Battle of the pundits: Owen Jones vs ‘the Katie Hopkins of the Blairite right’

16 June 2015 13:54

Today the BBC invited arch-enemies Dan Hodges and Owen Jones onto Daily Politics to discuss the Labour leadership battle. What began as a civil exchanging of views over Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusion… Continue reading


If you’re thinking of making an off-colour joke in modern Britain, you’d be off better joining ISIS

16 June 2015 11:46
Kashmiri protesters hold up a flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), during a protest against Israeli military operations in Gaza, on July 18, 2014 in Srinagar, India

Should we feel sorry for people who join barbarian jihadist groups like ISIS? I ask because I had always assumed that people who volunteered to join gangs which specialise in… Continue reading


If the Guardian dislikes privately educated Oxbridge types, why does it hire so many?

15 June 2015 22:55
David Miranda questioned

The Guardian ran an article today about research by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. The commission claims around 70 per cent of jobs at law, accountancy and financial firms… Continue reading


Lionel Richie is an unusual ‘Face in the Crowd’ on Parliament visit

15 June 2015 17:16
Lionel Ritchie attended a Jewish Care dinner with Lord Levy and Prince William

You might expect to see Lionel Richie pass outside your door, if you were in the Ivy last night, or in the VIP yurt of this month’s Glastonbury Festival. But… Continue reading


Lesley Garrett: Labour chose the wrong Miliband brother

15 June 2015 16:55

As a Doncaster resident, Lesley Garrett is well acquainted with her local MP Ed Miliband. However, the soprano was left disappointed by Labour’s effort in the general election. In an interview ahead of… Continue reading


David Starkey defends his comments comparing the SNP to the Nazis

15 June 2015 15:50

Over the weekend, David Starkey caused outrage in Scotland when he compared the SNP to the Nazis. While the SNP MP Kirsten Oswald was quick to dismiss Starkey as a ‘serial… Continue reading


In praise of charming but pointless laws – like the Magna Carta

15 June 2015 13:36
Salisbury Cathedral's Magna Carta Granted World Heritage Status

If you peer deep into the statute book, you will see that it is still an offence to enter parliament wearing armour. Even more amazing, it has been a crime… Continue reading


Jeremy Clarkson returns to the BBC to work on Top Gear

15 June 2015 12:23
British television BBC presenter of moto

After Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by the BBC over an alleged fracas with a Top Gear producer, the presenter got on stage at a charity bash and told the audience that… Continue reading


The government has found new momentum for NHS reform

15 June 2015 8:00
Prime Minister Gives Keynote Speech On The NHS

The PM’s first policy speech in this Parliament was devoted to the NHS and marked a big shift in tone compared to the election.  The campaign message was somewhat defensive,… Continue reading


How can University College London be taken seriously after the Tim Hunt affair?

14 June 2015 20:14
TIm Hunt.

Question: which comes out worse from the Tim Hunt affair – the lynch mob on Twitter which brought him down, or University College London, which pulled the rug from under… Continue reading


If I was Asghar Bukhari, I’d hold onto both of my shoes very tightly

14 June 2015 11:34
Screenshot 2015-06-14 11.29.31

The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) is a strange beast. Its membership largely consists of Asghar Bukhari and his brother. Occasionally another person appears on television claiming an affiliation to… Continue reading


Proof that Health and Safety trumps all in Britain

14 June 2015 11:20
Shabina Begum talks to reporters after attending the House of Lords on March 22, 2006 in London. The House of Lords have overturned a Court of Appeal ruling that Denbigh High School unlawfully denied Shabina her right to wear her traditional muslim jilbab

If you ever doubted it was the case, here’s the final proof that in the UK, Health and Safety legislation trumps everything. Tamanna Begum, a Sunni Muslim nursery school ‘teacher’… Continue reading


