The Wisdom of Crowds

11 July 2008 14:55

So what are the best (and worst) things since sliced bread? Danny Finkelstein reveals all and, frankly, it’s tough to argue with the findings. Pleased too, to see the TV… Continue reading


The Two Scotlands

11 July 2008 13:51

This post by my old friend Fraser Nelson is the best thing I’ve read so far about the Glasgow East by-election: It is tragic comic to see Labour taking such… Continue reading


Older? Wiser? Not so much…

10 July 2008 13:20

Good grief. Just to be clear, if you’re the Prime Minister and some hack puts it to you, idiotically, that “Some women say you remind them of Heathcliff”… you do… Continue reading

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David Davis and Obama

9 July 2008 22:48

Matt Yglesias writes: the reality is that as long as Obama thinks he’s going to be wielding executive authority, he’s going to be useless as a check on out-of-control executive… Continue reading


Department of Free Markets Being Better than Black Markets

9 July 2008 11:52

A BBC Scotland documentary on organ sales is on TV tonight. The reporter discovers, shockingly, that: There is a black market in kidneys here in the UK. I secretly filmed… Continue reading

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Cameron’s Spiffing New Party?

9 July 2008 11:46

Reihan: If [David] Cameron embraced an agenda like the one outlined in Grand New Party, he would likely be accused of being a libertarian radical hellbent on destroying the most… Continue reading


Hello Readers!

8 July 2008 2:46

I don’t know who you are and I have, bless, no idea how you ended up here but for some strange reason I am happy that this blog is where… Continue reading

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What we have lost…

8 July 2008 2:02

One’s not supposed to say this, but by god it’s boring since Hillary was beaten… (Ditto, though in a minor key, Romney’s defeat. He was at least, like Hillary, properly… Continue reading


Department of Correction

8 July 2008 0:59

I may have been too harsh recently. I scoffed at the idea of a lettuce “bolting” and made merry with the New York Times leader writer who suggested that, now… Continue reading


Why do Americans love guns?

8 July 2008 0:58

I am puzzled. Puzzled that is, by the British attitude towards America’s gun culture. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s (in my view) common sense ruling that the 2nd… Continue reading


Annals of Leader Writing

7 July 2008 15:59

Newspapers are comfortable places to work. True, you find yourself working with a disturbing number of misfits and socially inadequate neurotics. But there are compensations. For instance, there are few… Continue reading



7 July 2008 12:26

Apparently Facebook has a new “blog network” facility. To what end, I know not. That’s not the point, surely? Anyway it’s obvious that good things must come of this somehow,… Continue reading

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Your American Right

6 July 2008 12:55

Words fail me: re: Civics  [Kathryn Jean Lopez] A totally crazy Saturday-morning thought: Wouldn’t George W. Bush make an awesome high-school government teacher? Wouldn’t it be something if his post-presidential… Continue reading


M is for PBH May

5 July 2008 0:30

It’s that time again folks so here is the M XI, to follow those led by Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine, Dexter,  Edrich,  Fry, Gower,  Hutton,  Imran , Jardine, Kapil. and Lloyd… Continue reading


Bob Geldof: My Sort of Wanker!

4 July 2008 23:36

Heaven knows, Bob Geldof is a bore these days. But one of the splendid, indeed agreeable, elements of David Davis’s civil liberties campaign is that it forces one to question… Continue reading


Could you become an American?

4 July 2008 22:45

Via Clive, here are some of the “more difficult” questions from the new US naturalisation test given to all would-be Yanks. Foolishly, I forgot the first words of the US… Continue reading


Jesse Helms is Dead

4 July 2008 18:19

Colour me unmoved. I notice that, so far at any rate, all the contributors at The Corner are too busy hailing the former Senator’s service and lauding his fervent anti-communism… Continue reading


Happy Birthday America!

4 July 2008 13:35

To all my American friends, and readers, have a wonderful 4th! Here’s a classic American movie trailer, matched to Gene Pitney’s song of the same name: The Man Who Shot… Continue reading


More poppycock from Gordon

3 July 2008 20:29

Justin at Chicken Yoghurt is bang on: It’s difficult to think of another public-facing job where this kind of evasiveness and inarticulacy would be tolerated…. Picture Gordon Brown getting a… Continue reading


Department of Second Thoughts

3 July 2008 13:48

Like Norm, I liked this and suspect many bloggers (self included) might be wise to bear in mind the wisdom demonstrated by: the late, great Colonel Alfred Wintle, an eccentric… Continue reading


The centre has, it seems, fallen. Again.

3 July 2008 13:11

Henry Farrell has a new paper on blogs, blog readers and political polarisation (Pdf here). Finding: First – blog readers seem to exhibit strong homophily. That is to say, they… Continue reading


Better (and braver) Administrators Please

2 July 2008 17:11

One of the sadder constants in international sport is that any major decision made by the International Cricket Council will, more probably than not, damage the long-term best interests of… Continue reading


Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t…

1 July 2008 15:13

Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online: The front page of the Washington Post (yes, I sometimes read paper newspapers) has the headline “Obama Fiercely Defends His Patriotism.” Isn’t there… Continue reading


Statistics in a cloud of smoke

1 July 2008 14:19

If Philip Morris commissioned research which found that the smoking ban in England & Wales, a year old today, had been a dismal failure many, perhaps even most, people would… Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Canada!

1 July 2008 12:55

To all my Canadian pals – and especially those far from their native heath – here’s some video for you to enjoy.