Obama’s Good Fortune

3 November 2008 18:53

Commenting on this post, a very astute reader makes these excellent points: Two more thoughts on timing 1) Obama is the luckiest loser in history.  Had he won the House… Continue reading


Buckeye Skullduggery!

3 November 2008 18:25

Meanwhile, super-secret Democratic operative "Josh Lyman" emails this update from Ohio: Calls are being made to some of our voters in Toledo warning voters of long lines at the polls… Continue reading


In anticipation of an Obama victory…

3 November 2008 17:24

Some thoughts on the campaign in advance of the last day of voting tomorrow… Timing matters and, as any sports coach will tell you, it can't be taught. You have… Continue reading


A Revengers’ Satisfaction

3 November 2008 13:27

There's something awful about a bad review. By which I mean, one can sometimes feel rather sorry for the poor writer suffering under a prolonged and vicious barrage (one thinks… Continue reading


Iran-Iraq War Replayed in Glasgow

2 November 2008 16:49

Anyone whose had to spend much time in the company of Scottish football journalists and members of the Scottish Parliament could only hope that a "charity" football match between the… Continue reading


Concerned about Obama?

2 November 2008 15:47

Via Yglesias, here's a charming leaflet from the Republican Jewish Committee that helps demonstrate just why the GOP deserves – even needs – to lose on Tuesday. Nice touch too,… Continue reading


Photo of the Day

1 November 2008 18:22

Looking west up the Ettrick Valley during the second half of Selkirk's tremendous 6-0 victory against Boroughmuir at Philiphaugh this afternoon. The defending Scottish champions were rightly favoured before kick-off… Continue reading


Tales from Brave New Scotland

1 November 2008 0:27

Good grief. Needless to say, one of the more depressing elements to this story is the fact that it won't prove terribly controversial. That's to say, there won't be a… Continue reading


Julia Pirie: A Real Miss Froy

31 October 2008 21:23

Cracking obituary in the Telegraph the other day: Julia Pirie, who has died aged 90, spent two decades as an MI5 agent at the heart of the Communist Party of… Continue reading


First Amendment Principles

31 October 2008 19:51

So, back from Dublin. As expected, the students heartily endorsed an Obama presidency. A shortage of McCain backers led to my speaking against the Democratic candidate. That meant standing up… Continue reading

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Big Jacqui is Watching You

30 October 2008 9:29

Simon Jenkins signed off from his Sunday Times column with a spankingly good piece last weekend: Is Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, a pocket dictator? Is there no drop of… Continue reading


Quiz Time!

29 October 2008 14:23

Yup, it's another game of answer-some-questions-and-discover-how-few-people-agree-with-you. This quiz is better than some, however. Apparently, like John Schwenkler (from whom I lift the format of this post) I am a "hardcore… Continue reading


Attention Dublin Readers

28 October 2008 17:21

Apart from a couple of pre-prepared items, there's not likely to be too much blogging in these parts for the next couple of days. The reason? I'm off to Trinity… Continue reading


Outsourcing the Novel

28 October 2008 0:34

More jobs Americans won't do: write their own novels. Mind you, I wrote this post, so I'm in no position to carp or quibble. Still, this is ingenious: Admit it.… Continue reading


The Twenty/20 Virus

28 October 2008 0:30

Regular readers may have noticed – but not necessarily been disheartened by – the absence of much cricket-related commentary here. There are a couple of reasons for its absence. First,… Continue reading


New GOP Campaign Strategy: McCain More Than A Mere Man

27 October 2008 17:51

Kudos to Frank Foer for alerting one to this priceless passage from David Gelernter's most recent article in the Weekly Standard: Granting the importance of the topic, the difference in… Continue reading



27 October 2008 16:04

So, Twitter is the new rock'n'roll. Or something like that. Perhaps it is. Did you know, for instance, that Stephen Fry is a Twitterer? Well, he is and you can… Continue reading

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Britannia Sighs Again (This Time With Relief)

27 October 2008 15:52

On the other hand, occasionally there is some good news. Plans for a "Britishness Day" have been dropped, it has emerged. The plan for a national holiday, like July 4… Continue reading


Department of Punditry

27 October 2008 13:48

Oh dear. The days of the free lunch may be numbered: This blog aims to do one thing: track the forecasts of Britain pundits, bloggers and others on politics and… Continue reading


Can there be satire on the left?

27 October 2008 13:18

Reviewing Thomas Frank's new book The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule, last week, Michael Lind wrote: But “The Wrecking Crew” is a polemic, not a dissertation. With rare exceptions like… Continue reading

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Britain’s Best Newspaper

26 October 2008 15:28

Sure, you could read about an EU investigation into Peter Mandelson's (dodgy) relationship with Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. You might even enjoy the Observer telling Macavity Broon that he cannae… Continue reading


Imperialists for Obama!

25 October 2008 16:02

Via Clive Davis, I see that Niall Feguson has abandoned John McCain. In a Guardian interview he says: He denies suggestions that Colossus, specifically, was written with half an eye… Continue reading


Pennsylvania State vs Ohio State

24 October 2008 19:39

For what little it is worth, I think Barack Obama will carry Ohio with something to spare. I also find it quite hard to believe that he could lose Pennsylvania.… Continue reading


Travels in Wingnuttia

24 October 2008 18:26

There are loonies everywhere, of course. Still, Jon Swift's summary of some of the anti-Obama conspiracy theories that have swilled around the wingnut blogosphere this year is a treat. He… Continue reading


Department of You Coudn’t Make It Up

24 October 2008 16:34

Not for the first time this year, one has to wonder what question Fred Thompson could possibly be the answer to. K-Lo remains charmingly indefatigable: Unleashing Fred Thompson works his… Continue reading