Friends, eh?

16 July 2007 18:18

Ah, Facebook… No sooner do I announce that I’m off to Cyprus than this harsh but fair note appears: I look forward to you being kidnapped by Turkish Cypriot terrorists,… Continue reading


Yet another hiatus…

16 July 2007 18:14

I’m afraid blogging is likely to be even lighter than usual this week as I’m going to be in Turkish Cyprus, attending the 33rd edition of "Peace and Freedom Day".… Continue reading


Dispatches from the Front Line

15 July 2007 18:13

It’s been going for a while now, but do check out this blog. It’s a collection of letters written by Private Harry Lamin to his brother and sister in England.… Continue reading

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Why I hope Conrad Black wins his appeal

14 July 2007 20:32

I carry no candle for Conrad Black and I’ve never worked for him. But his conviction on charges of fraud (albeit for raking in a comparatively trivial $3m) has occasioned… Continue reading


Ah, la belle France…

14 July 2007 15:54

Happy Bastille Day, mes amis!


The wages of spin…

14 July 2007 14:49

Mr Eugenides reminds one that, appallingly, you’re better off trusting Muammar Gaddafi than Tony Blair.


Jings, crivvens, whatever next? Groundskeeper Willie?

13 July 2007 20:14

Groan. Ana Marie Cox* links to an interview with Bill Clinton at the Aspen Ideas Festival in which he says that if Hillary wins the Presidency: "My Scottish friends suggest… Continue reading

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Giuliani waves the bloody shirt of 9/11?

13 July 2007 19:32

Glenn Reynolds suggests that the New York City firefighters’ attack on Rudy Giuliani are proof of, well, something: Between this and the silly stuff about Fred Thompson, Democrats are looking… Continue reading


From the annals of the “Special Relationship”…

13 July 2007 14:56

This is how a "No Spin" government works. Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Development and Gordon Brown’s long-time Mini-Me, comes to Washington to bravely speak truth to power.… Continue reading


Lionel Messi, Superstar

13 July 2007 6:04

Meant to post this earlier. Right now, I doubt there’s a more exciting footballer in the world than Lionel Messi. His goal against Mexico in the semi-final of the Copa… Continue reading


Biden on Bush

12 July 2007 21:37

Sometimes Joe Biden is actually pretty good: "This progress report is like the guy who’s falling from a 100-story building and says half-way down that ‘everything’s fine.’"


How much would you pay to end it now?

12 July 2007 17:54

A friend on Capitol Hill has had enough: We really need to offer a buy out package to Bush and Cheney.  I say $100 million each to end their term… Continue reading


Mr Brock in Basra…

12 July 2007 16:40

Quote of the day, courtesy of a British army spokesman in Basra: "We can categorically state that we have not released man-easting badgers into the area."


HMQ Not Amused

11 July 2007 23:12

My impression is that Annie Liebowitz is used to getting her own way.  Not all portraits are equal however… From a documentary titled A Year With the Queen comes this:… Continue reading