Memo to Labour: the Press is Always Revolting

1 October 2009 13:34

The press really is beastly, isn’t it? According to Jonathan Freedland, The media’s conviction that Labour, and Gordon Brown in particular, are doomed has grown so intense that it has… Continue reading


Was Rory Stewart an MI6 Officer?

30 September 2009 19:18

Was Rory Stewart, Harvard Professor, author of The Places In Between and prospective Conservative parliamentary candidate for the Bracknell constituency, an MI6 officer? Former-ambassador-turned-conspiracist Craig Murray says he was: One… Continue reading


A Strategic Blunder by a Prime Minister Living in a Fantasy World

30 September 2009 18:04

Gordon Brown is an intelligent man but I’ve always thought him a better tactician than strategist. His speech to the Labour party conference yesterday confirmed that view and, indeed, strengthened… Continue reading


Roman Polanski’s Friends Should Probably Shut Up

30 September 2009 16:12

Director Roman Polanski attends Che Tempo Che Fa TV Show held at RAI Studios on November 23, 2008 in MIlan. Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images. So, what about Roman Polanski,… Continue reading


Of all Brown’s potential successors, only Cruddas fills me with enthusiasm

30 September 2009 14:48

Who would you like to see succeed Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party? Still deluded by the continuation of power and the hopeless yearning that it all might… Continue reading


Zapatero & His Banshees

30 September 2009 14:43

Remiss of me not to note that this photograph of the Obamas and the Zapateros has caused quite a stir in Spain. That’s because the Spanish people were not generally… Continue reading


Why now, Gordon?

30 September 2009 11:13

Considering the dire situation in which Gordon Brown finds himself, yesterday’s speech was really rather good. It gives the party faithful something to cling on to as they begin the… Continue reading


Gordon Brown Fail.

29 September 2009 16:18

Gordon Brown’s speech to the Labour party conference this afternoon was, in its way, breathtaking. Breathtakingly shameless, mendacious, confused, contradictory, delusional, dishonest and irresponsible that is. It was also the… Continue reading


Gordon’s Alive? Live-Blogging Brown in Brighton

29 September 2009 12:56

Of course, in the movies Gordon wasn’t merely alive, but on his way to a memorable victory. Politics may not be so kind to our hero. But, since this may… Continue reading


Gordon & The Last Chance Speech

29 September 2009 11:53

Fraser says that the Labour conference in Brighton is like an Irish wake: People are happy to see each other, but sad at the circumstances of the gathering. Shouldn’t that… Continue reading

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The Enraging Case of DC Shepherd & DC Jarrett

29 September 2009 10:14

The case of Leanne Shepherd and Lucy Jarrett – the job-sharing police constables whose child-minding arrangements have become a matter of some controversy*  – rightly enrages all sensible folk. To… Continue reading


Debating the BNP

29 September 2009 8:26

There is a thoughtful blog on these pages from Fraser, about the BNP’s now confirmed appearance on Question Time. I agree with most of it, although not the point that… Continue reading


Going Rogue: Sarah Palin Finishes Her Memoir

29 September 2009 0:30

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images Good news, Palin fans: her memoir has beaten its deadline and will now be available in November! So you won’t have to wait until spring to… Continue reading


Liberal Measures That Need Rescuing By Tory (or Labour) Men

28 September 2009 14:46

Charlotte Gore is entirely correct: Lib Dems have one killer policy: Set the threshold for Income Tax and National Insurance contributions at £10,000 a year (or roughly minimum wage). It’s… Continue reading


Why Say it if You Won’t Act?

28 September 2009 11:49

The only conversation I have had so far at Labour Party conference is about why everyone realises that Gordon Brown would do his comrades a great service by standing down… Continue reading


The BNP, the BBC and a Sense of Perspective

28 September 2009 0:52

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images. Fraser makes a number of excellent points in his latest post on the BNP and I also agree that Jack Straw is not a great choice… Continue reading


The McFarthest Spot

27 September 2009 13:59

From the Department of Getting Away From It All. How far away from a branch of McDonald’s is it possible to get? What, in other words, is the McFarthest Spot?… Continue reading


The BBC shoots itself in the foot

27 September 2009 12:42

There was a very good piece by my colleague Martin Ivens in last week’s Sunday Times which asked how the BBC had come to estrange politicians of every party, along… Continue reading


Nuclear thinking

26 September 2009 13:19

I would like Britain to keep its independent nuclear deterrent, largely because I don’t trust the French. I would also like the USA to have a very large amount of… Continue reading


A Bargain Ringside Seat to History

26 September 2009 11:10

Apparently the Labour Party is selling tickets to sit behind Gordon Brown during his leader’s speech for a bargain £130 a pop. At the same time they are struggling to… Continue reading


Saturday Morning Country: Willie Nelson

26 September 2009 1:49

How is it possible that this series has, until this point, failed to include Willie Nelson? A mystery, folks, a mystery. Now Willie has some odd views and is perilously… Continue reading


The Persian Problem

25 September 2009 23:06

The news that Iran has a second, secret nuclear installation can hardly be considered a surprise. Nor, alas, is there anything surprising about Charles Krauthammer’s reaction to Barack Obama’s decision… Continue reading


The Boss Turns 60

25 September 2009 18:53

Somehow or other I missed the 60th anniversary of Bruce Springsteen’s birth this week. The Boss turned 60 on Wednesday and if that seems oddly perturbing then, I suppose, at… Continue reading


The Importance of Being Silvio

25 September 2009 16:30

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama welcome Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to the G20 dinner on September 24, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images. My… Continue reading


How Much is Georgia Worth?

25 September 2009 15:06

Vaclav Havel, Timothy Garton Ash, Bernard-Henri Levy and Adam Michnik are among those calling for the EU to take a stronger line with Russia on matters Georgia. They write: Looking… Continue reading