Don’t expect to hear anything about Islamic State during the election campaign

7 April 2015 15:50
The Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, where Islamic State fighters have launched an offensive (Photo: Getty)

Granted, you don’t really expect foreign policy to feature much in an election campaign – we’re not saints – but it’s still shaming the way that the biggest foreign policy… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Puppy love for Yvette Cooper and Will Straw

7 April 2015 14:50

Could this photo beat Nick Clegg’s hedgehog photo call to be the strangest animal election campaign snap? Here Yvette Cooper and Labour’s candidate for Rossendale and Darwen Will Straw are… Continue reading


How Labour can use Europe to stop the Tories

7 April 2015 13:53
Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

One of the first tasks of a party in our time of fragmented politics is to stop their opponents making alliances. As things stand, the Tories can form a coalition… Continue reading


Kids love fairy tales. This doesn’t mean they must be taught about transgender politics

7 April 2015 13:07

If the NUT didn’t exist it would be necessary for a latter-day Michael Wharton to invent it. This week the teaching union is having its congress where, among other things, it’s… Continue reading


Journalists jeered for asking Tony Blair questions at Labour press conference

7 April 2015 12:49

Labour have continued their bizarre war on the media with aplomb. As Mr S has reported in the past, pesky journalists that have the audacity to ask awkward questions are… Continue reading


Being a bit fat can be healthy. But the medical profession doesn’t want us to know

7 April 2015 12:02
Doctors bang on about obesity – but ignore the benefits of fatness

A GP called Malcolm Kendrick has written a book about politically correct manipulation of medical data – and has cropped up in the Independent highlighting the medical profession’s unwillingness to share… Continue reading


Revealed: Desperate Clegg takes £50,000 in last-minute donations in fight to keep his seat

7 April 2015 11:35
(Photo: Getty)

According to a recent Ashcroft poll, Nick Clegg is on course to lose his seat in the general election. If he is ousted from Sheffield Hallam, the Deputy Prime Minister… Continue reading


We don’t think of highly gifted people as mentally disabled. Perhaps we should

4 April 2015 22:50
Michelangelo: genius and soap-dodger

I’m intrigued by this recent study suggesting that intellectual gifts and learning disabilities, far from lying on opposite ends of a spectrum of intelligence, sometimes go hand in hand. Intrigued, but… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Election fatigue sets in

4 April 2015 16:45

With just five weeks to go till polling day, one happy voter in Bedford has had enough. Mr S suspects that it’s for the best if Patrick Hall, the Labour candidate for… Continue reading


Blessed are the speechmakers?

4 April 2015 0:01
The unlucky ninth president of America, William Henry Harrison

As the election season finally gets its boots on, office-seeking motor-mouths of every creed and colour would do well to remember the tale of William Henry Harrison, ninth president of… Continue reading


Who won the leaders’ debate? All of them.

3 April 2015 10:40
Seven Leaders Of Britain's Political Parties Join Televised Debate

So who won? That’s the question, isn’t it? Well, not really. This debate, like most such affairs, is not a horserace in which the winner is easily determined. Because not… Continue reading


Nigel Farage causes problems for Alison Jackson ahead of leaders’ debate

2 April 2015 17:32
Cross Party Support At Homes For Britain Rally

Tonight’s leaders’ debate will see the seven party leaders battle to be heard on ITV. The set up has given organisers a headache as they work out how to arrange it without the debate descending… Continue reading


No, Jim Webb will not beat Hillary Clinton

2 April 2015 17:21
Senate Democrats Introduce Legislation On Oversight Of Wartime Contracting

Look, I’m sorry about this, but Jim Webb is no more going to be the Democratic nominee next year than Rick Santorum is going to be the Republican candidate for… Continue reading


The media and political elite need to stop treating the electorate like dogs

2 April 2015 15:41
Image: Getty

There are many grating phrases in modern British politics. ‘Best practice.’ ‘Fit for purpose.’ ‘Let me explain’ (just bloody well explain!). And that tendency of Labour politicians to preface pretty… Continue reading


Max Hastings reveals the contents of a Prince Charles letter about homeopathy

2 April 2015 15:37
Image: Getty

Last month the Supreme Court ruled that Prince Charles’s ‘black spider memos’ to government ministers should be made public. The decision comes following a ten year legal battle between Buckingham Palace and… Continue reading


Low income damages children’s brains, says study. If so, that’s a tragedy

2 April 2015 13:12
The cerebral cortex (source: Wikipedia)

The link between wealth and attainment is a subject that’s close to my heart, or perhaps more accurately my cerebral cortex. Like 20 per cent of the population I was… Continue reading


Revealed: The reason behind Alex Salmond’s pink champagne order

2 April 2015 12:57
Image: Getty

After Alex Salmond was outed as ordering pink champagne in not one but two interviews last week, naysayers were quick to ridicule the former Scottish First Minister for his lavish choice… Continue reading


Why aren’t the Tories winning? Because they are seen as the party of the rich.

2 April 2015 11:19
The Conservative Party Election Campaign Tour Bus Week One

The leader column in this week’s edition of the magazine (please subscribe, by the way) asks an excellent question: Why aren’t the Tories winning? After all, and despite everything, David Cameron has… Continue reading


Eight remastered classical recordings you need to hear

2 April 2015 9:27
Wilhelm Fürtwängler: a genius who deserves better sound

In the magazine this week I’ve written about spectacular new advances in the art of remastering vintage classical recordings. Many restoration engineers are removing hiss and correcting pitch so that historic… Continue reading


Camilla Rutherford backs Ed Miliband’s 007 campaign

1 April 2015 18:13
Camilla Rutherford has backed Ed Miliband's call for a female Bond

Yesterday Ed Miliband declared that it was high time the James Bond films moved with the times and cast a woman as the next 007. Although the comments were met… Continue reading


The last thing Yemen needs is more war. But that is what it’s getting

1 April 2015 17:36
Demonstrators in Taez, Yemen. Image: Getty

After years of hearing how terrible Western interventions are in the Middle East (Exhibits A, B and C the fiascos of Iraq, Afghanistan and post-Gaddafi Libya), it will be interesting… Continue reading


Dance has never addressed whether making money is a good or bad thing. It’s time to do so

1 April 2015 16:45
Look away now: Sir Gerald Kaufman at the Westminster Dance UK manifesto launch

A couple of weeks ago some dance instructors went to Westminster to coach MPs to shake their tushes for the cameras, while they promised to support a ‘dance manifesto’ for… Continue reading


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Royal Albert Hall, review: who goes to a Noel Gallagher gig?

1 April 2015 16:19
Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds at the Royal Albert Hall, 2015

When people say Noel Gallagher is big-headed, they don’t know the half of it. He has what is known as a ‘classic rock-star build’ – that is, a tiny, fragile… Continue reading


Jim Murphy’s popularity surges (in England)

1 April 2015 12:57
(Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty)

There’s not much love for Labour in Scotland at the moment, with Mr S reporting this week that Jim Murphy has failed to mention his own party on campaign leaflets. As the… Continue reading


A shocking Scottish opinion poll reveals that Labour aren’t dead yet

1 April 2015 10:51
Day Two - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

When is a disaster also a miracle? When it allows Scottish Labour to simultaneously endure its worst result since 1931 and live to fight another day, that’s when. Yesterday’s ComRes/ITV poll… Continue reading