Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants to this country are ‘just like’ British people who have second homes in France, according to the government’s Crime Prevention minister, Jeremy Browne.

He is absolutely right, except for a small number of really quite insignificant differences. One being that the Romanians and Bulgarians don’t own homes here. The second being that Brits with second homes in France are rarely in receipt of that country’s welfare benefits. The third being that Brits in France are rarely a matter of concern for that country’s Crime Prevention minister.  And the fourth being that Brits with second homes in France do not usually set up a shanty town of carrier bags and makeshift tents somewhere along the Champs-Élysées and pretend they are looking for ‘labouring’ work.

But other than that, Jeremy is quite correct, and we should be grateful for such a valuable contribution to the debate.

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