The Streets of Baltimore

12 August 2008 23:57

If you like The Wire you should definitely read this piece in the Washington Monthly. And if you don't like The Wire that must be because you haven't seen it… Continue reading


Quote for the Day

12 August 2008 23:40

Yes, I mentioned this post earlier. But… But the very most obvious thing about today's XXXX is how internally varied and contradictory it is, how many opposite things various of… Continue reading

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The Kosovan Connection

12 August 2008 20:23

There's not much point in arguing with Andy McCarthy, but National Review's resident pop-eyed frother-and-splutterer-in-chief has this to say today: the recognition of Kosovo was a huge blunder, forced by those… Continue reading


Fallows vs Brooks

12 August 2008 15:28

And it's no contest: James Fallows dismantles David Brooks' column on China. His advice: Take a little time and look around, David. The parts that don't fit what you theorized… Continue reading

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Capello’s Common Sense

12 August 2008 13:35

More evidence emerges that England selected the right man when they asked Fabio Capello to rescue their football team. From the Times today: On another issue – Wayne Rooney's smoking… Continue reading

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The Battle for South Africa

12 August 2008 12:35

Episode three of the Geras vs Massie cricketing showdown is underway. It's Norm's turn to pick first and, as I feared he might, he's exploiting his greater knowledge of South… Continue reading

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Prime Hutton

11 August 2008 14:29

Lovely story told by Simon Hoggart in his Guardian column at the weekend: The death of Simon Gray lets me reprise a favourite story. He was a close friend of… Continue reading


Did you know Putin is really (another) Hitler?

11 August 2008 14:03

How about this for an opening sentence? The details of who did what to precipitate Russia's war against Georgia are not very important. Who, you ask, is this clown? None… Continue reading


More Trouble in the Caucasus

10 August 2008 23:53

Clumsy. Stupid. Counter-productive. Russian policy in Georgia has moved into a new phase. As I suggested yesterday, the Russians now seem determined to answer a Georgian miscalculation with one of… Continue reading


Bush in Beijing

10 August 2008 16:44

Unsurprisingly folk are having fun with the photographs taken when George W Bush called upon the US women's beach volleyball team in Beijing. My complaint is rather different however. Consider… Continue reading


Department of (Terrible) Framing

10 August 2008 1:52

Film critic and cultural historian Neil Gabler has an interesting column on the Presidential race in today's Los Angeles Times. He concludes: It is axiomatic that the more powerful the… Continue reading


Trouble in the Caucasus, Day 2

9 August 2008 19:14

Edward Lucas concludes his op-ed in The Times on the Ossetian dilemma with this: The fighting should be a deafening wake-up call to the West. Our fatal mistake was made… Continue reading


Opening Proceedings

9 August 2008 15:55

James Hamilton is quite right to suggest that there's no way London can compete with Beijing's spectacular and often beautiful (if also, as he says, "frenziedly gauche") opening ceremony. And… Continue reading


Hague’s Wisdom

9 August 2008 12:07

William Hague warns David Miliband not to challenge Gordon Brown and offers this priceless spot of advice: "People want normal politicians and David Miliband is more geeky, more like me…… Continue reading


National Enquirer (More or Less) Vindicated

8 August 2008 20:32

John Edwards admits affair with campaign staffer  -  but denies fathering her child – in an interview with ABC News. I remember when this was rumoured last year everyone of… Continue reading

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Trouble in the Caucasus

8 August 2008 17:54

Far from Beijing, Russia and Georgia kick-off in South Ossetia. I suspect that this is going to prompt people to raise the whole "should Georgia join NATO" thing all over… Continue reading


Notice for Edinburgh Readers

8 August 2008 11:17

And art lovers… You still have time to pop into the Flaubert Gallery in Stockbridge (opposite The Baillie, an excellent location for a post-purchasing pint) where you will find an… Continue reading


The Eeyore Olympics

8 August 2008 9:43

Well, the Olympics have finally arrived. James Fallows has been my go-to China blogger for some time. I heartily recommend his blog to you and suggest it will be well… Continue reading


The Temptations of the Leader Page

8 August 2008 0:45

In an editorial written, judging from its cadences, by Leon Wieseltier, welcoming the arrest of Radovan Karadzic, The New Republic argues that: Whatever one thinks of the war in Iraq,… Continue reading


Simon Gray, RIP

7 August 2008 23:15

Sad news. Simon Gray, the playwright and memoirist, has died. Just last month I read the latest, and, I suppose, final installment of The Smoking Diaries, a wonderful, funny, poignant… Continue reading


The Belgian Example

7 August 2008 21:13

Whither Belgium? Again. Ian Buruma frets that the break-up of Belgium would be A Bad Thing. As is generally the case with such articles, concrete arguments for this proposition are… Continue reading

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In Suburbia

7 August 2008 19:36

Megan McArdle writes: Because I've always lived in cities, I don't even understand the utility of the big yards I see in the suburbs.  I get the purpose of a… Continue reading


Australian Summary

7 August 2008 17:58

Having come-off second-best in our West Indies game, I'm duty bound to suggest (gently) that I've had the better of Norm in the Australian leg of the series. In large… Continue reading


Education Briefing

7 August 2008 16:05

The best political programme of the 1980s explains school choice – and the opposition to it. As always Yes, Minister and, subsequently, Yes, Prime Minister were on the money: Hat-tip:… Continue reading


Playing Australia

7 August 2008 11:39

After the West Indian misfortune, in which my selection was, I'm afraid, bested by Norm's we move on to episode two of our series in which we select cricket teams,… Continue reading

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