And still it goes on and on. Apparently Jimmy Savile was banned from Children In Need because it was thought he was a bit creepy. Did he try to touch up Pudsey, or something? I think we are getting ourselves into a self-righteous frenzy here. Savile was unspeakably ghastly. He was unspeakably ghastly before these latest allegations and he’s – probably, almost certainly – even worse now. But are we really going to exact revenge on pop stars who may have fondled a fourteen year old girl forty years ago? Were there any of those glam rock stars – Gilbert O’Sullivan excepted – who didn’t fondle fourteen year old girls? How many of the girls, at the time, were discomfited by this?

When I was fourteen most of the girls I knew dreamed of being shagged by Donny Osmond or David Cassidy. Or, for the slightly brighter ones, Bolan. It was a given. And if I had the chance at that age to shag Suzi Quatro I would undoubtedly have done so. Do we now decide that those aspirations don’t count? Savile’s crimes may well have been – almost certainly were – of a different order, preying on the vulnerable and the institutionalised. But the rest of it?

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