America’s Largest Cult

27 May 2008 16:47

I've been meaning to rave about and recommend Gene Healy's terrific book The Cult of the Presidency for some time. Now George Will saves me the trouble of doing so.… Continue reading


Webb 3.0

27 May 2008 16:34

Ezra Klein leaps into the great Jim Webb discussion to make the important point that we've little idea what a Webb presidency would actually be like. True enough and that's… Continue reading


The worst team in Europe?

27 May 2008 16:04

Are Paris Saint-Germain the worst football team in Europe? This obviously depends upon how one measures or defines "worst". PSG, despite another appalling season, would (thankfully) still be expected to… Continue reading


Webb-mania revisited

27 May 2008 13:26

Kathy G, guest-blogging for Matt Yglesias, lays out a lengthy case for why Barack Obama should not pick Jim Webb as his Vice-President here. I suspect that the points she… Continue reading


The Che Chronicles

23 May 2008 22:51

How many people really think of Che Guevara as a romantic, if occasionally headstrong, revolutionary? Outside Latin America, I mean. Perhaps it's a generational thing, but does anyone under the… Continue reading

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Photograph of the Day

23 May 2008 12:25

Little blogging until next week as I'm visiting my sister in Cumbria today before going to the cricket at Old Trafford on Saturday. But here's a photograph of the lower… Continue reading


Department of Fancy That!

23 May 2008 10:28

Like Philip Salter, I dinnae often agree with Gordon Brown. But fair's fair (especially the morning after a brutal by-election thumping), here's some of what the Prime Minister had to… Continue reading


The Frippery of a Rounded Education

23 May 2008 10:00

Chris Woodhead, the former head of the schools inspectorate in England and Wales, argues that many private schools are, to all intents and purposes, ripping off their clients. The Telegraph… Continue reading


Brown Toastwatch

23 May 2008 2:42

So, as expected, the Tories win the Crewe and Nantwich by-election. Handsomely. The remarkable thing is that it took so long and that the Tory brand remained so toxic that… Continue reading

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Libertarians and the Spiders from Mars

22 May 2008 23:15

Dave Weigel is going to be blogging from the Libertarian Party convention in Denver this weekend. Great copy all-but-guaranteed: We turned to the speaker schedule, and couldn't figure out if… Continue reading


The Kennedy Empire

22 May 2008 17:20

Remember: it's a Republic, not a Democracy. From the New York Daily News: Ted Kennedy has made clear to confidants that when his time is up, he wants his Senate… Continue reading


Hillary of Harare

22 May 2008 13:03

In one sense there's little point in writing about Hillary Clinton anymore. She's lost. Still, if there is any truth to the notion, much-favoured by Washington reporters, that you can… Continue reading

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Further Tales from the Bold New Scotland

22 May 2008 12:45

It could have been worse, I suppose. There was a proposal that you'd soon need a special license to be permitted to purchase cigarettes in Scotland. Presumably this would be… Continue reading


Belgian BBQ in Memphis

21 May 2008 20:37

American breakfasts are pretty good, or at least as fine as can be expected from a meal that doesn't include black pudding. But there's no doubting that the United States'… Continue reading


Graph of the Day

21 May 2008 13:37

Courtesy of Danny Finkelstein: The red line shows Labour's approval rating since 2005, the blue John Major's 1992-97 ministry. Nuff said. (The bulge was the brief Brown Summer in which,… Continue reading


Giant Carnivorous Mice!

21 May 2008 0:41

Seriously: For tens of thousands of years, the birds of Gough Island lived unmolested, without predators on a remote outcrop in the south Atlantic. Today, the British-owned island, described as… Continue reading

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Line of the Day

20 May 2008 4:06

Jim Henley looks forward to the Libertarian Party convention this weekend. After a (very) brief trawl through the candidates he writes: That leaves Bob Barr, who could become the first… Continue reading


If Hillary had skipped Iowa?

20 May 2008 3:27

The Los Angeles Times’ Don Frederick claims Barack Obama has "disrespected" Kentucky by declining to campaign in the Bluegrass State. Does this mean he disrespected Guam too? More interestingly –… Continue reading


J is for Jardine (Who else?)

20 May 2008 2:40

Apologies for the (unconscionable?) delay in posting this latest installment. I know this has disappointed some of you. What can I say? Well, the truth is that Firefox ate this… Continue reading


Thoughts on a Test Match

20 May 2008 0:18

So, to no-one’s great surprise, the first test between England and New Zealand ended in a draw. Commendations are due Daniel Vettori for his bowling and Jacob Oram for the… Continue reading

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What Brown Hath Wrought

19 May 2008 21:19

That’s the latest Guardian/ICM poll. This is Labour’s lowest level of support since the poll began in 1984. There’s no obvious way out for Labour. Sure, they could ditch Gordon… Continue reading

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Country Polling

19 May 2008 17:23

More polling! This time it’s Setting the Woods on Fire who wants you to list your ten favourite country music artists. My off-the-top-of-my-head list, then, is: 1. Gram Parsons2. Waylon… Continue reading


Are You Watching Mr McCain?

19 May 2008 12:57

Blimey. Barack Obama addresses a crowd of 75,000 people in Oregon yesterday. Caveat: Remember all those stories about Howard Dean and the enthusiastic crowds he drew in the summer of… Continue reading

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Newspaper Days

19 May 2008 12:35

As I always say, Scoop isn’t really fiction. From John Gaskell’s obituary in the Telegraph today: Plagued by ill-health, Gaskell reduced his commitments to working half a week   so… Continue reading


Big Apple Cricket

19 May 2008 12:09

Looks as though I’m going to have to get Joseph O’Neill’s new novel Netherland. The NYT explains: The idea of publishing a novel in the United States about cricket gave… Continue reading