Best, Brightest, Fabbest Cabinet, like, Evah

25 November 2008 16:16

I'd been meaning to write something about how all the cheering at the supposed brilliance of Obama's cabinet picks was reminiscent of the huzzahs that greeted George W Bush's peronnel… Continue reading


Quote for the Day

25 November 2008 14:52

Chris Dillow – always worth your time – casts a weary eye over a number of government policies and concludes: What this shows, I think, is that New Labour’s claim… Continue reading

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Never mind me mate, what about the other mob?

25 November 2008 13:51

Commenting on this post Ian Leslie – aka Marbury – argues that we're on the brink of a new era and that just as Callaghan was right to appreciate that… Continue reading

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Letter from a Florida Prison

25 November 2008 10:00

Conrad Black: The US is now a carceral state that imprisons eight to 12 times more people (2.5m) per capita than the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany or Japan. US… Continue reading

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New Labour RIP

25 November 2008 2:33

I've too much respect for my friends at The Times to ask if Rupert Murdoch dictated that this Peter Brookes cartoon appear on the paper's front page today… The Thunderer's… Continue reading


Department of Hackery

25 November 2008 1:57

One of the things that distinguishes a good columnist from the ordinary, run-of-the-mill shill is the ability to treat their own party's failings as severely as they would condemn the… Continue reading

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Could You Go A Chicken Supper, Bobby Sands*?

24 November 2008 12:58

Exciting fast food wars update: faithful reader MT alerts me to something I should have known myself. Not only is the British embassy in Tehran located on Bobby Sands Street,… Continue reading


Should We Be More Like Bonobos?

24 November 2008 12:43

I dunno. But perhaps we should try and ignore our warrior-chimp ancestry and learn from the blessed, peaceful bonobos. At least that seems to be the idea behind Sex &… Continue reading

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Who’s Not Coming to Dinner?

23 November 2008 16:01

Christ, I'm glad I* don't eat at the restaurants Thomas Friedman frequents: So, I have a confession and a suggestion. The confession: I go into restaurants these days, look around… Continue reading


A Protestant fish for a Protestant people?

23 November 2008 15:01

I've had occasion to salute the glories of the Scottish fish and chip shop before – where else can you obtain a deep-fried kebab pizza? – but when it comes… Continue reading


The Days of a Do Nothing Presidency, Alas, Are Gone

23 November 2008 1:57

Gail Collins, short of an idea for a column this week, clutters-up the NYT op-ed page with the fanciful suggestion that George W Bush stand down now and let the… Continue reading

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Hillary Accepts

21 November 2008 21:07

Well, one assumes the dear old New York Times wouldn't run a story saying she's accepted the offer to be Secretary of State unless it was pretty well certain that… Continue reading


Best British Movies?

21 November 2008 1:23

Commenting on this post, WPN asks: "What would a list of the Top 10 British films of the last 25 years look like? As an American, British films are not… Continue reading


Meet the New Boss, Not So Different From the Old Boss?

21 November 2008 0:43

Sure, last month Barack Obama was an un-American, terrorist-coddling, muslim threat to every American Ideal every true-blooded, stout-hearted, tub-thumping patriot held dear. Now, however, things are a little different. We… Continue reading


So what kind of blog is this, anyway?

20 November 2008 17:51

Well, according to this site – which purports to "analyse" your blog – I'm a Mechanic or an ISTP on the Myers-Briggs scale, just like Andrew Sullivan. This means that… Continue reading


Should Gordon Go Now?

20 November 2008 14:05

By which I mean, natch, should El Gordo toddle off to Buckingham Palace and call for a general election next spring rather than hanging on until 2010. Danny Finkelstein says… Continue reading


Country Life

19 November 2008 19:29

The countryside can be a wild and dangerous place: Farmers have been warned to be on their guard as scrap metal thieves target large gates in southern Scotland. Three farms… Continue reading


The Libertarian Inquest

19 November 2008 19:24

I'm a sucker for any story headlined "Where Did the Libertarian Party Go Wrong?" and sure enough Brian Doherty's Reason article is a fun read. I particularly liked his opening… Continue reading


Tales from the House of Commons 2

19 November 2008 19:02

Time to return to TP O'Connor's Sketches in the House, his account of the 1893 parliamentary session. Back then, happily, the government could not yet guillotine a bill and so… Continue reading


Chart of the Day

19 November 2008 15:37

Nuff said, methinks. Vouchers and proper school choice programmes aren't the only answer, of course, but it's simple decency to extend to the working class  opportunities taken for granted by… Continue reading

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Local Hero: 25 Years On

18 November 2008 22:51

Until the BBC’s Culture Show reminded me of it this evening, I had no idea that it is now 25 years since Local Hero was released. Christ, that makes one… Continue reading


The Importance of the Reverse Ferret

18 November 2008 17:18

I'm pleased to see that Jack Shafer is calling the New York Post's sudden admiration for President-elect Barack Obama a fine example of the time-honoured tabloid tradition of the Reverse… Continue reading


One Nation Republicanism?

18 November 2008 16:32

David Frum is leaving National Review to set up a new online venture called which will launch once Obama takes the oath of office in January. Frum explains himself… Continue reading


The Roman Obama?

18 November 2008 13:21

Mary Beard, in good form today: I’m surprised that no-one seems to have spotted an obvious Roman parallel for the success of Barack Obama. Or have I missed it? In… Continue reading

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Hillary’s Return?

18 November 2008 13:07

Ewen MacAskill reports that Hillary is indeed going to be Obama's Secretary of State. His report in the Guardian is entirely unsourced however – which is interesting because MacAskill is… Continue reading