Question of the Day

28 March 2008 2:08

From Stephen Pollard, interrupting his holiday to enjoy the chaos at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5: Does anything work in Britain? Ever? Well, does it?


Department of Sports Journalism

28 March 2008 2:05

If Furman Bisher (great name!) is typical of the sports staff at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution then, you know, newspapers probably do deserve to die. Baseball used to be a game… Continue reading

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Cricket and Baseball II

28 March 2008 1:46

Ross responds to my gentle tweaking about baseball and cricket here. He makes some fair points. But thinking about it just now, it occurs to me that there’s another major… Continue reading

27 March 2008 19:56

There’s plenty of doom and gloom in Eric Alterman’s appraisal of the state of the American newspaper industry but not, for better or worse, much to disagree with. The relevance… Continue reading


Hillary of Belfast (Again)

27 March 2008 15:42

Gosh, from this remarkable exchange with Jamie Rubin you could almost be forgiven for thinking that Hillary Clinton had more to do with the Northern Irish "peace process" than, hmmm,… Continue reading

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Nurse Bloomberg for Washington?

27 March 2008 14:54

Add this to the reasons to be skeptical of Barack Obama… Vice-President Bloomberg*? I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg for his extraordinary leadership. At a time when Washington is divided… Continue reading


Craven Research Can’t Possibly Harm Your Throat

26 March 2008 4:25

It’s entirely possible that the research cited in this New York Times story has been corrupted by the fact that it seems to have been sponsored, in part or at… Continue reading

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Why oh why oh why indeed?

26 March 2008 2:47

Is this Glenn Reynolds post a plea for more coverage of Tibet or less of Palestine? GOOD QUESTION:  Why Do Palestinians Get Much More Attention than Tibetans? But, just perhaps,… Continue reading

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A New Cultural Revolution

26 March 2008 1:46

I wish this surprised or even shocked me. True, this is Dundee, but even so… Six young brothers and sisters face being taken from their parents and put into care… Continue reading


The Greatest Game of All

25 March 2008 21:15

Today, being perhaps the best day of the year*, is a good moment to consider Ross Douthat’s assertion that John Rawls was right. We do not speak of philosophy, of… Continue reading


Last Word on Hillary of Tuzla

25 March 2008 20:26

Hillary’s latest*: On saying last week that she landed under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996, when she was first lady: "I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke."… Continue reading

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Brain cancer? You need to do better than that, Miss…

25 March 2008 19:04

America’s drug laws are wicked. So too are the scandalous conditions inside American prisons. And sometimes the people running those prisons are crueler than you might think possible. Radley Balko… Continue reading


There’s Romance in the Union

25 March 2008 17:48

One of Gordon Brown’s flunkies* writes in today’s Telegraph: More than a year ago I argued that a debate about the future of the United Kingdom was long overdue. I… Continue reading


Score one for common sense instead…

25 March 2008 14:59

So I see this at The Corner: British Future "Muslims ‘to outnumber traditional churchgoers.’" Score one for Steyn. Interesting (well, sort of) if true! But it turns out that the… Continue reading


What’s the worst movie ever?

24 March 2008 18:57

How do you measure a truly awful movie? Joe Queenan explains: To qualify as one of the worst films of all time, several strict requirements must be met. For starters,… Continue reading


Hillary Abroad

24 March 2008 4:13

As I’ve argued here on several previous occasions, Hillary Clinton’s pretence that she was a serious foreign policy player during her husband’s administration is simply laughable. Now her White House… Continue reading


Wouldn’t it be easier to just lock-up the kids?

24 March 2008 1:11

The latest salvo in the War on People of Smoke: Displaying cigarettes in shops could be banned under government plans being considered in a bid to reduce smoking and discourage… Continue reading


Lord Ted’s XI

23 March 2008 22:46

In the wake of Armstrong and Benaud and Constantine we come, as we must, to Dexter. THE D XI 1. Stewart Dempster (NZ)2. Ted Dexter (ENG) (Capt)3. Rahul Dravid (IND)4.… Continue reading


Location, location, location

23 March 2008 20:03

Daniel Drezner praises Elaine Sciolino, who is leaving Paris after five years as the New York Times’ correspondent, as a "fine reporter/observer". Not so fast, cautions Arthur Goldhammer: Her swan… Continue reading


Hillary’s Amazing Balkan Adventure

23 March 2008 17:47

It’s the little fabrications that tell you all you need to know about a Presidential candidate. This, then, is very entertaining. [Via Mr Yglesias]


A Scots-Irish candidate for a Scots-Irish people?

23 March 2008 14:26

Megan McArdle is surely right that Jamie Kirchik’s prediction that Massachusetts may vote Republican this November seems, shall we say, implausible. Kirchik suggests that: a Scots-Irish war veteran as the… Continue reading

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Top of the Table!

22 March 2008 17:58

Selkirk’s Lee Jones tackles a West of Scotland player during this afternoon’s splendid 24-10 victory at Philiphaugh. My boys, it’s fair to say, gave Mr Eugenides’ boys one hell of… Continue reading

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Mikes Blog Roundup

22 March 2008 17:15

As Katherine Mangu-Ward says plenty of normal people aren’t following the presidential race. Then there’s rapper DMX who’s given the best interview of the year so far. Choose your own… Continue reading


The Obama Curve

22 March 2008 13:43

Charles Murray on Obama:   I understand how naïve it is to read a presidential candidate’s speech as if it were anything except political positioning, but that leads me to… Continue reading

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Obama is Obviously Just the New Bush…

21 March 2008 4:15

Lord knows there’s no shortage of stupidity swishing around Barack Obama’s candidacy. But this, from Victor Davis Hanson – the Cincinnatus of the National Review – is as dumb as… Continue reading