Could It Get Any Worse?

11 April 2009 20:04

The tawdry tale of Damian McBride’s "juvenile and inappropriate" emails about Conservative politicians is pretty grim as it is. But it is just possible to imagine how the situation might… Continue reading


Tribalism: The Curse of Labour

11 April 2009 9:32

The official line from Number 10 is that Damian McBride’s emails were "juvenile and inappropriate" and that all staff will be reminded of the "appropriate" use of resources. Presumably they… Continue reading


How much does Barack Obama hate America?

10 April 2009 2:07

It’s actually quite hard to know where to begin when it comes to criticising Pete Wehner’s stunningly bone-headed, paranoid critique of President Obama’s alleged disdain for the United States of… Continue reading


The Gathering Storm of Same-Sex Marriage

10 April 2009 0:20

My crack that same-sex marriage hadn’t caused the sky to fall in any of the places where it has been established prompted a socially-conservative friend to suggest this was a… Continue reading


Were the G20 protestors also to blame for the attack on Ian Tomlinson?

9 April 2009 14:29

Iain Martin suggests that amidst the justified hoopla over the death of Ian Tomlinson we shouldn’t forget the role the G20 protestors played too. They, he says, are "just as… Continue reading


Libel: The New Jihad

9 April 2009 8:36

Let’s make one thing crystal clear. When I refer to jihad in the headline of this piece, I mean it in the non-violent sense of "holy struggle", rather than the nastier… Continue reading


Robert Gates does the Royal Navy a favour

8 April 2009 18:23

TNR asks defence analysts Who Won and Who Lost in Bob Gates’s realignment of Pentagon spending priorities? One party that doesn’t get a mention is the Royal Navy, yet the… Continue reading


Marriage and Abortion Share a Slippery Slope. Apparently.

8 April 2009 15:44

Quote of the day comes form Steve King, a Republican Congressman from the Great State of Iowa: If we don’t save marriage, we can’t remain pro-life. "Saving" marriage obviously means… Continue reading


Welcome to Marlboro Country Where Regulation is King-Sized

8 April 2009 15:25

A splendid piece by Tim Carney in the Washington Examiner explaining why Philip Morris* is quite happy to hop into bed with anti-smoking campaigners and lobby for more federal regulation… Continue reading


Ian Tomlinson

8 April 2009 13:35

The appalling thing – apart from his death, of course – about the death of Ian Tomlinson after he was assaulted by the Metropolitan Police during the G20 protests last… Continue reading


Ireland today, Britain tomorrow

8 April 2009 3:40

It was Brian Lenihan yesterday and in a fortnight it will be Alistair Darling’s turn to announce the bad news when he delivers his emergency-in-all-but name budget. Or bloodget. Lenihan,… Continue reading


The Facebook Avengers

8 April 2009 2:02

Or how social networking can, at least in this instance, solve crime more quickly than the police. So, drunk guy steals woman’s bag and wallet froma Philadelphia bar (the bag… Continue reading


As Iowa and Vermont go, so goes the United States?

8 April 2009 1:16

This week the Iowa Supreme Court has upheld same-sex marriage and the Vermont legislature has overturned a gubernatorial veto and recognised gay marriage. Meanwhile, the District of Columbia’s city council… Continue reading


MPs Expenses vs Congressional Claims

7 April 2009 16:39

Tim Montgomerie suggests David Cameron needs to do a little more to produce a proper, comprehensive policy on MPs expenses. That’s probably true. As we all know, any talk of… Continue reading


New Government Ploy: Fat Tests for Pensioners

7 April 2009 15:26

Can this really be happening? Everyone aged between 40 and 74 will be called in to their GP for a ‘fat test’ and prescribed weight management and exercise if they… Continue reading


Headline of the Day

7 April 2009 14:34

Courtesy of the Scotsman: Boycott rigged poll, says Al-Qaeda chief This would surely come as no surprise to many of the great man’s former team-mates, but still, what can this… Continue reading


When Lefties Fall Out We Do It In Style

7 April 2009 9:21

Stephen Glover had an interesting take on the row between NIck Cohen and Sunder Katwala, head honcho at the Fabian Society, in his Independent column this week. Just to recap, Nick accused Sunder of being… Continue reading


Is Barack Obama good for baseball?

6 April 2009 18:15

By which I mean, now that Opening Day is finally here, is he good for the New York Yankees? The evidence suggests he might be. True, Megan McArdle – herself… Continue reading


Turkey in the EU?

6 April 2009 16:51

Like George W Bush, Barack Obama is in favour of Turkish accession to the EU. That’s grand, though those American progressives who would like to see europe do more, not… Continue reading


Lie-detector television? Not a bad idea!

6 April 2009 16:22

In the midst of an otherwise risible* column on how if it weren’t for the BBC license fee all British TV would be as trashy as some of Fox’s output,… Continue reading


Barclays vs RBS: A Tale of Luck and Greed

5 April 2009 17:32

At the end of the Peter Oborne column James linked to yesterday, Peter writes: I believe that one genuine hero has emerged from the collapse of the British banking system.… Continue reading


The Lost Generation

4 April 2009 22:50

I always get it in the neck here when I quote Polly Toynbee. But maybe I will get away with quoting her quoting Professor Danny Blanchflower, who, like me, is warning against… Continue reading


The Darling Buds of April

4 April 2009 22:41

I have stolen the headline to this post from a breakfast discussion held by "reputation management firm" Fishburn Hedges, where I was a guest speaker this week. Me and my fellow… Continue reading


A song for the weekend

4 April 2009 1:24

The super-talented Lisa Hannigan and her band gather in Dick Mac’s pub in Dingle, Co Kerry for a charming wee session that is just the ticket for a lovely spring… Continue reading


RBS: All fur coat and no knickers

3 April 2009 14:15

Such is the disrepute into which Scotland’s once all-conquering bankers have fallen that the favoured put down at Edinburgh dinner parties these days is "My husband pays your husband’s salary".… Continue reading