US to UK: You Think We Care?

31 July 2007 16:15

Remember that book, He’s Just Not That into You: The No-Excuses Guide to Understanding Guys? There are times when I think Britons should remember this message when they consider the… Continue reading


Pour encourager les autres? Oui, monsieur…

31 July 2007 14:20

Of course I agree with Megan that dog-fighting is a bad, even wicked thing. Still, I was struck by her (cutting) question: did Michael Vick and his pals think that… Continue reading


The Diversity of the British Press

31 July 2007 12:48

One of the other great glories of the British press is cartooning. Drawing (ha!) their inspiration from a tradition that stretches back to Hogarth and Gillray, today’s cartoonists take pride… Continue reading


Does the GOP want to be the Nasty Party?

31 July 2007 2:35

David Frum looks at the GOP’s slide in support amongst voters under 30 and doesn’t like what he sees: White young people continue to favor Republicans by a thin but… Continue reading


The George and Gordon Show Begins Its Run

30 July 2007 18:58

UPDATE: Welcome TNR Plank people. Nice to see y’all again… Gordon Brown’s approach to the United States has followed the traditional “Good cop, Bad Cop” approach. Having let his subordinates… Continue reading


This Washington Life

30 July 2007 15:24

Quote for the Day: "In Washington, achievement is measured by how much legislation is passed and how much money is spent, not by whether the nation’s interests are advanced." Cato’s… Continue reading


Why vote Tory?

30 July 2007 13:57

While Gordon Brown visits Camp David for the first time as Prime Minister (on which more later), David Cameron takes stock. The Tories have been surprised by the goodwill that… Continue reading


While Smeaton watches, Scotland never sleeps…

30 July 2007 2:27

Memo to terrorists: you’ve missed your opportunity. It’s too late now. Just pack up and go home. John Smeaton  – the Pride of the Clyde and scourge of terrorists everywhere… Continue reading

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Embro to the ploy…

28 July 2007 22:26

Sunday’s New York Times travel section has a 36-hour guide to what to do and see in Edinburgh. Unfortunately it’s terrible, listing rotten pubs and feeble restaurants. Though it’s a)… Continue reading

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Baltimore-Limerick connections…

28 July 2007 21:50

This interesting story about jury duty in Baltimore brought to mind that old and favourite line from an Irish judge: You have been acquitted by a Limerick jury and may… Continue reading


Flipper Romney stumbles onto truth…

27 July 2007 17:50

Romney in Iowa: "America is not happy with how the war in Iraq   is going, and is angry. But America is not about to take a sharp left turn… Continue reading


Can we please lock up the prosecutors instead?

27 July 2007 15:38

If you only read one thing today, read this. Then weep. Of course, don’t expect this sort of thing to be addressed by any of the Presidential candidates (with the… Continue reading


Shambo RIP

27 July 2007 13:47

It’s official. A nation mourns. Mr Eugenides strikes a mournful, plangent note: Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy T-bone,Silence the tambourines… Continue reading


James Bond vs. Jason Bourne

27 July 2007 7:19

Peter Suderman and Isaac Chotiner each highlight an interview with Matt Damon (who is promoting the latest Jason Bourne thrilla, The Bourne Ultimatum). I like Damon. He’s an increasingly interesting… Continue reading


Department of Dangerous Books

26 July 2007 21:53

Does this sorry tale demonstrate a) the dangers of reading, b) the extraordinary idiocy of local government or c) both? I’d say it was extraordinary except for the fact that… Continue reading


The Greatest Non-Reader of Them All

26 July 2007 20:50

As a coda to yesterday’s posts on Not Reading Books, it was remiss of me not to quote the man who may make a decent claim to being the greatest… Continue reading


Department of missing the point completely

26 July 2007 18:54

Good grief. Jonah Goldberg makes this argument: I think, even if broadly accurate, Frank made a mistake in running these pieces because they aren’t up to the standards of his… Continue reading


Shock troops latest:

26 July 2007 18:11

Much gnashing of teeth in conservative circles over a TNR piece written by a soldier in Iraq that catalogues various episodes of unsavoury behaviour in Iraq. The Weekly Standard has… Continue reading

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The School for Scoundrels

26 July 2007 17:37

On Turkey’s lobbying to prevent Congress recognising the Armenian genocide, TNR’s Mike Crowley notes that people such as Dick Gephardt, who once supported the Armenian cause, now bat for the… Continue reading

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In which it’s a small, small world…

26 July 2007 16:54

Heaps and heaps of stuff has been written on the historic/revolutionary/awesome CNN/YouTube debate on Monday night. But what are the odds that you’d see and old friend from college days… Continue reading

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Shambo to the Slaughter? For shame!

26 July 2007 16:06

A couple of days ago I mentioned the heart-tugging story of Shambo, the Heroic Hindu Bull in west Wales threatened with execution simply because he’s contracted TB. This is just… Continue reading


French Pro-Americanism

25 July 2007 23:35

David Frum is joking, right? I will never take Europeans seriously again (not that I took them so seriously in the first place) when they complain about the American gun… Continue reading


Stephen Potter’s Guide to Reading

25 July 2007 20:50

Megan links to the now almost famous Not Reading post and recalls a conversation we had: Me:  I’ve never read Camus in English. Alex:  That’s brilliant!  I’m going to use… Continue reading


Remembrance of Time Wasted

25 July 2007 19:28

On the subject of not reading books, commenter Jim Barnett has an excellent idea: How about a new category: LR, for "Livres que je regrette d’avoir lus" – books I… Continue reading


Cheney Derangement Syndrome

25 July 2007 19:23

This is, perhaps, the funniest thing I’ve read all year. Possibly this century. Reviewing Steve Hayes’ biography of Dick Cheney, Ira Stoll dreams of a Cheney run for the Presidency.… Continue reading