Budget 2008

12 March 2008 13:59

Higher borrowing, higher taxes, higher inflation and lower growth. Sounds like an encouraging forecast for the future doesn’t it? Still, good to know that Alastair Darling promises record tractor production:… Continue reading


Hillary-bashing Quote of the Day…

12 March 2008 12:29

From commenter JSN at Daily Kos: Proximity does not equal ability. Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle. [Hat-tip: Mark Steyn]


Email of the Day

12 March 2008 1:43

In a whimsical Facebook moment I suggested that life would be more bearable if everything were as fine and reliable as a good pork pie. Too true, you may feel… Continue reading

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Sunny Side of the Street

11 March 2008 20:17

Megan finally gets to see The Pogues live and, happily, it’s worth the wait: Did I mention that for the actual last song, at the end of the second encore,… Continue reading


Hillary’s Walter Mitty Fantasy

11 March 2008 19:58

November I suggested that Hillary Clinton’s own autobiography provides no evidence to support her on-the-trail assertions that she was a foreign policy player during her husband’s administration: The book is… Continue reading


Remember the definition of a Washington “Gaffe”?

11 March 2008 17:33

Mike Kinsley famously defined a "gaffe" in Washington as an accidental, inadvertent moment of truth-telling. Well by that standard Geraldine Ferraro, Mondale’s 1984 Vice-Presidential pick who is supporting Hillary Clinton,… Continue reading


How to fix Formula One?

11 March 2008 15:58

It’s years since I was last much of a petrol-head, but I see that at least Patrick Head is thinking of ways to reinvigorate Formula One and win back lapsed… Continue reading


Ho Yes, We Like This

11 March 2008 15:31

Some stories are made for tabloid journalism. Eliot Spitzer’s disgrace is obviously one of them. Congratulations, then, to the New York Post sub-editor responsible for today’s cracking front page:


Is Wrath Gordon the Greatest Name Ever?

11 March 2008 13:40

Tyler Cowen’s father wanted to name him Tyrone; my father was keen on calling me Trajan (at the time my parents were living around the corner from Trajan’s Forum in… Continue reading

11 March 2008 13:31

Baseball is the noblest American sport, of course.


A Conspiracy Against the People?

11 March 2008 13:14

Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake on the worst bills passing through Congress Economic Stimulus Package: “Any time Republicans and Democrats can so easily agree on legislation as expensive as this, it’s… Continue reading


The B Team

9 March 2008 8:52

After the great success of the first installment of our alphabetical cricket teams, it’s only natural that we move on to, yes, The B Team. As always, have your say… Continue reading


Journalism 101

7 March 2008 14:32

When is "off the record" actually off the record? Dana Goldstein says "shame on The Scotsman" for publishing Samantha Power’s description of Hillary Clinton as "a monster". But this is… Continue reading


“Appalling people doing appalling things”

7 March 2008 13:59

Great column by Simon Jenkins in today’s Guardian. The celebration of the "Cheeky Brothers" Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley has been nauseating. Now the old brute has gone and good… Continue reading


Eating their own

7 March 2008 3:11

Good grief. Here’s Kevin Drum: Hillary said today that presidential candidates need to pass a "commander-in-chief threshold." And who’s done that? "I believe that I’ve done that," she said. "Certainly,… Continue reading


Maximum Wage? Not so much these days.

7 March 2008 2:35

Which footballer offers his club the best value-for-money? Easy. It’s Lionel Messi. Why? According to this Portuguese calculation he’s not one of the 50 best-paid footballers in the world. Lucky… Continue reading


We are most certainly amused

7 March 2008 1:35

If it weren’t for the redoubtable Mr Poulos I might have missed this, the best headline of the year. Congratulations to the Washington Post sub-editor who came up with it.


Hillary is “a monster”? What, like Freddie Krueger?

7 March 2008 1:22

Samantha Power is currently in the UK, promoting her new book. Somehow I don’t think this is quite the sort of message the Obama campaign is likely to find especially… Continue reading


Rational government?

6 March 2008 14:51

Like Robin Hanson, I meant to blog these words of wisdom from Will Wilkinson last week. I say, again and again, that it is an embarrassing non-sequitur to argue that… Continue reading


Hillary Clintons Duty to Quit

5 March 2008 20:25

The general view seems to be that Clinton needs to gain an edge in either the cumulative popular vote or, less probably, the pledged-delegate count if she is to have… Continue reading


Clinton and Katyn

5 March 2008 18:59

It’s an election,  of course, so no card must be left un-played. Nonetheless, there’s something a little unseemly about trying to exploit war crimes and massacres for personal, political gain.… Continue reading


The Limbaugh Effect

5 March 2008 17:13

Did Rush Limbaugh win Texas for Clinton? Dave Weigel crunches the numbers and finds that he quite possibly did. Hilarious.


Brown Opens Barnett’s Box?

5 March 2008 16:34

Grrrr. According to the Telegraph Gordon Brown has announced a review of the Barnett Formula. Fair enough. It was, after all, designed as a temporary measure, updating the 19th century… Continue reading

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The morning after

5 March 2008 15:48

So a good night for Hillary Clinton last night but a better one for John McCain. Here’s what Obama had to say this morning: "I hope people start asking is… Continue reading


Live-blogging Ohio, Texas and, er, Hamilton…

4 March 2008 21:18

The internet is all about niche, right? It’s clear to me that there’s an as yet unfilled opening for a blog that combines analysis of the latest shenanigans between Barack… Continue reading