Guardian hosts champagne tasting for champagne socialists

7 January 2015 16:14

As Mr S revealed yesterday, The Guardian has vetoed brown sauce for their palatable readers, confining it to be fit only for lowly members of the establishment. Champagne, on the other… Continue reading


Sir John Major steps down as president of the Bow Group

7 January 2015 15:35
Sir John Major has stepped down as president of the Bow Group

As one of the oldest Conservative think tanks, the Bow Group has a prestigious roll call of former chairmen who include Michael Howard, Norman Lamont and Peter Lilley. Now, Mr S… Continue reading


A & E just saved my son’s life. Let’s not forget how important it is

7 January 2015 15:30
(Photo: Graeme Robertson/Getty)

We were lucky. The ambulance came in half an hour. By then my teenage son Edward was unconscious. He’d had a headache the day before, but by the evening he… Continue reading


PMQs: Playing Punch and Judy with the NHS

7 January 2015 14:52

Today’s PMQs was, predictably, about the NHS. But the Punch and Judy nature of the session seemed particularly small in the light of events in Paris. After expressions of solidarity… Continue reading


Je Suis Charlie

7 January 2015 14:18

It is important, today especially, to remember that this is nothing new. We have been here before. On the 11th of July, 1991, Hitoshi Igarachi was murdered in his office… Continue reading


The attack on Charlie Hebdo is an attack on freedom

7 January 2015 13:46

Here is the leading article from the new Spectator magazine, out tomorrow, which went to press as news of the attack on Charlie Hebdo broke. listen to ‘Douglas Murray discusses the attack… Continue reading


Labour seeks urgent question on A&E crisis

7 January 2015 10:15
Public Inquiry Into Stafford Hospital Scandal Resumes

Andy Burnham has put in a request for an urgent question on the A&E crisis, I have learned. The question, which the Speaker has yet to decide whether or not… Continue reading


How will Ed Miliband use the A&E crisis at PMQs?

7 January 2015 9:47
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

Towards the end of 2014, David Cameron was finding PMQs ‘boring’. He knew that it was turning into a session where each week both he and Ed Miliband basically said… Continue reading


The A&E crisis must be all my fault, obviously

7 January 2015 8:35

A preview of Hugo Rifkind’s column in this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow… Oh, I see. So it’s my fault. There I was, thinking that the general swamping and near collapse… Continue reading


Spectator competition: New Year haikus (plus: a poem about the bedroom tax)

6 January 2015 18:45
'Bedroom tax' report

Your New Year challenge was to submit a poem composed of three haikus that looks forward to the year ahead. The traditional Japanese haiku contains 17 syllables in three unrhymed… Continue reading


Why is Stephen Fry’s decision to get married a major news story for the BBC?

6 January 2015 18:28
(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty)

Why, do you reckon, was Stephen Fry’s decision to marry another man an item in a BBC radio news bulletin earlier today, right up there with the row over Jim… Continue reading


Ukip MPs infiltrate Conservative HQ’s Twitter feed

6 January 2015 18:05
(Photo: Getty)

If social media is going to play a deciding role in the general election, the brains at Conservative HQ ought to take a closer look at who they promote on… Continue reading


PEGIDA and the Left’s morality play

6 January 2015 17:36
A demonstrator holds a crucifix in the colors of Germany during a rally by a mounting right-wing populist movement called Pegida on January 5, 2015 in Dresden, eastern Germany. AFP PHOTO / ROBERT MICHAEL

Germany is on its feet again, ja, so what can go wrong? This week Good Germans have been taking to the streets to counter-protest the PEGIDA (the Bad Germans) and… Continue reading


Guardian journalists fail to protect their sauces

6 January 2015 16:09
Image: Getty

Mr S is inclined to believe this is a piss-take, lest it be clear the Guardian completely disappeared up its own bottom. Apparently enjoying HP Sauce basically makes you some… Continue reading


Claws out in Rochester: Mark Reckless not worried by Tory candidate

6 January 2015 12:58
Mark Reckless doesn't seem too worried about his Tory opposition

Things are getting heated in Rochester after Conservative HQ announced that the lacklustre Kelly Tolhurst will return as their candidate for the general election. The businesswoman put on a dismal display when she… Continue reading


Facebook’s founder asked his 31 million followers to pick up a book. That can only be good news

6 January 2015 12:25
(Photo: Getty)

It’s the private messages Mark Zuckerberg will have sent early in the new year that I’d really like to see. The one to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, for instance, which I… Continue reading


The Laws according to David

6 January 2015 12:20
David Laws and Nick Clegg visiting Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets on Septemebr 5, 2012.

As Westminster clatters back to life after the Christmas break, so the steady stream of invitations land on Steerpike’s mat. Don’t all rush at once, but David Laws will be… Continue reading


Lily Cole won’t join Russell’s revolution

6 January 2015 12:01
Lily Cole took part in a demonstration against higher tuition fees

As an environmentally-minded model who’s not shy of a student protest, Lily Cole would appear to be an ideal recruit for Russell Brand’s revolution. Alas, Cole, who has a double… Continue reading


Does anyone in London actually know how the Barnett Formula works?

6 January 2015 11:49
<> on December 15, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland.

We’ve just had two years of intensive constitutional politics. Time enough, you’d think, for even London-based politicians and commentators to work out how British politics actually works. But if you… Continue reading


Is the NHS ‘crisis’ too complex for politicians to solve?

6 January 2015 8:56

Is the NHS in crisis, or isn’t it? Jeremy Hunt doesn’t want to use the word, telling the Today programme that ‘there’s a huge amount of pressure’, while Norman Lamb… Continue reading


David Miliband: I might be back

6 January 2015 0:05
Will David Miliband make a comeback in British politics?

David Miliband has refused to rule out a return to British politics in an interview with Vogue. Ed’s departed brother has not had much of an impact in New York,… Continue reading


Exclusive: Prince Andrew will not host government reception in Switzerland

5 January 2015 16:11
Prince Andrew will not host a reception on behalf of the British government at the World Economic Forum

How will Prince Andrew proceed with his official duties, given that he is named in court papers in which he is accused of abusing an under-age ‘sex slave’? The Daily… Continue reading


Scotland: No Country for Free Speech

5 January 2015 15:35
pscot copy

Behold, the most offensive tweet I’ve seen in months. You don’t have to be an off-grid anarcho-libertarian freedom-squirrel to see there’s something distinctly unpleasant – even something dystopian – about… Continue reading


Feeling morally superior? Time to sign an online petition

5 January 2015 15:32
Ched Evans playing for Sheffield United in 2011 (Photo: Ben Hoskins/Getty)

Purely for the purposes of argument, it would be handy if Ched Evans had said sorry for the rape for which he was convicted. He hasn’t, for the simple and… Continue reading


Another day, another departure at Newsnight

5 January 2015 13:23
Does another departure signal the end for Ian Katz?

Since Ian Katz took over as editor of Newsnight, an illustrious roll call of staff have left the flagging current affairs show, including presenters Jeremy Paxman and Gavin Esler. Now,… Continue reading