Super Tuesday Tea Leaves…

6 February 2008 2:44

TNR’s John Judis looks at the exit polls and gets to the nub of the matter, not just for tonight but for the campaign for the rest of the year:… Continue reading


Jings! Whatever next?

6 February 2008 1:54

Have I mentioned that this (admittedly old) ghastliness is enough on its own to make me wish Democrats select Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton? Well, it’s enough to make… Continue reading



6 February 2008 1:45

Norm’s poll of your favourite English-language novelists has reported its findings. Not a great surprise that Austen and Dickens come first and second. But really, how can Norm’s erudite readers… Continue reading


Super Tuesday Quidditch

6 February 2008 1:35

Vital US election issue: which Hogwarts house would each candidate be in? The Economist reveals all here. In other news, CNN and Fox remain unwatchable. Fancy that! How to choose… Continue reading


Department of Labelling

29 January 2008 21:51

Ezra Klein writes: Sources tell me that the Bush administration has stopped using the term "protectionist" because they found it polls really well. Instead, skeptics will now be termed "economic… Continue reading


God bless German ingenuity

29 January 2008 19:41

Next time you’re stuck on a mountain…


Department of Unfortunate Friends

29 January 2008 19:37

An endorsement Obama could have done without. He better hope McCain wins the GOP nomination because any other Republican candidate will be happy to use this to argue that Obama… Continue reading

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From Colombia to Queen’s

29 January 2008 19:10

A classic, touching American story by my friend Nancy Trejos in the Washington Post’s magazine: SAT ON THE AVIANCA FLIGHT FROM BOGOTA TO PEREIRA, my forehead pressed against the window,… Continue reading


Media whoring: gaelic edition

29 January 2008 16:31

Switch off your radios: I shall be on BBC Radio 4′s PM programme at around 5.45pm talking about, of all things, state-sponsored Gaelic TV. It may not surprise readers that… Continue reading


The heart of Obama’s appeal: symbolism

29 January 2008 16:19

As Jason Zengerle says, this sort of thing trumps anything the "Wife of a Man from Hope" can produce. Even cynics and Kennedy-haters are permitted to smile at this. Speaking… Continue reading


“Administrative shortcomings!”

29 January 2008 15:52

Ordinaily Derek Conway wouldn’t interest this blog. But the Tory MP, who has had the party whip withdrawn after defrauding the taxpayer by paying his sons to "work" as his… Continue reading


Adam Gilchrist

28 January 2008 19:52

So farewell, Adam Gilchrist. Norm marks his retirement with all the right links: You may not know him from Adam, but I have to mark the retirement from Test cricket… Continue reading


The Kennedy Endorsement

28 January 2008 19:22

Teddy Kennedy endorses Barack Obama and, predictably, it’s all kicked off. I’m sure Kennedy gave a fine speech. But as Isaac Chotiner observes: you should tune into the cable networks,… Continue reading

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It has to be Obama, right?

28 January 2008 15:22

I don’t trust the St Barack stuff either, but there’s no point in doubting that Obama has something his rivals don’t. There’s a clarity that comes to the Democratic race… Continue reading


The Symbolism of Sarko?

27 January 2008 19:48

An entry for Pseud’s Corner. Adam Gopnik on Sarko’s romance with Carla Bruni: It is possible to imagine that Sarkozy is not simply a man governed by his impulses and… Continue reading

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How much spit is the Vice-Presidency worth these days?

27 January 2008 18:51

Would John Edwards want the Vice-Presidency in return for playing kingmaker in the Democratic primaries? Perhaps not. After all George HW Bush is the only sitting 20th century Veep to… Continue reading


Does the Republican party deserve to be saved?

27 January 2008 13:35

Thanks to John-Paul Pagano for ensuring I didn’t miss this while on hiatus. In an illuminating passage National Review’s Kathryn-Jean Lopez reveals the reasons why John McCain cannot be considered… Continue reading


Some people’s votes are worth more than other people’s…

27 January 2008 1:20

Barack Obama wins big in South Carolina. But here’s what National Review’s David Freddoso has to say: He was clobbered with white men and white women. He came in third… Continue reading


Alex Massie

26 January 2008 12:30

Among the many pleasures of The Spectator – greatly improved under Matthew D’Ancona’s watch – few are greater than Charles Moore’s weekly column. Having edited the Speccie himself Mr Moore… Continue reading


Obama and Omar

26 January 2008 7:51

One of the penalties of a three week blogging hiatus is that one misses stuff. For instance, I hadn’t realised Barack Obama’s favourite TV show was The Wire. The Las… Continue reading

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Your favourite novelists?

26 January 2008 6:46

I mentioned Norm’s latest poll in which he asks: you to send in the list of your favourite English-language novelists. Note that I ask for your favourites and not for… Continue reading


Reihan Salam is in excellent form

26 January 2008 6:18

Barack Obama: still not a muslim. No word, as far as I can tell, from Hillary Clinton explicitly condemning the Obama-is-a-muslim-which-means-he-wants-to-destroy-America whispering campaign… Reihan, again, puts it most splendidly: I… Continue reading


The Executive Problem

26 January 2008 1:54

In its way, this anecdote – culled from AN Wilson’s touching eulogy for the great Hugh Massingberd is a very telling illustration of how, regardless of technological changes, newspapers have… Continue reading

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The lies we tell ourselves

25 January 2008 23:51

This is a depressing paragraph: William Wallace was a failure who only won one key battle; Robert the Bruce was a usurper struggling to retain power; Scotland was a willing… Continue reading

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Madison Avenue, we have a problem. Can you help?

25 January 2008 23:07

There are those people – mainly on the right – who don’t think it a problem that, for one reason or another, the United States has an image problem overseas.… Continue reading