Mikes Blog Roundup

22 March 2008 17:15

As Katherine Mangu-Ward says plenty of normal people aren’t following the presidential race. Then there’s rapper DMX who’s given the best interview of the year so far. Choose your own… Continue reading


The Obama Curve

22 March 2008 13:43

Charles Murray on Obama:   I understand how naïve it is to read a presidential candidate’s speech as if it were anything except political positioning, but that leads me to… Continue reading

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Obama is Obviously Just the New Bush…

21 March 2008 4:15

Lord knows there’s no shortage of stupidity swishing around Barack Obama’s candidacy. But this, from Victor Davis Hanson – the Cincinnatus of the National Review – is as dumb as… Continue reading


Ban the Badger!

20 March 2008 15:14

Marvellous. From The Scotsman’s diary column: YOU’LL never eat lunch in this town again: the landlord of the Easter Road bar and eatery, Utopia, has placed a poster in his… Continue reading


New Labour’s Bankruptcy

20 March 2008 13:21

If you doubted that Gordon Brown’s government is already exhausted, consider the nonsense being peddled by Stephen Carter, the former PR supremo brought in to salvage something – anything! –… Continue reading


Department of World Begins in 1492

20 March 2008 12:50

Clive Davis: I might as well remind Barack Obama that the war in Iraq hasn’t lasted longer than WW2. There were some isolated outbreaks of fighting before Pearl Harbour.


Huckabee’s Moment

20 March 2008 12:44

It’s striking how refreshing Mike Huckabee’s reaction to the Jeremiah Wright frenzy is. We’re so used – and too many conservatives have demonstrated this again this week – to the… Continue reading


Westminster and Whitehall dishonour Britain again

20 March 2008 1:04

Need it be said that the treatment of the Gurkhas – by successive governments – is disgraceful and a harrowing indictment of the civil service and politicians alike? Have these… Continue reading

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By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Froze

19 March 2008 19:40

Ah, sweet, sweet New York City.


Guns in Britain and America

19 March 2008 17:24

Good news, for once, from Washington as the US Supreme Court looks likely to uphold a ruling that the District of Columbia’s blanket prohibition on owning handguns is unconstitutional. Frankly,… Continue reading


Poor people can fly: something must be done

19 March 2008 16:27

Highly amusing leader in the Guardian today: Flying has become a modern middle-class hypocrisy, a source of guilt and pleasure all at the same time. Everyone is confused. OK, if… Continue reading


Jeremiah Wright & Ken Mehlman

19 March 2008 15:11

Impolitic though it is to say, I’d suggest that the idea that a) the United States government created the AIDS virus and unleashed it upon the African-American community is no… Continue reading


Obama’s speech

18 March 2008 19:24

Barack Obama’s speech today on race and America should, if there’s any justice, seal the Democratic party’s presidential nomination. It is a remarkable, subtle, nuanced discussion of how and why… Continue reading

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McCartney DivorceSettlement

17 March 2008 19:55

Danny Finkelstein: Please accept that what I am about to write I do as someone who is a. A big fan of Paul McCartney and b. Entirely ignorant of divorce… Continue reading


Quote of the Day

17 March 2008 15:24

From Alasdair Reid’s inquest into Saturday’s Roman debacle: Rome is not exactly short of statues, but they could raise another one this morning to Dan Parks, the Scotland fly-half, whose… Continue reading


Legislation is the Real Enemy of the People

17 March 2008 14:58

There’s no stopping this blogging thing. The latest citadel to fall is, of all places, the dear old House of Lords. Hence Lords of the Blog which officially launched today.… Continue reading


Department of Prissyness

17 March 2008 14:02

Ezra says this New York Post headline – ‘Whore-ible Ordeal: Dad – demonstrates that – shockingly! – the NYP "isn’t a very classy newspaper". And thank god for that. There… Continue reading


Wherever the Green is Worn

17 March 2008 5:35

The ten worst Irish accents in cinema history? Check ‘em out here. Amazingly, Tom Cruise doesn’t take the top spot… So, yeah, Happy St Patrick’s Day. Time then, to dust… Continue reading


The Cheney School of Parenting

17 March 2008 1:59

Harlan Coben takes to the op-ed pages of The New York Times to recommend parents install spyware on their kids’ computers. Make no mistake: If you put spyware on your… Continue reading


Constantine’s XI

16 March 2008 23:10

You didn’t think I’d forgotten did you? After Armstrong and Benaud we come, logically enough, to Chappell Constantine. [Updated after much dithering. To hell with  it, however, romance demands that… Continue reading


Presumption of Innocence? You’re Having a Laugh Mate…

16 March 2008 14:24

The most dismal aspect of this, shall we say, innovative proposal is that it is not in the least bit surprising. Equally, one ought not to be astonished when politicians… Continue reading


Dick Holbrooke as Captain America?

16 March 2008 13:32

Dan Drezner’s at a high-powered conference in Brussels from where he relates this interesting tidbit concerning Richard Holbrooke: I have it on good authority that, not only does the former… Continue reading


“The bonhomie of a high-school health teacher”

16 March 2008 11:38

Brilliant Ryan Lizza piece on Hillary in this week’s New Yorker. Key paragraph: Unlike Hubert Humphrey, Al Smith, or even her husband, Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail has never… Continue reading

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It’s his world, we just suffer in it

15 March 2008 20:31

LOL-Cats are so yesterday. The new sensation sweeping the British blogosphere is the LOL-Blair. No wonder, given the former Prime Minister’s modest ambitions: After accepting a job as Middle East… Continue reading

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Department of Appropriateness

15 March 2008 19:35

From James Fallows’ Tibet-blogging: CCTV coverage (that’s state-run China Central TV) Lots more interesting stuff here and here.