Picture of the Day

6 May 2008 11:37

Back from Ireland and, whaddyaknow, it’s like summer has finally arrived here. By which I mean that temperatures have soared into the 70s. Regular blogging to resume soon. Meanwhile, here’s… Continue reading


Presidential Polling!

2 May 2008 11:05

There’s been an encouraging start to polling in our quest to determine the most over-rated and under-rated Presidents in American history. Turn-out is healthy. Many thanks to those of you… Continue reading


It’s a long way to Tipperary…

1 May 2008 16:33

But that’s where I’ll be this weekend, attending a wedding. First one of the season for me. Little blogging, then, except for a couple of post-dated items. See you next… Continue reading

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France and Collaboration

1 May 2008 11:45

As an addition to this post on wartime France, Clive Davis directs one to this Max Hastings op-ed from a couple of years ago that makes similar points: Hearing a… Continue reading


Iraq and conservatism?

1 May 2008 2:20

At Tapped Mori Dinaeur says no-one should be surprised by John McCain’s lack of interest in policy detail. Well fine. The there’s this, however: After Iraq and Katrina, I don’t… Continue reading

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Brown’s Britain: In Chains (but not in a kinky sense of course)

1 May 2008 1:22

As best I can tell the newspapers have largely ignored the characteristically appalling Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill that’s currently making its way through parliament. This BBC article is the… Continue reading


Coming of Age

1 May 2008 0:41

Godwin’s Law turns 18. [Hat-tip: Mr Eugenides]

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Major Carroll Advances

30 April 2008 22:59

Heartening news from Ireland: when the government banned smoking in pubs in 2004, 27% of Irish folk smoked. Now 29% consume these little tubes of delight*. True, there’s a long… Continue reading

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30 April 2008 21:23

Via Norm comes this entertaining, if fairly pointless, parlour game: pick a novelist to represent each letter of the alphabet and a book of theirs you’ve read (and enjoyed!). My… Continue reading


Happy Birthday Willie!

30 April 2008 21:10

I’m indebted to Rod Dreher for the reminder that Willie Nelson celebrates his 75th birthday today. And there was me thinking he’d been around for longer than that. Here he… Continue reading

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Department of Rendundancy

30 April 2008 20:44

From the BBC: Josef Fritzl, the Austrian man who is accused of keeping his daughter captive in a cellar for 24 years, refuses to answer further questions, police say. They… Continue reading


The I XI

30 April 2008 20:35

So, this series has so far featured teams skippered by:  Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, Dexter,  Edrich,  Fry, Gower and Hutton. Now it’s Imran’s turn to stroll onto the field. 1. Frank… Continue reading

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New Blog!

30 April 2008 16:31

My super-talented wee sister is the latest to succumb to the blogging temptation. Hence the founding of Palette Knife, a daily does of painting, photography and Manchester United. Highly recommended,… Continue reading


Malcolm Marshall Remembered

30 April 2008 14:15

Since I’m too young to have seen Dennis Lillee in his absolute prime, Malcolm Marshall is the greatest fast bowler I’ve watched in my lifetime. He would have been 50… Continue reading


Not Microsoft’s Finest Hour

30 April 2008 12:31

Do you use Microsoft Word? If so you’ll probably remember the hideous "Clippy" who’d pop up to offer entirely unwanted, un-needed, chatty advice every time you tried to write anything… Continue reading


The Future is Specialised

29 April 2008 19:08

Matt Yglesias is absolutely right: The newspaper, as an institution, is an odd one — an enormous bundle of disparate kinds of content whose rationale for existing has to do… Continue reading


Rating the Presidents

29 April 2008 14:15

Shamelessly plundering the idea from Norm, it’s time for an exciting new development here at Debatable Land HQ: Polling! Yes, indeed… And given that this is a Presidential election year… Continue reading


What Bush Hath Wrought

29 April 2008 13:54

Via Marc Ambinder, this graph is not, shall we say, good news for the Republican party’s long-term prospects. Sure, some of these young voters will likely drift to the right… Continue reading


Your Obesity Epidemic Explained

29 April 2008 12:27

This paragraph tells you most of what you need to know: The Scottish Government wants all primary schools to offer two hours of physical activity for all children each week… Continue reading


The Starboard Enterprise

29 April 2008 1:18

Understatement of the Day: Learning a valuable lesson from his predecessors, Friedman is an incrementalist. "I want to talk about what to do this year, not how to colonize the… Continue reading


When Colour Is Worth 10,000 Words

29 April 2008 0:50

Marty Peretz links to this Daily Mail account of an exhibition of photographs taken in wartime Paris which is, for obvious reasons, a matter of some debate in France. And… Continue reading


War Minus the Shooting is Not Actually War

28 April 2008 15:21

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the pundit seeking heft to support his argument must eventually turn to George Orwell. This is, for sure, often a wise decision since… Continue reading

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The Evolution of a Politician

27 April 2008 22:51

Mike Crowley highlights Hillary Clinton’s changing style: April, 1993: "We need a new politics of meaning. We need a new ethos of individual responsibility   and caring. We need a… Continue reading


Boris and Ken and George and Zippy. Plus Bungle of course.

26 April 2008 12:45

Saturday Entertainment: the London mayoral candidates’ Newsnight debate synched to, of all things, Rainbow. It all makes more sense now… Hat-tip: Iain Martin


Department of Common-Sense

25 April 2008 18:31

Sometimes the news isn’t terrible: A doctor caught with 14 ecstasy tablets at a music festival has been allowed to keep his licence to practise. A General Medical Council panel… Continue reading