The orthodoxy of the ‘safe space’ has now led to racial segregation at a British university

12 February 2015 15:57

Props to Goldsmiths Students’ Union, for taking the ‘safe space’ concept to absurd new levels. Last week, one faction of the union hosted a screening of the film Dear White… Continue reading


PinkVanGate: Harriet Harman denies telling Karen Danczuk to join Girls Aloud

12 February 2015 14:43
Did Harriet Harman tell Karen Danczuk to join Girls Aloud?

Yesterday Harriet Harman claimed that Labour’s pink ‘Woman to Woman’ van is not patronising after a public backlash saw the feminine choice of colour ridiculed online. Now the deputy leader faces further backlash,… Continue reading


Grant Shapps: Haggis is not terrorism

12 February 2015 14:22

Haggis was on the menu at the Tories’ Black and White Ball on Monday, and now it’s on the political agenda too. In an otherwise dry speech on the Transatlantic… Continue reading


Middle-aged non-smoker for hire: Sebastian Faulks looks for work

12 February 2015 9:43
Sebastian Faulks - Book Launch Party

Sebastian Faulks has just finished work on his latest book, Where My Heart Used to Beat. Rather than go on holiday now the deadline has been met, the Birdsong author… Continue reading


Lord Cashman inherits his late lover Paul Cottingham’s estate

12 February 2015 8:18
Michael Cashman with partner Paul Cottingham, brother John Cashman and friend Michelle Collins after he received his CBE

After Paul Cottingham passed away last year following a battle with cancer, Ed Miliband led the tributes for the long-term partner of Lord Cashman. Miliband, who described the pair as the ‘Posh and Becks of… Continue reading


The pen is only powerful when we defend it unconditionally

11 February 2015 20:42
The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

It looks like this year’s Simon Hughes prize (awarded each year to the non-Muslim who does the weirdest impression of holding Islamic principle) must go to Lord Woolf. In a speech… Continue reading


David Cameron is lucky he faces Ed Miliband, not Nicola Sturgeon

11 February 2015 19:03
Nicola Sturgeon Delivers Anti-Austerity Speech At Universtiy College London

In some respects David Cameron has been a lucky politician. Lucky that his predecessors had failed so completely that his initial brand of so-called modernisation seemed a punt worth taking.… Continue reading


Samantha Cameron’s sister in Twitter rant over Labour’s pink ‘tampon’ van

11 February 2015 18:42
Emily Sheffield with her sister Samantha Cameron (Photo: Getty)

While Samantha Cameron very rarely airs her political views in public, the same cannot be said for her sister. Emily Sheffield has taken to Twitter to vent about Labour’s new pink… Continue reading


What did Ed Miliband’s new big donor mean about a ‘holocaust’?

11 February 2015 16:59
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Millionaire hippy Dale Vince OBE has written Ed Miliband a cheque for a quarter of a million to counter the struggling Labour leader’s business credentials. Worth some £107 million, Vince,… Continue reading


Wolf Hall upsets horticulturists with its ‘historical plant inaccuracies’

11 February 2015 15:53

First, Wolf Hall upset a number of members of the Catholic faith with its depiction of St Thomas More. The Bishop of Shrewsbury went so far as to claim that… Continue reading


Rude jokes about Stephen Hawking are exactly what the Baftas need

11 February 2015 10:22
Stephen Fry Rehearses For The British Academy Film Awards

Odd though it may seem, I think I’m with Stephen Fry on the issue of the Baftas. The grand old poof – I mean that in an affectionate, rather than… Continue reading


Australia joining the Eurovision shows the awesome soft power of the song contest

10 February 2015 19:07
The new map of Europe

All you want from Europe is free trade, cheap flights and the Eurovision Song Contest – the rest is bureaucracy. One of the contest’s many strengths is its generous, expansive definition… Continue reading


