Ypres, Loos, Somme, Arras…

22 October 2008 11:18

Poppyman wants to know: have you got yours yet?


The T St Rag

22 October 2008 2:48

Here's the usually-savvy Helen Rittelmeyer: Let’s take it as a given that Martin and Maltz are correct that Red Staters like to follow traditions and bicoastal elites like to question… Continue reading

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Department of Academia

21 October 2008 22:56

I'm indebted to Nathan Origer for drawing my attention to a fascinating event at the University of Maryland: Subject : Provost’s Conversation: “Re-presenting Disability: Million Dollar Baby, Tropic Thunder and… Continue reading


Tito the Builder?

21 October 2008 22:16

Apparently he's the new go-to guy in this daft Presidential election. Of course, it shows how out of touch I am that when I saw Tito was the headline act… Continue reading


FCO vs Hacks

21 October 2008 16:56

It seems like Sir Nigel Sheinwald's assessment of Barack Obama was leaked to the Telegraph months ago. But it was in fact published earlier this month. I'd meant to write… Continue reading


In Praise of the Amateur?

21 October 2008 15:54

Mark Steyn says his old friend and former boss Boris Johnson is a "total squish" on ideological matters (ie, he's a Tory) and adds this chummy postscript: If Boris can… Continue reading


Pollster Wars

21 October 2008 15:47

Ooops. I meant to mention Mike Crowley's entertaining New Republic piece on the polling wars. It's a fun, breezy read that's well worth your time: Shock Poll – blared a… Continue reading

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Annals of Polling, American Division

21 October 2008 15:06

And then they were eight. Tracking polls that is. Which one should you follow? Or, rather, which should you discount? Happily, Nate Silver is here to explain it all. What… Continue reading


The Wisdom of Crowds

21 October 2008 13:43

The extent to which one considers the general public an uncannily perceptive bunch or a gathering of witless, no-good know-nothings naturally correlates with the degree to which the public endorses… Continue reading


Political Advertising 20

21 October 2008 12:18

From 1980, here’s Nancy Reagan striding in to bat for her husband.


Things Fall Apart

20 October 2008 23:16

Now I may have actually heard it all. Ralph Peters offers an unintentionally hilarious tour round the globe predicting famine and pestilence and death should Americans be mad enough to… Continue reading

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Can’t buy a car? Call the government!

20 October 2008 19:07

Yes, I would vote for Barack Obama rather than John McCain. But that doesn't mean that one expects too much from an Obama administration. Consider this startling passage from a… Continue reading


Behind the Security Theatre Curtain

20 October 2008 17:10

Airport security? A complete joke. This has been apparent for some time, of course, but all the "security theatre" nonsense at least makes it seem as though something is being… Continue reading


Status: Enraged but Unsurprised

19 October 2008 12:48

OK, this is from the Sunday Times so the usual weekend caveats apply. But a) this story does seem to be confirmed by official sources and b) it turns out… Continue reading


Obamas Money Mountain

19 October 2008 12:40

Blimey: Obama's September fundraising explains why he's been able to outspend John McCain so widely: He raised over $150 million in September alone, adding 632,000 new donors. At some point… Continue reading

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An Alaska-Stockholm Summit?

17 October 2008 17:17

It's too late now, of course, but there's at least one head of state Sarah Palin has something in common with. King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden who has just… Continue reading


Kids These Days…

17 October 2008 15:09

Turbulent times in the Dreher household: Ramesh Ponnuru, seeing parents in his neighborhood encouraging their kids to be Obamatons, rightly says he doesn't get people who delight in politicizing their… Continue reading

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How it Works

17 October 2008 15:03

The government wants to crack down on smoking  – "denormalise" it is a favoured term – so it hands out cash to anti-smoking organisation such as ASH who use this… Continue reading


The Camera Never/Always Lies…

16 October 2008 15:32

Though publishing it does feel a bit like piling on, this picture – an actual, real, Reuters photograph – does sort of sum-up the campaign. Your suggestions for a caption… Continue reading


McCain-Obama 3

16 October 2008 15:28

Who won? Well the lads and lasses at Election Debates have a decisive, if split, decision: 5-2 to Obama. You can check out their adjudications here.


Department of Newspapers

16 October 2008 10:44

Tee hee: The journalistic industry is perilously close to collapse after running out of days in the week to dub ‘black’ in the event of dire economic news. Financial journalism… Continue reading


Live-blogging the Bluster at Hofstra

16 October 2008 0:25

So here we go again, campers. In just a few hours our long international nightmare will be over. Yup, there'll be no more Presidential debates to entertain us. John McCain… Continue reading


The Ground Game: The View From Ohio

15 October 2008 18:36

In 2004, George W Bush "won" the Ground Game. This time? Well, every indication is that Barack Obama has built a vastly more formidable organisation than John McCain. To help… Continue reading


Obama-McCain. Part 3.

15 October 2008 16:30

And so, weary campers, the end is in view. Tonight's debate is the third and final tussle between Messrs McCain and Obama. A victory on points won't help Mr McCain;… Continue reading

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Plucky Honduras!

15 October 2008 15:19

Meanwhile, there is good news from Latin America. Cato's Juan Carlos Hidalgo reports that the President of Honduras is the latest Latin American leader to call for an end to… Continue reading