Trotting Towards Victory

25 August 2009 11:56

Sorry for the light posting: a house full of friends and family explains that. Normal peace and quiet has returned this morning. Which means that, yes, as some readers have… Continue reading


Amazon & Wodehouse

25 August 2009 10:55

The thinking is, I suppose, that this book is about a valet and Wodehouse’s writing featured a gentleman’s gentleman too. Plus, he did make those unfortunate recordings while held prisoner… Continue reading


Lockerbie & Occam’s Razor

24 August 2009 13:06

So, I’ve got this correct, the initial reaction to Kenny MacAskill’s decision to free the Lockerbie bobmber was that this demonstrated nothing but the SNP’s provincialism. Small-toon politicians desperate to… Continue reading


The Great Libya Folly

22 August 2009 11:41

The Guardian has arranged a group of "leading thinkers" to give their views on the release of Abdelbasset al-Megrahi from prison on compassionate grounds. There is a quite a split in… Continue reading


Lockerbie and the Special Relationship

21 August 2009 12:30

One of the most tedious aspects of the UK-US relationship is the fretting that happens in Britain each and every time something happens that could possibly be construed as "damaging"… Continue reading


That Philip Hammond Email in Full

21 August 2009 8:11

There was some interesting discussion on the subject of interns after my post last night about the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury’s attitude to the use of free labour… Continue reading


Lockerbie Decision: The Backlash Begins

20 August 2009 17:44

I was wrong. I argued that people can disagree in good faith on the question as to whether Kenny MacAskill was correct to let Abdebaset Ali al-Megrahi return to Libya… Continue reading


Visions of Life Under a Tory Government

20 August 2009 17:42

A fascinating post on the Interns Anonymous website. This brilliant organisation is devoted to exposing the pernicious growth in the use of free labour. It shares many of the aims… Continue reading


Sending the Lockerbie Bomber Home

20 August 2009 14:42

I could have done without Kenny MacAskill talking quite so much about our values "as a people", if only because, as Fraser writes, we actually often do insist that prisoners… Continue reading


Meet the New Political Editor of the Jewish Chronicle

20 August 2009 12:46

I was delighted, not to say honoured, when Stephen Pollard approached me to become the political editor of The Jewish Chronicle. It is a great publication with a long tradition of campaigning for the… Continue reading


Localism Is Barred From Your Local

20 August 2009 12:05

One of the things that’s happened as a consequence of devolution is that sometimes Westminster finds itself following Holyrood. It’s almost as if the latter has actually become a mini-laboratory… Continue reading


Ukraine’s Got Talent

20 August 2009 2:31

Perhaps you’ve already seen Kseniya Simonova’s performance on Ukraine’s Got Talent. But if you haven’t, watch how she recounts the horrors of Ukraine’s experiences during the Second World War. With… Continue reading


Revisionist Labour Market History: Ulster Division

19 August 2009 18:36

This Reuters piece on hostility towards immigrants in Northern Ireland contains the, well, oddest paragraph I’ve read today: Historically, it was economic migrants from the largely Catholic Republic of Ireland… Continue reading


Latest Lockerbie Conspiracy: Megrahi is an SNP Agent!

19 August 2009 16:17

Well, sort of. If one only paid attention to what Hillary Clinton or (some of) the relatives of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing said, you might gain the false… Continue reading


You Can’t Believe Everything You Read in the Swedish Press Either…

19 August 2009 12:54

So, in addition to everything else the Israeli Defence Forces are organ-hunters, feasting on the livers and kidneys of murdered Palestinians? From Haaretz: A leading Swedish newspaper reported this week… Continue reading


Logic, School Choice, Milton Friedman… And Polly Toynbee

19 August 2009 1:07

Unsurprisingly, Brother Nelson has a useful primer on some of the latest skirmishing over the Tories plans to introduce (in England) Swedish-style education reform. I’m also pleased he highlighted this… Continue reading


Mike Huckabee’s Middle Eastern Hucksterism

19 August 2009 0:04

First there was Mitt Romney and his plan to redouble his efforts to appeal to the Republican party’s nationalist base; now Mike Huckabee is in Israel doing much the same… Continue reading


Remember Kim Hughes?

18 August 2009 14:38

It’s important to remember that the Ashes is still tied at one test apiece. It’s not as though this has been a disastrous summer for English cricket. It just feels… Continue reading


When Zombies Attack…

18 August 2009 12:05

I’m far from being a zombie aficionado, but isn’t this obvious? If zombies actually existed, an attack by them would lead to the collapse of civilisation unless dealt with quickly… Continue reading


Peter Mandelson and the Lockerbie Bomber

18 August 2009 1:45

No, there’s no connection. Liberal Vision’s Angela Harbutt has some fun suggesting that the Prince of Darkness has been on manoeuvres again, this time plotting to spring the Lockerbie bomber… Continue reading


Monarchy is Better than a Republic

17 August 2009 23:20

If you wrote this about a monarch it might seem a trifle silly; writing it about a mere politician is simply embarrassing. So, take it away Peggy Noonan: I always… Continue reading


The End of the Affair: America & Obama Fall Out of Love?

17 August 2009 19:29

So, it’s August and Barack Obama’s approval rating is barely above 50% and only 40% of Americans think the country is heading in the right direction. The President’s legislative agenda… Continue reading


Oh No! The Muslims Are Coming!

17 August 2009 14:14

Sure as eggs is eggs, you can count on some folk being terribly exercised each time it is "revealed" that lots of boys named Mohammed, or some variation of the… Continue reading


England Trott Towards Disaster

16 August 2009 17:47

So, the selectors have spoken. And what a dreary story they have to tell. The selection of Jonathan Trott (and the retention of Ian Bell) for the final test of… Continue reading


The Importance of Penance

15 August 2009 20:07

Following this excellent column at the Daily Beast, Bruce Bartlett, a veteran Republican whose credentials are established by his work for Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan and Goerge HW Bush, emails… Continue reading