The First Global Political “Reality” TV Show

14 March 2008 16:44

The Politico’s Ben Smith is an excellent reporter and blogger. Which makes this post rather rum: The global interest in the Clinton-Obama contest is really quite amazing. Marc Ambinder finds… Continue reading

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: SNP Sympathiser or Labour Agent?

14 March 2008 15:04

Crivvens. Whatever next? An apology for 1978? IRAN sought to ally itself with Scotland last night, praising Alex Salmond’s administration for its anti-war stance and suggesting Tehran has more in… Continue reading

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Mamet reads Friedman: Obviously Can’t Write Anymore

14 March 2008 14:16

Marvellous stuff – to the point of self-parody- from the Guardian’s Michael Billington: I am depressed to read that David Mamet has swung to the right. In an essay for… Continue reading


If Holland is being “Islamicised” how can this happen?

14 March 2008 13:24

Lisa Schiffren at National Review: The famously tolerant Dutch, whose nation has the highest emigration of any European country as the native born flee the effects of multi-culturalism, Islamisation, and… Continue reading


Is Boris Johnson the Tory Party’s George W Bush?

14 March 2008 12:31

Ordinarily the useful rule is that the answer to any question asked in a headline is a resounding "No". ("Can Illegal Immigrant’s Guinea Pigs Give You Cancer?" or "Was Princess… Continue reading


Shamrockery: Hillary’s Travesty

14 March 2008 12:03

Lord knows there are plenty of reasons to be appalled by Hillary Clinton, but her claim to have been "instrumental" (I kid you not) in bringing "peace" to Northern Ireland… Continue reading


Bad Korma*…

13 March 2008 19:38

There’s plenty of scaremongering about immigration these days but, even allowing for a proper degree of skepticism, this constitutes a clear and present danger to our way of life: The… Continue reading

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The Foreign Journalist’s Path to Enlightenment

13 March 2008 18:25

As we all know, Americans’ love affairs with God and guns baffle foreigners. In that respect this Reuters story is obviously not aimed at the wires’ US clients. It’s meant… Continue reading

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Obama Fisks Clinton!

13 March 2008 1:49

At last! An amusing campaign memo. Ben Smith has the details of the Obama campaign’s bloggish response to a ridiculous Clinton memo. It’s all worth reading, but here are some… Continue reading

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Too Late It Should Be, Too Late

12 March 2008 23:54

I’m indebted to an old college buddy for alerting me to this description of David Irving’s recent appearance on Irish TV’s venerable The Late, Late Show. As the programme’s website… Continue reading

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Department of Credibility

12 March 2008 21:04

I’ll have more to say about this video discussion at National Review in due course. The summary, mind you, gives you a decent flavour of the thesis: The Decline and… Continue reading

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Howzat for Culture?

12 March 2008 20:17

I’ve mentioned CLR James’ Beyond A Boundary before now, but searching a moment ago for something else I came across this 1984 review in the The New York Times. The… Continue reading


Coke now cheaper than cider? Only in Brown’s Britain…

12 March 2008 15:43

Fraser Nelson again (emphasis added): The biggest story in today’s Budget – ie, what will hit the public immediately – is the booze hikes. From 6pm tonight, they take effect.… Continue reading


Budget 2008

12 March 2008 13:59

Higher borrowing, higher taxes, higher inflation and lower growth. Sounds like an encouraging forecast for the future doesn’t it? Still, good to know that Alastair Darling promises record tractor production:… Continue reading


Hillary-bashing Quote of the Day…

12 March 2008 12:29

From commenter JSN at Daily Kos: Proximity does not equal ability. Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle. [Hat-tip: Mark Steyn]


Email of the Day

12 March 2008 1:43

In a whimsical Facebook moment I suggested that life would be more bearable if everything were as fine and reliable as a good pork pie. Too true, you may feel… Continue reading

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Sunny Side of the Street

11 March 2008 20:17

Megan finally gets to see The Pogues live and, happily, it’s worth the wait: Did I mention that for the actual last song, at the end of the second encore,… Continue reading


Hillary’s Walter Mitty Fantasy

11 March 2008 19:58

November I suggested that Hillary Clinton’s own autobiography provides no evidence to support her on-the-trail assertions that she was a foreign policy player during her husband’s administration: The book is… Continue reading


Remember the definition of a Washington “Gaffe”?

11 March 2008 17:33

Mike Kinsley famously defined a "gaffe" in Washington as an accidental, inadvertent moment of truth-telling. Well by that standard Geraldine Ferraro, Mondale’s 1984 Vice-Presidential pick who is supporting Hillary Clinton,… Continue reading


How to fix Formula One?

11 March 2008 15:58

It’s years since I was last much of a petrol-head, but I see that at least Patrick Head is thinking of ways to reinvigorate Formula One and win back lapsed… Continue reading


Ho Yes, We Like This

11 March 2008 15:31

Some stories are made for tabloid journalism. Eliot Spitzer’s disgrace is obviously one of them. Congratulations, then, to the New York Post sub-editor responsible for today’s cracking front page:


Is Wrath Gordon the Greatest Name Ever?

11 March 2008 13:40

Tyler Cowen’s father wanted to name him Tyrone; my father was keen on calling me Trajan (at the time my parents were living around the corner from Trajan’s Forum in… Continue reading

11 March 2008 13:31

Baseball is the noblest American sport, of course.


A Conspiracy Against the People?

11 March 2008 13:14

Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake on the worst bills passing through Congress Economic Stimulus Package: “Any time Republicans and Democrats can so easily agree on legislation as expensive as this, it’s… Continue reading


The B Team

9 March 2008 8:52

After the great success of the first installment of our alphabetical cricket teams, it’s only natural that we move on to, yes, The B Team. As always, have your say… Continue reading