Richard Milburn, a burglar, broke out of Kirkham Prison near Preston because he was sick to the back teeth of the Scousers in the place. And the Mancs. And the Scallies and the La’s (not my apostrophe; I think it’s a local peculiarity). Richard is a Yorkshireman, even if his surname suggests a still better provenance a hundred or so miles north east of there. But given what he was up against Yorkshire will do just fine. This blog has not always been understanding towards the complaints and aspirations of our criminal underclass. But I think I will make an exception for Richard. The Scousers with their hilarious ready wit, the Mancs skagged out of their brainboxes – I think he had a point. Imagine it 24 hours a day, you’d smash your head against the cell wall until you were unconscious. I think he had some justification for complaint and we should all commend his bid for freedom. And the judge seems to have agreed because he’s been resettled in a prison nearer home. In Bradford. I suppose that’s Yorkshire still, sorta.

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