Green Party cancels black tie fundraiser following members’ revolt

15 March 2015 15:51

The Green Party’s fundraising ball was set to be an event to rival the Tory Black and White ball. Tickets to the lavish bash, which included a champagne reception, started… Continue reading


Eurovision in sign language

15 March 2015 9:18
Sanna, the #MelFest host

I was at the hall of Swedish Church in Marylebone last night to watch the final of Melody Festival – the bar was selling dill crisps, pear cider and plenty… Continue reading


Steerpike competition: ‘MP Looking Normal’ contest

14 March 2015 10:00
The 'functional kitchenette' (Photo: BBC)

Politicians are always trying to appear normal, sincere and authentic. It’s not just Ed Miliband trying to decide which kitchen to pose in: every MP is always trying to craft an image… Continue reading


Wallace and Gromit creator not happy about Ed Miliband cartoons

13 March 2015 16:55

Since the Times cartoonist Peter Brookes first drew Ed Miliband in the image of Wallace from Nick Park’s cartoon Wallace and Gromit, the Labour leader has been unable to escape comparisons to the goofy-faced… Continue reading


Ed Miliband defends his two kitchens

13 March 2015 12:25
The 'functional kitchenette' (Photo: BBC)

Yesterday Mr S reported that Ed Miliband posed in his second kitchen for a BBC interview with his wife Justine, rather than his larger main kitchen. Now the Labour leader has come out… Continue reading


Dementia is ‘an opportunity’, according to Michael Gove. What a brave thing to say

13 March 2015 7:00
A cat brings delight to the face of a dementia sufferer (Image: Sean Gallup/Getty)

Michael Gove said something startling about dementia in a speech last night launching an initiative called ‘The Good Right’ at the Legatum Institute. But blink and you would have missed… Continue reading


Times columnist comes to the defence of ‘Two Kitchens’ Miliband

12 March 2015 17:45
The 'functional kitchenette' (Photo: BBC)

Mr Steerpike was interested to see Jenni Russell springing to Ed Miliband’s defence after Sarah Vine took a pop at his kitchen in the Daily Mail. Mrs Gove described his… Continue reading


Miliband could teach Rusbridger a thing or two about meeting men on Hampstead Heath

12 March 2015 17:25
Zambian-born journalist Alan Rusbridger,

This morning Alan Rusbridger received a police caution for ‘illegal use of a tripod’ on Hampstead Heath. The Guardian editor has since written a blog detailing his brush with the law. The London police… Continue reading


Plain cigarette packs will help Isis, says Tory MP. Somebody buy this man a tin-foil hat

12 March 2015 13:52
Brian Binley MP

A Tory MP called Brian Binley has written an article suggesting that plain cigarette packs – which the House of Commons voted for yesterday – will help Isis. His argument is… Continue reading


CCHQ chaos as meeting invites go to Labour

12 March 2015 12:01
CCHQ's campaign invites have been sent to members of the opposition

Yesterday Mr S reported how Labour have enlisted the help of people with identical names to Tory leaders for their latest email campaign. Lame as it may be, they have… Continue reading


Yes, Scotland does receive an unfair share of public spending. Probably

11 March 2015 18:04
Scotland Prepares For The Independence Vote

Gulp. But what about England? That’s one of the questions to be asked in the aftermath of the latest Scottish spending and revenue figures, published today. The figures do not… Continue reading


Labour’s lame ‘same-name’ email campaign

11 March 2015 16:40
Somebody called George Osborne has been helping Labour with their campaigning

‘Labour has vowed not to feature Prime Minister David Cameron on billboards ahead of the general election,’ reported the BBC last month. ‘The party said it would focus on issues rather… Continue reading


MPs back plain cigarette packets. Smokers, get over it. Or switch to pretty e-cigs

