Oh dear, I don’t suppose I’ll get much support in these parts for what follows. But I’m sorta with Jenny Willott, the Liberal Democrat MP and Business Minister. She has stated that she hates Prime Minister’s Question Time “with a passion” and goes out of her way to avoid attending it. Her implication is that it is “too male”, and I make her right on this too – or, at least, PMQs epitomises the very worst traits of men. It is an objectionable, points-scoring charade of no value or meaning to anyone, simply testosterone-fuelled name-calling and bullying. So well said, Ms Willott. Obviously, the woman’s wrong about almost everything else in which she believes, I assume.

But taking for a moment the notion that she is right on this issue, and I think she is, why would she not concede that men and women are essentially different mentally, and that this difference is hard-wired? Because I bet she wouldn’t concede that.

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