The Adrian Mole Generation Should Step up to the Plate

20 February 2009 0:12

It’s perhaps a step too far to mix a reference from a popular work of 1980s satirical fiction with a phrase borrowed from baseball in the headline of this piece, but… Continue reading


Credit Crunch Consequences

19 February 2009 21:37

I admit it, I didn’t anticipate this one: Shark Attacks Drop; Expert Cites Ailing Economy. [Thanks to reader JT]

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The Davis Agenda

19 February 2009 19:55

I suspect Peter is right and that David Davis’s remarks about "the Davis agenda" will raise a few eyebrows. But I find them encouraging. There’s an obvious upside to Davis… Continue reading


Blue Dog Democrats and RINOs

19 February 2009 17:15

Ezra Klein asks why the Democratic party doesn’t treat "unreliable" Democrats quite as badly* as the GOP hunts down "Republicans in Name Only" such as Arlen Specter.  There are few… Continue reading


World Gone Mad: French Division

19 February 2009 16:18

Things you never thought you would see: the French government advising against wine consumption… In the midst of the winter gloom, President Sarkozy’s administration  has chosen this moment to tell its… Continue reading

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Stanford Calamity? Only for Antigua, not for cricket

19 February 2009 14:28

There’s some good stuff in Michael Henderson’s column on the so-called Stanford debacle* today, even if he indulges himself with a rather rosy,soft-focus view of cricket’s past. The ideal of… Continue reading

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Headline of the Day

18 February 2009 20:07

It’s a rather terrible story, but this AP headline is a keeper: Berserk chimp heard during frantic 911 call as owner pounded him with a shovel. It wasn’t the chimp… Continue reading


The Politico Future

18 February 2009 18:24

At the New Republic, Gabe Sherman has a fun piece about the rise and rise of Politico, DC’s in-house paper for political intrigue and gossip. There’s plenty to consider: Politico… Continue reading


Can the Artists Transform Our High Streets?

18 February 2009 17:34

It can’t have escaped people’s notice that shops in our high streets are being boarded up at quite an alarming rate. I’ve noticed it in central London, but also in… Continue reading


Carrying the Country First

18 February 2009 11:43

An excellent post from Blimpish, making the point that while Labour governments tend to be elected with great enthusiasm, voters are usually more cautious when choosing Conservative ministries. It was… Continue reading


Rugby League Pipedreams

18 February 2009 11:14

Here’s today’s nominee for Most Deluded Man in Britain (Non-Government Division): Wigan head coach Brian Noble believes Super League clubs should be buying up rugby union’s big stars. The former… Continue reading


When English is actually British

17 February 2009 18:47

George Monbiot raises a complaint one has seen several times lately: Had Heathrow’s third runway been debated only by English MPs, the proposal would have been resoundingly defeated; it was… Continue reading


Mills sent down – Lampl turns up

17 February 2009 17:28

Two stories with no connection really, apart from their capacity to raise an eyebrow. I wondered if David Mills, the estranged husband of Olympics minister Tessa Jowell would ever be… Continue reading


Local Tories

17 February 2009 15:54

The Conservatives new approach to localism – or subsidiarity – deserves a couple of cheers. It is at least a step in the right direction. Just as well since, allied… Continue reading


The Sporting White House

17 February 2009 15:10

I take my hat off to Katty Kay. Writing at the Daily Beast she comes up with a novel criticism of the Obama administration: it’s too fond of  sports metaphors.… Continue reading


In Praise of Stella Rimington

17 February 2009 14:04

A statement of the obvious perhaps, but a welcome one nonetheless given that it’s hard to see how Stella Rimington, as a former head of MI5, can sensibly be caricatured… Continue reading


Marie Antoinette is traduced again

17 February 2009 14:01

Like King Canute, Marie Antoinette is a much-misunderstood and, generally speaking, a much and unfairly maligned figure. Disappointingly, this time the guilty party is my old boss Iain Martin. For… Continue reading


Obama’s Momentum

17 February 2009 0:19

James fears that Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms may be in trouble if he can’t win enough Republican support to convince centrist voters. In other words, he’ll be too much beholden… Continue reading


Three Terms are Enough

16 February 2009 20:19

Brother Bright gives some of his reasons for hoping that Labour will prevail at the next election here. As a good man of the left, one would expect no less… Continue reading


Never Underestimate the Lib Dems

16 February 2009 19:43

I know we are not supposed to take ComRes polls too seriously but there’s one aspect of the Independent on Sunday poll at the weekend that I really rings true. It… Continue reading


Can The Government Dig Itself Out ? (2)

16 February 2009 18:52

From the response to the last post on this subject I get the impression that people around here don’t much care if the government can did itself out or not.… Continue reading


Republicans and Churchill

16 February 2009 18:40

As if determined to prove my point about the absurd excesses of the GOP’s love for Winston Churchill, consider this entertaining snippet culled from the pages of the Washington Post:… Continue reading


Reporting protest

16 February 2009 18:01

Anyone who has ever been on a protest march or felt the heady frission of student rebelliousness should check out Hugo Rifkind’s piece in the Times today. A really subtle… Continue reading


Watching the Watchers

16 February 2009 16:31

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 16: Photojournalists stage an act of mass photography outside New Scotland Yard police station on February 16, 2009 in London. The event aims to highlight the… Continue reading


Obama and Churchill

16 February 2009 15:37

So Obama has said he doesn’t feel the need for his presidency to be reinforced by the presence of a British-government-owned bust of Winston Churchill in the Oval Office. As… Continue reading