Bombing Iran is Good for the Iranian Soul. Apparently.

31 March 2009 13:04

Elliot Abrams, veteran warmonger and neoconservative, reminds us that while there are always those who find themselves fighting the last war there are also those who forget that the last… Continue reading


A Vision of the Future

31 March 2009 8:24

A lot of us have been wondering what Westminster might be like under the Tories. What, for instance, would the parliamentary press lobby look like under a Cameron government? A return to… Continue reading


If I am corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district…

31 March 2009 1:28

Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images There are those who say that John Murtha’s mastery of the federal budget process has made the slab-faced Pennsylvania Democrat the posterboy for the need to… Continue reading


Department of Crime

31 March 2009 0:46

How to commit what would seem to be close to a "perfect" crime? Step a) Make Sure you’re in Germany. Step b) Make sure you have an identical twin. From… Continue reading


New American Leadership, Same American Leadership Style: Do As You Are Told.

30 March 2009 17:35

Times change, of course. It wasn’t so long ago that the American left wondered why Democrats in Congress couldn’t "stand up" to the Bush administration in the way that, say,… Continue reading


Forgetting the Armenians, 2009 Edition

30 March 2009 16:42

At the New Republic Mike Crowley picks up where this post left off and lays-out the familiar arguments on US recognition of the Armenian genocide. It’s tough for the Armenians:… Continue reading


All the News that’s Fun to Print

30 March 2009 15:22

At the Washington Independent Dave Weigel – Delaware’s finest* – has an entertaining piece on some of the differences between the British and American attitudes to journalism. The occasion for… Continue reading


Better Speechwriters Please

30 March 2009 12:51

I’d been thinking that there’s no need to pile on further and that at some point the proper criticism the Prime Minister is receiving – wherever in the world he… Continue reading


The Wisdom of Clay Shirky

29 March 2009 10:07

I’ve long been an acolyte of US new media guru Clay Shirky. His book Here Comes Everybody is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of the media and the… Continue reading


Suzanne Moore on New Deal of the Mind

29 March 2009 9:50

I know I said I wouldn’t do this, but I have to plug one more article on the New Deal of the Mind. Suzanne Moore make a great contribution to… Continue reading


A Bad Idea Meets Wikileaks

27 March 2009 22:49

I’ve become something of a fan of Bad Idea magazine, which promotes the work of young journalists. It’s a sight more lively than most of the dreary material pumped out by the mainstream… Continue reading


Gordon Brown is Not My Leader, Whatever Labour MPs Think

26 March 2009 13:00

Tom Harris didn’t much care for Dan Hannan’s speech setting about Gordon Brown. Fair enough, as a Labour MP you wouldn’t expect him to find it a hoot. But then… Continue reading


Why Germany Won’t Play Ball

26 March 2009 12:35

It’s not just Gordon Brown who wants the rest of europe to splash some cash to get us out of the mess we’re in. There are plenty of commentators on… Continue reading

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The Guardian and Libel

26 March 2009 7:39

There is a very important piece in today’s Guardian about the UK libel laws by my old friend Jo Glanville, editor of Index on Censoship. I urge you to read… Continue reading


Tony McNulty, Benefit Cheat

26 March 2009 0:30

Exhibit A: From the Daily Mail, November 8th 2008. Man caught in £30,000 benefit fraud: After the case, employment and welfare reform minister Tony McNulty said: "Lying to the DWP… Continue reading


New Deal of the Mind at 11 Downing Street

25 March 2009 23:26

I don’t think it’s quite right for me to keep promoting New Deal of the Mind here on my Spectator blog. That should happen elsewhere and will. But just in… Continue reading


Has Obama Already Failed?

25 March 2009 20:24

Bartle Bull thinks he has! Already! His article in Prospect is a curious thing indeed. Part of it, perfectly reasonably, is deeply concerned by Obama’s economic agenda. When the numbers… Continue reading


The Left and Radical Islam

25 March 2009 17:30

There is a part of me that hopes I never have to write another word about the troubled relationship between the British left and radical Islam. But I certainly wouldn’t… Continue reading


The BBC Tries to Catch-Up with its Audience

25 March 2009 17:26

Apparently the BBC is finally going to show The Wire. Hurrah. Previously it’s only been available on FX in Britain. Well that’s all fine and dandy. But it’s not as… Continue reading


The Problem with Working Hard

25 March 2009 15:58

So El Gordo is in New York today, ostensibly to drum up support for his G20 gabfest. According to the Telegraph’s report: At a breakfast for business leaders, Mr Brown… Continue reading


The Naked Taoiseach

25 March 2009 14:16

Brian Cowen: Frightening when clothed; terrifying when naked. Photo: JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images Meanwhile in Ireland there’s much hilarity over the story of a Banksy-style prankster who hung portraits of the… Continue reading


Obama and the Blair Succession

25 March 2009 13:36

There was the pretence that all government spending is "investment" and there was some familiar-sounding talk of "bubble and bust" but most of all Barack Obama’s press conference was designed… Continue reading


Mexico is the new Colombia?

25 March 2009 8:42

That seems to be the message from the Obama administration anyway. Mind you, that was the message from the Bush administration too as the War on Drugs – so successful… Continue reading


An Irish Grand Slam and a Lions Party

24 March 2009 13:25

It wasn’t a great championship this year, though few in Ireland can be expected to give a damn about that. And while there are plenty of folk who might think… Continue reading


Photo of the Day

23 March 2009 23:36

Twilight, looking west up the Yarrow Valley, Selkirkshire.