Department of Fancy That!

21 February 2008 0:09

Amazing: MI6′s former chief has denied that the intelligence service murdered Diana, Princess of Wales.


Gordon’s Hillary Problem?

20 February 2008 21:42

James Forsyth comes up with an(other) excellent reason for hoping Hillary loses: it will be bad for Gordon Brown. Key point: the British political class are obsessed with the US… Continue reading


Semper Fidelis For Shame

20 February 2008 18:32

I’d actually thought Castro’s retirement would prompt more of this sort of nonsense. I guess we’re still waiting for Seumas Milne to pipe up in The Guardian. Still, the palm… Continue reading

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No Place for Brotherly Love (And Rightly So)

20 February 2008 16:31

Ah Philadelphia, the city where they booed Santa Claus. And, if these lads are anything to go by, also the city where Major League Soccer should put its next team.… Continue reading


The Mills of History Keep Grinding

20 February 2008 13:45

The morning after the night before: a friend emails, noting Obama’s humping great triumph in Joe McCarthy’s old state, Wisconsin and quips: Can you imagine if you were a rabid… Continue reading


Where the Wild Things Roam

20 February 2008 11:34

Another splendid obituary from The Daily Telegraph that offers a splendid view of a rather different, if also gruesome, world than with which most of us are familiar. Funny too,… Continue reading

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Is this Hillary’s “best” shot? Get Me Rewrite…

20 February 2008 0:43

Marc Ambinder has quotes from what the Clinton campaign is billing as a "major contrast" speech she will give in Ohio tonight (I assume this is being leaked in an… Continue reading


If you build it, they will need to come (and lobby)

19 February 2008 23:48

Barack Obama – like John Edwards before him – and, I dare say, the majority of Democrats hates (or pretends to hate lobbyists). To listen to Democrats talk you might… Continue reading


A Great New Year’s Day at Easter Road*

19 February 2008 19:09

The always excellent fitba blog More than Mind Games has a great story about football in the fog here, but it’s not as good as this one, that became the… Continue reading


The View From North Bridge

19 February 2008 17:31

Edinburgh, Friday February 15th, 5.30pm.


Berwick Irridenta!

19 February 2008 13:30

Salmond says it’s game on! ALEX Salmond would start legal moves to bring Berwick back under Scottish control if the town’s residents voted to leave England in a referendum, it… Continue reading

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A Very 21st Century Racket

19 February 2008 11:17

I think this is an advertisement for some kind of high-falutin’ weather forecaster. HEAD OF HORIZON SCANNING CENTRE   The Foresight Programme   London base – Competitive salary The Government… Continue reading


Media Spotlight on Kamloops Blogs? It Ain’t Nothin’ But a Zen Thing

18 February 2008 16:55

So The Chicago Sun-Times is to start running signed editorials. TAPPED’s Dana Goldstein thinks this is a "good move" and wonders why more newspapers don’t do this. I imagine she’s… Continue reading

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Meme time!

16 February 2008 11:48

Blimey. James Poulos has been kind enough to nominate this blog for inclusion in some pantheon of excellence. It’s my duty, apparently, to continue the chain letter of blog love… Continue reading

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Family plugging

15 February 2008 18:11

Should readers be in Edinburgh at any point in the next two weeks, you can pop along to the Dundas Street Gallery where my little sister and two of her… Continue reading


McGuinness’s less than surprising attitude to booze

15 February 2008 13:40

James Forsyth says it is "deeply comic" for Martin McGuiness to complain: “I am not a fan of East-Enders or Coronation Street but my wife and my children, particularly the… Continue reading

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The myth of progress, Victoria

14 February 2008 18:26

Foreign Policy on a splendid Greek sex scandal: Now, it’s Greece’s turn, and it may be the most fascinating one yet. Here’s the story: A young woman slept with the… Continue reading


Oddly, “significant” America overlaps exactly with states Hillary wins…

14 February 2008 18:03

The Clinton campaign appears to be staffed by morons. To wit: Mark Penn: "Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn’t won any of the significant states — outside of… Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking a Tartan Sarko?

14 February 2008 16:50

One of the most kenspeckled British political anecdotes of the last half century recounts the occasion when it was said of Herbert Morrison that he was "his own worst enemy",… Continue reading


Department of Government Gobbledygook

14 February 2008 16:24

Bill Jamieson has been having some fun with the ghastly nonsense that is Government-Speak. Some favourites: BENCHMARKING – Clipboard activity suggesting that measuring a problem is the same as doing… Continue reading


Obama’s Deep Impact

13 February 2008 16:28

The best argument against Barack Obama? Have we learned nothing from the tragic events of 1998, when, under the watch of President Morgan Freeman, this nation was plunged into chaos,… Continue reading

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Tales of modern Britain

13 February 2008 15:05

Like the redoubtable Mr Eugenides (from whom I pilfer this item), I find myself outraged by this. Alas, merely chucking out the cretins in charge is unlikely to be enough… Continue reading


Department of Taxing Questions

12 February 2008 16:03

I agree with Ezra that it would be grand if all politicians asked themselves these sorts of question: I want a Democrat willing to say that the question is, "what… Continue reading


Depends upon what you mean by “polluter pays”…

12 February 2008 15:14

Good grief: THE Scottish Government is preparing to take on supermarkets and off-licences in the battle against alcohol abuse, forcing them to pay a levy under new plans to make… Continue reading


Clinton’s latest straw-clutching

12 February 2008 14:41

Dan Drezner asks whether the Clinton campaign’s arguments can be reconciled logically: Over the past few days, the Clinton campaign has made the following two arguments:  a)  Caucuses don’t really… Continue reading