Swine Flu and Decentralisation

28 April 2009 11:31

Actually, Tuesdays are now the best day for the NYT’s op-ed page since in addition to Ross there’s David Brooks. His column today is a good one, making the point… Continue reading


If Dick Cheney had won the Republican nomination last year…

28 April 2009 1:40

Ross Douthat’s debut column for the New York Times begins with a good joke, designed (one might think) to have the Upper West Side howling that all the talk of… Continue reading


The Swine Flu Shot

27 April 2009 22:48

After the jump, a series of American PSAs warning about Swine Flu, dating from 1976. The second of them features a soundtrack that sounds as though it more properly should… Continue reading


The Changing Face of Domestic Murder

27 April 2009 20:02

Consider this chart: As you can see, since 1976  there’s been a marked decline in the number of men murdered by their wives in the United States and a smaller,… Continue reading


Government Rules Out Recreating Workhouses, Debtors Prison Etc

27 April 2009 19:15

Sometimes it seems as though the British appetite for nostalgia can never be satisfied. On the other hand, it seems there are in fact limits to our willingness to recreate… Continue reading

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Janice Turner: Heroine of the People

25 April 2009 14:39

It’s not often you find a full-blown leftie on the pages of The Times (or any British newspaper come to that). But Janice Turner’s attack o the undeserving rich today… Continue reading


The Conservative Party’s Duty of Care to Christopher Galley

25 April 2009 14:13

For my views on the Galley case please go to my Index on Censorship blog post today.  My point is that whistleblowers almost always end up getting stuffed. They are… Continue reading


When Lost Blondes Get Mad…

25 April 2009 10:54

This is the set-up: “Penned up in the Mediterranean’s most infamous prison farm, beautiful young bodies subject to their cruel jailer’s every whim, these man-craving convict women joined forces with… Continue reading


Dolly Parton: Still Fab After All This Time

25 April 2009 1:24

A lovely piece on the Queen of the Smokey Mountains, Dolly Parton, by Jesse Green in this week’s edition of New York magazine. Here is the Backwoods Barbie in typically… Continue reading


St George’s Day: A Perfect Celebration of Inferiority

24 April 2009 23:04

The ersatz English pride expressed by the entirely bogus St George’s Day celebrations is deeply creepy. I hate it. Wandering through London this week and bumping into people wrapped in… Continue reading


Denying the Armenians

24 April 2009 20:20

So, as expected Barack Obama has reneged upon his campaign promise to call the Armenian genocide, er, genocide. Instead it’s "slaughter". Such are the prosaic demands of office. As Mike… Continue reading


The Gurkha Campaign

24 April 2009 16:04

No surprise, alas, that the government should still be trying to find ways to deny Gurkhas the right to live in this country. The most charitable interpretation of today’s announcement… Continue reading


Karl Rove Endorses Torture in Just 140 Characters

24 April 2009 2:46

This is where the Republican party is now. Karl Rove’s latest Tweet is this: Precautions taken 2 guarantee compliance w/ federal prohibition on torture. U might characterize diligence as overcautious.… Continue reading


Torture and Porn: Stuff You Know When You See It

24 April 2009 1:35

Not so long ago the American conservative movement denied that waterboarding and the other "enhanced interrogation techniques" used upon prisoners were anything remotely akin to torture. That line has shifted… Continue reading


Torture, Dissidents and Talking to Dictators

23 April 2009 14:19

Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal today: In New York this week, I asked a former Eastern European dissident who spent time in prison under the Communists: "If you… Continue reading


Caption Contest: When Obama Met Lara

23 April 2009 11:36

Brian Lara gives President Barack Obama a lesson, during last week’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad. Photo: White House photo by Pete Souza. Kridaya rounds up some of the… Continue reading


What Would a Budget for Innovation, Enterprise and Aspiration Look Like?

23 April 2009 9:52

The papers make pretty depressing reading this morning, whether you are Alistair Darling, a Spactator reader facing the prospect of a 50p top tax rate or a member of the… Continue reading


Asking More from Your Friends

23 April 2009 2:10

There’s a good deal in David Hare’s speech to the Index on Censorship awards* with which I would disagree, but not this bit: "The principal lesson of the new century… Continue reading


Reserving Judgement

22 April 2009 23:59

It is so very tempting to storm in after a Budget and make sweeping assessments. Journalists are paid to do just that but they risk being blinded by ideology or… Continue reading


Nazi Cows Invade Devon!

22 April 2009 23:55

I can’t decide if this is a) headline of the day or b) just a desperate bid for traffic: Nazi ‘super cows’ shipped to Devon farm


Are the SNP even more deluded than Labour? Why, yes, they are!

22 April 2009 20:42

Scottish public spending has essentially doubled (albeit in absolute terms) since Labour came to power. (To what end, you ask? To very little end, I reply.) Now the British government… Continue reading


The American Justification for War

22 April 2009 19:53

Linking to this post, Daniel Larison makes an excellent point: Even though this claim about fighting on behalf of innocent Muslims is dubious (not least because several of our wars,… Continue reading


Geoffrey Robinson in The Times

22 April 2009 11:20

I was delighted to see Geoffrey Robinson’s letter in The Times today where he clarifies that my departure from the New Statesman had nothing to do with my sometimes critical… Continue reading


Let’s Pray For No Rabbits

22 April 2009 11:07

James has predicted that there will be a good news element to the Budget that no one has yet predicted. I do hope there is good news, but I also… Continue reading


Humbling Free Expression Awards

22 April 2009 8:15

I am always blown away by the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards. But for some reason, last night’s event seemd to throw up an even more astonishing roster… Continue reading