MLS, Beckham and David Blaine…

29 August 2007 23:34

Martin Samuel is in good form today. He doesn’t much like MLS and, really, it’s not difficult to agree with him. The LA Galaxy’s recent 5-4 defeat at the New… Continue reading


Map of the Day

29 August 2007 23:00

Each dot represents someone living in Manhattan who receives farming subsidies from the US government. The large dots indicate the home address of someone raking in more than $250,000 a… Continue reading


Declare victory and just go home?

28 August 2007 22:44

According to a new Zogby poll, 11% of Americans think the US has already won in Iraq. This confirms my long-held view that a non-trivial percentage of the population can… Continue reading

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Private Idaho

28 August 2007 21:54

World Gone Mad: the Senate Ethics Committee is going to investigate Senator Larry Craig’s "incident" in a Minneapolis airport bathroom. For crying out loud, what earthly business is it of… Continue reading


Prometheus regrets his actions?

28 August 2007 18:56

Why is Greece aflame? Mr Eugenides explains it all.


Conservative scandal vs lefty scandal

28 August 2007 18:35

David Freddoso wonders why it is that it always seems to be conservatives (Republicans) who are caught cottaging etc etc. But this is not a recent phenomenon, or one limited… Continue reading


Krugman speaks sense on education. He just doesn’t know it.

28 August 2007 18:26

I have no interest whatsoever in health policy, but I am interested in education. Paul Krugman’s column yesterday mocked one strand of conservative (libertarian actually) education thinking. So let’s end… Continue reading


How anti-American is Jason Bourne?

28 August 2007 18:03

Chris Orr decries Mickey Kaus’s decrying of The Bourne Ultimatum as "anti-American". Chris is right to observe that the film’s good guys are also American government officers and that Joan… Continue reading


Diana’s death: cui bono? Everyone it turns out…

28 August 2007 17:29

Megan wonders why, ten years on, Princess Diana is back on the front pages. The simplest answer, natch, is grubby: she still sells. No British paper has been more Diana-obsessed… Continue reading


How to be a pundit

27 August 2007 14:12

Memo to New York Times/Guardian* columnists: it would be a public service were you to follow the great Myles na Gopaleen’s example: Not the least of my duties is keeping… Continue reading


World peace might be too complicated…

26 August 2007 22:28

This is just fantastic. [Hat-tip: Ross]


Of course it’s our fault…

24 August 2007 22:39

Oh please. Marty Peretz thinks Labour MPs should spend less time talking about Palestine and more time contemplating Zimbabwe: The Brits bear responsibility.  Zimbabwe was once Rhodesia, a crown colony,… Continue reading

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How Sarko seduced France

24 August 2007 21:55

I’m rather looking forward to reading Yasmina Reza’s account of her year on the campaign trail with Nicolas Sarkozy, Dawn, Evening or Night. It looks as though it could be… Continue reading

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You watchin’ me?

24 August 2007 17:55

In the spirit of Not Reading Books, it’s time to move on to Not Watching Movies. Megan kicks matters off by confessing that, despite loving Marlon Brando, she’s never actually… Continue reading


Department of Modern Life

22 August 2007 19:36

Clive Davis returns from holiday: As we came in to land, we put our watches back to March to take account of the weather. Then we faced the interminable midnight… Continue reading


The Atlantic blogosphere expands

20 August 2007 21:06

Y’all read her anyway (you do, don’t you?), but just in case you’re still searching for her here you could perhaps use a gentle reminder that the wondrous Megan McArdle… Continue reading


Monday Trivia!

20 August 2007 20:44

Yeah, so it’s been a long time since I posted any trivia questions. Rather than wait for the weekend, here’s something to distract your attention on a Monday afternoon. As… Continue reading


The herring question: fishing for Britain’s future

20 August 2007 16:11

Following on from this post on Des Browne’s interview with The Scotsman today, the Secretary of State for Scotland (who is also the Secretary of State for Defence, though you… Continue reading

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Secretary of State for Scotland delivers message to Scotland: sod off

20 August 2007 15:25

Interesting, though unsurprising, interview in today’s Scotsman. Des Browne, the Secretary of State for Scotland, tells the paper’s political editor Hamish Macdonell that there’s no need for any talk about… Continue reading


Today’s menace to society: smoking in cars

20 August 2007 14:53

Will Saletan has a reasonable column today pointing out just how absurd the War on Smoking has become. Saletan hits some of the right notes, observing, for instance, that alcohol… Continue reading

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I will roll my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help…

20 August 2007 1:02

Jesus Wept Department. A viewer’s question during this morning’s ABC Democratic candidates’ forum: My question is to understand each candidate’s view of a personal God. Do they believe that through… Continue reading


Dept of What a Country!

19 August 2007 20:19

Via Tyler Cowen, your fun fact for the day: Where do most tigers live? In the United States it turns out.  There are 4,000 tigers residing in captivity in Texas… Continue reading


Tattoos would be cheaper…

19 August 2007 20:15

Hmmm. Just how would this work, Rudy? EVERY foreigner in America, including British visitors, would be required to carry an ID card bearing photograph and fingerprints under plans drawn up… Continue reading


Quote for the day

19 August 2007 1:08

Via Samizdata, this from Barry Goldwater: I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake… Continue reading


Bill Deedes: off-stone for good now

17 August 2007 21:32

Few journalists merit memorials; Bill Deedes, who died today aged 94, is an exception to that general rule. Most famously, he was the inspiration for Evelyn Waugh’s William Boot in… Continue reading