The West Indian Draft

5 August 2008 12:27

Readers awaiting the announcement of my M XI of test cricketers should fret not. It will appear. And soon. In the meantime the estimable Norm has challenged me to a… Continue reading


Media navel-gazing

4 August 2008 20:21

Panorama tonight: The Olympic Games are special. The biggest show on earth – with an estimated global television audience of four billion people. But hosting the Games brings extreme attention… Continue reading


Lessons in Punditry

4 August 2008 19:27

Ross Douthat makes an excellent suggestion: I think it would be an excellent discipline for pundits deeply invested in the ideal of the “independent” politician to attempt, at least once… Continue reading


KP replaces MV vs SA

4 August 2008 18:20

So, as expected, Kevin Pietersen will captain England against South Africa at the Oval. A dubious gamble in my view, given the potential for the captaincy to adversely impact impair… Continue reading


The Broadcasting Archipelago

3 August 2008 23:39

Lord knows, there are times when the BBC is a frustrating service. And then there are times when one is thankful for the Beeb given the alternatives out there. Consider… Continue reading


The Sad Glory of Mark Ramprakash

2 August 2008 17:27

The test match at Edgbaston is bubbling up nicely. If they can snaffle Graham Smith’s wicket England will be favoured to mop up the South African tail and claim a… Continue reading


When You’ve Lost Polly Toynbee…

2 August 2008 12:16

I read Polly Toynbee today and assumed it had to have been written by some pluck-faced intern charged with writing nonsense in the style of La Toynbee while she gets… Continue reading


Attention Edinburgh Readers!

2 August 2008 11:53

And art lovers… If you find yourself in the Scottish capital this week you might consider popping in to the Flaubert Gallery in Stockbridge where you will find an exhibition… Continue reading


Whither Bosnia?

1 August 2008 18:05

At Passport Lucy Moore says this Paddy Ashdown speech on Bosnia’s future is ” a compelling call”. Maybe so. Ashdown argues: Bosnia’s predominantly Serb entity, Republika Srpska, Karadzic’s creation, has… Continue reading


Fatso for President

1 August 2008 15:43

Matt Yglesias alerts one to the latest nonsense in the Presidential campaign. This time the guilty party is the Wall Street Journal: “But in a nation in which 66% of… Continue reading


The pity! The pity!

1 August 2008 0:19

If you think John McCain has problems or you think George W Bush is unpopular, spare a thought for poor Gordon Brown. I can’t recall when I last saw a… Continue reading

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Question of the Day

31 July 2008 19:53

Courtesy of the BBC: It’s the stuff of science fiction, but could mirrors in space or sea water sprayed in the air be shortcuts to halt global warming? What do… Continue reading


Alea Iacta Est

31 July 2008 19:34

Yesterday I wondered if David Miliband was aiming to be Labour’s William Hague. Today it seems that he’s more likely to be the second coming of Michael Portillo. His bizarre… Continue reading

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Microtrends: Broad Church Division

31 July 2008 16:53

Good news for libertarian Wiccans: it’s now safe to vote for Bob Barr.


McCain tells America: you’ll like Obama and even if you don’t you’ll be fascnated by him…

31 July 2008 15:57

As Time’s Michael Scherer writes, McCain’s decision to portray Obama as nothing more than a flashy celebrity better known for being famous than for any great achievement is, well, strange.… Continue reading

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Evangelicals and McCain

31 July 2008 14:43

George W Bush wouldn’t have beaten Al gore or John Kerry without being able to rally evangelical Christians to the polls. Right now folk are concentrating on McCain’s foolish adverts… Continue reading


Miliband Day 2

31 July 2008 11:34

Since Camilla Cavendish makes some points in her Times column today that are similar to some I made about David Miliband’s leadership challenge yesterday, I obviously think she’s written a… Continue reading


Quizzing Obama

31 July 2008 0:15

Radley Balko, one of my favourite journalists, has a list of questions for Barack Obama that the candidate will never, obviously, be asked. These range over matters as varied as… Continue reading

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What is wrong with England?

30 July 2008 19:57

A dismal day at Edgbaston that took one back to the grim, hapless days of the late 1980s and almost the entire 1990s. Yes, England really were that bad. Batting… Continue reading

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Blogging Orwell

30 July 2008 19:24

This is really rather splendid: starting next month, George Orwell’s diaries will be published on the web, one day at a time, 70 years after they were written. Harry’s Place… Continue reading


Obama: Saviour of the World?

30 July 2008 14:49

I suppose it must irritate liberals that the press has picked up on the conservative claim – or meme – that Barack Obama is, even by the lofty standards of… Continue reading


Miliband’s Moment?

30 July 2008 14:25

No, I don’t think so. Do you? Really? On the other hand, Danny Finkelstein thinks that David Miliband’s piece in the Guardian this morning signals his determination to be a… Continue reading

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Cricketing Replay

30 July 2008 13:44

Regular readers may not be surprised that I’m sceptical of the benefits of the new referral system being trialled in the Sri Lanka-India series. This morning’s events at Edgbaston demonstrate… Continue reading


Brown’s Downfall

30 July 2008 10:28

Obviously, there’s lots to say about the Glasgow East by-election result. We’ll get there eventually. But in the meantime here, via Iain Dale, is an updated version of Gordon Brown… Continue reading


Greece is the place

30 July 2008 9:29

OK, so I’m back. I can confirm that anyone wishing a delightful week, free of the grimey concerns of everyday life, could do an awful lot worse than spend it… Continue reading

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