It’s all in the way you tell them…

13 December 2007 2:45

According to the Adam Smith Institute’s blog, this was recently voted the funniest joke in Belgium: Why do ducks have webbed feet? To stamp out fires. Why do elephants have… Continue reading


Exceptions don’t prove the rule

12 December 2007 21:07

Marty Peretz writes: Torture is a repugnant practice, and especially so if it becomes a habit.  It may have become that, although I don’t know.  No one outside the alleged… Continue reading

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Des Moines Register Debate: Random Thoughts

12 December 2007 20:03

A plea: could Presidential candidates please cease using the term "bully pulpit" as though it meant anything other than "terrific" or "splendid". Also: could someone please rid us of both… Continue reading


The little white rose of Scotland which smells sharp and sweet and breaks the heart

11 December 2007 21:57

As part of its rather odd Call Yourself British campaign The Daily Telegraph has sent the novelist Andrew O’Hagan to tour the country and take its temperature. There’ll be plenty… Continue reading


Trouble At Mill

11 December 2007 20:30

My friend Toby Harnden finds John Edwards doing his best Monty Python in Iowa: Remember the "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch, which ended with Eric Idle describing how during his childhood he… Continue reading


Foraging the answer for fat folk

11 December 2007 20:21

The always estimable Kerry Howley draws attention to another lovely House of Lords moment: Baroness Gardner of Parkes: My Lords, I speak as a member of the All-Party Group on… Continue reading


Belfast on the Euphrates?

11 December 2007 19:42

Matt Yglesias sees walls going up in Baghdad and wonders if the US Army is using Northern Ireland as its template: I believe this technique comes to the US Army’s… Continue reading


Scotland, oh,Scotland

11 December 2007 2:13

Well, that’s that. So close to glory, yet so far. If ever anyone asks you to explain the quintessence of the Scottish footballing experience you need merely point them towards… Continue reading


Assassination of JFK also a mystery…

10 December 2007 23:55

Good grief. The Washington Post reports: Still looking for that last-minute Christmas gift for White House press secretary Dana Perino? May we recommend a gift certificate for the forthcoming book… Continue reading


He’s Also Every Bit As White, Asian, Latino…

10 December 2007 22:25

Former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young (who is black) was campaigning for Hillary Clinton today. He seems, however, to have gone off-message: He also joked that author Toni Morrison may have… Continue reading

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O tempora, o mores!

8 December 2007 23:52

More Paddington Bear blogging: Paddington, the bear from Peru, will be arrested and interrogated over his immigration status in a book marking his 50th birthday.Paddington Here and Now, due to… Continue reading


But how can you be sure?

8 December 2007 23:43

Mitt Romney, leader of men, sage of our time: "I believe, of course, that there are thousands of people who are not of faith who are moral." [Hat-tip: Mr Larison,… Continue reading


The Fall of France? (Again?)

8 December 2007 22:11

So, unsurprisingly, Time Magazine’s cover story (international edition) on The Death of French Culture is making waves on the eastern side of the Atlantic (once upon a time, Time might… Continue reading


Comparative advantage: fight writing edition

8 December 2007 18:39

So, the New York Times has not even mentioned tonight’s Hatton-Mayweather fight, far less run a piece on it. Not even in a Sport in Brief column. Doubtless some people… Continue reading


A Blue Moon Over Vegas Tonight

8 December 2007 5:05

No-one seems to know quite how many Britons have flown 7,000 miles to be in Las Vegas this weekend, but most estimates suggest it’s at least 15,000 and possibly as… Continue reading

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The Way We Live Now…

7 December 2007 19:07

Christmas relationships, courtesy of DCist: A Christmas tree lot on Wisconsin Avenue at about 9 p.m.: A busy, attractive, professional, unmarried couple in their early 30s who are clearly still… Continue reading


Nothing Except World Leadership…

7 December 2007 17:44

More Romney, I’m afraid. But this is less about him than it concerns a general American trend. Daniel Larison has already touched on how Romney seems to share Fred Thompson’s… Continue reading


If you only see one documentary this year…

7 December 2007 16:10

Public Service Announcement: the news that the CIA has taken to destroying videotape of its interrogations depresses but does not surprise. It also reminds me that you really ought to… Continue reading


You mean you still like rugby here?

7 December 2007 15:56

Rugby blogging: Warren Gatland has coached in the English premiership, the Super 14 and been Ireland’s coach. And he’s still surprised that people in Wales think being Welsh coach is… Continue reading


D.I.V.O.R.C.E British style.

7 December 2007 15:44

Scotland is already a semi-detached member of the Union and the question, it now seems, is whether the delegation/repatriation of further powers to Holyrood results in a Scotland that is… Continue reading


Changes in Murdochland

7 December 2007 13:47

The BBC’s excellent Nick Robinson speculates that Rupert Murdoch’s decision to hand control of his european interests to his son James is more bad news for Gordon Brown: the man… Continue reading


Religious politicians: kooks or not?

7 December 2007 13:34

Rod Dreher asks: I agree that it was stupid that Romney should have had to have given that speech, but American political culture really left him little choice. As silly… Continue reading


Better than a chaffinch, I suppose

6 December 2007 22:44

Mike Huckabee might not be ready for prime time. Here he is on national security: During the Cold War, we had hawks and doves, but this new war requires us… Continue reading



6 December 2007 22:26

I’m not quite sure why this hasn’t received more attention, but didn’t Mike Huckabee just propose an alliance with Rudy Giuliani to take down Mitt Romney? Seems like it to… Continue reading


You mean Jesus lived here in America?

6 December 2007 20:38

The nice folks at Comedy Central email to say they’ve put a whole bunch of South Park Does Mormonism cartoons online. Just the ticket to entertain you on a cold… Continue reading