Rupert Murdoch’s Curious NATO Vision

22 April 2008 2:55

From James Joyner: News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch says that NATO is in a “crisis of confidence” because Western Europe is “losing its faith in the values and institutions that… Continue reading


Italy: Screwed-up but not as screwed as you think

22 April 2008 2:07

Matt Yglesias writes: For such a nice country, Italy’s politics seem weirdly screwed up. There’s the famous instability of the governments, of course. And then there’s the fact that their… Continue reading


When Charlie Rose Met Sam Beckett

21 April 2008 16:36

Filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr imagines a pseudo-Beckettian edition of The Charlie Rose Show:


Defending San Francisco!

21 April 2008 12:59

I see that heaps of folks are having fun with this sign, recently displayed at a pro-Tibet rally in San Francisco: It is possible of course, that our friend here… Continue reading


Coming of Age

18 April 2008 14:48

Er, I’m the subject of this week’s Normblog profile. It’s here.


G is for Gower

17 April 2008 1:01

Well, better late than never, here’s the long, even keenly, awaited G XI. No excuses for its late arrival, but comfort yourselves with the thought that you’ll have less time… Continue reading


To Hell in a Handcart, And Make it Snappy

16 April 2008 17:33

Neill Harvey-Smith reports from the trenches of the Health and Safety salient. It’s a desperate, dangerous place.


Cats Lying With Dogs

16 April 2008 17:18

Or, a rare instance in which Alastair Darling and I appear to be in agreement. Me, this morning: What is Gordon Brown’s ministry for? What does he want to achieve… Continue reading


Paddy Hillery RIP

16 April 2008 1:26

Patrick Hillery, President of Ireland from 1976-1990, has died. From the Telegraph’s obituary: As president, Hillery’s main achievement was the restoration of stability to the office; this he accomplished largely… Continue reading


Gordon and Hillary’s Shared Agony

16 April 2008 0:48

I’ve an op-ed in today’s edition of The Scotsman on the similar fixes Gordon Brown and Hillary Clinton find themselves in (right down to rown’s reported willingness to hire Mark… Continue reading


Tuesday Linkage

15 April 2008 17:28

Mr Eugenides has a delightful item about everyone’s favourite "Viewspaper", The Independent Matt Zeitlin points out a couple of elementary truths to the Weekly Standard It’s April 15th, so it’s… Continue reading


Department of Awkward Votes

15 April 2008 17:04

I hadn’t realised until Sallie James at Cato pointed me in the right direction that neither John McCain, nor Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton voted on the (awful) 2007 Farm… Continue reading


What Goes Up Should Come Down

15 April 2008 10:01

A splendid piece on elevators – yes, lifts – in this week’s New Yorker. Two things make tall buildings possible: the steel frame and the safety elevator. The elevator, underrated… Continue reading

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The End Is Not In Fact Nigh

15 April 2008 7:44

Gordon Brown flies to Washington today (where, inter alia, he will have meetings with McCain, Clinton and Obama) so, naturally, this is the cue for fresh fretting over US-UK relations.… Continue reading


Strolling the Streets of Baltimore

15 April 2008 6:47

Attention Wire fans: if you haven’t done so already you should really make sure you read Peter Mosko’s new book, Cop in the Hood. Moskos, a Princeton and Harvard sociologist… Continue reading


By Liverpool Street Station, I Stood Up And Sang

14 April 2008 18:18

You might not be permitted to dance at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, but London’s Liverpool Street Station is definitely flashmob-friendly. The world’s first-ever RickMob gathered there on Saturday… Groovy,… Continue reading


Department of Radio

14 April 2008 14:25

You don’t have to be an Anglican or even especially religious to think that this Oxford Evensong set to jazz is very cool. Beautiful. (You can listen to it again… Continue reading


The Importance of Being Stubborn

14 April 2008 14:01

Charles Crawford, formerly Our Man in Warsaw, Sarajevo and Belgrade, thinks we should have told the Saudis to hop off and let the BAE corruption trial proceed. Not because anti-corruption… Continue reading


Wanted: A Revolution

14 April 2008 13:24

Astonishingly, this story seems to be true: THE railway station bar, once a classic venue for romantic encounters, has fallen victim to the health and safety police. When Michael Leventhal,… Continue reading


Learning from Iran

14 April 2008 13:00

I’m talking about kidneys of course. Over to Alex Tabarrok: Only one country in the world has eliminated the shortage of transplant kidneys.  Only one country in the world has… Continue reading

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Self-indulgence Alert

13 April 2008 15:31

This blog is, I just realised, one year old today. Jings, who’d have thunk it? Anyway, thanks to all those who linked and, of course, to all who have visited… Continue reading


Sabbath Linking

13 April 2008 15:16

Did you know that you can be arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial? Julian Sanchez explains. Megan also leaps into the fray. Almost no-one writes sensibly about house prices.… Continue reading

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It’s For Your Own Good

12 April 2008 5:29

Got some free time this weekend? Why not enter Fark’s Design a Flag for the Nanny State competition. A couple of entries I liked… [Hat-tip: KMW]


Who says the culture wars are over?

11 April 2008 23:53

This is probably the dumbest thing Barack Obama has said all year. "You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest,… Continue reading

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Guinness is Good For You; Government Is Not

11 April 2008 15:36

In the past nine months four pubs in Selkirk, my home town, have closed. It would be simplistic to presume that the liberty-quashing smoking ban was the sole cause of… Continue reading