The myth of progress, Victoria

14 February 2008 18:26

Foreign Policy on a splendid Greek sex scandal: Now, it’s Greece’s turn, and it may be the most fascinating one yet. Here’s the story: A young woman slept with the… Continue reading


Oddly, “significant” America overlaps exactly with states Hillary wins…

14 February 2008 18:03

The Clinton campaign appears to be staffed by morons. To wit: Mark Penn: "Could we possibly have a nominee who hasn’t won any of the significant states — outside of… Continue reading

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Desperately Seeking a Tartan Sarko?

14 February 2008 16:50

One of the most kenspeckled British political anecdotes of the last half century recounts the occasion when it was said of Herbert Morrison that he was "his own worst enemy",… Continue reading


Department of Government Gobbledygook

14 February 2008 16:24

Bill Jamieson has been having some fun with the ghastly nonsense that is Government-Speak. Some favourites: BENCHMARKING – Clipboard activity suggesting that measuring a problem is the same as doing… Continue reading


Obama’s Deep Impact

13 February 2008 16:28

The best argument against Barack Obama? Have we learned nothing from the tragic events of 1998, when, under the watch of President Morgan Freeman, this nation was plunged into chaos,… Continue reading

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Tales of modern Britain

13 February 2008 15:05

Like the redoubtable Mr Eugenides (from whom I pilfer this item), I find myself outraged by this. Alas, merely chucking out the cretins in charge is unlikely to be enough… Continue reading


Department of Taxing Questions

12 February 2008 16:03

I agree with Ezra that it would be grand if all politicians asked themselves these sorts of question: I want a Democrat willing to say that the question is, "what… Continue reading


Depends upon what you mean by “polluter pays”…

12 February 2008 15:14

Good grief: THE Scottish Government is preparing to take on supermarkets and off-licences in the battle against alcohol abuse, forcing them to pay a levy under new plans to make… Continue reading


Clinton’s latest straw-clutching

12 February 2008 14:41

Dan Drezner asks whether the Clinton campaign’s arguments can be reconciled logically: Over the past few days, the Clinton campaign has made the following two arguments:  a)  Caucuses don’t really… Continue reading


Who needs TV writers anyway?

12 February 2008 12:57

At last! A new TV "reality" show worth watching:                                                          … Continue reading

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Media narratives

12 February 2008 2:43

On Christmas day 2007 in Washington DC I participated in a "Who will be contesting the presidential election?" parlour game and said that Barack Obama would beat John McCain. Admittedly… Continue reading


Them’s the breaks…

11 February 2008 10:38

Matt Yglesias calls it like it is: Back in October 2007, Clinton was beating Obama in Maine by a hilarious 47 to 10 margin, but it seems he’s carried the… Continue reading


Regrets, I’ve had a few…

11 February 2008 6:14

Jonah Goldberg: One thing I would like to know is what it says about Matthew Dowd (a perfectly likable fellow) that he eagerly signed up to work for Bush but… Continue reading

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Will ye no’ come back again?

11 February 2008 0:26

Should Berwick leave England and return to Scotland? An unofficial vote is taking place in the English borders town asking locals whether they want to switch from England to being… Continue reading


Ulster Says Yes!

11 February 2008 0:01

John McCain secures the Orange vote: (Thanks to loyal pal RD.)


Department of English/British Conflation

10 February 2008 20:48

Radley, Radley… Please. This isn’t the "British Olympic soccer team" giving the Nazi salute in 1938, it’s the English soccer team. You may think this a minor matter, but I… Continue reading


Today’s picture

10 February 2008 20:39

If I could bring myself to contemplate the wreckage – nay, the horror – of Scotland’s Six Nations campaign I might blog about it. Meanwhile, here’s a picture taken today… Continue reading

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Department of Niche

9 February 2008 12:37

Alan Jacobs at the always-splendid American Scene: Here’s my Little Surprise of the Day: I was reading this blog post about the proposed Microsoft purchase of Yahoo, and saw in… Continue reading


Caucusing amidst the Coloradoans*

9 February 2008 2:01

Caucuses really are a pretty loopy way to choose a Presidential candidate. At least, caucuses run the way they are across the USA are. On the other hand, that permits… Continue reading


The Saintly American

8 February 2008 20:50

Among the many idiocies stuffed into Mitt Romney’s race-quitting speech at CPAC, this one, for which admittedly he cannot bear full responsibility, is a peach: Simon Peres, in a visit… Continue reading


Another reason why mobile phones are bad: editors can find you

8 February 2008 18:25

Things that make you despair: young journalists who have never read Scoop. In a better world that would be a sacking offence. Clive publishes a reminder of the novel’s glories… Continue reading


Get a grip, Ron Burgundy

8 February 2008 18:05

Will Ferrell: clown. Top Hollywood star Will Ferrell last night appeared in University College Dublin to accept a prestigious award in front of 1,500 students. The 40-year-old star of ‘Anchorman’… Continue reading


Sego and Barack and the press

8 February 2008 13:51

Since the British press have been having all sorts of fun over the "snub"*  Gordon Brown thanks to a canceled meeting with John McCain it’s worth noting that press sillyness… Continue reading


Department of Religious Stupidity

7 February 2008 19:48

According to Mitt Romney, Europe is doomed because we’re all a bunch of godless pornographers. Yes, really. But then, here’s what the Church of England has been up to, just… Continue reading

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American history as it’s taught today…

7 February 2008 17:19

Ross and Rod despair, quite naturally, over this poll asking American teenagers to name the "10 Most Famous Americans". Presidents and First Ladies were excluded from the poll. It’s an… Continue reading