The Tia Sharp case is yet another harrowing untermensch saga. The man accused of the little girl’s murder, Stuart Hazell, has now changed his plea to guilty. Of course, it is impossible not to feel anguish for Tia’s parents. Just as it is impossible to comprehend their agony. Whatever the ins and outs, and whatever point I make below. Tia’s dad has expressed a wish that Hazell should serve a long time in prison and then be hanged. Fair enough, I suppose. I would probably think the same if it was my kid. Tia’s mum, Natalie, meanwhile has castigated Hazell: ‘I gave the ultimate trust to Stuart.’  By which she means allowing him to look after her daughter.

Stuart Hazell has 30 previous convictions. These include, but are not confined to, attacking someone with a machete, making a racially aggravated assault, selling cocaine, burglary and theft. These convictions were presumably known to Ms Sharp, as she had been in a “relationship” with Hazell for a week or two until he upped sticks to shag her mum. That was the man to whom she entrusted her daughter.

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