How Bush Made Life Easy for Europe

12 September 2008 17:06

I've a piece up at Culture11 considering some of the problems Europe may face when confronted by the next American president. Snippet: The election of a new American President is… Continue reading


Waiting for Glenrothes

12 September 2008 14:12

So, the conventional wisdom is that Gordon Brown has survived and will not, in fact, face a leadership challenge anytime soon. Why? Because it's too difficult to get rid of… Continue reading


Making government “cool”…

12 September 2008 4:09

What a choice Americcans have! There's the elderly candidate with precious little interest in domestic policy whose signature legislative achievement was to abridge the First Amendment and whose running mate,… Continue reading


Headline you won’t see: “Palin Agrees with Obama”

11 September 2008 23:32

I guess this is going to get some attention: EXCLUSIVE: GOV. SARAH PALIN WARNS WAR MAY BE NECESSARY IF RUSSIA INVADES ANOTHER COUNTRY Well, yes and no. Here's what Sarah… Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Friend to Liberty?

11 September 2008 18:40

Radley Balko says that, yes, perhaps she is. At least sort of. At least more so than her running-mate and, it must be said, more so than Barack Obama. True,… Continue reading


Kith and Kin: Global Edition

11 September 2008 17:24

Ever wondered how common your surname may be? Ever wondered where folk who share your name live? Well, now you can find out! Unsurprisingly, Massies tend to be found in… Continue reading

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Ohio Impromptu

11 September 2008 13:17

Wins my support. How could he not, him being a Trinity man and the only Nobel laureate for literature to have played first-class cricket? [Hat-tip: Alex Ross]

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CNN: Better Than You Think!

10 September 2008 18:10

Borges quipped that the Falklands War was akin to two bald men fighting over a comb and you might think that something similar could be said of the question: which… Continue reading


How to counter the Palin Effect?

10 September 2008 15:52

Democrats have abandoned the idea of avoiding Sarah Palin to concentrate on John McCain. Oh dear. Let's see what Joe Biden has been up to: Exhibit A: In Wisconsin, Biden… Continue reading


Is Jonathan Freedland working for John McCain?

10 September 2008 15:28

I was going to write about Jonathan Freedland's absurd column in today's Guardian, but thankfully Norm has said pretty much all that needs to be said. Do these people really… Continue reading


Sarah Palin’s Feminism

10 September 2008 15:17

Camille Paglia agrees with me. Should I be worried? Sarah Palin is like Annie Oakley, a brash ambassador from America's pioneer past. She immediately reminded me of the frontier women… Continue reading


Queen of the Silver Dollar

9 September 2008 15:25

A mini-blogging hiatus, folks, as I'm off to Glasgow tonight to see the one and only Emmylou Harris play at the Royal Concert Hall. I assume Norm will be seeing… Continue reading

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New Tories, New Danger?

9 September 2008 15:16

How will Lbour fight the next election? Stupidly, it seems. According to a briefing paper obtained by the Guardian, Labour "has decided to attack the Conservatives at the next election… Continue reading

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You’re ever Alone with a Strand (or a government consultation)

7 September 2008 17:22

What a shower. From Simon Clark's Taking Liberties blog, comes this unsurprising element of the government's latest consultation on smoking: "Question 12: Do you believe that more should be done… Continue reading


Tales of the Booker

7 September 2008 3:24

The Guardian, bless it, has a super feature asking a judge from each of the Booker Prize's 40(!) years to recall their experiences as a member of the panel. It's… Continue reading

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Andrew Sullivan and Sarah Palin

7 September 2008 2:06

Let me make something very clear: I like, admire and respect Andrew Sullivan and his writing. I can’t remember when I first started reading his blog, but I think it… Continue reading


Great Unfinished Novels

6 September 2008 15:12

Via Clive Davis, the Washington Post offers a list of five great unfinished novels. As you might expect The Man Without Qualities and The Last Tycoon are among those who… Continue reading


Biden Brings It

6 September 2008 14:54

Joe Biden is good and Conor Friedersdorf is right: “Victories won on style are pyrrhic for political parties, and poison for a nation. Because sooner or later, substance always matters.“… Continue reading


Cowgirl Sarah

5 September 2008 20:04

Virginia Postrel recalls visiting the National Cowgirl Museum and seeing an aspect of American history that helps explain Sarah Palin's appeal: The Cowgirl Museum showcased women of no-nonsense character, pioneer… Continue reading


Honour amongst plotters

5 September 2008 15:20

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, former Home Secretary Charles Clarke says Gordon Brown is toast and the PM should "stand down with honour". Just what Labour needed as the conference season… Continue reading


McCain and Churchill

5 September 2008 14:58

In the comments to the previous post, Toby writes, astutely: As with Churchill, he [McCain] hankers after the Empire he knew in his youth. He feels uneasy about the falloff… Continue reading


Sic Transit Gloria McCain

5 September 2008 14:11

Sad, really. That was my immediate melancholy reaction to John McCain's speech to the Republican convention in St Paul. This was not your daddy's John McCain; heck it weren't even… Continue reading

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Home is Where the Heartland Is

4 September 2008 18:38

Somewhere, Mark Penn is having a terrible day. He must feel like leaning out his office window and screaming, "I told you so, you bloody fools! But would you listen?… Continue reading


The 2012 Republican Primary

4 September 2008 17:42

A (Democratic) friend sends me this entertaining scenario: Muscatine, Iowa 2012 Gov. Palin:  We are going to change America, change it from higher taxes, higher crime, and a quagmire in Afghanistan. fmr.… Continue reading


Obama’s Legislative Record

4 September 2008 16:17

Andrew, as one would expect, is defending his candidate: It was a great line: "Listening to [Obama] speak, it's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored… Continue reading

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