Department of Newspapers

16 October 2008 10:44

Tee hee: The journalistic industry is perilously close to collapse after running out of days in the week to dub ‘black’ in the event of dire economic news. Financial journalism… Continue reading


Live-blogging the Bluster at Hofstra

16 October 2008 0:25

So here we go again, campers. In just a few hours our long international nightmare will be over. Yup, there'll be no more Presidential debates to entertain us. John McCain… Continue reading


The Ground Game: The View From Ohio

15 October 2008 18:36

In 2004, George W Bush "won" the Ground Game. This time? Well, every indication is that Barack Obama has built a vastly more formidable organisation than John McCain. To help… Continue reading


Obama-McCain. Part 3.

15 October 2008 16:30

And so, weary campers, the end is in view. Tonight's debate is the third and final tussle between Messrs McCain and Obama. A victory on points won't help Mr McCain;… Continue reading

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Plucky Honduras!

15 October 2008 15:19

Meanwhile, there is good news from Latin America. Cato's Juan Carlos Hidalgo reports that the President of Honduras is the latest Latin American leader to call for an end to… Continue reading


Michael Gerson’s Wishful Thinking

15 October 2008 14:53

Michael Gerson today: Obama's current success is not enjoyable for conservatives. But this does not make McCain an incompetent. Maybe he is a great man running at the most difficult… Continue reading


Oh, Canada…

15 October 2008 10:47

I'd been meaning to blog about the Canadian elections but then realised that, dash it, despite Canada actually being an interesting place stocked with charming, affable people I really didn't… Continue reading

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42 Days: Jacqui Smith

14 October 2008 19:15

Here’s video of Jacqui Smith’s contemptible performance in the Commons last night. Basically, she says that if you don’t support giving the police carte blanche then you’re on the terrorists’… Continue reading

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42 Days: Gone But Not Dead

14 October 2008 18:57

Peers reject the notion that it's fine to lock people up for six weeks without even telling them why and how does the Home Secretary respond? Well, yet again, by… Continue reading


Lessons from a Tory Revival

14 October 2008 14:58

At Culture11 today, I've a piece offering, however impertinently, some advice to the Republican party.That is to say, I suggest five lessons they could learn from the Conservatives' revival in… Continue reading


Presidential Advertising 19

14 October 2008 13:11

A classic theme from Ronald Reagan in 1984. And, of course, an ad designed to drive trades union members into an apopleptic fit.


Apple Grumble

13 October 2008 21:16

Can anyone explain why Apple thinks it's fine* to charge one £800 for a new MacBook that arrives without a proper freakin' word processing programme? This seems to be a… Continue reading


Political Advertising 18

13 October 2008 20:07

Is this the most famous presidential ad of all? Perhaps! Anyway, we’re back in 1964 and LBJ wanrs that Barry Goldwater will end up incinerating your children. Tough stuff.

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Cricket and ASBOs

13 October 2008 18:33

Like Norm, I am entirely unsurprised by this: The Phrase "it's not cricket" is reverberating again around state school classrooms. Good old-fashioned cricketing values have prompted an improvement in behaviour… Continue reading


Hats off to Gordon Brown?

13 October 2008 17:48

Commenting on this post, a reader asks: What does this do to Gordon Brown's political future?  He sure looks like a world leader as the rest of the world falls… Continue reading


Photo of the Day

13 October 2008 17:18

Autumn. Mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that. The River Ettrick, as seen from the bridge at Selkirk.


They Haven’t Gone Away You Know

13 October 2008 16:02

The issue of whether the state can lock-you up indefinitely  for up to 42 days without even the courtesy of telling you why is back. Happily, the House of Lords… Continue reading


Blogger wins Nobel Prize for Economics

13 October 2008 13:04

This is going to upset a lot of people… Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize for Economics. I can't wait for the loopy-right to complain that even when the Nobel… Continue reading


When Big Becomes Obese

13 October 2008 12:59

Quote of the day comes from Chris Dillow: Everyone knows centrally planned economies are a stinkingly bad idea. The lesson of the collapse of many banks is that centrally planned… Continue reading

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RBS is Nationalised

13 October 2008 12:36

The big news, obviously, is the collapse of RBS as an independent entity, now that the government is going to pump in as much as £20bn and take 60% of… Continue reading


Department of Political Wisdom

12 October 2008 15:26

Michael Brendan Dougherty, splendid as always, brings it: At the end of the day, the arguments all seem to boil down to something similar: If it were more like me,… Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

11 October 2008 3:18

There would have been more – and better – blogging in these parts recently if I hadn't been helping to look after my niece, Florence, lately. She was, alas, suffering… Continue reading

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McCain and the Ignorance of Crowds

11 October 2008 1:51

I’ve been down on John McCain for quite a while (but, heck, so have a lot of people!) but despite the ugliness of his campaign he shows the better side… Continue reading


Urban Farmers to the Barricades!

10 October 2008 15:57

The most depressing thing I've read today (so far): Many large US cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Seattle apparently never thought to ban the… Continue reading


“Ambition” is the new “Uppity”

10 October 2008 14:42

Sarah Palin on Barack Obama and Bill Ayers today: This pattern raises serious questions about Senator Obama's judgment.  It raises serious questions about his truthfulness.  But there is no question… Continue reading

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