Lockerbie Letters: No Smoking Gun

1 September 2009 16:33

I know this won’t satisfy anyone who desperately wants there to have been a shady, grubby conspiracy but a quick perusal of the correspondence on the Lockerbie Affair published by… Continue reading


Is Saving Face the Real Afghanistan Strategy?

1 September 2009 13:44

Losing George Will on Afghanistan is not quite the same as losing Walter Cronkite on Vietnam. For one thing, Will’s column today, calling for the United States to withdraw most… Continue reading


Good News for Armenia! And Turkey!

31 August 2009 22:44

Turkey and Armenia are planning to establish diplomatic ties and open their shared border. There’s still a long way to go, of course, and it owuld be wise to remain… Continue reading


President Cheney

31 August 2009 17:54

Dick Cheney, surely now confirmed as the worst Vice-President in American history, produced a cracker, even by his miserable standards, during his interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace on Sunday. The… Continue reading


Megrahi Release Explained: He’s a Rangers Fan

31 August 2009 13:21

Roddy Forsyth deserves our congratulations for revealing this: One of the unforeseen consequences of Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi’s incarceration in Greenock Prison was that, by his own account, in whiling away… Continue reading


Torture: You Know It When You See It

31 August 2009 2:00

I watched Tunes of Glory again last night. It’s one of my favourite films*. During it, Basil Barrow, the newly-arrived Colonel of the battalion, played by John Mills, mentions his… Continue reading


Men of Harlech

30 August 2009 19:47

It’s a bank holiday weekend, so what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than by watching Zulu one more time? Granted, the movie is riddled with historical inaccuracies but… Continue reading



30 August 2009 12:15

Pete suggests there’s little more to say about the Sunday Times story on the UK government’s attitude towards the release of the Abdelbaset ali al-Megrahi. The suggestion given by the… Continue reading


Who Cares if Torture Works or Not?

29 August 2009 23:16

Ann Althouse argues that Critics of "harsh interrogation techniques" — they, of course, call it torture — bolster their moral arguments with the pragmatic argument that it doesn’t even work.… Continue reading


Saturday Afternoon Country: George Jones

29 August 2009 12:28

If we could choose to sound like anyone, Waylon once said, we’d want to sing like George Jones. And frankly, not too many people have ever bothered to disagree with… Continue reading


Glenn Beck to Unveil Plan to Save the American Republic

28 August 2009 17:32

I really don’t know what to make of this. As politics it’s bizarre, as a kind of performance art it’s mesmerising. And popular. More people watch Glenn Beck than Mad… Continue reading


Is Using a Minotaur to Gore Detainees a Form of Torture?

28 August 2009 14:45

Well is it? This is one of the great moral issues of our time. Happily, (after the jump) there’s a panel of experts available to debate the matter. The awful… Continue reading


On Clausewitz and the Art of Cricket

28 August 2009 0:51

Earlier this summer, at the end of a conversation on other matters, the (excellent) American blogger Kevin Drum asked for more cricket-blogging. I’m happy to oblige! He said he finds… Continue reading


Kentucky Fried Chicken Disappoints Glaswegians

27 August 2009 18:52

  According to the Los Angeles Times, KFC are bringing new finger-lickin’ goodness to market. This is the "Double Down" a sandwich made from: two Original Recipe fillets, bacon, Swiss… Continue reading


Hannan & Powell, Round 2

27 August 2009 16:32

Danny Finkelstein says my Churchill analogy is "cute" but wrong. Churchill had his flaws but is primarily remembered for getting One Big Thing Right; Powell had his qualities but is… Continue reading


Obama, Likud & Self-Loathing Jews

27 August 2009 16:08

Occasionally you hear or see or read people complaining that Barack Obama’s administration is openly hostile towards Israel and Israeli interests. The purported evidence for this attitude has never persuaded… Continue reading


A Romney Pipe Dream

27 August 2009 14:49

Anyone who wants to see Mitt Romney fail now should hope he follows the advice given by Lisa Schiffren and Peter Roff and runs for the now open Senate seat… Continue reading


Daniel Hannan & Enoch Powell: Spectacular Media Stupidity Guaranteed

26 August 2009 20:21

If a politician expresses admiration for Winston Churchill do you immediately think that he’s a great fan of, among other considerations, casual indifference to the Bengal famine, the use of… Continue reading


Who will succeed Kennedy as Master of the Senate?

26 August 2009 19:13

Patty Murray, Herb Kohl, Johnny Isakson, Michael Enzi, Mike Crapo, Jeff Bingaman, Tom Carper, Daniel Inouy, Thad Cochrane, Blanche Lincoln… You need to be a pretty keen political junkie to… Continue reading


Ted Kennedy’s Finest Speech?

26 August 2009 14:42

Well, his address to the 1980 Democratic National Convention in New York City is probably Kennedy’s most famous speech. It may not have been his finest hour but it was… Continue reading


The End of an Old Song: Ted Kennedy 1932-2009

26 August 2009 11:54

  There was plenty to dislike* about Edward Kennedy and some of the opprobrium he attracted was deserved. Some of it was also an honour: Kennedy was worth disliking and,… Continue reading


America’s Worst Congressman

25 August 2009 20:26

The loathsome Peter King is at it again. Speaking to Politico, he’s up in arms that some people think torturing prisoners is wrong. King, channeling both the sense of outrage… Continue reading


Obama’s Summer Reading List

25 August 2009 17:58

Since we’re speaking of lists and, you know, it’s still August, Barack Obama’s summer reading list  is a mixture of the good (George Pelecanos) the middlebrow (David McCullough) and the… Continue reading


Movie List Mania!

25 August 2009 16:43

So, a big hello to Cappuccino Culture, the Spectator’s new culture blog where I see Pete has reposted the list he helped compile for the Spectator’s 50 Essential Films supplement.… Continue reading


Welcome to Guardian Country…

25 August 2009 14:32

From the Guardian’s Comment is Free today: 1. Cuba is an inspiring country for Americans like me to visit – and going there is an important act of civil disobedience… Continue reading