Department of Employment: Jobs Scots won’t do?

18 June 2008 14:31

Looming crisis in the countryside requires immediate action: Efforts are being made to reverse a decline in sheep shearers in Scotland. The workforce is ageing, with fewer young people entering… Continue reading

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Tom Waits is Magnificent

17 June 2008 20:23

Ben Smith is right: more press conferences should be like this…


McCain lobbies for place in Brown cabinet…

17 June 2008 16:00

Meanwhile, in America habeas corpus is also in the news, prompting an excellent column from George Will today: McCain, co-author of the McCain-Feingold law that abridges the right of free… Continue reading

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DD for You and Me

17 June 2008 15:52

David Davis's new website is up and running (sort of) and you can follow him on Twitter here.


Polly’s Britian

17 June 2008 6:45

A faithful correspondent emails: "I know it rightly pains you to contemplate the existence of Polly Toynbee, but is she actually saying that the worst thing about New Labour was… Continue reading

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How America is just like China…

17 June 2008 5:14

James Fallows has a very interesting post about what it's like to be a foreigner in China, in which he writes: I think I now can explain why, despite the… Continue reading


Cricket Notes: West Indies

17 June 2008 1:18

The ICC (that's the International Cricket Council) and the authorities in England keep banging on about how they want to ensure that test cricket remains the pinnacle of the game.… Continue reading


Ich bin ein hamburger

16 June 2008 21:10

Do you have what it takes to become a German citizen? I do. (Like Daniel Larison, I scored 5/7.)

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A Wartime Christmas

16 June 2008 20:51

All the London papers' obituary pages reward close attention, but the Daily Telegraph remains peerless in tracking the lives and, obviously, deaths, of WW2 servicemen. These accounts of remarkable derring-do… Continue reading


Something Must Be Done! This is Something!

16 June 2008 14:02

Chris Dillow has a splendid post filleting the Scottish government's plans to raise the age at which one may purchase alcohol at an off-license from 18 to 21. As he… Continue reading


K is for Kapil

15 June 2008 23:00

Apologies for the delay in publishing this latest installment in our marathon series. Still, here it is at last. So far we have has featured teams skippered by: Armstrong, Benaud,… Continue reading


The Dubya Has Landed

15 June 2008 17:10

Via Jim Manzi, it seems that thousands and thousands of people are being inconvenienced by George W Bush's arrival at Heathrow. Well, I don't particularly begrudge him his security (but… Continue reading


Tim Russert’s Shoes

15 June 2008 14:22

This isn't a criticism of Tim Russert, per se, rather an anecdote that, though trivial, is also rather revealing. From Mark Leibovich's nicely-judged piece in the New York Times: My… Continue reading


Asylum Galore! Or, Passport to the Kingsway

15 June 2008 14:04

Good grief. This is a terrific, amazing story. Congratulations to Rachel Stevenson and Harriet Grant. It's almost like an Ealing comedy except, of course, you know, serious. And, I think,… Continue reading


Great British Moustache Triumph!

15 June 2008 2:05

Who dares say the United States never listens to British concerns? An RAF fighter pilot has won his battle with the United States Air Force over the size of his… Continue reading


Transatlantic Differences

15 June 2008 0:37

The Atlantic has a very interesting, unintentionally hilarious Mark Bowden piece on Rupert Murdoch's plans for the Wall Street Journal. Apparently the newsroom is very troubled by the new proprietor's… Continue reading

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Sometimes Washington Really is a Small Town

14 June 2008 23:55

Like anyone else who's spent any time in Washington these past 20 years, I was stunned by the sad news of Tim Russert's death, aged just 58, on Friday. these… Continue reading

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The View from Beyond Westminster Bridge

14 June 2008 16:06

Since I wrote this, I'm hardly likely to disagree with the thrust of Matthew Parris's column in The Times today, am I? I distrust clichés such as “Westminster village”, but… Continue reading


These People Are In Your Government

13 June 2008 19:02

How can you tell if David Davis is right? Easy! As Mr Eugenides says, just look at these reactions:: JACQUI SMITH, HOME SECRETARY Faced with a crucial decision on the… Continue reading


David Davis: Principled Troubador or Egomaniac?

13 June 2008 4:41

Everyone agreed that David Davis's resignation yesterday was extraordinary political theatre and that it would be a rash man who predicted its consequences. Some pundits were prepared to acknowledge the… Continue reading


Zimbabwe’s Dr Benito Speaks!

12 June 2008 18:07

Many thanks to Isaac Chotiner for pointing out the latest example of what he rightly considers to be Scoop-turned-fact. One the one hand, Zimbabwe's opposition leaders are being detained, on… Continue reading

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The Fresh Winds of Principle

12 June 2008 14:00

David Davis, the shadow Home Secretary, resigns his seat to fight a by-election on the principles of liberty and justice. A startling move, by any measure. And one worthy of… Continue reading


Responsibility, Duty, Decency

12 June 2008 13:48

Mr Eugenides observes that for all the talk – much of it reasonable – that the Tories are soft on liberty and that we lbertarian-types should therefore vote for UKIP… Continue reading

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The Importance of Kicking Gordon

12 June 2008 13:21

Defeat for Gordon Brown on 42 Days yesterday would have been catastrophic. But, as I suggested, victory hasn't done him much good either. The Spectator samples press reaction: "Desperate Brown… Continue reading


America Under Siege!

12 June 2008 13:13

American icons are under threat! The Chrysler building has been sold – gasp! – to Arabs; now the Belgians have launched a bid to buy – double gasp! – Budweiser…… Continue reading

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