Books do furnish the mind, but…

1 March 2008 2:54

Wise old man* says: In the forthcoming volume of his Smoking Diaries (not out till April, but I’ve been reading a proof copy) my old friend Simon Gray makes a… Continue reading


The Same Old Way

1 March 2008 2:23

It would be something of a stretch to compare Hillary Clinton to Napoleon Bonaparte and Barack Obama to the Duke of Wellington. Nonetheless, as this campaign has progressed and Hillary… Continue reading


Department of Counting

29 February 2008 19:46

Mike Crowley tracks Hillary’s latest desperate cry for help: "Democrats, the majority of whom have favored Hillary in the primary contests held to date…" Mike wonders how she can claim… Continue reading


Drudge Breaks Media Silence on Princes Mission

29 February 2008 19:36

A defence* of Royalty: Prince Harry in Afghanistan. Oddly stirring stuff, actually. Good for him and, amazingly, good for the MoD and the media for ensuring that the Prince’s comrades… Continue reading


If a Little Sparrow beats its wings, does that mean tall buildings fall?

29 February 2008 16:31

On the other hand, some actors really are loopy to the tonsils. To wit, alas, the lovely Marion Cotillard, who is, it seems, a pretty keen conspiracy theorist: Marion Cotillard… Continue reading


Lessons from the Tomb Raider

29 February 2008 15:33

It’s easy, of course, to mock actors and pop stars and their worthy pretensions to saving the planet. But whatever else one may say of her, I think it’s true… Continue reading

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Parliament of Fools

28 February 2008 16:15

Further to this and this, I see, thanks to Mr Worstall, that no fewer than 72 Members of Parliament have put their name to this Early Day Motion: EDM 982… Continue reading


Tiger vs Roger?

28 February 2008 8:00

Ah, the great Tiger Woods vs Roger Federer debate continues. Muttblog suggests most scribblers taking part in this Slam-Fest plump for Woods as, comparatively speaking, the greater of the two.… Continue reading

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Department of Political Slogans and Charlatanry

28 February 2008 0:50

If you need a quick explanation for why Hillary Clinton is about to lose to Barack Obama, consider that her chief strategist is Mark Penn and that he boasts of… Continue reading


Question of the Day

27 February 2008 18:23

If it’s fine for Kosovo to declare its independence from Serbia, should it be OK for Montana to secede from the United States of America?


Klansmen for Barack?

27 February 2008 18:11

Mike Crowley has a very droll piece in this week’s TNR on how white supremacists seem a) resigned to a President Obama and b) relatively OK with that. It’s a… Continue reading


What Happened to American Acting*?

26 February 2008 18:46

Quick Oscar** thought: no American actor or actress won an Oscar this year. The four acting awards went to: Tilda Swinton (Scotland), Javier Bardem (Spain) Daniel Day-Lewis (England/Ireland) and Marion… Continue reading


Fidel: Forever In Our Hearts…

26 February 2008 18:12

Commenting on this post about Fidel Castro’s welcome retirement, a reader wrote, quoting part of my argument: "If conservatives – on both sides of the North Atlantic – were too… Continue reading


A Country for Old Men?

26 February 2008 17:54

Looking at Americans’ desire to elect a 72-year old John McCain president, David Harsanyi digs up the story of William Henry Harrison – the President who one may fairly say… Continue reading


Not all roads lead to London

26 February 2008 17:29

Megan notes that there are now more than three million Britons living abroad and argues: I assume this has something to do with the fact that it is very easy… Continue reading



21 February 2008 3:27

Being envious of friends in Washington who are twittering about what would seem to be a rather splendid lunar eclipse tonight I signed up to Twitter. Needless to say I… Continue reading


Obama as William Jennings Bryan?

21 February 2008 2:24

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum publishes an entertaining provocation here: Sen. Barack Obama’s admirers sometimes compare him to John F. Kennedy, sometimes to Ronald Reagan, sometimes to Abraham Lincoln. (That… Continue reading


Canute for President!

21 February 2008 0:35

New Hillary attack! "If speeches could create jobs, we wouldn’t be facing a recession." And as the old saw has it: "If ifs and ans were pots and pans, there’d… Continue reading


Department of Fancy That!

21 February 2008 0:09

Amazing: MI6′s former chief has denied that the intelligence service murdered Diana, Princess of Wales.


Gordon’s Hillary Problem?

20 February 2008 21:42

James Forsyth comes up with an(other) excellent reason for hoping Hillary loses: it will be bad for Gordon Brown. Key point: the British political class are obsessed with the US… Continue reading


Semper Fidelis For Shame

20 February 2008 18:32

I’d actually thought Castro’s retirement would prompt more of this sort of nonsense. I guess we’re still waiting for Seumas Milne to pipe up in The Guardian. Still, the palm… Continue reading

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No Place for Brotherly Love (And Rightly So)

20 February 2008 16:31

Ah Philadelphia, the city where they booed Santa Claus. And, if these lads are anything to go by, also the city where Major League Soccer should put its next team.… Continue reading


The Mills of History Keep Grinding

20 February 2008 13:45

The morning after the night before: a friend emails, noting Obama’s humping great triumph in Joe McCarthy’s old state, Wisconsin and quips: Can you imagine if you were a rabid… Continue reading


Where the Wild Things Roam

20 February 2008 11:34

Another splendid obituary from The Daily Telegraph that offers a splendid view of a rather different, if also gruesome, world than with which most of us are familiar. Funny too,… Continue reading

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Is this Hillary’s “best” shot? Get Me Rewrite…

20 February 2008 0:43

Marc Ambinder has quotes from what the Clinton campaign is billing as a "major contrast" speech she will give in Ohio tonight (I assume this is being leaked in an… Continue reading