One Iranian Policy We Should Welcome. And Copy.

1 July 2009 0:07

Andrew Sullivan is soliciting examples of what one might term The Iran Behind the Headlines. Here’s one I blogged about last year. As Alex Tabarrok put it at the time:… Continue reading


Swimming with Barracuda: The Continued Adventures of Sarah Palin

30 June 2009 20:30

What next for Sarah Palin? Todd Purdum’s Vanity Fair profile is designed to be, as Jason Zengerle puts it, brutal. But, as the Economist’s Democracy in America notes, there are… Continue reading


The Worst President in American History?

30 June 2009 18:16

Thomas Sowell is a clever fellow who has made important contributions to any number of debates. Alas, he seems to have abandoned the ship of sanity to swim with the… Continue reading


At last, some encouraging news on health…

30 June 2009 15:42

Good news! At least for me. From a list of "Health Myths": 5. Cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis. Knuckle-crackers are no more likely to have arthritis than those who… Continue reading

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May God Protect Us From the ICC & All Their Improvements…

30 June 2009 15:20

Not all change is necessarily or automatically regrettable. Even in cricket. Nonetheless, anytime anyone from the ICC talks about future plans you know that something terrible is on th ecards.… Continue reading


When Cabinet Ministers Attack Bloggers…

30 June 2009 13:59

Fraser’s most recent post is one of the funniest things I’ve read this week. Regardless of the detail lurking in the government’s numbers, this is the sort of thing that… Continue reading


How New Labour Policy Making Works

29 June 2009 23:43

The best New Labour policies have always been designed for sale to liberals and reactionaries at the same time. When I was on The Observer I always made a point of… Continue reading


Immigration & Welfare Reform

29 June 2009 2:59

Unsurprisingly, Fraser made some sound points in his two recent posts on immigration. But the main lesson, surely, to be drawn from his argument is that the problem lies with… Continue reading


Name of the Year

28 June 2009 17:14

Tamara Lush is a pretty groovy name, you’ll agree. But, sadly, not groovy enough to merit entry into the draw for the annual Name of the Year contest, a perennial… Continue reading


Wimbledon & Murray’s Progress

28 June 2009 2:13

Andy Murray serves against Serbia’s Victor Troicki in a Men’s Singles match in the third round of the 2009 Wimbledon Tennis Championships at the All England Tennis Club. Photo: Carl… Continue reading


Is There a Real Desire for Change at Westminster?

27 June 2009 16:22

This may seem a peculiar thing to say after weeks of anger from the public and self-laceration among MPs, but I’m not talking about the fall-out from the expenses scandal.… Continue reading


Saturday Afternoon Country: California Style

27 June 2009 13:30

Way back in carefree college days in Dublin, I had a friend who considered Dwight Yoakam one of the great artists of the late twentieth century. Since the glory of… Continue reading


A Vital Service for MPs…

26 June 2009 20:16

Clearly this is the website for MPs. And, er, journalists. Yup, it’s Happily, they assure parliamentarians that "We do NOT violate the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act (1981) of England… Continue reading


Motor City Woe

26 June 2009 18:57

Michigan native Amy Sullivan on the latest scandal in the Motor City: Monica Conyers, Detroit councilwoman and wife* of House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers, pled guilty today in a bribery… Continue reading


The Muslim Menace to Our British Nationality. For Real!

26 June 2009 3:20

Here’s a disturbing report from one of the great institutions of the land: They cannot be assimilated and absorbed into the British race. They remain a people by themselves, segregated… Continue reading


The Never-Ending Neoconservative War on Soccer

25 June 2009 17:33

Long-time readers may recall that one of this blog’s minor amusements is chronicling the ridiculous extent to which some Americans – mainly, it must be said, on the right –… Continue reading


A Desperate Prime Minister’s Desperate Ploy

25 June 2009 14:47

Although I’ve long felt that the Unionist parties would have been well-advised to call Alex Salmond’s bluff and have an independence referendum as soon as possible (like, er, this year),… Continue reading

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A Reckoning I Didn’t Reckon On

24 June 2009 23:26

Kitty Ussher’s article in today’s Evening Standard made me think again about the consequences of the MPs’ expenses scandal. Kitty will be leaving us at the next election because she… Continue reading


June 24th, 1314: A Good Day for Scotland, a Vital Day for Unionism

24 June 2009 18:58

Robert Bruce (1274 – 1329), King of Scots from 1306, breaks the handle of his battleaxe as he kills the English knight Sir Henry de Bohun with a blow to… Continue reading


The Washington Delusion

24 June 2009 16:55

In one sense, of course, John McCain is correct to say: "The president saying that we didn’t want to be perceived as meddling, is, frankly, not what America’s history is… Continue reading


Talking Tough on Iran

24 June 2009 13:42

If you knew that you were likely to be framed by the police, would you go ahead and commit the crime anyway, reasoning that you had nothing to lose? Would… Continue reading


Commentariat v Bloggertariat event

23 June 2009 23:50

Really interesting debate on who is winning the Blog/Comment War last night at Edelman HQ in Victoria Street. I tried to argue that they are part of the same continuum.… Continue reading


Obama’s Miserable Pandering

23 June 2009 23:04

We’ll get back to Iran in due course, but first here’s a miserable moment from today’s press conference at the White House. Asked by some ghastly hack from McClatchy about… Continue reading


Something Between a Blogger and a Commentator

22 June 2009 10:33

This evening I have the pleasure of speaking about the ongoing battle between the Commentariat and the Bloggertariat at an Editorial Intelligence event. My fellow panellists are David Aaronovitch of… Continue reading


David Cameron Fails his Persian Exam.

22 June 2009 1:17

Iain Dale, however, thinks Cameron passed with flying colours. I suppose it was merely a matter of time before the "Why Won’t Obama Come to the Aid of the Protestors?"… Continue reading