Why Peter Stringfellow didn’t look ‘cool’ at Black & White Ball

10 February 2015 18:17
Peter Stringfellow and his wife Bella arrive at the Tory Black & White Tie Ball

As part of David Cameron’s efforts not to appear as the leader of the party of the posh, the Prime Minister is rarely seen in black tie. Last night’s Black & White Ball was… Continue reading


Greens finally admit a thousand members have not paid up

10 February 2015 14:26
Green party leader Natalie Bennett. Picture: PA

The Green Party have finally admitted that their numbers are a bit squiffy. No, not their bonkers universal minimum income plans, rather their artificially inflated membership data. Mr S has… Continue reading


Conservatives website glitch ‘reveals’ non-target Tory seats

10 February 2015 13:41

With the Tory’s Black & White Tie Ball to prepare for yesterday, it’s understandable that the brains at Conservative HQ may not have been 100 per cent focussed. This could explain… Continue reading


The pope is right – smacking your kids is sometimes OK

10 February 2015 13:35
Pope Francis says it is OK to smack your children to discipline them — as long as their dignity is maintained (Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty)

One good thing has come out of the fuss over the pope’s comments about it being ok to smack your children (so long as their dignity is maintained); it has flushed out… Continue reading


Tory Black & White Ball auctions a night in Annabel’s – for £110,000

9 February 2015 22:58
Annabel's: yours for £110,000. A night.

It’s the Black & White Ball tonight, a lavish Conservative fundraiser at which David Cameron tries to milk as much cash as he can from squillionaires – while trying, somehow, to… Continue reading


Why does the skin colour of London’s next Mayor matter one toss, Margaret Hodge?

9 February 2015 18:30
Margaret Hodge (Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty)

Shocking news belatedly reaches me that the Labour MP Margaret Hodge has pulled out of the race to become the next Mayor of London. I am not sure how London… Continue reading


Freedom of speech is a sacred British value (and those who disagree can hop it)

9 February 2015 17:22
A petition is delivered to 10 Downing Street by members of the protest (Photo: Getty)

In the aftermath of last month’s Paris atrocities there was a remarkable piece in one of Denmark’s leading papers signed by more than a dozen prominent Danish Muslims.  It said… Continue reading


Fancy a job in academia or the media? Best brush up on the new political correctness

9 February 2015 16:18
James Watson (Photo: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty)

Why has political correctness proved so enduring? This is the subject of cover pieces in The Spectator by Brendan O’Neill and Damian Thompson, which follow an article by American liberal… Continue reading


Bob Hoskins’s daughter speaks out about Bafta snub

9 February 2015 14:27
British actor Bob Hoskins poses during a

After the late Bob Hoskins was left out of a tribute montage at the Baftas, many people took to Twitter to vent their anger. The comedian David Baddiel went so far as… Continue reading


Will Tristram Hunt’s business-savvy wife be voting Labour?

9 February 2015 13:44
(Photo: Getty)

It was his contempt for nuns that got shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt into trouble on last week’s Question Time, but there was another notable line worth revisiting. A tetchy… Continue reading


David Baddiel criticises Bafta for ‘working class’ Bob Hoskins snub

9 February 2015 10:48
Bob Hoskins died of pneumonia in April

It was the night of Eton versus Harrow at the Baftas as Eddie Redmayne faced off competition from Benedict Cumberbatch to take home the Best Actor gong. Now, Bafta are under… Continue reading


Eton vs Harrow: Eddie Redmayne comes out on top at the Baftas

8 February 2015 22:39

Much has been made of Eddie Redmayne’s education at Eton after Chris Bryant claimed that British culture should not be dominated by public schoolboys like The Theory of Everything actor. Mr Steerpike hopes that… Continue reading


In defence of Tristram Hunt

8 February 2015 15:15
Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt.

I have never had any particularly strong views on Tristram Hunt other (naturally) than finding it bleakly hilarious that he should be the Labour party’s Parliamentary representative for Stoke. But… Continue reading