On Evangelicals and the American Future…

3 December 2008 14:27

Hurrah for Alan Jacobs at the fabulous American Scene for alerting me to this excerpt from Laura Miller's new book in which she visits Wheaton College, Illinois. (Wheaton is Billy… Continue reading


Tomfoolery from the Labour Backbenches

3 December 2008 13:20

Tom Harris's blog is a very useful creation. Now as it happens I don't think that parliamentary democracy is under threat because Damien Green was arrested, disgraceful though that arrest… Continue reading

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Hamilton vs Jefferson?

2 December 2008 20:54

Is that the future of American foreign policy debate? Noah Millman, super as ever, considers this through a Beckettian lens here. Great stuff.


The Continued Absence of a Golden Age

2 December 2008 19:37

Commenting on the future of transatlantic relations, Anthony writes: The plain fact of the matter is that there are structural issues at play that will ensure tensions remain. One of… Continue reading


Obama’s European Gambit

2 December 2008 13:33

Matt Yglesias wrote a column last week in which he disputed what he termed the "counterintuitive" view that President Obama's relations with Europe will not necessarily improve as much or… Continue reading


Scottish Politics Update

2 December 2008 12:01

For those of you interested in Scottish politics, it's not a bad thing to be able, not before time, to welcome the country's newspapers to the blogosphere. So, huzzahs for… Continue reading


Bombay Lessons

2 December 2008 11:50

Bruce Schneier suspects we'll probably learn the wrong ones. After all, as he points out, there's very little you can do to stop 18 men with guns and grenades once… Continue reading


Message from Ottawa

1 December 2008 19:09

Andrew Coyne defends Stephen Harper from his critics. Or at least, from some of them: While this laissez-faire, do-nothing government contents itself with spending more than any government in the… Continue reading


The Politics of The Wire

1 December 2008 18:03

Jonh Goldberg says that The Wire should be more popular amongst conservatives. He argues that conservatives should love The Wire because it shows what happens when you let Democrats run… Continue reading


Meanwhile, Gordon Brown knows a priority when he sees one…

28 November 2008 12:03

Seriously. There are times when I think Americans were lucky to get George W Bush. Well, almost. Apart from the torture thing (though of course our government acquiesced with this… Continue reading

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28 November 2008 11:10

Little to no blogging over the next few days, I'm afriad. I'm in East Lothian tonight, speaking at a St Andrews dinner, thence to Hawick to bid farewell to a… Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

27 November 2008 15:00

Winter sunshine.  

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Turkey Day

27 November 2008 11:50

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers. In celebration, I offer this Culture11 piece on why Thanksgiving is comfortably the most civilised holiday of them all. Then again,… Continue reading


Kingsley’s Rules

26 November 2008 17:28

Roger Scruton reviews Kingsley Amis's Everyday Drinking, now happily reissued: At the start, Amis announces certain 'general principles' to be followed in creating drinks, all of which can be derived,… Continue reading

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To the barricades!

26 November 2008 13:31

There's something splendid about this. Brent Whelan, an American in Paris, runs, as you do, into yet another demonstration. There was the… sound truck and chants, flags and banderoles, a… Continue reading


Photo of the Day

26 November 2008 9:30

Home. Monday afternoon. Oddly calm.


Sexy Horse Noises!

25 November 2008 19:55

Another lovely obituary from the Daily Telegraph (of course) that is, as always, written with panache: Nick Mills, who has died aged 54, was a country vet with a practice… Continue reading


Best, Brightest, Fabbest Cabinet, like, Evah

25 November 2008 16:16

I'd been meaning to write something about how all the cheering at the supposed brilliance of Obama's cabinet picks was reminiscent of the huzzahs that greeted George W Bush's peronnel… Continue reading


Quote for the Day

25 November 2008 14:52

Chris Dillow – always worth your time – casts a weary eye over a number of government policies and concludes: What this shows, I think, is that New Labour’s claim… Continue reading

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Never mind me mate, what about the other mob?

25 November 2008 13:51

Commenting on this post Ian Leslie – aka Marbury – argues that we're on the brink of a new era and that just as Callaghan was right to appreciate that… Continue reading

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Letter from a Florida Prison

25 November 2008 10:00

Conrad Black: The US is now a carceral state that imprisons eight to 12 times more people (2.5m) per capita than the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany or Japan. US… Continue reading

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New Labour RIP

25 November 2008 2:33

I've too much respect for my friends at The Times to ask if Rupert Murdoch dictated that this Peter Brookes cartoon appear on the paper's front page today… The Thunderer's… Continue reading


Department of Hackery

25 November 2008 1:57

One of the things that distinguishes a good columnist from the ordinary, run-of-the-mill shill is the ability to treat their own party's failings as severely as they would condemn the… Continue reading

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Could You Go A Chicken Supper, Bobby Sands*?

24 November 2008 12:58

Exciting fast food wars update: faithful reader MT alerts me to something I should have known myself. Not only is the British embassy in Tehran located on Bobby Sands Street,… Continue reading


Should We Be More Like Bonobos?

24 November 2008 12:43

I dunno. But perhaps we should try and ignore our warrior-chimp ancestry and learn from the blessed, peaceful bonobos. At least that seems to be the idea behind Sex &… Continue reading

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