What is wrong with England?

30 July 2008 19:57

A dismal day at Edgbaston that took one back to the grim, hapless days of the late 1980s and almost the entire 1990s. Yes, England really were that bad. Batting… Continue reading

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Blogging Orwell

30 July 2008 19:24

This is really rather splendid: starting next month, George Orwell’s diaries will be published on the web, one day at a time, 70 years after they were written. Harry’s Place… Continue reading


Obama: Saviour of the World?

30 July 2008 14:49

I suppose it must irritate liberals that the press has picked up on the conservative claim – or meme – that Barack Obama is, even by the lofty standards of… Continue reading


Miliband’s Moment?

30 July 2008 14:25

No, I don’t think so. Do you? Really? On the other hand, Danny Finkelstein thinks that David Miliband’s piece in the Guardian this morning signals his determination to be a… Continue reading

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Cricketing Replay

30 July 2008 13:44

Regular readers may not be surprised that I’m sceptical of the benefits of the new referral system being trialled in the Sri Lanka-India series. This morning’s events at Edgbaston demonstrate… Continue reading


Brown’s Downfall

30 July 2008 10:28

Obviously, there’s lots to say about the Glasgow East by-election result. We’ll get there eventually. But in the meantime here, via Iain Dale, is an updated version of Gordon Brown… Continue reading


Greece is the place

30 July 2008 9:29

OK, so I’m back. I can confirm that anyone wishing a delightful week, free of the grimey concerns of everyday life, could do an awful lot worse than spend it… Continue reading

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Hague on Blair (and Brown)

24 July 2008 11:56

It’s possible I have posted this before, but William Hague’s riff on Tony Blair becoming “President of Europe” also bears another viewing:


Department of Appalling Self-Promotion

23 July 2008 9:17

Iain Dale wants you to vote for your favourite political blogs (written by Britons or furriners resident in the United Kingdom). Obviously this means you can vote for this one.… Continue reading


Facebook fun

23 July 2008 7:39

A wee reminder: Facebook now permits you to sign up as a “fan” of this blog. It’s not altogether clear what the point of this is but it seems certain… Continue reading

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Disaster in the Land of the Long White Cloud

22 July 2008 2:29

Yes, I know I have posted this before, But, dang it, I’m sailing around Corfu. And anyway, Left Arm Chinaman’s blu-tak recreation of England’s horror-show in New Zealand last winter… Continue reading


Lessons in Journalism

21 July 2008 16:39

This is how you do not interview Hollywood actresses. Newsweek meets Gillian Anderson: I’ve got to confess. I don’t know anything about “The X-Files.” OK. Why is it such a… Continue reading

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Gone sailing

21 July 2008 11:55

Blogging will be light this week. In fact, apart from a few things I’ve prepared to keep the place ticking over, it will be non-existent. I’m sailing around Corfu, courtesy… Continue reading


Onwards and upwards to the Ryder Cup!

21 July 2008 0:38

OK, one more golf comment… No-one anticipated Europe’s crushing victory at Oakland Hills in 2004 and precious few more thought that the 2006 edition of the Ryder Cup at the… Continue reading


Congratulations Padraig!

20 July 2008 18:30

So the old Claret Jug is staying in Ireland for another year. The list of people since 1945 who have retained the Open Championship is: Bobby Locke, Peter Thomson, Arnold… Continue reading

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Department of Regulation

20 July 2008 14:30

Matthew Yglesias, libertarian? Well, sort of. (He’s right of course.)

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Shark Attack

20 July 2008 11:51

American golf writers are a rum bunch. Here, for instance, is Damon Hack, late of the New York Times and currently berthed at Sports Illustrated: Norman could be on the… Continue reading


Headline of the Day

18 July 2008 19:54

From the Daily Telegraph: Could Helen Mirren’s bikini start a revolution? The usual rule is, as you know, that the answer to any question posed in a healine is almost… Continue reading


Brown’s Scorched Earth policy

18 July 2008 13:45

Mr E is correct to highlight this significant post from Fraser Nelson: The Scorched Earth policy has begun. The FT has a hugely significant story – that the Treasury is… Continue reading

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Golf interlude

18 July 2008 1:52

I was part of the team covering the 1999 Open for Scotland on Sunday - that’s the tournament you all remember more for Jean van de Velde’s collapse than for… Continue reading


A Question of Accent

17 July 2008 21:00

Megan wonders whatever happened to the classic upper-crust New England accent: Why did this happen? Television tends to flatten regional accents, of course, but how come Britain held onto its… Continue reading

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Say it Ain’t So, Ricco…

17 July 2008 20:24

The other day I was all poised to praise Riccardo Ricco, whose two stage wins in this year’s Tour were thrilling pieces of cycling. I was going to suggest that… Continue reading


Hello to Berlin

17 July 2008 20:07

So, Barack Obama travels to the middle east and europe next week on a trip designed to burnish his statesman credentials. Among the events planned: a major open-air speech in… Continue reading


Obama: not funny enough for the White House?

16 July 2008 17:08

David Frum: At a dinner last night, some friends were discussing about what Obama should have said about that New Yorker cover. One suggested that Obama ought to have said… Continue reading


Labour Isn’t Working

16 July 2008 11:54

Would even the west of Scotland Labour party stoop to producing a fake war hero to endorse Margaret Curran in the Glasgow East by-election? According to Guido, why yes they… Continue reading