Dick, Macdonald, Leonard (& Adam Gopnik too)

14 August 2007 3:07

Readers with elephantine memories may recall a discussion on the merits of not-reading and on Oneupmanship. With regard to that latter cause, I present The New Yorker’s Adam Gopnik, reviewing… Continue reading

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Yeah, it’s quiet, too quiet…

13 August 2007 22:08

Sorry: mini and arguably unnecessary blog-holiday. Back to regular posting this week.


Barry Bonds Passes Hank Aaron

8 August 2007 19:53

Even political bloggers and policy wonkers seem to feel the need to write something about Barry Lamar Bonds. Matt Yglesias says he must be the best ever; Brian Beutler –… Continue reading


There’s a lot of this about…

8 August 2007 17:45

Mr Worstall alerts one to some useful new words, including: Testiculating – waving your hands around and talking bollocks.


Top UK political blogs. (Shameless self-promotion alert)

4 August 2007 20:54

Iain Dale, the eminence grise of the UK blogosphere, is asking for submissions for his latest guide to the best political blogs. Apparently the top blogs will be decided by… Continue reading


Alas, one of these people may be the next President…

4 August 2007 20:29

Dave Weigel is doing yeoman work, live-blogging the Presidential candidates’ forum at YearlyKos in Chicago. Even allowing that politicians are at their worst when speaking to baying mobs of their… Continue reading


Supper with Rupert

3 August 2007 21:51

I’ve defended Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal, but that’s not an endorsement of his political sensitivity. From the Campbell diaries: Thursday January 17th, 2002:Murdoch was coming in… Continue reading


Come by! Come by!

3 August 2007 21:20

Once more across the transatlantic divide, my friends… I’m not sure televised sheepdog trials would ever be likely to become a hit in the United States. This, then, is another… Continue reading


Your Friday Galloway

3 August 2007 20:30

Reason’s Michael Moynihan reminds me that I’ve been remiss in not posting the video of George Galloway pretending to be a cat while appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. There’s no… Continue reading


How europe works…

3 August 2007 20:03

Anther snippet from Alastair Campbell’s Diaries which, despite being partial in every sense of the word, are packed with crack for political junkies: Saturday December 15th 2001: TB [Blair] told… Continue reading


Why Wes Clark failed?

3 August 2007 19:15

Wes Clark is, once again, doing well at YearlyKos. One of the oddities of the 2004 election was the feebleness of Clark’s campaign. True, he lacked political experience and that… Continue reading


Yours for just £45,000?

3 August 2007 17:06

As someone who doesn’t possess a driving license I am, natch, super-excited by this: [Hat tip: Hit and Run]


Two tribes go to war: progressives and, er, liberals…

3 August 2007 16:59

This eyebrow-raising quote comes from Ezra Klein: "Insofar as there’s a tension between the army and progressives, it’s cultural and ideological…Progressives are quite skeptical of using military force, if not… Continue reading


Game, set, match to TNR? In a better world maybe…

2 August 2007 21:29

If you’ve not tired of the "Baghdad Diarist" pseudo-controversy, The New Republic has published a statement defending and, to my mind, confirming the essential accuracy of their story. I doubt… Continue reading


Spice Surge

1 August 2007 22:44

Fed up with Iraq? Want to knock some heads together to press for a political solution? Seeking leverage to do so? Here’s your chance… The reunited Spice Girls are letting… Continue reading


Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl

1 August 2007 22:07

British readers may not have seen this yet. The follow-up to the extraordinarily successful Obama Girl video pits the Democratic team against a posse of Rudy Giuliani’s admirers. It’s all… Continue reading


And the trains even sort of run on time…

1 August 2007 19:14

Brilliant. From the Sydney Morning Herald: After recent items on weird conditions for public transport there has been a flurry of mail, but we may have to close the correspondence… Continue reading



1 August 2007 18:12

What’s the point of waiting for General David Petraeus’s report from Iraq on how the newish US policy is faring? Most of the right will welcome whatever good news can… Continue reading


The Cheney Primary?

1 August 2007 16:25

Not a great surprise that Dick Cheney should look kindly on Fred Thompson’s odd campaign for the Presidency, given that the Vice-President’s daughter has already signed up to this nonsense.… Continue reading


Scandal? What scandal?

1 August 2007 14:58

Memo to Senator David Vitter: This is how you do it. Paddy Agnew, reporting from Rome for The Irish Times , writes: What does a public figure do when caught… Continue reading


Whatever happened to Robert Millar?

31 July 2007 22:40

Naturally I should have mentioned this a month ago before the Tour de France began, not now that it’s finished – though thoughts on the Tour and the continued jackassery… Continue reading


Nobody defeats Rupert Murdoch…

31 July 2007 18:51

It looks like the Dirty Digger has won his battle to take control of The Wall Street Journal. Unlike many people I don’t believe this means the sky will fall.… Continue reading


Progressives vs Liberals: or why the Bush years are not a revolution in foreign policy affairs

31 July 2007 18:15

As so often I’m late to a brouhaha. The vexed question of the day is whether American Democrats should call themselves Progressives or Liberals. Well, the former has some advantages,… Continue reading


US to UK: You Think We Care?

31 July 2007 16:15

Remember that book, He’s Just Not That into You: The No-Excuses Guide to Understanding Guys? There are times when I think Britons should remember this message when they consider the… Continue reading


Pour encourager les autres? Oui, monsieur…

31 July 2007 14:20

Of course I agree with Megan that dog-fighting is a bad, even wicked thing. Still, I was struck by her (cutting) question: did Michael Vick and his pals think that… Continue reading