It was the Standard what won it, apparently

8 May 2015 10:51
Image: Getty

In 1992 the Sun claimed it was them ‘wot won it’, fast forward to the next time the Tories achieved a majority and an editor of a different paper is… Continue reading


Al Murray faces £500 fine for failing to win five per cent of vote

8 May 2015 10:47

Nigel Farage has failed to win in South Thanet. However, he can take some comfort that he came second in the hotly contested seat. Alas the same cannot be said for… Continue reading


Liberal Democrats face soaring fines for failing to win enough votes

8 May 2015 9:58

Oh dear. Not only have the Liberal Democrats only won eight seats so far compared to the 56 taken in 2010, many candidates face losing their deposit. If a candidate fails to win… Continue reading


The moments between: the art of putting bums on seats on election night

7 May 2015 14:55
Image: Getty

When the cameras go live in the BBC studios tonight for their election coverage it will mark 65 years of televised analysis of the results. As the BBC’s own delightful… Continue reading


Why E4′s election stunt may not stand the test of time

7 May 2015 13:27

Today Channel 4′s sister channel E4 has made the bold decision to halt broadcasting any programmes until this evening in a bid to encourage their viewers to vote. The channel, which… Continue reading


Let them eat (Sturgeon) cake

7 May 2015 13:23

An interesting election day parcel has arrived at the Spectator office: it contains a box of ‘party leader cupcakes’ from Sky News. ‘We recommend eating David, Ed, Nick, Nigel, Nicola,… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Labour are toast

7 May 2015 12:19

Was this really the wisest picture for Labour to put on their get-out-the-vote leaflets this morning? We should know which of the parties are toast by breakfast tomorrow.


Is Ed Miliband really proud to have fought alongside me? I’m not so sure

7 May 2015 10:53
Ed Miliband and wife Justine turn out to vote this morning. Image: Getty

Sheesh, sometimes you read something and it makes you go all gooey inside. Take this email I got from Ed Miliband. Dear Rod, As I write this, Justine and I… Continue reading


I don’t trust these latest obesity predictions from the nanny state

6 May 2015 22:05

Seventy-four per cent of men and 64 per cent of women in Britain will be overweight or obese by 2030, or so the newspapers have reported today. In Ireland, the situation… Continue reading


David Cameron visits a zoo with no animals

6 May 2015 18:59
David Cameron on the campaign trail in Chester and Lancaster today. Photo: Sebastian Payne/The Spectator.

The feral travelling Tory press pack were suited and booted this morning in the pouring Cheshire rain and led up a muddy path to a giant rock. No, David Cameron… Continue reading


Miliband’s adviser Stewart Wood says he is ‘loving’ #JeSuisEd

6 May 2015 18:25
The Sun revisited Ed Miliband's bacon sandwich incident with today's front page

A little Twitter fad had emerged this afternoon where fans of Miliband tweet pictures of themselves eating sloppily along with the hashtag #JeSuisEd. It came about after the Sun went to town… Continue reading


Labour release leaflets telling non-English speakers how to vote

6 May 2015 15:42
Leaflets are being distributed in Luton explaining to non-English speakers how to vote for Labour

This week Labour was accused of hypocrisy for allowing gender-segregated seating at a party rally. While the party have since defended their position claiming ‘there was no forced segregation’, many have accused Labour of… Continue reading


Why was Peter Hitchens’ column missing from the Mail on Sunday?

6 May 2015 15:32
The Mail on Sunday's most recent issue, which was missing Peter Hitchens' column

Today’s front pages have received criticism across the board for being too party political with the election only a day away. Now questions are also being asked as to why Peter… Continue reading


The new Lib Dem party strategy: drown voters in leaflets

6 May 2015 14:44
Natalie Bennett campaigning in Bristol. Image: Getty

If you want an idea of how exhausting this election has been for some voters in marginals, just watch this video of a Green supporter in Bristol West: I profiled… Continue reading


Why I am voting Labour

6 May 2015 13:58
(Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty)

This is a bastard election full of bastard choices. In such circumstances some triage is required. Once everything that is impossible has been eliminated what remains must, for tomorrow at… Continue reading


Why elections are bad for your health

6 May 2015 10:30

The excitement and anxiety was tangible during the election of 1997. Even as a child I was able to pick up on it. I saw the signs of stress in… Continue reading


Former Tory Brian May backs his local Labour candidate

6 May 2015 10:24

When Brian May quizzed Russell Brand about his revolution at a screening earlier this month, the Queen guitarist mentioned that he had launched his own campaign, called Common Decency. The scheme supports ‘decent… Continue reading


Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney removed from Conservatives Abroad website

6 May 2015 9:08

After the Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney urged Tories to vote for Ukip in seats where the party can’t win, the Conservative think tank’s patrons issued a statement distancing themselves from the comments. Then… Continue reading


Princess Charlotte’s middle names will soon seem extraneous

5 May 2015 19:04
What's in a name? (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty)

Beatrice Elizabeth Mary. Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. These are the full baptismal names of Princesses Beatrice, Princess Anne and the Queen respectively. And what use are any… Continue reading


Ed Miliband comes to the defence of the #EdStone

5 May 2015 18:12

Mr S reported earlier on Lucy Powell’s blunder after she unwittingly seemed to contradict the message of the EdStone: ‘I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the fact that he’s… Continue reading


Why are we getting fat while exercising so much? Try reading George Orwell

5 May 2015 17:52
According to Orwell, people in wartime Britain were eating amounts that would make us fat today

Last week I mentioned a widely reported article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine which claimed that ‘physical activity does not promote weight loss’. The article was taken down… Continue reading


Unfortunately celebrity endorsements really do matter

5 May 2015 17:06
Spot the difference: Vote Tory with Peter Stringfellow, Vote Labour with Russell Brand (Photo: Getty)

Whoever comes top on Thursday, Labour has won the only poll that really matters – that of Britain’s beloved celebrities, with recent endorsements by Steve Coogan, Delia Smith, Robert Webb,… Continue reading


Sell your Tory glory story: The Sun offers cash for Conservative testimonials

5 May 2015 16:34

Mr S reported over the weekend that Rupert Murdoch has jetted in to Britain ahead of the election. Now in the UK, the media mogul, and arch rival of Ed Miliband, is expected… Continue reading


I’m not voting on Thursday — but don’t you dare call me apathetic

5 May 2015 15:22

With just 48 hours to go before we get to vote in officially the most boring election in history, the great and good are fretting over the apathy of the… Continue reading


Another joker comes out for Labour

5 May 2015 15:17
David Mitchell and Robert Webb co-starred in Channel 4's Peep Show

Eddie Izzard, Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan and Russell Brand. What is it with professional funny-men backing Labour? It’s a little odd that when Miliband is trying to show the world what… Continue reading