Alex Massie

26 January 2008 12:30

Among the many pleasures of The Spectator – greatly improved under Matthew D’Ancona’s watch – few are greater than Charles Moore’s weekly column. Having edited the Speccie himself Mr Moore… Continue reading


Obama and Omar

26 January 2008 7:51

One of the penalties of a three week blogging hiatus is that one misses stuff. For instance, I hadn’t realised Barack Obama’s favourite TV show was The Wire. The Las… Continue reading

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Your favourite novelists?

26 January 2008 6:46

I mentioned Norm’s latest poll in which he asks: you to send in the list of your favourite English-language novelists. Note that I ask for your favourites and not for… Continue reading


Reihan Salam is in excellent form

26 January 2008 6:18

Barack Obama: still not a muslim. No word, as far as I can tell, from Hillary Clinton explicitly condemning the Obama-is-a-muslim-which-means-he-wants-to-destroy-America whispering campaign… Reihan, again, puts it most splendidly: I… Continue reading


The Executive Problem

26 January 2008 1:54

In its way, this anecdote – culled from AN Wilson’s touching eulogy for the great Hugh Massingberd is a very telling illustration of how, regardless of technological changes, newspapers have… Continue reading

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The lies we tell ourselves

25 January 2008 23:51

This is a depressing paragraph: William Wallace was a failure who only won one key battle; Robert the Bruce was a usurper struggling to retain power; Scotland was a willing… Continue reading

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Madison Avenue, we have a problem. Can you help?

25 January 2008 23:07

There are those people – mainly on the right – who don’t think it a problem that, for one reason or another, the United States has an image problem overseas.… Continue reading


Clinton Derangement: 43rd St Edition

25 January 2008 20:57

Reihan Salam, in characteristically excellent form, dismantles the New York Times’ lazy and baffling endorsement* of Hillary Clinton and, as a bonus, comes up with the best line I’ve read… Continue reading

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Blair and Brown Part II: This time It’s Continental

25 January 2008 16:57

Great stuff from William Hague in the Commons as he imagines the terror of Tony Blair, President of Europe. American Anglophiles will also like it, since Hague’s ability at the… Continue reading


Romney gets “down” with his peeps…

24 January 2008 12:22

Just because I’ve not been posting much this month doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten how ghastly Mitt Romney is. The gruesome Mitt was at it again recently as this report makes… Continue reading

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The Brideshead Fantasy: Union Division

24 January 2008 5:48

It mystifies me why so many Americans – even those blessedly untouched by any tedious Yankee Brideshead fetish – still seem to view the Oxford Union as a barometer of… Continue reading


Books you like; not merely books you use to show off…

24 January 2008 3:36

Norm wants to know your top ten favourite English-language novelists.  I ballsed my ballot up by forgetting to include William McIlvanney. No excuse for you not to do your bit… Continue reading

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Aged 10, I hated Don Bradman…

24 January 2008 3:29

Don’t get too excited. Blogging hiatus may not be entirely done with… Apart from anything else, finding more than 2,500 items on one’s RSS feed is enough to weary any… Continue reading


The View from My Window

8 January 2008 14:59

Currently lurking in the Scottish Borders; blogging hiatus likely to continue for a few more days. Trust y’all are flourishing and making the most of the New Year.


The Iowans Have It (Alas)

2 January 2008 5:17

No more than 10% of Iowans registered as either Republicans or Democrats are likely to turn out for Thursday’s caucuses. So The American Spectator’s Philip Klein is quite right to… Continue reading

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Americana: A Partial List

1 January 2008 8:16

Some things I will miss about America: Appalachia: music, people, landscapeThe WireAmerican libertarianism: not an entirely lost causeThanksgiving: America’s best, most civilised, holidayAmtrak sleeping cars and trans-America travel in general… Continue reading


Presidential Candidates Through the Lens of Wodehouse

1 January 2008 0:26

In my sourer moments I find myself persuaded that Bertie Wooster’s verdict on aunts also applies to politicians: "It is no use telling me that there are bad aunts and… Continue reading


Happy New Year

1 January 2008 0:01

I shall be seeing the New Year in at 30,000 feet en route to Edinburgh (pictured below) from Washington. I trust Aer Lingus will put on a decent spread… Meanwhile,… Continue reading

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Seeing out the old year with the Church of Scotland

31 December 2007 18:58

This being Hogmanay it’s appropriate to post a New Year’s address from the one and only Reverend I.M Jolly.  For anyone who grew up in 1980s Scotland, the late, great… Continue reading


The Glamour of the Skies…

31 December 2007 15:55

For the love of god… When will these clowns learn that the only way to ensure total security is to prevent people from getting on the plane in the first… Continue reading

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We have a winner!

31 December 2007 13:06

It’s a big ask, but someone has to write the worst article on the presidential election. Daniel Pipes steps up to demonstrate why the Republican party deserves to lose next… Continue reading


Her mother’s daughter, right enough

31 December 2007 11:46

The Clintons: a ghastliness that keeps on giving. Here’s Toby Harnden reporting from Iowa Speaking of Chelsea Clinton, it seems there’s no way she’s going to talk to journalists. "I’m… Continue reading


Merry Christmas Mitt…

31 December 2007 11:32

Of course, one is supposed to despair at this sort of negative campaigning even when, as in this case, it is directed against a candidate one loathes. But, really, I… Continue reading


Wodehouse Primary 2.0

31 December 2007 5:17

I have already mentioned my suspicion that few PG Wodehouse fans are likely to endorse Hillary Clinton. It is unhealthy for a Presidential candidate to remind one of Honoria Glossop… Continue reading


Caledonia calling…

30 December 2007 21:40

All good things come to an end. As some readers know, I’m leaving Washington DC this week (tomorrow in fact!) to return to Caledonia, stern and wild. Bittersweet reflections on… Continue reading