Shot at Dawn: an emotionally charged WWI musical

3 July 2014 10:53

A court-martial — followed by an execution: not exactly promising ingredients for a musical. But Ross Clark’s new music drama Shot at Dawn turns out to be unexpectedly moving. On… Continue reading


Britain is part of a secret Anglo-Saxon world conspiracy. How can it also be part of Europe?

3 July 2014 9:12
The 'secret' American eavesdropping base at RAF Menwith Hill in Yorkshire. Image: Getty

I’m not a great believer in the ‘special relationship’, a concept that exists almost entirely in the mind of British journalists, especially during those occasional moments when the English-speaking nations… Continue reading


Yet another Labour attack on McDonald’s employees

2 July 2014 14:16
Liam Byrne in McDonalds

What has Labour got against people who work in McDonald’s? Last week we had Liam Byrne’s burger flip, where he slammed the same fast food employer for which he used to… Continue reading


David Cameron gets serious about antibiotics — too little too late?

2 July 2014 13:45
Britain Prime Minister David Cameron (L)

David Cameron has announced a review into why so few antimicrobials have been introduced over recent years. This seems to be too little too late. The impending car crash in… Continue reading


A novel for men who don’t read novels

2 July 2014 8:30

Are you the sort of man – or is your man the sort of man – who’s always meaning to read more novels but never gets round to it? Proper… Continue reading


Labour run a mile from ‘nuts’ McBride return

1 July 2014 16:43
Damian McBride won't be welcomed back into Labour. Photo: Getty Images.

Mr Steerpike’s suggestion that things could be getting so bad for Labour that they may have to call on the services of Damian McBride, based on the disgraced former spin… Continue reading


Who would join the Iran lobby? MPs and Lords, it turns out

1 July 2014 14:44
Jack Straw. Image: Getty

Who on earth would argue for a regime which hangs homosexuals, stones rape victims and sponsors terrorism across three continents? Who would act as a spokesperson or advocate of such… Continue reading


Will America take up the job of whack-a-mole in the Middle East?

30 June 2014 19:30

President Obama said recently that the United States cannot simply play ‘whack-a-mole’ in the Middle East. The only appropriate response to which is to say, ‘Yes you can.’ We can… Continue reading


Damian McBride’s Labour audition

30 June 2014 18:29

Is Damian McBride auditioning for a job as the saviour of the Labour Party spin operation? His re-energised blogging would certainly indicate as much. In the last few weeks the… Continue reading


The conservative case against Iain Duncan Smith

30 June 2014 18:04
British Secretary of State for Work and

Labour held a debate on Iain Duncan Smith’s stewardship of the welfare state today. Tory MPs backed their man, as did the Conservative journalists, who have told their readers that… Continue reading


Angela Merkel offers a sop to the poor old British

30 June 2014 17:28
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty)

The row over Jean-Claude Juncker was confected outrage which spectacularly failed to achieve what Cameron wanted. It was confected because the alternatives to the ghastly Luxembourg bureaucrat are scarcely less federalist than… Continue reading


Summer sucks

30 June 2014 17:19
Getty Images

Who could possibly choose hay fever, insect bites and heat rash over an open fire, cashmere blanket and hot chocolate laced with brandy? Although I love the bright early mornings… Continue reading


Don’t knock Cool Britannia II – it’s a clever move by the Tories

30 June 2014 17:04
Katherine Jenkins. Photo: Getty Images

It sounds like a cruise liner, doesn’t it? The Cool Britannia II: stopping at Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and 12 Years a Slave. And if the rumoured guest list… Continue reading


Proof that the Liberal Democrats are a party of ninnies

30 June 2014 16:44
The Liberal Democrats Hold Their Annual Party Conference

I know that it is unfashionable to feel sorry for Liberal Democrat MPs. Nevertheless there are times when, contemplating their unhappy lot,  it seems appropriate to feel the odd pang… Continue reading


Yes, of course the BBC is biased against Scottish Nationalists

30 June 2014 14:35
Crisis Talks Continue At The BBC Following The Resignation Of Director General George Entwistle Over The Newsnight Scandal

There are many reasons for this but let’s begin with the first and simplest: it is the British Broadcasting Corporation. Who could have imagined that an organisation that, rightly or not, sees… Continue reading


The miracle supplement? Vitamin D helps you live longer — so take it

30 June 2014 13:19
A sunbather in the UK producing vitamin D. Image: Getty

The traditional view of Vitamin D is that it is essential for bone health. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to rickets in children; and osteomalacia in adults. These two conditions… Continue reading


Confronting the Tories’ original sin: they are still seen as the party of the rich.

30 June 2014 13:13

Dominic Cummings is at it again. Michael Gove’s former advisor has become a reliably entertaining guide to the Whitehall labyrinth. It is plain, too, that Cummings likes to think of… Continue reading


World Cup diary: now we know how utterly shite England were

29 June 2014 19:48
Netherlands v Mexico at round of 16 of the 2014 World Cup. Photo: Getty Images.

I’ve been cheering for the Dutch as a sort of thank-you for them humiliating Spain. But there was something thoroughly unpleasant about the way they dispatched Mexico, the world’s great… Continue reading


There ain’t no God — and that’s the glorious truth

28 June 2014 15:00
Anglican church

According to my colleague Melanie McDonagh (Spectator 21st June), religion makes you happy and churchgoing is good for you. Crikey, you could have fooled me. For sure, an ancient church… Continue reading


Glastonbury: a middle-aged mudbath for those who failed to misspend their youth

28 June 2014 10:00
Gates Open For The Glastonbury Festival

In 2010, Brendan O’Neill suggested that Glastonbury had become an authoritarian, corporate pigpen. From the looks of things this year, nothing has changed. Here’s Brendan’s piece: Most people, when they… Continue reading


Spectator competition: give Phil Neville a lesson in the art of World Cup commentary (plus oolite and ampthill redefined)

28 June 2014 8:52
At the end of the day it's a game of two halves. Image: Getty

The most recent competition invited you to incorporate the following seven words (real geological terms) into a piece of plausible and entertaining prose so that they acquire a new meaning… Continue reading

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The book that turned me into Rod Liddle

27 June 2014 13:25

We all have what Andy Miller calls a ‘List of Betterment’: 50 or so books that, if read, would surely make us a better person – book clubs, gulp that… Continue reading


Rod Liddle is right about the faux Left

27 June 2014 11:27
(Photo: Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty)

‘I deserted my children for my own personal happiness: it is as simple as that, regardless if I sometimes reassure myself with caveats, with a rationale which I have constructed… Continue reading


My generation of women will have the confidence to run the country

27 June 2014 11:21
The sickly sweet stink of patronisation (Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty)

Uh oh. The ‘all-women shortlist’ is again being touted as a good idea for the Conservatives, this time by Nicky Morgan, the new women’s minister. When asked about using shortlists… Continue reading


Jeremy Paxman: Newsnight’s run by kids

27 June 2014 10:49
Edinburgh International Book Festival Portraits 2007

It’s fair to say that Jeremy Paxman did not see eye-to-eye with Ian Katz, the modish former Guardian hack who edits Newsnight these days. Paxman told the crowds at the Chalke Valley… Continue reading