11 March 2015 14:55
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 14.22.46

MPs are voting today in favour of the introduction of standardised cigarette packaging. There hasn’t even been a debate on the issue and the BBC thinks the result is a foregone conclusion. That’s… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s jewellery gaffe at No.10

11 March 2015 12:14
Sarah Brown and Bec Astley Clarke at the launch of their charity bracelet

Sarah Brown has teamed up with Astley Clarke to bring out a bracelet to raise funds for her Theirworld children’s charity. At the jewellery launch at Mondrian London, the company’s founder Bec… Continue reading

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The latest economic statistics are a disaster for the SNP (not that it matters)

11 March 2015 11:41
Nicola Sturgeon And SNP Party Activists Launch Election Campaign

That, pictured above, is what the Scottish government wants you to remember about the latest GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) figures released today. It’s not, at least according to… Continue reading


BBC catering is enough to make anyone resort to violence

11 March 2015 11:30
Top Gear Live - Media Call

Yesterday Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear by the BBC following a ‘fracas’ with a member of staff. Today, the Telegraph reports that the incident occurred on set in Newcastle after… Continue reading


Alan Bennett shows how hypocrisy is a National issue

11 March 2015 10:53
Alan Bennett says England excels at hypocrisy

Alan Bennett announced on Radio 4 last week that ‘hypocrisy’ is the defining characteristic of the English. ‘In England, what we do best is lip service,’ he sighed, before going… Continue reading


Jeremy Clarkson suspended from Top Gear

10 March 2015 17:28
Top Gear Live - Sydney Photo Call

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear following an alleged ‘fracas’ with a producer. What’s more, there will be no episode airing this Sunday while the BBC looks into… Continue reading


The Apple Watch could have been a proper health-monitoring device. But the FDA won’t allow it

10 March 2015 12:33
Model Christy Turlington Burns picks up an Apple Watch yesterday (Image: Getty)

Apple’s new smart watch, unveiled by Tim Cook yesterday, had incredible potential. But its functionality has been hindered by technical hitches – and, especially, overzealous legislators. Their cloying presence must… Continue reading


Alan Rusbridger vs Max Hastings: round two

10 March 2015 12:26
The Leveson Inquiry Continues Into Culture, Practices And Ethics Of The Press

After Max Hastings wrote a column for the Daily Mail arguing that civil liberties groups should not get in the way of government security, Alan Rusbridger took the former Daily Telegraph… Continue reading


Tory whips found offering cash to MPs

10 March 2015 10:41

A brave message from the Tory Whip’s Office last night, that sent Mr S’s pager buzzing: ‘Some cash has been found on the stairs leading up to the Ministerial Corridor… Continue reading


Knopa-gate: Could Crufts winner be stripped of her title?

10 March 2015 10:30
Knopa and her handler Rebecca Cross celebrate after winning 'best in show' at Crufts

This year’s Crufts has been something of a doggy disaster with one canine competitor dead from an alleged poisoning and six more cases being investigated. Now, Mr S has got wind… Continue reading


A new low: Charlie Hebdo's murdered staff receive an 'Islamophobe of the Year' award

10 March 2015 10:22
The IHRC gave their international ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award to the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo (Photo: Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty)

I have always treated the ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ event with the scorn it deserves. Not least because each year this fantasy prize for a fantasy concept is run by a… Continue reading


This idiotic NHS ‘calculator’ can’t predict heart attacks. But it might well give you one

9 March 2015 17:13
Who signed off on this piece of rubbish?

I can understand why the Tories have ring-fenced the NHS, but if they do want to indulge in a little trimming I know just where to start – with the moron who signed… Continue reading


Commons sexism row: Barry Sheerman calls Esther McVey a ‘hard-hearted Hannah’

9 March 2015 17:07
Esther McVey. Image: Getty

Things became heated in the commons today after Barry Sheerman told Esther McVey to stop being a ‘hard-hearted Hannah’ during a Department for Work and Pensions questions. The incident occurred after Sheerman voiced his… Continue reading