Brown’s Salvage Operation

23 September 2008 19:15

So, Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour party conferene wasn't terrible. By which I mean that it clearly pleased his audience. And his "This is no time for a novice"… Continue reading


Dick Cheney’s Mission to Destroy Europe

23 September 2008 17:33

I don't nornally write about Euroloonies, partly because I have trouble taking the European Parliament any more seriously than I do the Liberal Democrats. That is to say, it –… Continue reading


The Kenyan Connection

23 September 2008 14:45

I guess this isn't too much of a surprise. But here's Rush Limbaugh talking about Barack Obama's ancestors, yesterday: LIMBAUGH: These polls on how one-third of blue-collar white Democrats won't… Continue reading

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Caption Contest!

23 September 2008 14:10

I remain perplexed. People are still talking about David Milliband as Gordon Brown's successor. I just don't see it. Miliband's the sort of kid who was always picked last in… Continue reading


Way Down in the Hole

23 September 2008 13:47

The last ever episode of The Wire was (finally) broadcast in Britain last night. Not, to their shame, on the BBC or Channel 4 but on the obscure, little-watched (hell,… Continue reading


Political Advertising 6

23 September 2008 8:37

With ads like these, how did Adlai Stevenson lose to Eisenhower in 1952? Marvellous stuff.


Outrage of the Week

22 September 2008 20:22

Kudos to Outskirts Bar and Grill in Canton, Illinois for making possible the best headline of this troubled week: Liquor license suspended after topless 'midget wrestling'. [Via Best of the… Continue reading

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Politics Explained

22 September 2008 17:36

Nurse Bloomberg reveals all: "Nobody knows exactly what they should do, but anything is better than nothing," New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on NBC's "Meet the Press." Bloomberg… Continue reading


Cats lie down with dogs…

22 September 2008 16:06

And other oddities. for perhaps the first time ever, I find myself agreeing, in broad terms, with John Prescott. How did this happen and how, for the love of god,… Continue reading


Political Advertising 5

22 September 2008 11:12

How much experience does a candidate need to have? What qualifies as experience anyway? According to this JFK ad, Nixon’s years as Vice-President didn’t count as qualifying experience…

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Rural life

21 September 2008 18:10

No blogging for the rest of the day, I suspect. Why? Because I* just unloaded and stacked 200 bales of hay. Best cold beer of the summer being enjoyed right… Continue reading


Political Advertising 4

21 September 2008 8:22

From 1980. Jimmy Carter: Christianist! (OK, there is a reference to the seperation of church and state, but still…)


Political Advertising, 3

19 September 2008 20:18

Remember Al Gore “inventing” the internet? A classic from the Bush campaign in 2000:

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Lance Armstrong: A Sceptic Writes…

19 September 2008 8:12

More Culture11: I've a piece arguing that no-one should be terribly happy about Lance Armstrong's decision to come out of retirement next season. Snippet: Unlike fans in other sports, such… Continue reading

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Global Crisis Deepens

19 September 2008 0:02

Uganda's ethics and integrity minister recognises that these are perilous times. Women wearing mini-skirts, he says, are a danger to public safety, responsible for all manner of traffic accidents. What's… Continue reading

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Political Advertising 2

18 September 2008 20:15

Richard Nixon in 1968: “Decisions”.


Taxpayers’ Fantasy Football

18 September 2008 19:04

Small guest-posting at The Plank on taxpayers' football. We have Newcastle United and Northern Rock, the Americans get AIG and Manchester United. Sums up the "Special Relationship", you might say…… Continue reading

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Sports for people who don’t like sport

18 September 2008 16:27

At Culture11, Michael Brendan Dougherty has a fine piece on how the people who run sports are more interested in catering to people who don't like sport than for those… Continue reading


The Audacity of Hirst

18 September 2008 15:09

Clive Crook is on good form today: I am a huge admirer of Damien Hirst. Not of the art, which is rubbish, but of the sheer productivity and exuberance he… Continue reading

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Political Advertising. Episode 1.

17 September 2008 20:09

British observers of American politics tend to love the Yanks’ political advertising, even if many of those same observers might think it quite a good thing that we don’t permit… Continue reading


Not in My Name

17 September 2008 8:40

Tom Harris, urbane and sensible blogger and, despite that, Labour MP for Glasgow South, writes: It’s called “Scotland’s shame” for a reason: sectarianism makes you feel embarrassed to be Scottish.… Continue reading


Andrew Sullivan and Sarah Palin.

17 September 2008 5:59

Let me make something very clear: I like, admire and respect Andrew Sullivan and his writing. I can’t remember when I first started reading his blog, but I think it… Continue reading


Outsourcing Blogging.

17 September 2008 0:59

Christ. The US government seems to have, more or less, bought AIG. Like most bloggers/journalists I don't for a second pretend to understand these matters. But Megan McArdle doesn't merely… Continue reading


Where’s My Van?

17 September 2008 0:24

Life – or rather the BBC – emulates The Wire. Frank Sobotka would, I hope, be proud. Full details here.


The Future is Youthiness

16 September 2008 16:36

Jonathan Rauch has a terrific, hilarious column about the McCain campaign. Highly recommended. Excerpt: "We need to go on offense. Our theme is that Barack Obama is too old for… Continue reading