Alex Salmond’s Southern Helpers

15 November 2007 23:40

Sometimes it is useful to be reminded that the English are often barely more knowledgeable about Scotland than Americans are about Canada.Today’s Guardian piece "Life Without Scotland" is by turns… Continue reading

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Giuliani and Romney: Heroic Warriors and Leaders of Men

15 November 2007 20:36

Mitt Romney was so desperate to serve his country in the late 1960s that rather than go to Vietnam (as he so  very much wanted to) he was compelled to… Continue reading

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Department of Better Sports Writing Please: Tennis Division

15 November 2007 19:27

Sure, Roger Federer has not been quite so magnificent this year as he has been these past three years. Defeats to Canas (twice), Nalbandian (also twice) and Djokovic in Montreal… Continue reading


Not Writing is the new Not Reading

14 November 2007 21:03

Jack Shafer explains why journalists are so keen on writing about the Hollywood wrtiers’ strike and, more to the point, why we all root for the plucky scribblers in this… Continue reading


Correction of the Day

14 November 2007 14:31

Definitely from the Department of Too Good to Check: CORRECTIVE: Paris Hilton Story                                              … Continue reading


How open government really works

14 November 2007 8:17

The Daily Telegraph’s Christopher Hope wanted to know who Gordon Brown has been inviting to dine at Chequers since he became Prime Minister. Not an unreasonable Freedom of Information request… Continue reading


Will no-one rid us of Rupert Murdoch’s super-evil super-genius?

13 November 2007 22:02

Rupert Murdoch reveals his plans to destroy the Wall Street Journal: News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said Tuesday he intends to make access to The Wall Street Journal’s Web site… Continue reading


Shocking news…

13 November 2007 20:45

The most surprising headline of the day? Step forward the brave sub-editors at The New York Times  who produced this gem: In Interview, Musharraf Defends Rule by Decree Well, fancy… Continue reading


Memo to British readers; if you thought MPs were bad, try members of Congress…

13 November 2007 20:26

To the extent that the United States Congress has abandoned any pretense of honouring the idea of fiscal restraint, it should be said that earmarks – or pork barrel spending… Continue reading


The End of the Days of Unread Copy

13 November 2007 19:52

My pal Mike Crowley’s (good!) New Republic piece on Hillary’s tough press operation is drawing lots of attention from the blogosphere. It’s a reminder that the subject hacks and bloggers… Continue reading

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As America Welcomes Jihadists With Open Arms…

12 November 2007 23:41

Of course, it is too late for Tom Tancredo’s presidential ambitions. And yes, he’s a loon. But still, this advertisement he aired in Iowa repays watching. This sort of thing… Continue reading

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Literary Oneupmanship Cont.

12 November 2007 23:26

In the comments to this post on Bookmanship I’m delighted to see commenter Jim make excellent use of what one would term the Foreign Poet Gambit: Personally I’d swing for… Continue reading


The company he keeps? Oh come off it.

12 November 2007 22:08

Jamie Kirchik seems very upset that some unpleasant people give money to Ron Paul’s campaign and, worse, that people who have some time for Paul aren’t demanding that he hand… Continue reading


King of Spain to Hugo Chavez: Shut up, clown

12 November 2007 17:03

Hugo Chavez is hardly the world’s greatest problem. But Spain’s King Juan Carlos shows how best to deal with this buffoon. Via Foreign Policy and a helpful correspondent, I came… Continue reading


The 42nd’s latest triumph

12 November 2007 16:04

For once the hype proved accurate. Black Watch, which closed its New York run yesterday, is every bit as good as the reviews, advertising and word of mouth had suggested.… Continue reading


At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month

11 November 2007 6:00

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in… Continue reading


Beware the Seed of Chucky!

11 November 2007 5:19

Having just made the mistake of watching Hillary Clinton deliver a stupefyingly dull speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa, I knew that Clinton’s mannequin-like delivery reminded me of something…… Continue reading


Bowling, Shane!

9 November 2007 21:44

Warning: Cricket blogging! Via Norm, I find that The Guardian asked Phil Simmons and Gary Kirsten to debate the question, Is Shane Warne better than Muttiah Muralitharan? A superficial analysis… Continue reading


Washington, there ain’t no town like it…

9 November 2007 18:36

Via, GFR, the latest gem from the perennially entertaining DC government: On May 21, 2004, Emerson Crawley ran up a $225 tab at one of the District’s swankiest strip clubs.… Continue reading


Ron Paul’s Non-Existent Jewish-Anarchist Problem…

9 November 2007 17:54

I was going to write something about this post over at Jewcy’s new politics blog (splendidly named The Cabal) but when I saw that the author describes himself as a… Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

8 November 2007 21:08

Deroy Murdock’s remarkable National Review Online column saying Americans should be "proud" of waterboarding prisoners was bad enough. In response Ramesh Ponnuru suggested that the logic of Murdock’s argument was… Continue reading


Calling Walt, Mearsheimer: Time to look at the Cuba Lobby

8 November 2007 20:43

Although I’m rather suspicious of all the Obama-as-Messiah slavering one sees these days, it is true that in some policy areas he offers a better approach than Hillary Clinton. One… Continue reading

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Spook chief’s craven surrender to voices of appeasement? Which means, of course, that he’s speaking sense.

8 November 2007 20:05

I’m not quite sure why Marty Peretz seems so invested in the idea that many New Republic readers believe, as he puts it, "that the notion of an Al Qaeda… Continue reading


Caption Contest!

8 November 2007 4:05

Shamelessly pilfered from the good folks at Swampland, here’s a splendid photo of Nicolas Sarkozy and George W Bush taken by Time’s Brooks Kraft. You suggestions for the most appropriate… Continue reading

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You mean idiotic boondoggle subsidies are a bad thing?

7 November 2007 15:57

Barack Obama offers a reason to vote for Hillary Clinton: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said today that rival Hillary Clinton’s past record shows she’s anti-ethanol. The Des Moines Register… Continue reading