state school educated c). come from ethnic minorities and d). talk as if they are members of the human race. She resigned on a point of principle, which is a good thing. They don’t often do that, the politicians. So we should commend her for her single-mindedness.

On the issue in question, though, she is more stunningly wrong than you could possibly imagine. When will Muslims stop seeing things in exclusively tribal terms?

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