Just here for the job: Question of the Day

26 December 2007 22:28

Part of Megan McArdle’s response to Kerry Howley’s excellent guest-worker article: But mostly, I worry about having a large number of people in the country who are, definitionally, not planning… Continue reading


Shakespeare: Fascist! Virgil: Fascist! Ovid: Un-Roman! Marlowe: Government Goon!

26 December 2007 21:28

I suppose one should probably read Jonah Goldberg’s book Liberal Fascism before criticising it. On the other hand, why do the dreary work when Spencer Ackerman’s prepared to highlight the… Continue reading

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St Stephen’s Day Trivia

26 December 2007 16:53

Jane Austen fans should run on over to Norm’s place to tackle his Boxing Day quiz. This blog may yet have a few New Year teasers for you all.


Dick Cheney’s energy task force is transparent by comparison

26 December 2007 5:20

Interesting article by Elaine Sciolino in today’s New York Times on the brouhaha over the proposed expansion of Champagne’s AOC, increasing the number of communes legally permitted to grow grapes… Continue reading


A Boy From the County Hell

25 December 2007 5:07

Shane McGowan celebrates his 50th birthday today. Who would have thought it? Comfort and joy all round. This must rank as one of the most unlikely anniversaries imaginable. As the… Continue reading


The Wearisome Unbearableness of Manohla Dargis

24 December 2007 21:41

Oh dear. The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis (who apparently find the idea of being asked to name and write about her favourite movies of the year an intolerable imposition… Continue reading

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Christmas Quote of the Year

24 December 2007 17:10

More from Helmand province where Sergeant Kraig Whalley of the Royal Military Police says: "We were thinking of challenging the Taliban to a game of football on Christmas Day, but… Continue reading


Moustaches of the Hindu Kush

24 December 2007 9:14

Christmas in Helmand Province, Afghanistan can’t be the bonniest gig on the planet. Hence this contest amongst the Royal Marines of 40 Commando: who can grow the spiffiest moustache. Best,… Continue reading


Whither the American dramatist?

24 December 2007 6:39

The New York Times’ Ben Brantley says this was a year in which drama reasserted itself on (and off) Broadway. If so then that’s a splendid thing. It’s notable, though,… Continue reading

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Lock up your daughters: the libertarian carnival is in town

23 December 2007 19:46

Good lord. further evidence that, despite improvements in recent years, Washington still has work to do. Today’s WaPo runs a piece noting that the free minds and free markets crowd… Continue reading


Der Burgomeister

21 December 2007 22:20

I guess Rudy Giuliani won’t be getting many Christmas cards from the fine folk at The American Conservative. Read their comprehensive anti-Rudy package here. Read my own anti-Rudy contribution to… Continue reading


Riders on the Sleigh

21 December 2007 11:37

This is the best Christmas song I’ve seen in years. It’s obviously even better if, like me, you went through a teenage phase of listening to nothing but The Doors…


Coming to America

20 December 2007 19:01

Since Andrew has already posted about this, everyone will have learnt about this poor Icelandic woman’s horrific story by now. But just in case you haven’t, here’s her awful story.… Continue reading

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The Worst People in Europe?

20 December 2007 14:55

My favourite comment of the year was left in response to Ross Douthat’s reply to this post of mine: This has to be the most useless post of the year.… Continue reading


World Finally Prepared for the Giant Rat of Sumatra

20 December 2007 4:21

At last! I really can’t express quite how tickled I am by this news: Researchers in a remote jungle in Indonesia have discovered a giant rat and a tiny possum… Continue reading

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This will definitely hasten regime change in Havana

20 December 2007 3:59

And while we’re on the subject of cricket, here’s the latest madness from the United States: Cuba have been blocked from playing in their first ever international cricket tournament because… Continue reading


Taking the Reductio ad Hitlerum to absurd lengths?

20 December 2007 3:39

A shocking teaser from Arts & Letters Daily: Hitler, Stalin…and Abdul Qadeer? Who is he and why might anyone want to talk about him in such monstrous company?… more» Quite.… Continue reading


Can we outlaw genes instead?

20 December 2007 2:12

While we’re talking about smoking, this study points out something that, intuitively, I’ve long considered obvious: Heart attacks among cigarette smokers may have less to do with tobacco than genetics.… Continue reading


Cigarettes aren’t merely sublime; they’re useful

20 December 2007 1:49

Now that Hollywood has decreed that smoking in movies is as bad – and in fact perhaps worse – than gratuitous sex and violence, it’s not a great surprise that… Continue reading


Postcards from the Edge

19 December 2007 23:02

Via Tyler Cowen, here’s today’s eBay ploy. The current winning bid is a startling very reasonable $190: You are bidding on a rare chance to traumatize a treasured friend or… Continue reading


Tired, huddled masses too tired, too huddled for own/our good?

19 December 2007 21:58

Today’s reading assignment: Kerry Howley’s* excellent Reason cover story on immigration, what the United States could learn from Singapore’s guest-worker programme and how liberals are as confused as nativists: The… Continue reading


A Picture of Putin

19 December 2007 21:24

Rod has an excellent and rather moving wee tale about how Time magazine ended up with a photograph of Vladimir Putin not an icon to illustrate its decision to hail… Continue reading


Huckabee: total loon

19 December 2007 0:01

David Corn reads a book Mike Huckabee wrote in 1998 so you don’t have to: It is now difficult to keep track of the vast array of publicly endorsed and… Continue reading


When the law is an ass it will make an ass of you…

18 December 2007 22:17

Of course there are plenty of sound reasons for not wanting a prudish scold such as Hillary Clinton back in the White House.  But National Journal’s Athena Jones gives us… Continue reading


A Brit’s-Eye View

18 December 2007 22:00

American readers wondering how this cazy election caper seems to foreigners could do much worse than check out Toby Harnden’s  blog. Toby is The Daily Telegraph’s US Editor (a fancy… Continue reading