Is the world now being fed a bit of disinformation from the Malaysians over the fate of that missing jet, flight MH370?

We are now told that the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was a ‘fanatical’ dissident, a supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has once again been jailed under Malaysia’s homophobic laws for allegedly having sex with a man. This makes Shah a democrat and a moderate, in my book – and I would have thought most people’s books. There is no suggestion that Shah had sympathies with PAS, Malaysia’s somewhat fundamentalist, although lately moderating, Islamist party (and which for reasons of political expediency has in the past allied itself with Anwar). There is almost nothing the Malaysian government will not do in order to discredit the most articulate and charismatic of its opponents. I wonder if this is what they are doing now?

Tags: Democracy, homosexuality, Islamism, Malaysia, MH370