They always manage to pull something special out of the hat at Christmas, over at the Guardian. Last year it was that fantastic woman, an editor at The Ecologist, who agonised over what to buy her son for Christmas that was green, ethical, sustainable and non-materialistic, if you remember, when her son Dimitri just wanted a Nintendo DS and a mini car to drive to school in. This time it is George Monbiot’s special Boxing Day tale of how he came to be terrified by some poor people who were a bit rough looking and had tattoos and dirty fingernails. Utterly hilarious stuff from this supposed leftie; Moonbat (Stowe, Brasenose, scion of a Tory dynasty) was quite appalled and a little frightened.

Like most of The Guardian’s writers, Moonbat is not remotely left wing, when it comes down to it. It is all economically self-interested bien pensant liberalism, utterly antithetical to the working class. Next time he chances to meet someone so low born I hope they smash his spectacles and spit on his shoes.

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