Tobacco Futures

11 December 2008 18:48

Courtesy of the Daily Mash: SMOKERS BANNED FROM LOOKING AT CIGARETTES WHILE SMOKING SMOKERS will have to hold a large piece of card over their face so they cannot look… Continue reading


Economic Policy Trust Test: Labour or the Germans?

11 December 2008 13:54

A good old-fashoned rumpus is developing. Seems as though the Germans, fed up with being sneered at by Godron Brown and irritated by the Prime Minister's pretensions to have "saved… Continue reading


Would You Trust Anyone Named Kevin?

11 December 2008 13:18

Kevin Drum crunches the numbers and comes to some worrying (for him) conclusions…


GOP Future Delayed? Maybe.

10 December 2008 19:57

Bobby Jindal has fast become the GOP's Great Brown Hope. He keeps demonstrating why. First he said he did not want to be considered as a potential running-mate for John… Continue reading


Department of Calumny

10 December 2008 19:31

Patrick Appel, standing in for Andrew while the Boss Man takes a break, has the audacity to nominate Terry Teachout for one of Mr Sullivan's "Poseur Alert Nominee" awards. Yikes!… Continue reading


Got vs Gotten

10 December 2008 19:07

I knew someone would call me out on this. And sure enough, commenting on this post, faithful reader Sam G writes: First paragraph: "gotten"? O tempora, O Mores indeed. To… Continue reading


Michael Gerson Cares More Than You Do

10 December 2008 18:34

Michael Gerson, formerly George W Bush's chief speechwriter, has been to the Congo. As you might imagine, it's pretty grim there. So, naturally, Gerson has this to say: Security in… Continue reading

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Tales from Modern Britain

10 December 2008 17:57

When the spooks think matters have got out of hand then, you know, they've probably gotten out of hand. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) was passed in 2000… Continue reading

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Delaying Detroit’s Death

10 December 2008 14:25

Now as it happens, American cars are, generally speaking, much better than they used to be. And Ford and GM have demonstrated that, in europe at least, they know how… Continue reading


No! Not the Bore Worms…

10 December 2008 13:29

You remember the line don't you? "Flash, Flash, I love you, but we only have 14 hours to save the earth." And you'll remember the Labour posters promising "Not Flash,… Continue reading


Chicago Hardball

9 December 2008 17:51

More from the Blagojevich indictment: [I]ntercepted phone conversations between ROD BLAGOJEVICH and others indicate that ROD BLAGOJEVICH is contemplating rescinding his commitment of state funds to benefit Children's Memorial Hospital… Continue reading

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A Scandal in Springfield

9 December 2008 17:00

Sometimes it's useful to remember that, despite everything, British politics is, on the whole, markedly less corrupt than politics elsewhere. That, of course, explains why so many of our scandals… Continue reading


Not just a soggy old cloth cat…

9 December 2008 13:36

You know you're getting old when the people who made the TV programmes you liked as a kid start dying. So, farewell, Oliver Postgate, creator of Ivor the Engine and,… Continue reading


Annals of Chutzpah

8 December 2008 18:43

Hilarious stuff from Wall Street: Merrill Lynch & Co. chief John Thain has suggested to directors that he get a 2008 bonus of as much as $10 million, but the… Continue reading

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Friday Animal Blogging

5 December 2008 12:50

It started with Friday cat-blogging. Then there was a dog-blogging splinter group. I predict, however, that chicken-blogging will be the sensation of 2009. Here's one of the cockerels, the one… Continue reading


Why will no-one support independence?

5 December 2008 12:29

Commenter Rab O'Ruglen  doesn't have much sympathy for the crisis afflicting the Tartan press: While I have every sympathy for those who find themselves in employment difficulties through no fault… Continue reading


DC a State? Why Not Hong Kong II?

5 December 2008 1:54

Yglesias supports the idea of DC becoming the 51st state. This would be great news for Democrats since the party would be rewarded with a brace of Senators and an… Continue reading


Department of Names

4 December 2008 20:21

Much blogospheric hand-wringing on whether to refer to a great Indian city as Bombay or Mumbai. This is a road I've been down before. Ezra Klein says that "Bombay is… Continue reading


The Politics of Being Way Down in the Hole

4 December 2008 19:52

Back to The Wire: Ross is of course correct to argue that one of David Simon's great achievements was creating a television show that was open to multiple legitimate interpretations.… Continue reading


Department of Consultation

4 December 2008 19:09

I don't mean to pick on Tom Harris. After all, I think it a very good thing that MPs should have their own blogs. And, as it happens, I have… Continue reading

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Obama and Europe, Cont.

4 December 2008 16:13

Dan Drezner politely suggests I'm talking (or writing, rather) through my hat in this gloomy assessment of the transformational potential of the Obama presidency. Dan prefers to see the potential… Continue reading

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4 December 2008 14:39

I've finally got round to joining amazon's Associates programme. Unless I've made a complete hash of things then anytime you click through to via the little Amazon button on the… Continue reading

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The Ambassadors

4 December 2008 0:47

The President of the United States often really seems to be a kind of elected Priest-Monarch. One area in which this is obviously apparent, is his ability to reward cronies… Continue reading


Waiting for the Call

3 December 2008 23:33

Steve Clemons posts a very droll email purporting to be from an anxious Democrat wondering what, if any, job he (or she) might receive in the Age of Obama… Like… Continue reading


Mexico Dispatch

3 December 2008 18:22

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times: At least 38 people have been killed in Tijuana since Saturday, nine of them decapitated, in escalating drug-related violence that appears to have left… Continue reading