We already have the NHS, do we need a DHS too?

4 March 2008 0:22

Earlier this year Con Coughlin argued in The Spectator: Clearly there is a need for the government to get a firm grip on all the various security challenges that might… Continue reading


Photo of the Day

3 March 2008 23:07

Selkirk on the attack during Saturday’s tough 8-0 victory at Falkirk in the Scottish Cup. The club’s reward is a sixth round tie away to Haddington. (Away again!) (Photo credit:… Continue reading


Bushism of the Day

3 March 2008 22:08

George W Bush’s malapropisms aren’t really terribly interesting anymore. (And, to be fair to the President, he’s a much better speaker now than he was eight years ago.) Still, this… Continue reading


The Terrible Exchange Rate Gap…

3 March 2008 21:55

Larry Kudlow, who normally sees brilliance in every aspect of the Bush administration’s record, now sees only disaster. Here he is at The Corner: If Sen. John McCain wants to… Continue reading

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Doh is not a real word…

3 March 2008 20:02

But… The makers of Scrabble are going after the Indian boys responsible for the wondrous Scrabulous. What stupidity. Don’t they realise that Scrabulous has introduced the Facebook generation to the… Continue reading


More Canadian Bacon

3 March 2008 18:41

The Canadians say the Clinton campaign has also told them that her abysmal campaign rhetoric should not be taken too literally. One hopes that is the case. This leads Noam… Continue reading


The Democrats’ War on Canada

3 March 2008 18:22

Megan McArdle suggested last year that one way to choose a candidate was to look at their economic advisers and pick the candidate with the smartest team. That being so,… Continue reading


This is your government boasting…

3 March 2008 13:26

Charles Moore in The Spectator: One of the running jokes in Private Eye used to be a list of benefits from some public service or other which included, inexplicably, ‘grapefruit… Continue reading


I, Criminal

3 March 2008 13:11

Mr Eugenides has the details about how the Scottish government’s advertising campaigns presume that we’re all criminals. Depressing stuff. Mind you, when I saw this poster I assumed it was… Continue reading


Will the real Dave Cameron please stand up?

2 March 2008 13:07

The British political and media classes are, naturally enough, obsessed with and fascinated by the American presidential election process. That leads to the temptation (always yielded to) of trying to… Continue reading


The A Team

2 March 2008 11:40

It’s late on a fiercely cold evening with the rain lashing and the wind howling down the Yarrow valley. Obviously, then, it’s time for an exciting new Debatable Land series!… Continue reading


New look for 2008!

2 March 2008 2:39

Thought I’d try out a new look; let me know what you think. Good? Bad? Better? Worse?


Another Lost World

1 March 2008 3:38

I’m not sure they make publishers like this anymore. Alas. As is so often the case we may count on the Daily Telegraph’s exquisite obituaries page to provide the details.… Continue reading


Books do furnish the mind, but…

1 March 2008 2:54

Wise old man* says: In the forthcoming volume of his Smoking Diaries (not out till April, but I’ve been reading a proof copy) my old friend Simon Gray makes a… Continue reading


The Same Old Way

1 March 2008 2:23

It would be something of a stretch to compare Hillary Clinton to Napoleon Bonaparte and Barack Obama to the Duke of Wellington. Nonetheless, as this campaign has progressed and Hillary… Continue reading


Department of Counting

29 February 2008 19:46

Mike Crowley tracks Hillary’s latest desperate cry for help: "Democrats, the majority of whom have favored Hillary in the primary contests held to date…" Mike wonders how she can claim… Continue reading


Drudge Breaks Media Silence on Princes Mission

29 February 2008 19:36

A defence* of Royalty: Prince Harry in Afghanistan. Oddly stirring stuff, actually. Good for him and, amazingly, good for the MoD and the media for ensuring that the Prince’s comrades… Continue reading


If a Little Sparrow beats its wings, does that mean tall buildings fall?

29 February 2008 16:31

On the other hand, some actors really are loopy to the tonsils. To wit, alas, the lovely Marion Cotillard, who is, it seems, a pretty keen conspiracy theorist: Marion Cotillard… Continue reading


Lessons from the Tomb Raider

29 February 2008 15:33

It’s easy, of course, to mock actors and pop stars and their worthy pretensions to saving the planet. But whatever else one may say of her, I think it’s true… Continue reading

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Parliament of Fools

28 February 2008 16:15

Further to this and this, I see, thanks to Mr Worstall, that no fewer than 72 Members of Parliament have put their name to this Early Day Motion: EDM 982… Continue reading


Tiger vs Roger?

28 February 2008 8:00

Ah, the great Tiger Woods vs Roger Federer debate continues. Muttblog suggests most scribblers taking part in this Slam-Fest plump for Woods as, comparatively speaking, the greater of the two.… Continue reading

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Department of Political Slogans and Charlatanry

28 February 2008 0:50

If you need a quick explanation for why Hillary Clinton is about to lose to Barack Obama, consider that her chief strategist is Mark Penn and that he boasts of… Continue reading


Question of the Day

27 February 2008 18:23

If it’s fine for Kosovo to declare its independence from Serbia, should it be OK for Montana to secede from the United States of America?


Klansmen for Barack?

27 February 2008 18:11

Mike Crowley has a very droll piece in this week’s TNR on how white supremacists seem a) resigned to a President Obama and b) relatively OK with that. It’s a… Continue reading


What Happened to American Acting*?

26 February 2008 18:46

Quick Oscar** thought: no American actor or actress won an Oscar this year. The four acting awards went to: Tilda Swinton (Scotland), Javier Bardem (Spain) Daniel Day-Lewis (England/Ireland) and Marion… Continue reading