Right to reply – Jonathan Portes on Niall Ferguson

11 June 2015 17:39

Two weeks ago I was too ‘obscure to bother with‘ for Professor Niall Ferguson. He’s changed his mind, dedicating an entire article in The Spectator to me. In particular, he is… Continue reading


We really are screwed if we believe that social media can curse us

11 June 2015 17:27
The MNDA advert

More bad news for Malaysia, I’m afraid, where a group of tourists have apparently managed to trigger an earthquake simply by taking their clothes off. Last Friday, a 6.0 magnitude… Continue reading


Revealed: the lords who haven’t paid their bar tabs

11 June 2015 14:49

Members of the House of Commons were reprimanded in the media for splashing out £11,000 in just one week in Parliament’s subsidised bars. Still, credit where credit is due, at… Continue reading


Farage’s former aide lets rip about working for Ukip: ‘I totally regret it’

11 June 2015 10:16

The Ukip civil war may be over for now but that doesn’t mean its casualties aren’t still reeling in the aftermath. Nigel Farage’s former aide Raheem Kassam has carried out a… Continue reading


Alan Rusbridger and the Sword of Truth

10 June 2015 19:18
Alan Rusbridger shows off his 'sword of truth'

When Alan Rusbridger stepped down as the editor of the Guardian last month, there were emotional scenes at Guardian HQ as he handed his crown to his successor Katharine Viner.… Continue reading


Vapers deserve to be angry – they are under attack

10 June 2015 18:09

There is a perception – on Twitter at least – that vapers are angry and abusive. Ben Goldacre recently described ‘e-cigarette campaigners’ as ‘vile… obsessive, vindictive, abusive, and to an… Continue reading


Lord Ashcroft opens bidding for the #EdStone

10 June 2015 14:31
Labour leader Ed Miliband unveils Labour's pledges carved into a stone plinth in Hastings during General Election campaigning. Photo: PA.

With the Labour party under increasing scrutiny for taking donations from the trade unions, they may have to start to rely more heavily on private donors. So it’s good news that… Continue reading


David Cameron’s intricate knowledge of Chinese Warlords

10 June 2015 13:46
7 jan pmqs

The Prime Minister was on boisterous from at PMQs today, welcoming the Labour Party’s new found support for an EU referendum in the division lobbies last night. Cameron described it… Continue reading


Nicola Sturgeon puts (lung free) haggis on the menu in America

10 June 2015 12:44
Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon Gives A Speech On Child Poverty

Steerpike has long been a champion of the fight to get America to lift the ban on Scottish haggis being imported into their country. So Mr S was cheered to hear that… Continue reading


If comedians can’t take a politically incorrect joke, who can?

10 June 2015 10:22

Jerry Seinfeld’s takedown of the political correctness of today’s youth should give us all pause for thought. In an interview on US radio, the sitcom and stand-up star said that… Continue reading


The Olympic movement follows Fifa into the gutter

9 June 2015 18:39

No line has been repeated more often during the Fifa scandal than the instruction that football should follow the example of the International Olympic Committee. In 1998, the received wisdom… Continue reading


Is this the reason Miliband forgot to mention the deficit in his conference speech?

9 June 2015 18:35
Ed Miliband is brought hot water to help shake off his illness

Earlier this month Patrick Wintour wrote an in-depth profile of Ed Miliband’s failed election campaign for the Guardian. In it, he went through the different things which had gone wrong for… Continue reading


Another day, another Ukip ‘unresignation’

9 June 2015 15:20

After Nigel Farage stepped down as leader of the Ukip party following his defeat in South Thanet, he hastily ‘unresigned’ days later. The move led to a Ukip civil war… Continue reading


It's just a tampon, and it doesn't belong on Twitter

9 June 2015 14:05
Jon Snow's tampfie

Forget the selfie or the belfie; the latest craze to hit the internet is the ‘tampfie’. Twitter users are raiding their bathroom cupboards to show solidarity for the hashtag #JustATampon. It’s… Continue reading


Coming soon: Ivan Massow vs Iain Dale

9 June 2015 12:49

When Ivan Massow appeared on LBC last month, the London mayoral hopeful had a car crash interview. He was outed on air for advertising for a campaign assistant for his mayoral bid at… Continue reading


Cameron’s former speechwriter Clare Foges launches attack on Tories

9 June 2015 9:00
Clare Foges worked as David Cameron's speech writer (Credit: Zumapress)

David Cameron’s recently departed speechwriter Clare Foges earned the affectionate nickname ‘the Prime Minister’s Larynx’ for her work assisting Cameron with his public speaking, so her Times column today will make… Continue reading


Concert steward does not feel the love at Elton John gig

8 June 2015 15:17
23rd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside

Sorry was not the hardest word in Gloucester last night after Sir Elton John lost it live on stage with a lowly crowd steward, yelling: ‘You f–king stewards, who do… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Merkel and Obama have it out

8 June 2015 14:39

Mr S isn’t sure who would win in a fight between Angela Merkel and Barack Obama. However, judging by this photo of the duo together at the G7 summit we… Continue reading


A course in Dangerous Ideas would be the perfect tonic for our dull universities

8 June 2015 13:13

There have been a number of articles recently by American liberals warning about the intolerance of academia, in particular pointing to the dangers of a generation who’ve never had their… Continue reading


Even if he wins his EU referendum campaign, David Cameron will be the loser

8 June 2015 11:41
Olympics & Paralympics Team GB - London 2012 Victory Parade

I suppose David Cameron had little choice but to offer a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union. How else could he have held his party together? Indeed, it… Continue reading


Roll of shame: MPs who back homeopathy fan David Tredinnick for chair of Commons Health Committee

8 June 2015 9:57
Image: Getty

David Tredinnick is an Old Etonian Tory MP whom I met when he was a mature student at Oxford. He seemed a nice enough chap but we were all astonished… Continue reading


Sol Campbell enters Tory mayoral race: ‘I’m in it to win it’

8 June 2015 8:33

Sol Campbell has thrown his hat into the ring to represent the Conservative Party in the 2016 London mayoral election. The official announcement comes after the former England footballer voiced his… Continue reading


Is Zac Goldsmith too posh to run for Mayor of London?

6 June 2015 11:30
Zac Goldsmith was one of a number of Tory MPs to criticise Maria Miller this morning. He said he was surprised she hadn't resigned.

Given that Zac Goldsmith once likened the possibility of himself running for City Hall to ‘a suicide mission‘, it comes as little surprise that not everyone in the Tory camp… Continue reading


Spectator competition winner: saucy short stories

6 June 2015 9:30
(Photo by John Pratt/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

The American writer Richard Brautigan fulfilled his ambition to end a short story with the word ‘mayonnaise’ in his 1967 novel Trout Fishing in America. Actually, strictly speaking, he didn’t.… Continue reading


We had so many books we had to hire a structural engineer to prevent us being buried

5 June 2015 17:28
Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 17.04.00

My father Anthony Hobson, whose books are to be sold at Christie’s in two sales next week, claimed that the book collector’s greatest joy was the sight of an empty… Continue reading