David Davis: Principled Troubador or Egomaniac?

13 June 2008 4:41

Everyone agreed that David Davis's resignation yesterday was extraordinary political theatre and that it would be a rash man who predicted its consequences. Some pundits were prepared to acknowledge the… Continue reading


Zimbabwe’s Dr Benito Speaks!

12 June 2008 18:07

Many thanks to Isaac Chotiner for pointing out the latest example of what he rightly considers to be Scoop-turned-fact. One the one hand, Zimbabwe's opposition leaders are being detained, on… Continue reading

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The Fresh Winds of Principle

12 June 2008 14:00

David Davis, the shadow Home Secretary, resigns his seat to fight a by-election on the principles of liberty and justice. A startling move, by any measure. And one worthy of… Continue reading


Responsibility, Duty, Decency

12 June 2008 13:48

Mr Eugenides observes that for all the talk – much of it reasonable – that the Tories are soft on liberty and that we lbertarian-types should therefore vote for UKIP… Continue reading

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The Importance of Kicking Gordon

12 June 2008 13:21

Defeat for Gordon Brown on 42 Days yesterday would have been catastrophic. But, as I suggested, victory hasn't done him much good either. The Spectator samples press reaction: "Desperate Brown… Continue reading


America Under Siege!

12 June 2008 13:13

American icons are under threat! The Chrysler building has been sold – gasp! – to Arabs; now the Belgians have launched a bid to buy – double gasp! – Budweiser…… Continue reading

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The American-Americans

12 June 2008 12:44

Matt Yglesias posted an interesting map the other day: It's a map drawn from US Census bureau data on ethnicity and ancestry. According to the census, however, some 7% of… Continue reading


The DUP’s Calculation

11 June 2008 18:12

MPs are voting on 42 Days now. I only watched the last part of the debate and am biased in favour of the opposition but even so, the weakness of… Continue reading


PMQs: 42 Days Edition

11 June 2008 14:42

Here’s Cameron vs Brown at Prime Minister’s Questions today.


Brown’s Pointless Victory

11 June 2008 12:59

It's a measure of Gordon Brown's weakness that he's come so close to losing the vote on 42 Days. But, as Ben Brogan reports, he's done it: The DUP are… Continue reading

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Malachi Malagrowther Smiles

11 June 2008 8:27

Scottish banknotes are saved. Hurrah!

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Department of Why On Earth Would You Do That?

11 June 2008 1:20

Astonishingly, Barack Obama returns Scarlett Johansson's emails. Equally charmingly, Miss Johansson professes herself surprised by this: “You’d imagine that someone like the senator who is constantly traveling and constantly ‘on’… Continue reading


Snuff Moves

11 June 2008 0:57

My old friend Gerald Warner has, I'm glad to discover, a blog at the Telegraph entitled Is It Just Me? (sometimes, yes, Gerald, I'm afraid it is…). In his most… Continue reading

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42 Days: The View from Scotland

10 June 2008 17:39

A heartening, very interesting – and highly unusual – intervention by the Lord Advocate: Scotland's top prosecutor has said the case has not been made for extending the length of… Continue reading

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Department of Advertising

10 June 2008 15:09

Shamefully, I don't think I'd heard of Billy Beer until Mike Crowley posted this fantastic advertisement at The Stump. I mean, what better slogan could there be? Could an reader… Continue reading


A Manifesto I Can Sign!

9 June 2008 19:40

In broad terms I agree with Will Wilkinson here: Should you be a state-smashing radical or a milquetoast piecemealer? I don’t know. The debate over reformism versus radicalism is never-ending.… Continue reading

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Obama: Better than a Mere Messiah

9 June 2008 15:37

A friend in San Francisco sent me an article that, I suspect, has to be the best thing written about Barack Obama yet. Mark Morford, a San Francisco Chronicle columnist… Continue reading

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No Country for Young Men (or Women)

9 June 2008 15:16

Scotland on Sunday's splash yesterday highlighted a report to the UN written by from the country's Children's Commissioner which presents a ghastly, even dystopian vision of Scotland as being, it… Continue reading

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When a wink is better than a policy proposal.

9 June 2008 14:58

What accounts for John McCain's popularity? By which I mean, of course, his popularity amongst the press and television pundit class. After all, by some conventional measures, McCain is a… Continue reading


Adopting Mencken’s Definition of Democracy

8 June 2008 13:30

The government's proposals for incarcerating suspects for up to 42 days before being required, however inconveniently, to produce a charge are, naturally, appalling. How can you be so sure? Well,… Continue reading

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Annals of Punditry

7 June 2008 13:10

Euro 2008 starts today and happily we're spared the agony of watching Scotland play. The BBC are doing their best to persuade us that even a tournament "without England" might… Continue reading


Former PM Offers Sanity (Obviously it ain’t ACL Blair)

7 June 2008 12:30

I suspect that MPs are sufficiently craven – and willing to put the government's political prospects ahead of any petty concerns about principle or, god help us, justice – that… Continue reading


Question of the Day

6 June 2008 19:12

Is the Scottish Parliament building more of  "a poured-concrete Vogon love poem" than Boston's city hall?


The Trials of Guantanamo

6 June 2008 17:56

From a WaPo dispatch from the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed: Mohammed appeared to have equal disdain for the process, but he only briefly mentioned his "torturing" at the hands… Continue reading


O tempora, o mores!

6 June 2008 15:46

Guardianista logic: I like classics I think classics should be promoted Boris Johnson promotes the classics Boris Johnson is a toff Boris Johnson is therefore damaging the classics The classics… Continue reading