Imperialists for Obama!

25 October 2008 16:02

Via Clive Davis, I see that Niall Feguson has abandoned John McCain. In a Guardian interview he says: He denies suggestions that Colossus, specifically, was written with half an eye… Continue reading


Pennsylvania State vs Ohio State

24 October 2008 19:39

For what little it is worth, I think Barack Obama will carry Ohio with something to spare. I also find it quite hard to believe that he could lose Pennsylvania.… Continue reading


Travels in Wingnuttia

24 October 2008 18:26

There are loonies everywhere, of course. Still, Jon Swift's summary of some of the anti-Obama conspiracy theories that have swilled around the wingnut blogosphere this year is a treat. He… Continue reading


Department of You Coudn’t Make It Up

24 October 2008 16:34

Not for the first time this year, one has to wonder what question Fred Thompson could possibly be the answer to. K-Lo remains charmingly indefatigable: Unleashing Fred Thompson works his… Continue reading


Political Advertising 23

24 October 2008 11:37

What do you do when your candidate has a funny name folk don’t know how to pronounce? Why, you release an ad like this one for Adlai Stevenson in 1952:


Sign of the Times

24 October 2008 9:18

From North Carolina: More than 210,000 blacks who are registered as Democrats have cast early ballots in the Tar Heel State – compared with roughly 174,000 registered Republicans overall. Four… Continue reading


Cameronian Unionism

24 October 2008 3:44

A cynic might say David Cameron has an interest in a strong SNP. After all, a meaningful Tory revival in Scotland seems as far away as ever (though it would… Continue reading


Limbaugh’s Recipe for a Democratic Majority

24 October 2008 1:03

This won't surprise everyone but it turns out that Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. To wit: Going after moderates, independents, and all these yokels is not the blueprint.  The blueprint’s… Continue reading


Photography We Can Believe In

23 October 2008 23:50

Callie Shell has been following and photographing Barack Obama for Time since the beginning of the campaign. You can see some of her work here and, especially, here. I particularly… Continue reading


A Mad World, My Masters

23 October 2008 15:50

Clive Crook pops back to Blighty and finds himself pining for the sanity and phlegmatic common-sense of life in the United States. Can't say I blame him. Consider this story,… Continue reading


Sarah Brown emulates Sarah Palin

23 October 2008 13:22

Campaigning is underway in the Glenrothes by-election. Yesterday Sarah Brown, the Prime Minister's wife, made her election debut, knocking on doors in, of all places, bonny Cardenden. How did that… Continue reading


Political Advertising 22

23 October 2008 12:22

Reagan vs Mondale, 1984. Reaganomics vs Mondalenomics. It has to be said that not all the claims in this ad were proven correct by subsequent events.


The Last Throes

22 October 2008 18:03

It's over. How so? Because campaigns that have a chance of winning don't perform stunts like this: Please join our campaign for a conference call at 11:30 a.m. EDT, with… Continue reading

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Political Advertising 21

22 October 2008 12:20

Jobs being sent overseas to cosset foreigners? Not a new phenomenon.Not a new campaign themse either. Here’s a Clinton-Gore ad from 1992 that could easily have been made by Obama… Continue reading


Baseball Division

22 October 2008 11:20

Yup, it's time for the Fall Classic. I'm taking part in a symposium at Culture11. My first contribution, in which I out myself as a temporary Tampa Bay Rays fan,… Continue reading


Ypres, Loos, Somme, Arras…

22 October 2008 11:18

Poppyman wants to know: have you got yours yet?


The T St Rag

22 October 2008 2:48

Here's the usually-savvy Helen Rittelmeyer: Let’s take it as a given that Martin and Maltz are correct that Red Staters like to follow traditions and bicoastal elites like to question… Continue reading

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Department of Academia

21 October 2008 22:56

I'm indebted to Nathan Origer for drawing my attention to a fascinating event at the University of Maryland: Subject : Provost’s Conversation: “Re-presenting Disability: Million Dollar Baby, Tropic Thunder and… Continue reading


Tito the Builder?

21 October 2008 22:16

Apparently he's the new go-to guy in this daft Presidential election. Of course, it shows how out of touch I am that when I saw Tito was the headline act… Continue reading


FCO vs Hacks

21 October 2008 16:56

It seems like Sir Nigel Sheinwald's assessment of Barack Obama was leaked to the Telegraph months ago. But it was in fact published earlier this month. I'd meant to write… Continue reading


In Praise of the Amateur?

21 October 2008 15:54

Mark Steyn says his old friend and former boss Boris Johnson is a "total squish" on ideological matters (ie, he's a Tory) and adds this chummy postscript: If Boris can… Continue reading


Pollster Wars

21 October 2008 15:47

Ooops. I meant to mention Mike Crowley's entertaining New Republic piece on the polling wars. It's a fun, breezy read that's well worth your time: Shock Poll – blared a… Continue reading

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Annals of Polling, American Division

21 October 2008 15:06

And then they were eight. Tracking polls that is. Which one should you follow? Or, rather, which should you discount? Happily, Nate Silver is here to explain it all. What… Continue reading


The Wisdom of Crowds

21 October 2008 13:43

The extent to which one considers the general public an uncannily perceptive bunch or a gathering of witless, no-good know-nothings naturally correlates with the degree to which the public endorses… Continue reading


Political Advertising 20

21 October 2008 12:18

From 1980, here’s Nancy Reagan striding in to bat for her husband.