Bloggers & Ministers

6 November 2008 17:01

I'm glad Trixy reminded me about the startlingly daft speech Hazel Blears, the Communities Minister (whatever that means), gave to the Hansard Society the other day. Though the irrepressible Mrs… Continue reading


Obama’s Test

6 November 2008 14:12

Hope has a short half-life. Right now most of the world is simply happy to see an end to the Bush years. Even so, there's no denying that Obama generates… Continue reading


You mean Africa is, like, a continent?

6 November 2008 3:49

You betcha! According to Fox News’ Carl Cameron Sarah Palin wasn’t aware of this. Nor, he says, could she name the countries that signed NAFTA. Clue: there are only three.… Continue reading



5 November 2008 19:15

There's a rather odd notion in some circles that black people voting for Barack Obama on the grounds that he is black is itself somewhat racist. Here's Iain Dale for… Continue reading


When lunatics write…

5 November 2008 18:07

I'd wondered how Melanie Philips – Britain's pop-eyed, vein-bulging answer to Andy McCarthy and Stanley Kurtz – might react to the election of Barack Obama. Happily, she doesn't disappoint: Those… Continue reading



5 November 2008 14:01

Are you interested in technology and technology policy and politics? If so then you should zip on over to Julian Sanchez's new blog, Law & Disorder at Ars Technica. Goodness… Continue reading


Election Night Liveblog

4 November 2008 22:58

Live-blog and chat

4 November 2008 20:51

So this is where it all ends campers. That being the case it's only seemly to see out this marathon campaign with another live blog and chat extravaganza. That being… Continue reading


Jon Snow Tries to Get Me To Hope for a McCain Miracle

4 November 2008 19:54

Channel 4 News' anchor, Jon Snow, has just been talking about how electing Barack Obama means "America has come of constitutional age". Yes, really. Apparently none of those previous elections… Continue reading


As Goes Guam, So Goes the Nation

4 November 2008 17:50

The results from Guam are in and seem to indicate good times for two parties. That's to say the Democrats have turned things around in the Pacific, winning nearly 62%… Continue reading

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Election Open Thread

4 November 2008 16:19

So, readers, how has your election day been so far? What are you seeing out there? Cool stuff? Depressing revelations? Reassuring experiences? You can email me here. Also, I'm pondering… Continue reading


A View From Britain

4 November 2008 16:14

My friend Fraser Nelson waits until the last-minute before hopping aboard the Obama express and does so largely because he thinks Obama is likely to do some good in terms… Continue reading


Meanwhile, in Virginia…

4 November 2008 13:54

As voting gets underway across the United States, have a look at this TV ad from a Congressional race in Virginia. I do wish we had stuff like this in… Continue reading


The Big Dog Gets On Board

4 November 2008 13:36

An early start for Democratic volunteers in the Buckeye State. A friend emails to report: Woke up this morning at 4am with my cell phone ringing and Bill Clinton's voice… Continue reading


In Which Your Humble Blogger Hazards a Reckless Prediction

4 November 2008 0:39

You will see that I'm sticking my neck out and suggesting Barack Hussein Obama could be the next President of the United States. I thought about honouring Missouri's reputation as… Continue reading


Obama’s Good Fortune

3 November 2008 18:53

Commenting on this post, a very astute reader makes these excellent points: Two more thoughts on timing 1) Obama is the luckiest loser in history.  Had he won the House… Continue reading


Buckeye Skullduggery!

3 November 2008 18:25

Meanwhile, super-secret Democratic operative "Josh Lyman" emails this update from Ohio: Calls are being made to some of our voters in Toledo warning voters of long lines at the polls… Continue reading


In anticipation of an Obama victory…

3 November 2008 17:24

Some thoughts on the campaign in advance of the last day of voting tomorrow… Timing matters and, as any sports coach will tell you, it can't be taught. You have… Continue reading


A Revengers’ Satisfaction

3 November 2008 13:27

There's something awful about a bad review. By which I mean, one can sometimes feel rather sorry for the poor writer suffering under a prolonged and vicious barrage (one thinks… Continue reading


Iran-Iraq War Replayed in Glasgow

2 November 2008 16:49

Anyone whose had to spend much time in the company of Scottish football journalists and members of the Scottish Parliament could only hope that a "charity" football match between the… Continue reading


Concerned about Obama?

2 November 2008 15:47

Via Yglesias, here's a charming leaflet from the Republican Jewish Committee that helps demonstrate just why the GOP deserves – even needs – to lose on Tuesday. Nice touch too,… Continue reading


Photo of the Day

1 November 2008 18:22

Looking west up the Ettrick Valley during the second half of Selkirk's tremendous 6-0 victory against Boroughmuir at Philiphaugh this afternoon. The defending Scottish champions were rightly favoured before kick-off… Continue reading


Tales from Brave New Scotland

1 November 2008 0:27

Good grief. Needless to say, one of the more depressing elements to this story is the fact that it won't prove terribly controversial. That's to say, there won't be a… Continue reading


Julia Pirie: A Real Miss Froy

31 October 2008 21:23

Cracking obituary in the Telegraph the other day: Julia Pirie, who has died aged 90, spent two decades as an MI5 agent at the heart of the Communist Party of… Continue reading


First Amendment Principles

31 October 2008 19:51

So, back from Dublin. As expected, the students heartily endorsed an Obama presidency. A shortage of McCain backers led to my speaking against the Democratic candidate. That meant standing up… Continue reading

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