Brown’s Scorched Earth policy

18 July 2008 13:45

Mr E is correct to highlight this significant post from Fraser Nelson: The Scorched Earth policy has begun. The FT has a hugely significant story – that the Treasury is… Continue reading

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Golf interlude

18 July 2008 1:52

I was part of the team covering the 1999 Open for Scotland on Sunday - that’s the tournament you all remember more for Jean van de Velde’s collapse than for… Continue reading


A Question of Accent

17 July 2008 21:00

Megan wonders whatever happened to the classic upper-crust New England accent: Why did this happen? Television tends to flatten regional accents, of course, but how come Britain held onto its… Continue reading

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Say it Ain’t So, Ricco…

17 July 2008 20:24

The other day I was all poised to praise Riccardo Ricco, whose two stage wins in this year’s Tour were thrilling pieces of cycling. I was going to suggest that… Continue reading


Hello to Berlin

17 July 2008 20:07

So, Barack Obama travels to the middle east and europe next week on a trip designed to burnish his statesman credentials. Among the events planned: a major open-air speech in… Continue reading


Obama: not funny enough for the White House?

16 July 2008 17:08

David Frum: At a dinner last night, some friends were discussing about what Obama should have said about that New Yorker cover. One suggested that Obama ought to have said… Continue reading


Labour Isn’t Working

16 July 2008 11:54

Would even the west of Scotland Labour party stoop to producing a fake war hero to endorse Margaret Curran in the Glasgow East by-election? According to Guido, why yes they… Continue reading


What’s the matter with France?

15 July 2008 18:54

Since yesterday was Bastille Day, this seems as sensible a moment as any to ask: whatever happened to France? How did a once-great nation fall so low? And, are there… Continue reading


Barack Obama, Isolationist!

15 July 2008 15:29

Really? Says who? Says Jamie Kirchick in a piece at Standpoint. Kirchick hangs this dubious thesis upon a single shoogly nail: If the Democrats learned a lesson from their last… Continue reading


Bureaucracy Creep

15 July 2008 13:50

Apparently the US government’s “terrorist watch-list” now runs to more than a million names. How useful can it be then? Let’s see, shall we? The Justice Department’s former top criminal… Continue reading


Wodehouse on TV?

15 July 2008 13:30

In response to this post, a reader asks how did I like the Fry and Laurie TV adaptations? Well, only up to a point is my answer. They are, probably,… Continue reading


Vive La France!

14 July 2008 13:59

This one’s for my French friends and readers. Here’s Yves Montand singing Les Feuilles Mortes. Wonderful stuff.


Outrage Up to 11!

14 July 2008 4:29

Jesus, people, would you get a grip? Apparently there is bipartisan outrage over this week’s very amusing New Yorker cover: Obviously the New Yorker, that bastion of shoddy journalism and… Continue reading


A Wodehouse Reader

14 July 2008 1:32

A correspondent has a confession and a question: “I have, shamefully, never read Wodehouse and want to read all the Bertie and Jeeves stories. But where does one start?” There… Continue reading


Blogging Beckett

13 July 2008 20:14

Noah Millman, one of my favourite bloggers, on Brian Dennehy appearing in Krapp’s Last Tape: It’s a marvelously devastating bit of theater, as Beckett should be.Krapp’s Last Tape is –… Continue reading

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13 July 2008 12:40

Reaches Scotland! T-shirts emblazoned with this striking motif are available here.


New Labour Gets Ruthless

13 July 2008 1:21

Labour’s latest approach to crime: Plans to ‘shock’ knife carriers Not quite what it seems admittedly, even though wouldn’t surprise you if these clowns did suggest we start electrocuting teenagers,… Continue reading


Jack Russell

11 July 2008 23:31

That’s the wicket-keeper not the misanthropic terrier. In the light of my defence of Ian Bell, a reader asks if I could write something about Gloucestershire’s Jack Russell. Certainly! Jack… Continue reading


Win One for the Zither!

11 July 2008 21:11

Via Isaac Chotiner, I see The Times’ movie critics have compiled a list of the “Top 20″ movie endings of all time. Isaac is more enamoured than I am of… Continue reading


Ian Bell

11 July 2008 19:52

What is it about Ian Bell? By which I mean, why does the poor fellow arouse such animosity? No other player in the current England team sees his failures magnified… Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Crowds

11 July 2008 14:55

So what are the best (and worst) things since sliced bread? Danny Finkelstein reveals all and, frankly, it’s tough to argue with the findings. Pleased too, to see the TV… Continue reading


The Two Scotlands

11 July 2008 13:51

This post by my old friend Fraser Nelson is the best thing I’ve read so far about the Glasgow East by-election: It is tragic comic to see Labour taking such… Continue reading


Older? Wiser? Not so much…

10 July 2008 13:20

Good grief. Just to be clear, if you’re the Prime Minister and some hack puts it to you, idiotically, that “Some women say you remind them of Heathcliff”… you do… Continue reading

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David Davis and Obama

9 July 2008 22:48

Matt Yglesias writes: the reality is that as long as Obama thinks he’s going to be wielding executive authority, he’s going to be useless as a check on out-of-control executive… Continue reading


Department of Free Markets Being Better than Black Markets

9 July 2008 11:52

A BBC Scotland documentary on organ sales is on TV tonight. The reporter discovers, shockingly, that: There is a black market in kidneys here in the UK. I secretly filmed… Continue reading

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