McCain and Churchill

5 September 2008 14:58

In the comments to the previous post, Toby writes, astutely: As with Churchill, he [McCain] hankers after the Empire he knew in his youth. He feels uneasy about the falloff… Continue reading


Sic Transit Gloria McCain

5 September 2008 14:11

Sad, really. That was my immediate melancholy reaction to John McCain's speech to the Republican convention in St Paul. This was not your daddy's John McCain; heck it weren't even… Continue reading

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Home is Where the Heartland Is

4 September 2008 18:38

Somewhere, Mark Penn is having a terrible day. He must feel like leaning out his office window and screaming, "I told you so, you bloody fools! But would you listen?… Continue reading


The 2012 Republican Primary

4 September 2008 17:42

A (Democratic) friend sends me this entertaining scenario: Muscatine, Iowa 2012 Gov. Palin:  We are going to change America, change it from higher taxes, higher crime, and a quagmire in Afghanistan. fmr.… Continue reading


Obama’s Legislative Record

4 September 2008 16:17

Andrew, as one would expect, is defending his candidate: It was a great line: "Listening to [Obama] speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored… Continue reading

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British Newspapers: Best In the World, Guv

4 September 2008 8:26

God bless the Daily Mail.  How can you resist a story headlined: Are We All Going to Die Next Wednesday? Of course you remember the rule: all headlines written as… Continue reading


Hurricane Sarah

4 September 2008 7:02

Andrew Sullivan concludes his live-blogging of Sarah Palin's speech with an exasperated sigh: "Reality television has become our politics." Perhaps. More likely, politics has been a reality TV show since… Continue reading


What does Sarah Palin need to do tonight?

3 September 2008 17:53

One by-product of the Sarah Palin affair is that her speech tonight is vastly more eagerly anticipated than the address John McCain will give on Thursday night. As any Broadway… Continue reading


Babies Everywhere…

3 September 2008 13:22

More baby news: Rachida Dati, the 42 year old French Justice Minister, is, like Bristol Palin, pregnant. As Art Goldhammer says, however, they do things differently in France. Dati says… Continue reading


Palin’s Background

2 September 2008 23:55

Where is Sarah Palin really from? Matt Welch gets the inside dope from an Alaskan who knows, civil liberties campaigner Bill Scannell. This may be the most entertaining commentary on… Continue reading


Star Quality

2 September 2008 18:29

So the Republican convention gets back on track tonight though not quite as initially planned. George W Bush for instance will address the convention via satellite, not in person. One… Continue reading


Cooking Bullwinkle

2 September 2008 14:29

In the light of all the Sarah Palin entertainment, Matt Yglesias asks a good question: how should you cook moose anyway? He links to some recipes (Moose nose in jelly??)… Continue reading

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Brooks on McCain

2 September 2008 13:33

Is it just me, or has David Brooks written a column this morning explaining that John McCain is fundamentally, irredeemably ill-suited to being President of the United States? My worry… Continue reading


“Third Place is…” Not Bad Actually.

2 September 2008 2:23

This week's New Yorker carries a profile of Alec Baldwin. The piece is written by Ian Parker and really, it's quite splendid. It begins: Alec Baldwin, who stars in “30… Continue reading


When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied…

2 September 2008 0:02

Radley Balko is right. Faced with the prospect of a global financial meltdown (perhaps!) this is the sort of cheery story we need. If this doesn't restore your faith in… Continue reading


Reforming the Vice-Presidency

1 September 2008 17:17

Just how bad might a McCain presidency be anyway? Happily David Broder is on hand to tell us: By picking Palin, McCain has strengthened his reputation not as an ideologue,… Continue reading


Mooseburgers and other ephemera

1 September 2008 17:01

So, apparently Tim Pawlenty though it was going to be him. My own suspicion – and it is only a hunch – is that McCain  may have wanted to choose… Continue reading



1 September 2008 0:00

Matt Zeitlin, a Cal golden Bear soon, I understand, to become a Northwestern Wildcat, is kind enough to say some nice things about my piece on college football.  Nonetheless Mr… Continue reading


A Great Day for America

31 August 2008 14:40

Obama “too good” to be President… [Hat-tip: Norm]


McCain’s decision making process

30 August 2008 3:33

A question for the rest of us: Suppose a President McCain approached every problem, dispute or stramash with the same rigour, diligence and sweet consideration with which he seems to… Continue reading


The Glass Ceiling Will Shatter in 2012

30 August 2008 0:09

If McCain loses in November there's no guarantee that Sarah Palin will be a front-runner to secure the GOP nomination in 2012 (though I'd guess she will be a contender).… Continue reading

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What do they know of Maggie, whom only Maggie’s legend know?

29 August 2008 23:49

More National Review foolishness. This time from Jay Nordlinger: Will Sarah P. [Palin] be considered a woman — by the media, by the “chattering classes”? That is a question worth… Continue reading


No-one expects the Alaskan Inquisition

29 August 2008 18:34

Like most people, I guess, I'm still coming to terms with John McCain's decision to select a running-mate young enough to be his wife. Sarah Palin is not the pick… Continue reading


Hail to the Victors

29 August 2008 13:14

I've another piece up over at Culture11, this time it's a hymn to college football, the best of all American sports. Yes, really. Next week I'll invite an American to… Continue reading


Of Race and Men

28 August 2008 19:28

Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online: I was in the car listening on XM when Obama was officially nominated. But I didn’t want to let it pass without saying that… Continue reading