Question of the Day

6 June 2008 19:12

Is the Scottish Parliament building more of  "a poured-concrete Vogon love poem" than Boston's city hall?


The Trials of Guantanamo

6 June 2008 17:56

From a WaPo dispatch from the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed: Mohammed appeared to have equal disdain for the process, but he only briefly mentioned his "torturing" at the hands… Continue reading


O tempora, o mores!

6 June 2008 15:46

Guardianista logic: I like classics I think classics should be promoted Boris Johnson promotes the classics Boris Johnson is a toff Boris Johnson is therefore damaging the classics The classics… Continue reading


Department of Parochialism

6 June 2008 12:55

Headline of the Day: The Bronx is More Than Just Yankee Stadium Who knew? No surprise there. Except that the newspaper running this story in its travel section is… The… Continue reading


Bring Me the Head of…Michael Ballack

6 June 2008 12:05

Even I, a fan of robust tabloid journalism, have to wonder if this might be going just a little bit far… The Guardian reports: Poland's national football coach apologised yesterday… Continue reading


Democratic Mix

5 June 2008 20:00

Megan asks for suggestions for a tribute tape to the late and lamented Democratic primary race. A quick glance at my iPod suggests these tunes… "Waiting for the Great Leap… Continue reading


Question of the Day

5 June 2008 19:07

Courtesy of Charles Moore in The Spectator: On the Tube recently, I saw advertisements for mass meetings to hear ‘one of India’s most highly regarded living Saints’. Is there a… Continue reading


What do they know of cricket who only play it well?

5 June 2008 17:44

It is not, right now, saying much to observe that Kevin Pietersen is England's best batsman. His century against New Zealand today has not been the stuff of legends but… Continue reading


Not up to the job

5 June 2008 17:10

Even the Cabinet is demob happy… Adam Bouton reports: I was taken aback this week to hear that one senior member of the Cabinet is cheerfully telling colleagues that he… Continue reading


The Madness of Crowds

5 June 2008 15:53

Recalling the weirdness of the Ron Paul Revolution, Julian Sanchez risks a peek at Hillary's equally delusional supporters and sagely concludes that all this: should be at least a little… Continue reading


Blair’s Appealling Modesty…

5 June 2008 15:28

I'd have more respect for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation if it had a different, less egotistical, name. (And, if truth be told, if it were led by a different,… Continue reading

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Last Orders

5 June 2008 13:12

At long last: Hillary will quit on Saturday. I think Nick Garland's cartoon in the Telegraph a) sums it up well and b) is oddly affecting. UPDATE: In response to… Continue reading


The Rhetoric of War

4 June 2008 23:15

Breaking News: George W Bush is not Henry V. Shocking, I know. According to former General Ricardo Sanchez: Among the anecdotes in "Wiser in Battle: A Soldier's Story" is an… Continue reading


Transatlantic Currents: Press Division

4 June 2008 17:06

Dan Drezner thinks that the Clintons are probably right to suppose that the press has favoured Barack Obama this year. Still, he says, they probably shouldn't read the UK papers… Continue reading


America’s Che Guevara (Apparently)

4 June 2008 1:04

Lord knows I am suspicious of Obama and the cult he inspires (just as, in fairness, all other candidates inspire such adulation), but when the likes of National Review's Bill… Continue reading


Tales from the Security State

3 June 2008 21:46

Great. Travelling to the United States from western europe (and other countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Programme) just got made more complicated and more of a hassle… Continue reading

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Tobacco Futures

3 June 2008 21:15

The boys at The Daily Mash have the gory details… SMOKERS will have to hold a large piece of card over their face so they cannot look at the cigarette… Continue reading


The Great British Sausage

3 June 2008 19:34

The news that ASDA is selling sausages that are, alarmingly, just 34% pork for 2p each naturally brought this classic Yes, Minister moment to mind: [Hat-tip: The Corridor]


Adventures in Marketing

3 June 2008 19:20

Lots of good things come from China, but this is magnificent. Perhaps James Fallows can do a series of posts on counterfeit Chinese whisky? Via, here, here, here, here and… Continue reading


Britishness parties? No thanks.

3 June 2008 17:54

The government hasn't given up on plans to compell us to celebrate our Britishness. Immigration Minister Liam Byrne: is due to make the case for the August Bank Holiday to… Continue reading


OK, so maybe the lunch queue isn’t totalitarian, but…

3 June 2008 17:20

Gene Healy draws attention to this Bill Clinton quotation from 1997*:And it’s hard when you’re not threatened by a foreign enemy to whip people up to a fever pitch of… Continue reading


What will she do now?

3 June 2008 16:18

All sorts of speculation as to what Hillary Clinton will do once the primary season ends this evening and even her doughtiest supporters might begin to realise it's unlikely she's… Continue reading


Our Legislators at Work

3 June 2008 14:46

An occasional series in which we dare to take a look at what's actually happening in the Scottish Parliament. Not, I warn you, for the faint of heart or the… Continue reading

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The new kings of Western Swing?

2 June 2008 14:46

Via Cato, comes this report from The Times: They turn out in their hundreds in Stetsons and boots as hits such as the Crazy Foot Mambo and the Cowboy Strut… Continue reading


Good news for Gordon!

2 June 2008 14:27

At least one person thinks he can still win! This man is on much more comfortable ground discussing his work with overseas politicians, including his contributions to Blair's 2005 campaign,… Continue reading

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