Richard Ingrams tipped as next editor of The Lady

13 June 2015 13:00
Richard Ingrams is tipped to join The Lady

As England’s longest-running weekly magazine for women, The Lady magazine has an illustrious roll call of former employees. However in recent years, its editors have often attracted attention for the wrong reasons. Boris… Continue reading


Bilderberg security is stepped up to protect masters of the universe from journalists

13 June 2015 11:07
The annual Bilderberg conference is taking place in Austria (Credit: Paul Joseph Watson)

This weekend the masters of the universe will gather at the annual Bilderberg conference. The secretive summit, which is being held in Austria, sees heads of banks and company CEOs… Continue reading


Spectator competition winner: nude giant girls and Georges Pompidou’s innards (plus: anyone for tennis?)

13 June 2015 9:30
Image: Getty

The latest comp was inspired by Stephen Spender’s notorious poem ‘The Pylons’, which he likens to ‘nude giant girls that have no secret’. Spender wasn’t praising pylons on aesthetic grounds… Continue reading


Vanity Fair editor calls Caitlyn Jenner ‘Bruce’

12 June 2015 15:51

After Bruce Jenner’s transformation into Caitlyn Jenner was unveiled in Vanity Fair with a cover titled ‘Call me Caitlyn’, the Twitter mob went into overdrive with thousands rushing to tweet their… Continue reading


Fine producers who don’t employ disabled actors and actors will just learn how to fake disability

12 June 2015 14:45
Jenny Sealey with Labour culture shadow Chris Bryant

Jenny Sealey, director of Graeae Theatre Company, has had a brainwave. Fine producers who don’t employ disabled actors. She’s particularly concerned about the failure of opera directors to hire performers… Continue reading


Ed Vaizey offers the BBC a survival tip

12 June 2015 13:39
BAFTA Los Angeles 2011 Britannia Awards - Red Carpet

Given that John Whittingdale once described the licence fee as ‘worse than the poll tax’, the BBC were reported to be less than thrilled when David Cameron appointed the Tory MP as Culture… Continue reading


The SNP, which would impose eye-watering austerity on Scotland, remains immune to the laws of politics

12 June 2015 12:27

David Mundell, the somewhat improbable Secretary of State for Scotland, had at least one good line yesterday: “The SNP are asking for something they don’t really want, but of course they… Continue reading


Jonathan Aitken says farewell to Alan Rusbridger

12 June 2015 12:13
Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger At The Edinburgh International Book Festival

Sore heads over at the Guardian this morning after yet another leaving party for Alan Rusbridger. In what Mr S makes to be Rusbridger’s third leaving do, politicians and celebrities gathered… Continue reading


Jemima Goldsmith: my Tinder has ‘loads of Pakistanis and people with beards’

12 June 2015 10:21

Jemima Goldsmith’s love life has been well documented by the red tops in recent years, with her former loves including Imran Khan and Russell Brand. So Mr S was pleased… Continue reading


Rape culture, Rotherham and double standards

11 June 2015 18:12

Freddy’s blog on the so-called ‘rape culture’ that we in Western democracies are all meant to be struggling under reminds me of an unwittingly important moment on BBC3 last year. … Continue reading


Jacob Rees-Mogg asks Gove for a Magna Carta

11 June 2015 17:51

Jacob Rees-Mogg told the House on Thursday that his favourite activity is making speeches on Europe and ‘if the House isn’t sitting, I do it at home’. That’s not the… Continue reading


Right to reply – Jonathan Portes on Niall Ferguson

11 June 2015 17:39

Two weeks ago I was too ‘obscure to bother with‘ for Professor Niall Ferguson. He’s changed his mind, dedicating an entire article in The Spectator to me. In particular, he is… Continue reading


We really are screwed if we believe that social media can curse us

11 June 2015 17:27
The MNDA advert

More bad news for Malaysia, I’m afraid, where a group of tourists have apparently managed to trigger an earthquake simply by taking their clothes off. Last Friday, a 6.0 magnitude… Continue reading