For years I have kept this to myself; a damaged individual, bottling it all up inside. But now that others have spoken out I’ve found an inner strength, a sort of resolve.

Several times during the 1970s I was the victim of serial sexual assaults by BBC stars who are now dead. On one occasion I was violated, in the space of ten minutes, by Morecambe and Wise, Ronnie Barker, Sir Kenneth Clark (of “Civilisation” fame) and Eric Sykes. I was tied to a bed in a BBC dressing room and one by one they came in and practised their vile depravities upon my young body. The ringleader was Hattie Jacques, who sat on a chair in the room and, devouring a box of chocolates, encouraged her fellow stars, laughing and clapping and also ‘getting her rocks off’. On another occasion I was touched in my private area by several daleks who had invited me to see a recording of Dr Who. With those sucker type things they have. But that wasn’t as bad as the stuff with Morecambe and Wise. I will never forget that: my head pressed into the cushion and Ernie on top of me, whispering in a sinister manner in my ear, in time with his brutal thrusting: “Bring me sunshine. In your smile. Bring me laughter. All the while.”

They are all dead now so sadly cannot be brought to justice. But it is a relief for me to be able to share this with you now, and also with my lawyer who will be contacting the BBC tomorrow morning, sharp.

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