GOP convention to be brokered? Ooooh, you are a tease…

12 September 2007 19:11

On, the other hand TNR’s John Judis wins the prize for being the first (I think) to speculate upon the likelihood of us all actually being able to enjoy the… Continue reading


Press bias revealed!

12 September 2007 18:33

Matt Yglesias sees Fred Thompson jump into a tie with Rudy Giuliani, despite having next to nothing to offer the country beyond shop-soiled platitudes and observes: All-in-all I continue to… Continue reading


Pseud’s Corner

11 September 2007 20:48

Via Prospect’s blog, here’s Matin Amis: "…my principal objection to the numbers [”9/11″] is that they are numbers. The solecism, that is to say, is not grammatical but moral-aesthetic—an offence… Continue reading


Thompson’s not so shocking brief for terrorists

11 September 2007 19:29

Chris Orr wonders why Fred Thompson’s work – albeit just a handful of hours – on behalf of the Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing is not receiving more attention.… Continue reading


Which candidate would make the best Secretary of State?

10 September 2007 20:38

Steve Chapman hears Joe Biden ask a decent question: At each of his four stops today, there was a moment when he got the attention of his audience. It came… Continue reading


Objective Burma

6 September 2007 19:37

Laura Bush on Burma: The Burmese I’ve met, they want our affection. As Kerry Howley, an old Burma hand herself, rightly asks, "Are they puppies?". She explains how the US… Continue reading


Fredless in New Hampshire

6 September 2007 18:02

There was plenty to enjoy at last night’s GOP debate in New Hampshire. From Rudy Giuliani’s incessant and somewhat vulgar determination to relate any question on any subject to his… Continue reading


Luciano Pavarotti, 1935-2007

6 September 2007 9:15

Opera Chic has all you need to know about Luciano Pavarotti’s death, including a collection of terrific YouTube clips. If only the Washington National Opera’s forthcoming Boheme could feature a… Continue reading


Throw like a girl? You probably needed an elder brother or two…

6 September 2007 0:34

Era Klein flags up this decade-old James Fallowes piece as his "paragraph of the day". Fallowes is addressing the vexed, nay controversial subject of why some people – especially women!… Continue reading


Ask not what you owe your passenger but what the city owes you…

5 September 2007 19:22

TAPPED’s Dana Goldstein blogs about today’s striking New York cabbies. They’re not happy that they’re being required to purchase "Passenger Information Monitors" – ie maps and GPS devices – that… Continue reading

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What I loved once and what I love now are two different things.

5 September 2007 8:15

Matthew d’Ancona makes a pretty sweeping claim this morning. Sir Michael Caine is, he writes: almost certainly the Greatest Living Englishman. My first reaction was that this was pretty strong… Continue reading


Judging Arthur Miller and Gunter Grass

5 September 2007 6:18

That wise owl Terry Teachout responds to the brouhaha over the revelation that Arthur Miller "deleted" his Downs-syndrome son from his life, by digging into his vast archive to retrieve… Continue reading


Why can’t we have a better cable service?

5 September 2007 2:17

Woo hoo! The Rugby World Cup is almost upon us. Once upon a time – ie, during the inaugural tournament in 1987 – this would have meant that those of… Continue reading


Ice-cream or meatloaf?

4 September 2007 22:43

The President of the United States of America: A moment later, press secretary Tony Snow stepped into the doorway to ask about the daily press briefing he was about to… Continue reading


Today’s tribute to the academy…

4 September 2007 22:02

Researchers confirm that rock’n’roll stars lead unhealthy lives and die young. Shockerooni!


We’ll have all the Tunes of Glory…

4 September 2007 20:48

It all depends where you are coming from I suppose. Tyler Cowen flags up this Observer survey of forgotten, under-rated or generally neglected novels. And we’re immediately in an odd,… Continue reading


Iraq as cause of Scottish independence? Hmmmm…

4 September 2007 14:46

Ben Crair has a piece at TNR today headlined, The Iraq War is Responsible for Scottish Independence. Really. Well, up to a point Lord Copper. The "Really" is an unfortunate… Continue reading


The Seriousness of “The Decider”

3 September 2007 23:01

No need for comment, is there? Mr. Bush has often said that will be for historians decide, but he said during his sessions with Mr. Draper that they would have… Continue reading


Heads I win, tails you lose

31 August 2007 19:35

Karl Rove is a remarkable man. On his last day in the White House, National Review Online publishes a piece in which Rove claims that history will judge Bush favourably… Continue reading


Beware the jogger!

30 August 2007 19:01

Another reason not to vote for Mitt Romney: he’s a bloody jogger. No surprise there, I suppose. Anyway, despite that, this new Romney ad, is not without interest. Jason Zengerle… Continue reading


Another proud day for the drug warriors

30 August 2007 7:31

Dispatches from the Drug Wars: Agents with a regional drug task force raided Leonard French’s home in southeastern New Mexico on Tuesday and seized several marijuana plants. But the wheelchair-bound… Continue reading


An Edinburgh August

30 August 2007 0:11

Iain McWhirter at The Guardian reminds one why Edinburgh is perhaps the world’s best city every August: Now, here’s a cultural success story of truly epic proportions. The Edinburgh Festival… Continue reading


MLS, Beckham and David Blaine…

29 August 2007 23:34

Martin Samuel is in good form today. He doesn’t much like MLS and, really, it’s not difficult to agree with him. The LA Galaxy’s recent 5-4 defeat at the New… Continue reading


Map of the Day

29 August 2007 23:00

Each dot represents someone living in Manhattan who receives farming subsidies from the US government. The large dots indicate the home address of someone raking in more than $250,000 a… Continue reading


Declare victory and just go home?

28 August 2007 22:44

According to a new Zogby poll, 11% of Americans think the US has already won in Iraq. This confirms my long-held view that a non-trivial percentage of the population can… Continue reading

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