The United States and the IRA

14 January 2009 15:36

Responding to Stephen Walt's hypothetical (What if Gaza were full of jews?), Megan McArdle compares the Israel lobby to the Irish-American lobby. Ross Douthat says, OK, but the IRA was… Continue reading


Campaign Books

13 January 2009 17:35

The first book-length accounts of the campaign will be out shortly. Ian Leslie's book To Be President arrived this morning and my friend Mike Crowley's "graphic diary" (drawings by Dan… Continue reading


“Socialism in one clause”?

13 January 2009 16:20

Peter Hoskin is right to be suspicious of the government's latest ploy: mandating that all public bodies have a statutory duty to narrow the gap between rich and poor. As… Continue reading


The Perils of Punditry

13 January 2009 14:45

Thinking about recent posts on the Republican party's problems prompted this mildly disconcerting thought: So, isn't it just a little too convenient that the Republican party might be able to… Continue reading


This Britain. Again.

13 January 2009 13:23

We're getting used – alas – to the idea that smokers will not be allowed to adopt children (abuse!) but, as always, that proves to be but the beginning, not… Continue reading


George W Bush and Immigration

12 January 2009 18:34

George W Bush seems to agree with me. This isn't as alarming as it might sound. Here's some of what the President had to say at his final press conference… Continue reading


Gordon’s Debt for Us All

12 January 2009 15:27

I must send this new Tory poster to my cousin who gave birth to her first child on Saturday. A fine way to welcome the wee fellow into the world…


The Countdown Conundrum

12 January 2009 14:35

Since I live-blogged a darts match, I'm in no position to chuck rocks, but can I just point out that the Guardian is live-blogging Jeff Stelling's debut as presenter of… Continue reading


Annals of Punditry

12 January 2009 7:48

Lord knows, we all blunder from time to time. Still, this is pretty impressive: "Each year, in my last Economic View before Christmas, I try to shed some light on… Continue reading


Where Did It All Go Wrong?

11 January 2009 19:39

I suppose it must have seemed a neat idea at the time, but Dan Drezner is absolutely correct: Bono's debut column for the New York Times is simply gibberish*. I… Continue reading


Meanwhile, in Scotland…

11 January 2009 16:43

Sometimes Scottish politics is far too exciting for its own good… An SNP pledge to give children free access to swimming pools is not being delivered, according to Labour. Scottish… Continue reading

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Tales from a Convert

10 January 2009 14:58

A friend of mine, once armed with impeccable progressive credentials, recently came out s a Conservative – much to the bemusement of his family and many of his friends. With… Continue reading


Et Tu Grover?

9 January 2009 16:08

Granted, no-one in their right mind would choose Michelle Malkin as a political standard-bearer. Or gate-keeper for that matter. Nonetheless, there is the awkward fact that she's extremely popular amongst… Continue reading


Karl Rove and the SNP

9 January 2009 14:45

I doubt many Nationalists would welcome the comparison but facts are stubborn things and the fact is that the SNP and Mr Rove have quite a bit in common. Just… Continue reading


The Cult of the Presidency

9 January 2009 14:13

Peggy Noonan is perhaps my favourite American political columnist. She’s on good form today, not least because she takes some time to make a point this blog has long favoured:… Continue reading


The Way We Were

9 January 2009 7:29

Mickey Kaus digs up an NYT article ($ needed for full access) from 1981 comparing the manufacturing of Ford Escorts at plants in Germany and at Halewood on Merseyside. It… Continue reading


How many types of libertarian can there be?

8 January 2009 19:03

Many, many, many. If the GOP increasingly suffers from a suffocating orthodoxy, the libertarian movement (if that's not an oxymoron) is amusingly/alarmingly/pedictably/irrelevently heterodox. As Brian Doherty explains: Joining the former,… Continue reading


The Limits of Reaganism

8 January 2009 16:14

At a recent debate, every single one of the candidates hoping to be the nest chairman of the Republican National Committee named Ronald Reagan as their favourite Republican president. In… Continue reading


The Envy of the World

8 January 2009 14:03

Further proof that the British economy remains better placed than any other to weather this turbulent, tempest-ridden economic sea: the Bank of England cuts interest rates to 1.5%, the lowest… Continue reading


Celtic Tiger De-clawed

8 January 2009 13:29

Tough times on the Emerald Isle: Dell is closing it's largest non-US manufacturing plant. This is not good news. Established in Ireland in 1990, Dell employed more than 4,500 staff… Continue reading


Earth vs Moon

7 January 2009 23:11

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were defenders. What's this, you ask? Just a map of the pair's wanderings on the moon, superimposed onto a football (soccer) pitch. As best one… Continue reading

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There Probably Isn’t A God But That’s No Reason To Make A Song And Dance About It…

7 January 2009 17:29

Rod Dreher asks: Why are the New Atheists so preachy Well that's easy: because, on the subject of religion they are crashing bores. More so, in fact, than their religious… Continue reading


Lessons on Taking a Compliment

7 January 2009 14:40

Yeah, even by writers' standards, John O'Hara could be touchy. Here's Alan Jacobs: Anyway, when Pal Joey was a big hit on Broadway in 1940 a couple of friends ran… Continue reading


Just Like Old Times

7 January 2009 14:36

English cricket in shambolic farce. It's like Scottish football, except more important.


Clintonian Revisionism

6 January 2009 18:51

In a post that otherwise makes good points, Matt Yglesias writes: The absence of giant blow-ups between the United States and our main NATO allies ought to count as a… Continue reading