Calling Walt, Mearsheimer: Time to look at the Cuba Lobby

8 November 2007 20:43

Although I’m rather suspicious of all the Obama-as-Messiah slavering one sees these days, it is true that in some policy areas he offers a better approach than Hillary Clinton. One… Continue reading

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Spook chief’s craven surrender to voices of appeasement? Which means, of course, that he’s speaking sense.

8 November 2007 20:05

I’m not quite sure why Marty Peretz seems so invested in the idea that many New Republic readers believe, as he puts it, "that the notion of an Al Qaeda… Continue reading


Caption Contest!

8 November 2007 4:05

Shamelessly pilfered from the good folks at Swampland, here’s a splendid photo of Nicolas Sarkozy and George W Bush taken by Time’s Brooks Kraft. You suggestions for the most appropriate… Continue reading

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You mean idiotic boondoggle subsidies are a bad thing?

7 November 2007 15:57

Barack Obama offers a reason to vote for Hillary Clinton: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said today that rival Hillary Clinton’s past record shows she’s anti-ethanol. The Des Moines Register… Continue reading


Rudy Giuliani, the Terrorists’ Worst Enemy?

7 November 2007 5:20

Well, not always. From the New York Times, September 29th 1994, less than a month after the declaration of a (temporary as it proved) IRA ceasefire: Artfully casting off his… Continue reading

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Hillary Abroad

7 November 2007 4:06

Welcome, Andrew Sullivan readers. Lovely to have you here. Hope you have a nice stay. Feel free to wander around the blog… Hillary Clinton makes a great deal of her… Continue reading


Oneupmanship Tutorial: War and Peace Division

7 November 2007 3:57

I’ve had occasion to write about Not Reading Books before. As a public service I’ve also mentioned the importance of Oneupmanship. Today’s text, then, is the new and handsome translation… Continue reading


Imagine how confused they must be in Liverpool?

6 November 2007 17:17

A sign of the times. Hell in a hand basket and all that. The Manchester Evening News reports: A LOTTERY scratchcard has been withdrawn from sale by Camelot – because… Continue reading

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Ron Paul: This Land Is Your Land

6 November 2007 6:00

OK, one other fun Ron Paul observation. You think he takes property rights seriously? Like all the other candidates Paul has an online store where supporters can purchase t-shirts, hats,… Continue reading


Ron Paul’s Moment Arrives!

6 November 2007 5:27

Ron Paul has just raised $4m today. I’ll repeat that: Ron Paul has raised four million dollars today. That’s four times what Mike Huckabee – the latest media darling –… Continue reading


“The Politics of Parsing”

2 November 2007 18:47

Here’s an internet ad from John Edwards campaign. It’s not pretty for Hillary. (And you gotta love that sly reference to it all depending upon what the meaning of “is”… Continue reading

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“Get Money”

2 November 2007 15:50

You don’t need to like – or know anything about – rap music or cartoons to still think this is pretty neat*: *Though not entirely safe for work since it… Continue reading


What’s all the fuss about?

2 November 2007 15:45

Calm down people. Reasons’ Brian Doherty has it right: Bush comes out with a blood-curdling threat to Congress: if they don’t confirm Michael Mukasey for attorney general, why then the… Continue reading


What’s in a name?

2 November 2007 6:58

Way back in the day when I first arrived in Ireland to go to college I remember thinking how odd – and how quaint – it was that so many… Continue reading


Back to school: “Choice is for me, not for thee” edition…

2 November 2007 5:09

To return to schools. Did you know that it’s a bad thing for a school to be popular? Nor did I. But according to Scott Lemieux a voucher programme is… Continue reading


Tim Russert: A Fox in Nipper’s Clothing

1 November 2007 18:50

An excellent column by Paul Waldman on the Ghastliness of Tim Russert. (Note for British readers: he’s America’s  version of Paxman except twice as smug and half as useful) Waldman… Continue reading


Tory dander is up (at long last)

1 November 2007 18:48

Today’s Tory poster for the election that never was: Yesterday’s Halloween poster is here.


Department of Road Safety and Demagoguery

1 November 2007 17:06

If one were to compile a list of all the issues in which elite – and, er, libertarian – opinion is most completely out of touch with "ordinary" people’s concerns,… Continue reading

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Heroes of Public Diplomacy

1 November 2007 15:24

David Frum on Karen Hughes: My column for this weekend’s National Post will try to explain why Karen Hughes so signally failed as US Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy.… Continue reading


While My Guitar Gently…

1 November 2007 6:06

I don’t even know how to play the guitar but by god I want one of these babies: Surprise: They’re from Colombia! [Also via Jewcy who, rightly, vote these cool… Continue reading


Just because Congress wants to forget the Armenians doesn’t mean you have to.

1 November 2007 5:52

If you happen to be in New York City this evening and feeling in the need to get your protest on, might I suggest you join Jewcy’s Michael Weiss et… Continue reading


Trick or Treat or Voucher?

1 November 2007 1:21

Megan McArdle has been on a rare old tear recently, pushing the argument for school choice, here and here and here and here and here. It will not surprise some… Continue reading

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Dancing for the Queen of the Fairies

31 October 2007 16:36

Appropriately enough – this being Halloween don’t you know- Slate has this week been running a series of dispatches from my own native heath (Part 1 here, Part 2 here… Continue reading

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A Noun, a Verb, and 9/11

31 October 2007 12:46

Best* line of the Democratic debate? It’s not even close. Joe Biden on Rudy Giuliani: "He only uses three words in a sentence: A noun, a verb, and 9/11." *By… Continue reading


Media Disappointed by Hillary’s Clear Victory…

31 October 2007 3:10

OK, so Hillary was all over the place on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed driving licenses and, sure enough, that’s what Chris Matthews and co focus on immediately. But… Continue reading

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