6 December 2007 22:26

I’m not quite sure why this hasn’t received more attention, but didn’t Mike Huckabee just propose an alliance with Rudy Giuliani to take down Mitt Romney? Seems like it to… Continue reading


You mean Jesus lived here in America?

6 December 2007 20:38

The nice folks at Comedy Central email to say they’ve put a whole bunch of South Park Does Mormonism cartoons online. Just the ticket to entertain you on a cold… Continue reading


What an embarrassment!

6 December 2007 18:35

Mitt’s Mightiest Fan, K-Lo, on the speech: I think a non-talking-head American watching the speech might be embarrassed at the thought that any American might be asked to prove he’s… Continue reading


The liberty to believe anything – so long as you believe

6 December 2007 17:17

No religious test? No of course not. Who would dream that there could  – let alone should – be such a thing? Oh, hang on. Here’s Mark Levin at The… Continue reading


Romney’s Unsurprisingly Terrible Speech

6 December 2007 16:46

Mitt Romney’s "Mormon" speech must have been awful; Chris Matthews loved it. Clearly, I’m not the target audience for this sort of thing so it’s perhaps unsurprising that I found… Continue reading


Is Europe a Country?

6 December 2007 3:41

I’d like to think this is made up. Favourite bit? Hard to say, but "I heard of Turkey" is pretty good. [Via, Larison]


Henry Hyde’s transatlantic problem

5 December 2007 21:02

I meant to comment on the death of Congressman Henry Hyde before now but never got around to it. National Review says: During the height of the impeachment controversy, Rep.… Continue reading

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Comment is free, facts are extremely expensive

5 December 2007 19:56

I agree with Garance that there’s lots of interest in Bill Keller’s Hugo Young lecture. And like her I was struck by this passage: The New York Times has six… Continue reading

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Romney’s Faith-Based Problem

5 December 2007 19:18

What should Mitt Romney say in his impossible-to-live-up-to-the-hype speech in Texas tomorrow? Noah Millman puts some fine words into the governor’s mouth here: “This is the place.” That’s what Brigham… Continue reading


Happy Repeal Day

5 December 2007 17:16

December 5th, 1933, American becomes a better country as the 18th Amendment to the Constitution is repealed and the Prohibition era ends. Now, about that War on Drugs…?


Yanks: Iran Nixes Nukes

3 December 2007 20:18

If true, this is the best news to come out of Washington in a long, long time. Turns out the Iranians may not be nuts after all. Who knew? The… Continue reading


First they came for Winnie the Pooh, and I said nothing…

3 December 2007 19:37

The Blasphemy of Paddington Bear: here UPDATE: I forgot to ask – is Paddington Bear known at all, let alone famous, in the United States? If not then you’ve all… Continue reading


How the Elector of Saxony Created Osama bin Laden. Or Something.

3 December 2007 17:20

So it’s all-Corner all the time here today. Next up is the never-knowingly-undersold Mark Steyn: The Islamic "reformation" is, in a sense, the opposite of Christianity’s. The Saudis have used… Continue reading


Death by Moron

3 December 2007 16:27

While I’m at it, here’s more deranged idiocy from The Corner. A fellow named Peter Wehner, who until March 2007 apparently served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director… Continue reading


Because the current war just isn’t big enough…

3 December 2007 15:49

National Review Online’s Andy McCarthy believes that the premise that: "we are all quite aware that the Muslims we take seriously are the formers and reformers’" — is mistaken.  We,… Continue reading


Mitt’s Mormon Moment

3 December 2007 7:04

Daniel Larison explains why Mitt Romney’s speech on "religious liberty" on Thursday is going to be a tricky balancing act: His speech will have to go something like this: “My… Continue reading


It’s a funny old world…

3 December 2007 6:07

"News" you expected from Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin’s party has won a landslide election victory, official results show. With more than 80% of ballots counted, his United Russia had… Continue reading


Kicking a Man When He’s Brown

1 December 2007 17:46

I used to think that the feebleness of the scandals that occasionally brought down a minister or two in Edinburgh was matched only by the embarrassment one felt watching the… Continue reading


Fail, Fail and Fail Again. So Why Bother Changing?

1 December 2007 11:01

If you only read one article this weekend, might I suggest you make it Ben Wallace-Wells long and brilliant Rolling Stone piece on the multiple – if well-intentioned – idiocies… Continue reading


The Highway of Holiness Runs Through San Antonio (Who Knew?)

1 December 2007 2:00

Verily, it’s useful to be reminded that the United States of America is a very different kind of country. A foreigner – or a New Yorker – could spend a… Continue reading

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Obama’s Dangerous Love of Apple Pie

30 November 2007 17:56

Yesterday the Washington Post published a page 1 story headlined: Foes Use Obama’s Muslim Ties to Fuel Rumors About Him I don’t think this was necessarily a reprehensible piece, even… Continue reading

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The frog in Sarko’s bread-and-milk

30 November 2007 16:51

The always-excellent Arthur Goldhammer on Nicolas Sarkozy’s latest appearance: Sarkozy had another one of his marathon chats with les tribunes du peuple, or what passes for such in the media… Continue reading


A Cook’s Bookshelf

30 November 2007 5:06

Megan offers her annual Christmas cooking recommendations. Kit here; manuals here. As usual, there’s lots of good stuff. But permit me to offer some supplementary ideas on the matter of… Continue reading


Too late for an old dog…

28 November 2007 23:58

An interesting but worthless column from Jackie Ashley. "It won’t be easy for Gordon Brown to dig himself out of the hole he has fallen into in recent weeks. But… Continue reading


Pizza Wars Continued…

27 November 2007 8:36

Yeah, so Megan can’t find New York style pizza in Washington. Well, I can’t find Scottish pizza here either. I forgot to ask earlier if any readers know of anywhere… Continue reading

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