Kennedy Reveals All

18 December 2008 18:53

So Caroline Kennedy is kind enough to explain why she thinks she should be appointed the next Senator from New York: "I come at this as a mother, as a… Continue reading


Is Gordon Up For It?

18 December 2008 18:42

Iain Martin asked a good question today: Despite being at or near the top of his profession for two decades, the PM has no track record in fronting election campaigns.… Continue reading

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The Threat from Australia

18 December 2008 17:16

Adapt and change or die is the mantra of the day. And not just in economics neither. Here, for instance, is the Australian rugby coach Ewen McKenzie, currently in charge… Continue reading


Canterbury and Downing Street

18 December 2008 15:23

Gordon Brown may be a son of the Manse, but it's the Archbishop of Canterbury, of all people, who has picked up a presbyterian cudgel with which to whack the… Continue reading

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The Rendition Problem

18 December 2008 14:08

Ross Douthat has a very interesting, honest post about torture here. (With subsequent posts here and here.) As if by magic, National Review appears with an editorial defending the Bush… Continue reading


Obama: Not a Danger!

17 December 2008 15:42

Now that we're getting used to the idea of President Barack Hussein Obama, it's easy to forget just how quick he's risen to the summit of American politics. The other… Continue reading


Headline of the Day

17 December 2008 13:34

Nice work, Reuters: Man who snatched wig will have toupee Hat-tip: Radley Balko.


Question of the Day

16 December 2008 20:53

Are Weimaraners the most beautiful, elegant, coquettish breed of dog?


Name That Child

16 December 2008 16:40

Turns out there is a list of approved hipster baby-names. (I assume there's a comparable British list somewhere?) James Poulos lists his favourites but unfairly targets Magnus for opprobrium. Nothing… Continue reading


The Lessons of Madoff

16 December 2008 16:10

Actually, as Megan explains, the lesson of Bernie Madoff's scam is that there really aren't any lessons that can be drawn. As she puts it, "Everyone just screwed up". That… Continue reading


Senate Selection

16 December 2008 14:53

Joe Klein on the self-styled Worlds' Greatest Deliberative Body: The point is, that the Blagojevich fiasco and now the Kennedy play have turned the selection of new Senators into a… Continue reading


Paying Tribute to the New Emperor

16 December 2008 13:44

One of the odder characteristics of a certain strain of British right-wing thinking is the terror that British Prime Ministers might ever disagree with the American president. It's almost as… Continue reading


The Torture Team

16 December 2008 13:28

Dick Cheney in an interview with ABC News: CHENEY: On the question of so-called torture, we don't do torture. We never have. It's not something that this administration subscribes to.… Continue reading

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New York Dynasty

15 December 2008 21:03

So it's official: Caroline Kennedy does want to be the next Senator from New York. A shocking development. I mean it's not as though the departing Senator traded on a… Continue reading


How to cut your own throat

15 December 2008 18:12

Via Megan McArdle, I see that the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press are taking a novel approach to the malaise that's crippling newspapers across America (and Britain): make… Continue reading

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Who throws a shoe?

15 December 2008 16:56

The last word, I think, on the Great Shoe Attack: [Hat-tip: Toby’s commenters.]

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Respecting the Office

15 December 2008 16:14

I think I've mentioned before that President George W Bush was said to find the British press corps lack of respect for his office somewhat grating. Unlike our American counterparts,… Continue reading


The Afghan Conundrum

15 December 2008 13:24

Joe Klein has been to Afghanistan, so that puts him one up on me. Still, having spent some time pointing out the (widely-acknowledged) complexity of the situation in Afghanistan, Klein… Continue reading

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Department of “But That Was Then! This Is Different!”

14 December 2008 20:11

Gordon Brown in 1995: "A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy which is the sign of a weak government." Today: on the commercial exchange rates, one pound… Continue reading


The Spirit of the Season

14 December 2008 18:48

Time for another occasional series. And since it’s Christmas, how better to honour the true spirit of the season than by recalling some classic TV advertisements from the past? Come… Continue reading


The Ingenuity of the British Journalist

13 December 2008 18:27

Is such that, as you know, there's no need to bribe the fellow. From Simon Hoggart's Guardian column today: A colleague of the late Raymond Jackson, "Jak" of the London… Continue reading

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Tobacco Futures

11 December 2008 18:48

Courtesy of the Daily Mash: SMOKERS BANNED FROM LOOKING AT CIGARETTES WHILE SMOKING SMOKERS will have to hold a large piece of card over their face so they cannot look… Continue reading


Economic Policy Trust Test: Labour or the Germans?

11 December 2008 13:54

A good old-fashoned rumpus is developing. Seems as though the Germans, fed up with being sneered at by Godron Brown and irritated by the Prime Minister's pretensions to have "saved… Continue reading


Would You Trust Anyone Named Kevin?

11 December 2008 13:18

Kevin Drum crunches the numbers and comes to some worrying (for him) conclusions…


GOP Future Delayed? Maybe.

10 December 2008 19:57

Bobby Jindal has fast become the GOP's Great Brown Hope. He keeps demonstrating why. First he said he did not want to be considered as a potential running-mate for John… Continue reading