1 September 2008 0:00

Matt Zeitlin, a Cal golden Bear soon, I understand, to become a Northwestern Wildcat, is kind enough to say some nice things about my piece on college football.  Nonetheless Mr… Continue reading


A Great Day for America

31 August 2008 14:40

Obama “too good” to be President… [Hat-tip: Norm]


McCain’s decision making process

30 August 2008 3:33

A question for the rest of us: Suppose a President McCain approached every problem, dispute or stramash with the same rigour, diligence and sweet consideration with which he seems to… Continue reading


The Glass Ceiling Will Shatter in 2012

30 August 2008 0:09

If McCain loses in November there's no guarantee that Sarah Palin will be a front-runner to secure the GOP nomination in 2012 (though I'd guess she will be a contender).… Continue reading

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What do they know of Maggie, whom only Maggie’s legend know?

29 August 2008 23:49

More National Review foolishness. This time from Jay Nordlinger: Will Sarah P. [Palin] be considered a woman — by the media, by the “chattering classes”? That is a question worth… Continue reading


No-one expects the Alaskan Inquisition

29 August 2008 18:34

Like most people, I guess, I'm still coming to terms with John McCain's decision to select a running-mate young enough to be his wife. Sarah Palin is not the pick… Continue reading


Hail to the Victors

29 August 2008 13:14

I've another piece up over at Culture11, this time it's a hymn to college football, the best of all American sports. Yes, really. Next week I'll invite an American to… Continue reading


Of Race and Men

28 August 2008 19:28

Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online: I was in the car listening on XM when Obama was officially nominated. But I didn’t want to let it pass without saying that… Continue reading


The Lithuanian Conundrum

28 August 2008 17:57

Matt Yglesias wants to know why Lithuania (population 3.8million) is so good at basketball: As everyone knows, to succeed at basketball you need tall people. Not only do even your… Continue reading


California is another country, they do things differently there

28 August 2008 17:39

MattF's comment on the previous post merits a post of its own: My favorite (true!) New England-to-California story: A New England native moved to California and decided to start a… Continue reading


If we’d all have been living in California, We wouldn’t have worked at all…

28 August 2008 12:17

Some things never change. Classicist Mary Beard swaps cold and windswept Cambridge for sun-kissed Berkeley and is immediately overwhelmed by American abundance: Amazingly I have no borrowing limit. Accustomed as… Continue reading


The Deil’s Awa Wi’ the Exciseman (and several others)

27 August 2008 23:26

Can this really be true? And if so, is it hilarious or horrifying? Or, perhaps, both… David Gest and, of all people, Michael Jackson are recording an album of Robert… Continue reading


Why-oh-why-oh why does Obama hate the Irish?

27 August 2008 22:17

In the name of the wee man, has it come to this? Apparently it has. Barack Obama has not "committed" himself to appointing a US "Special Envoy" to Northern Ireland.… Continue reading


Farewell, Mushtaq Ahmed

27 August 2008 15:41

Alas, Mushtaq Ahmed is retiring. Injuries and the grind of the county circuit have taken their toll on the amiable Pakistani spinner, leaving him just 93 wickets short of the… Continue reading


Culture can be turned up to 11…

27 August 2008 13:47

I've a wee piece at the new webzine Culture11, which launches today, looking at sports that might profitably be brought back into the Olympic fold in times for London 2012.… Continue reading


The Don’s Final Century

27 August 2008 13:19

On to more important matters than the Democratic convention. Today marks the centenary the birth of Sir Donald Bradman, perhaps the greatest sportsman who ever lived and a man whose… Continue reading


What Hillary couldn’t quite bring herself to say…

27 August 2008 12:42

Hillary Clinton is, on the whole, enjoying rave reviews for her speech at the Democratic convention last night. Well, it wasn't terrible, I suppose. But she wasn't exactly fulsome in… Continue reading


“Ping pong is coming home”

26 August 2008 19:11

Whatever one thinks of Boris Johnson, the new Mayor of London, I think one can say that his speech in Beijing accepting the Olympic flag as it is passed from… Continue reading


Annals of Modern Life

26 August 2008 18:23

It had to happen: peanut butter now comes with a warning that, yup, it contains actual peanuts. On the other hand, perhaps this isn't as absurd as it may seem.… Continue reading

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From Gin Lane to Faliraki

26 August 2008 17:23

Ah, Sarah Lyall. Bless her. The New York Times' London correspondent has an entertainingly gruesome piece on the lagered-up misbehaviour of Brits on tour. No-one who has spent any time… Continue reading


Did you know McCain was once a POW?

26 August 2008 16:01

Is John McCain pretending to be a) Rudy Giuliani or b) John Kerry? Either way, this irrelevant invocation of his POW status threatens, if it continues to be used in… Continue reading


Sarko and Carla vs Barack and Michelle

26 August 2008 14:01

Art Goldhammer looks at the Democratic convention in Denver and lets loose his imagination… I got to thinking about what would have happened had a comparable scene been staged in… Continue reading


Olympic Dreams of Nonsense

25 August 2008 14:12

Victor Davis Hanson: If the Olympics were a referendum on comparative ideologies, then I suggest radical Islam is about through. Only a pedant, of course, would point out that the… Continue reading


Hold Your Hour and Have Another*

23 August 2008 23:24

James Poulos is absolutely correct: the Vice-Presidency is a job best filled by the best second-rate politician available. Remember, second-rate does not mean bad. I sort of had half a… Continue reading


Memo to Dave Stewart

23 August 2008 1:53

Shut up! You think this sort of stuff actually helps Barack Obama? You be mad then. Pure Hollywood comedy… [[Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan]