Tired, huddled masses too tired, too huddled for own/our good?

19 December 2007 21:58

Today’s reading assignment: Kerry Howley’s* excellent Reason cover story on immigration, what the United States could learn from Singapore’s guest-worker programme and how liberals are as confused as nativists: The… Continue reading


A Picture of Putin

19 December 2007 21:24

Rod has an excellent and rather moving wee tale about how Time magazine ended up with a photograph of Vladimir Putin not an icon to illustrate its decision to hail… Continue reading


Huckabee: total loon

19 December 2007 0:01

David Corn reads a book Mike Huckabee wrote in 1998 so you don’t have to: It is now difficult to keep track of the vast array of publicly endorsed and… Continue reading


When the law is an ass it will make an ass of you…

18 December 2007 22:17

Of course there are plenty of sound reasons for not wanting a prudish scold such as Hillary Clinton back in the White House.  But National Journal’s Athena Jones gives us… Continue reading


A Brit’s-Eye View

18 December 2007 22:00

American readers wondering how this cazy election caper seems to foreigners could do much worse than check out Toby Harnden’s  blog. Toby is The Daily Telegraph’s US Editor (a fancy… Continue reading


St Rudolph of the Dead

18 December 2007 11:21

Bonus Andy  McCarthy! Since 9/11, when the problem of interoperability of first-responder communications systems became starkly apparent, NYC, NY state and the Department of Homeland Security have all spent goo-gobs… Continue reading

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No One likes Us, We Don’t Care

17 December 2007 22:58

National Review’s Andy McCarthy on a foreign policy difference between John McCain and Rudy Giuliani: McCain is business as usual — even though there is no good reason why the… Continue reading

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Europe: Still Not Dead

17 December 2007 22:37

Not content with permitting itself to be swamped by Muslim immigration (Quick: man the Viennese barricades!) it seems that poor old Europe is also committing cultural suicide by forgetting to… Continue reading


Hitchens on Huckabee

17 December 2007 21:19

Hitch gets in touch with his inner Mencken today: However, what Article VI does not do, and was never intended to do, is deny me the right to say, as… Continue reading


Tough times at the Elysee Palace

17 December 2007 19:50

Nicolas Sarkozy: still doing well for himself: Charles Bremner explains: They don’t call him Speedy Sarko for nothing. It’s exactly two months since President Sarkozy very reluctantly confirmed that Cécilia,… Continue reading


Pass the sick bag

17 December 2007 19:13

Hillary in Iowa on Sunday: ‘There’s so much we can do together if we work together as a world. Remember that movie Independence Day, where invaders were coming from outer… Continue reading


Clinton: My Wife’s Part in Ulster’s Downfall

16 December 2007 20:56

Daniel Larison points out an extraordinary passage from Bill Clinton’s appearance on The Charlie Rose Show on Friday. Bafflingly, Clinton seems to believe that the Northern Irish peace process qualifies… Continue reading


Charlatans everywhere, I tell you

16 December 2007 5:34

Sure, I’m not persuaded by all of Ron Paul’s policy positions. But, sod it, any candidate who happily uses the word mountebank in a rallying call to the masses has… Continue reading


The Experience Primary

15 December 2007 20:27

This interesting snapshot of voters’ hopes and fears and immediate impressions of Barack Obama comes from The Washington Post’s campaign blog The Trail:The Post explains that the cloud: includes the… Continue reading


More on Hillary, Obama, and “Surprises”

14 December 2007 21:07

My pal Mike Crowley has a fine post on Hillary’s determination to play the At Least I Was Never A Drug Dealer card herself: "I’ve been tested, I’ve been vetted,"… Continue reading

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Today’s shocking news

13 December 2007 19:53

Comes from poor Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe’s governing party has endorsed Robert Mugabe as its candidate for next year’s presidential elections. The vote by delegates at the Zanu-PF conference in the capital,… Continue reading

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It’s all in the way you tell them…

13 December 2007 2:45

According to the Adam Smith Institute’s blog, this was recently voted the funniest joke in Belgium: Why do ducks have webbed feet? To stamp out fires. Why do elephants have… Continue reading


Exceptions don’t prove the rule

12 December 2007 21:07

Marty Peretz writes: Torture is a repugnant practice, and especially so if it becomes a habit.  It may have become that, although I don’t know.  No one outside the alleged… Continue reading

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Des Moines Register Debate: Random Thoughts

12 December 2007 20:03

A plea: could Presidential candidates please cease using the term "bully pulpit" as though it meant anything other than "terrific" or "splendid". Also: could someone please rid us of both… Continue reading


The little white rose of Scotland which smells sharp and sweet and breaks the heart

11 December 2007 21:57

As part of its rather odd Call Yourself British campaign The Daily Telegraph has sent the novelist Andrew O’Hagan to tour the country and take its temperature. There’ll be plenty… Continue reading


Trouble At Mill

11 December 2007 20:30

My friend Toby Harnden finds John Edwards doing his best Monty Python in Iowa: Remember the "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch, which ended with Eric Idle describing how during his childhood he… Continue reading


Foraging the answer for fat folk

11 December 2007 20:21

The always estimable Kerry Howley draws attention to another lovely House of Lords moment: Baroness Gardner of Parkes: My Lords, I speak as a member of the All-Party Group on… Continue reading


Belfast on the Euphrates?

11 December 2007 19:42

Matt Yglesias sees walls going up in Baghdad and wonders if the US Army is using Northern Ireland as its template: I believe this technique comes to the US Army’s… Continue reading


Scotland, oh,Scotland

11 December 2007 2:13

Well, that’s that. So close to glory, yet so far. If ever anyone asks you to explain the quintessence of the Scottish footballing experience you need merely point them towards… Continue reading


Assassination of JFK also a mystery…

10 December 2007 23:55

Good grief. The Washington Post reports: Still looking for that last-minute Christmas gift for White House press secretary Dana Perino? May we recommend a gift certificate for the forthcoming book… Continue reading