Monarchy is Better than a Republic

17 August 2009 23:20

If you wrote this about a monarch it might seem a trifle silly; writing it about a mere politician is simply embarrassing. So, take it away Peggy Noonan: I always… Continue reading


The End of the Affair: America & Obama Fall Out of Love?

17 August 2009 19:29

So, it’s August and Barack Obama’s approval rating is barely above 50% and only 40% of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction. The President’s legislative agenda… Continue reading


Oh No! The Muslims Are Coming!

17 August 2009 14:14

Sure as eggs is eggs, you can count on some folk being terribly exercised each time it is "revealed" that lots of boys named Mohammed, or some variation of the… Continue reading


England Trott Towards Disaster

16 August 2009 17:47

So, the selectors have spoken. And what a dreary story they have to tell. The selection of Jonathan Trott (and the retention of Ian Bell) for the final test of… Continue reading


The Importance of Penance

15 August 2009 20:07

Following this excellent column at the Daily Beast, Bruce Bartlett, a veteran Republican whose credentials are established by his work for Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan and Goerge HW Bush, emails… Continue reading


Saturday Morning Country: Patsy Cline

15 August 2009 12:23

Dolly Parton is a lady and Emmylou Harris is a dame, but Patsy Cline was a broad. A rootin’ tootin’ bar-room broad as fond of cussin’ as she was of… Continue reading

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Stand up for Jim Fitzpatrick

14 August 2009 23:01

Jim Fitzpatrick, the Labour MP for Poplar and Canning Town has probably just lost his seat to George Galloway who plans to challenge him at the next election. But Fitzpatrick was right… Continue reading


Mencken’s Thought for the Day

14 August 2009 17:38

Writing the diary column* for this week’s edition of the magazine, I can’t believe I failed to quote from HL Mencken. The insufferable nonsense provoked by what passes for a… Continue reading


The Most Heart-Warming Article You’ll Read Today

14 August 2009 16:45

I’d never heard of xeroderma pigmentosum until Bronx Banter alerted me to Rick Reilly’s latest ESPN column. I generally consider Reilly an intolerable jackass but this column is very good.… Continue reading


Osbourne’s Positioning

14 August 2009 15:25

I like it when Fraser gets, you know, all kind and helpful: Mr Osborne’s positioning is perfect. He has chosen the right trajectory, and is expressing the Tory mission in… Continue reading


Let the Alan Duncan Incident Be a Warning to You, Mr Cameron

13 August 2009 21:11

The last time I was invited to Alan Duncan’s office in the House of Commons I took a film camera with me. I didn’t hide it and took a film… Continue reading


Freeing the Lockerbie Bomber?

13 August 2009 16:12

Back when I worked at Scotland on Sunday I was never the Lockerbie Guy. Nor was I even the Lockerbie Guy’s Assistant. For years every paper needed a Lockerbie specialist,… Continue reading


George W Bush: Terrorist Appeaser?

13 August 2009 11:00

Well, according to Dick Cheney, George W Bush was just as almost as bad as your average America-hating euro-weenie or member of the Democratic Congressional caucus. Barton Gellman – whose… Continue reading


The Other Glorious Twelfth

12 August 2009 17:07

Ian Elliot, Grouse Keeper views a grouse moor, at Horseupcleugh estate in the Lammermuir Hills in the Borders. The Glorious Twelfth is the official starting date for the red grouse… Continue reading


Burmese Days

12 August 2009 11:34

It may be counted a sign of progress – small, for sure, but real nonetheless – that the Guardian and Telegraph editorials this morning largely resist kneejerk calls for tightening… Continue reading


Akehurst v. Harris: The Labour Battlelines Are Drawn

11 August 2009 22:58

As readers of a right-wing magazine there is no reason you will have heard of the following individuals, but as this is supposed to be coming to you from enemy… Continue reading


The Torture Debate

10 August 2009 23:09

There isn’t one. That was a trick headline. The line between a state that tortures and the state that does everything in its power to avoid the physical abuse of… Continue reading


Stephen Hawking Has Not Yet Been Murdered by the NHS

10 August 2009 23:08

There are, I think, two essential truths in international health policy. No-one sees fit to copy the National Health Service and no-one sees fit to copy the American system. Still,… Continue reading


Do Football Managers Make a Difference?

10 August 2009 19:45

Left Back in the Changing Room and More than Mind Games have already commented on Simon Kuper’s* article in the FT that argues that football managers have no real impact… Continue reading


A Georgian Folly

10 August 2009 13:11

I must say I was surprised by Fraser’s praise for Mikheil Saakashvili on Friday and his support for the stance taken by David Cameron and Liam Fox on matters Russian… Continue reading


Painting Scotland

10 August 2009 12:40

Perthshire Moorland, by Aberfeldy. By Claudia Massie. There is, of course, plenty to do and see in Edinburgh in August. But amidst the many joys of festival Edinburgh, may I… Continue reading


MPs and Whistleblowers

10 August 2009 8:37

I’m delighted to see Tony Wright’s Public Accounts Committee recognising what many of us knew all along: a "culture that encourages proper whistleblowing… is the best safeguard against leaking". The… Continue reading


A Very English Cricketing Fiasco

9 August 2009 17:48

Selkirk vs Langholm at Philiphaugh, 8/9/08 Actually, it wasn’t a completely disastrous cricketing weekend. Selkirk did successfully chase 206 to defeat Langholm in the Border League. Not called upon to… Continue reading


Saturday Morning Country: Merle Haggard

8 August 2009 0:41

One of my favourite blog features is Norm’s Friday blogger profiles. This week he profiles Willie George Haggard and, frankly, its a doozy. It reminds me that I’ve been a… Continue reading


Deal of the Century: Buy a Truck, Get a Free AK-47

7 August 2009 21:19

God bless America. Last year Mark Muller ran a summer promotion giving away a free hand gun with every car his Butler, Missouri dealership sold. This year he’s upping the… Continue reading