Learning from Iran

14 April 2008 13:00

I’m talking about kidneys of course. Over to Alex Tabarrok: Only one country in the world has eliminated the shortage of transplant kidneys.  Only one country in the world has… Continue reading

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Self-indulgence Alert

13 April 2008 15:31

This blog is, I just realised, one year old today. Jings, who’d have thunk it? Anyway, thanks to all those who linked and, of course, to all who have visited… Continue reading


Sabbath Linking

13 April 2008 15:16

Did you know that you can be arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial? Julian Sanchez explains. Megan also leaps into the fray. Almost no-one writes sensibly about house prices.… Continue reading

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It’s For Your Own Good

12 April 2008 5:29

Got some free time this weekend? Why not enter Fark’s Design a Flag for the Nanny State competition. A couple of entries I liked… [Hat-tip: KMW]


Who says the culture wars are over?

11 April 2008 23:53

This is probably the dumbest thing Barack Obama has said all year. "You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest,… Continue reading

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Guinness is Good For You; Government Is Not

11 April 2008 15:36

In the past nine months four pubs in Selkirk, my home town, have closed. It would be simplistic to presume that the liberty-quashing smoking ban was the sole cause of… Continue reading


Guatemala’s Secret War on Israel

11 April 2008 14:09

Wackiest anti-immigration argument yet (US edition): Hamas wins when Hispanics are allowed into the United States. At least I think that’s what Mark Krikorian is claiming: David Hazony at Contentions… Continue reading


Mark Penn is the new Bob Shrum?

11 April 2008 13:47

This doesn’t seem like a good idea. It’s true that a Downing Street spokesflunky dismissed the suggestion that Mark Penn might hop across the Atlantic to work for Gordon Brown… Continue reading


The Filleting of Chris Matthews

11 April 2008 13:35

There’s a gauche quality to Chris Matthews, the long-time MSNBC gab-fest host, that could almost be endearing if it weren’t for the unfortunate – and transparently obvious – truth that… Continue reading


Hillary Surrenders on Ulster

11 April 2008 0:16

Damnit. I’d enjoyed working up a good lather of indignation and righteous fury over Hillary Clinton’s claim, repeated ad nauseam, to have played an "instrumental" role in the Northern Irish… Continue reading


Stuff Readers Like

10 April 2008 17:13

Further to this post on the media and What Readers Want, it’s always useful to have a gander at the New York Times’s most emailed stories. For sure, this is… Continue reading

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Italy Update

10 April 2008 13:31

I’ve missed Silvio Berlusconi and suspect you have too. Sure, I wouldn’t want him running my country but it seems important that he be able to remain on the international… Continue reading

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Things That Are Not True

10 April 2008 13:17

From our old friends at National Review: Or, as Bill Bennett puts it: Colombia is the Israel of Latin America. Your nominations please for other unlikely Israels in unlikely corners… Continue reading


Read All About It: Readers Resist Porridge

10 April 2008 0:16

Glenn Greenwald, elitist scourge of the modern media’s cosy elitism, has been on a tear lately. He complains that the media focuses too much on trivial froth and not enough… Continue reading


How can all be lost? Wisden has arrived.

9 April 2008 2:03

One of the great annual treats is upon us: yes, the 2008 edition of Wisden arrived this morning. As always, the obituaries provide some of the best reading. To wit,… Continue reading

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Has Blair Kinda/Sorta Endorsed John McCain?

9 April 2008 1:01

Danny Finkelstein thinks so. Noting that Blair had said that modern politics is more a matter of Open vs Closed than Left vs Right: And then I asked which politicians… Continue reading

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Labour’s Toast: Or Why Gordon Brown Will Never Win An Election

8 April 2008 13:57

A delicious column by Rachel Sylvester in today’s Telegraph. Some choice highlights: There is a "sulphurous mood" on the Labour benches. Disillusioned Left-wingers, who campaigned for Mr Brown to become… Continue reading


Sarko’s NATO Problem

7 April 2008 21:05

Here’s The Economist reporting developments in France: THE Gaullist backlash against Nicolas Sarkozy’s new Atlanticism has begun in earnest, and its new poster boy is Dominique de Villepin… Not only… Continue reading

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A Democratic Plan Colombia

7 April 2008 19:17

Hillary Clinton on the proposed US-Colombia trade deal: I am disappointed that President Bush has decided to send the Colombia Free Trade Agreement to Congress. As I have said consistently… Continue reading

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Good Day in Paris

7 April 2008 16:24

The BBC: Paris protests mar Olympic relay This, naturally, is entirely incorrect. The problem would have been if there hadn’t been any protestors. Still, the BBC, which is sending more… Continue reading


Hillary’s Mugabe Problem

7 April 2008 5:58

Jon Chait is in good form in The New Republic this week, arguing that Hillary Clinton ought to drop out now since, barring cataclysm, she can’t win the Democratic party’s… Continue reading


Death by Blogging?

7 April 2008 4:25

This article in the New York Times is, I suppose, unintentionally hilarious. No-one should be surprised if it prompts calls for regulation. Growing numbers of home-office laborers and entrepreneurs, armed… Continue reading


CB Fry’s XI

7 April 2008 0:51

After Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, Dexter and Edrich it must be time for a bit of Fry. 1. Roy Fredericks (WI) 2. Jack Fingleton (AUS)3. CB Fry (ENG) (Capt)4. Tip Foster… Continue reading


The Outrage is What Isn’t Seen as Outrageous

6 April 2008 14:49

Terrific Nick Cohen column today, decrying the feebleness of a new ITV political satire show that oh-so courageously portrays Gordon Brown as some sort of Scottish miser. The truth, of… Continue reading

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The View from My Window

6 April 2008 12:35

April 6th, 2008, 12 noon. Scottish Borders. Bloody April, eh? UPDATE: April 6th, 2008, 5.30pm…

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