Coffee Shots: Labour go after the youth vote

9 July 2015 14:51
(Credit: EyeSpyMP)

With the under-25s seen to be the losers in George Osborne’s Budget yesterday, it seems Labour have found an audience they might actually be able to win over. Bring on the youth. Ed… Continue reading


Rihanna’s latest offering is the perfect anthem for contemporary feminism

9 July 2015 13:43

Popular culture is all about the shock factor, especially when it involves female popstars. The late Eighties set a precedent for women making statements in their music videos. In 1989… Continue reading


Harriet Harman struggles to get her point across

9 July 2015 12:25

On all counts, yesterday’s Budget was not a great day for Labour. The party found themselves in an awkward position as they struggled to decide how best to respond to a Budget… Continue reading


George Osborne fails to make the right impression

8 July 2015 15:02
(Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty)

After George Osborne delivered today’s budget, Harriet Harman responded by telling the Chancellor of the Exchequer that he should focus less on his own Prime Ministerial ambitions and more on… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan takes photographer to task for calling her a ‘girl’

8 July 2015 11:53
(Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

With the press pack out in full force today to cover George Osborne’s budget, one photographer’s day has got off to a bad start. As Cabinet ministers Nicky Morgan and… Continue reading


Philip Davies moves on from Esther McVey

8 July 2015 9:30

When Esther McVey moved into Philip Davies’ flat in 2013, the pair were quick to dispel rumours that they were anything more than good friends. Davies – who had separated… Continue reading


Paul Mason calls Syriza critic a ‘Nazi collaborator’

8 July 2015 9:25

Covering the Greece crisis appears to be beginning to take its toll on Paul Mason. Channel 4′s economics editor became embroiled in a bizarre Twitter rant last night during which he accused… Continue reading


Crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece fails to meet its target

7 July 2015 16:10

After the people of Greece voted against the bailout terms on offer in Sunday’s referendum, the likelihood of the country staying in the Euro is beginning to diminish. Now, they have… Continue reading


Calm down: English Votes for English Laws is a very minor modest proposal

7 July 2015 15:58
The four patron saints of Great Britain, (from left to right) St Patrick of Ireland, St George of England, St Andrew of Scotland and St David of Wales on a drunken spree. Image: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Ed Miliband – remember him? – has just told the House of Commons that the government’s proposals for so-called English votes for English laws (EVEL) are a betrayal of everything for… Continue reading


Tory MP appears topless in new commercial

7 July 2015 13:03
Johnny Mercer, the Tory MP, appears topless in a new Dove commercial

As one of the new intake of MPs in this Parliament, Johnny Mercer will be full of ambition for the five years ahead. However, judging by a video he appeared in… Continue reading


BBC performs U-turn over Wimbledon 2Day

7 July 2015 12:52
The BBC's Wimbledon coverage has changed venue following complaints from viewers

Last night Clare Balding greeted viewers of the BBC’s much lampooned Wimbledon 2Day with the news that they had relocated from the Gatsby private members’ club to a new show venue… Continue reading


Magic Mike XXL reviewed: stripping can be sexy – but lying on a pinned-down woman’s face is not

6 July 2015 18:17

It’s hard to overstate how much I wanted to like Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the 2012 Steven Soderbergh hit about male strippers. I have long proclaimed loudly to… Continue reading


‘A lot of bands know how to rock. Not many know how to roll’: AC/DC at Wembley reviewed

6 July 2015 18:10
Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC at Wembley Stadium.
Photograph: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

The main thing that strikes you as you watch AC/DC whip 70,000 people into a frenzy at Wembley stadium is, of course, how very similar they are to David Hockney.… Continue reading


Is your barbecue racist? The Guardian would like to know

6 July 2015 17:47
David Cameron and Barack Obama bond over a barbecue in the Downing Street garden. Picture: Getty

Earlier this year the Guardian vetoed HP sauce for its readers on the grounds that it is the sauce of the establishment. In May, the newspaper then went on to criticise tea drinkers, who… Continue reading


The self-taught French pianist who wowed the Tchaikovsky music competition

6 July 2015 17:36
Lucas Debargue at the 2015 Tchaikovsky music competition

Vladimir Putin was sitting a few rows in front of me last Thursday evening in Moscow listening patiently to three hours of classical music without interval. I could not imagine… Continue reading


Anna Soubry and Alex Salmond bury the hatchet following sexism row

6 July 2015 15:30

Only last month, Alex Salmond found himself at the centre of a sexism row after he told Anna Soubry to ‘behave yourself woman‘ during a Commons debate. The chippy Cabinet… Continue reading


Exclusive: top Scottish academic speaks out over Mhairi Black ‘slut’ tweet

6 July 2015 14:36

After Scottish Labour compiled a dossier of online abuse by cybernats, Scottish nationalists were quick to respond that supporters of other parties are just as bad. Step forward Jill Stephenson, Professor Emeritus… Continue reading


Cheer up! The Greek crisis shows you were right all along

6 July 2015 10:58
(Photo: Milos Bicanski/Getty)

I don’t know whether the joy on the right was worse than the preening on the left last night but as the result of the Greek referendum swept across social… Continue reading


Isis aren’t the only ones guilty of censoring the past

4 July 2015 11:11
Nothing is safe, not even a joyous, throwaway TV show

Aside from reports about terrorism, war and the Vatican cosying up to Naomi Klein, few news stories this year have upset me as much as the ones about TV Land cancelling… Continue reading


Spectator competition: Anyone for tennis? (plus: poems on the underground)

4 July 2015 9:30
New balls please. Image: Getty

To mark the beginning of Wimbledon, competitors were invited to take as their first line ‘There’s a breathless hush on the centre court’ and continue for up to 15 lines… Continue reading


Laurence Fox: I don’t like foxes

3 July 2015 13:51

Last night Brian May claimed that foxes are not vermin when he appeared on This Week to criticise government plans to repeal the ban on fox-hunting. The Queen guitarist argued… Continue reading


Lib Dems claw back power from the Tories

3 July 2015 12:40
Vince Cable lost his seat to the Conservatives in the general election

When Vince Cable lost his seat to the Tories in the general election, it was a a victory that brought much entertainment to the Conservatives, with David Cameron’s former head of… Continue reading


Isil stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Does David Cameron not realise this?

2 July 2015 18:09

It is very easy to make David Cameron and the Scottish National Party look ridiculous. But as every soldier and journalist knows, just because a target is easy doesn’t mean… Continue reading


Harriet Harman blasts George Osborne for distasteful PMQs joke

2 July 2015 17:50
Harriet Harman at The Spectator summer party

When George Osborne covered for David Cameron at PMQs last month, it was seen as his chance to prove to his critics that he was prime ministerial material. Alas, his attempt at a joke… Continue reading


The Spectator summer party, in pictures

1 July 2015 23:11

With a Tory majority to celebrate, the Cabinet turned out in full force for this year’s Spectator summer party. As David Cameron and George Osborne caught up with their old head… Continue reading