Don’t ban unpaid internships – let interns work from home instead

13 November 2014 16:24
itern horm

An unpaid six month internship costs graduates at least £5,000, according to a study by The Sutton Trust. The social mobility charity has analysed interns’ expenditure on rent, food, transport… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Miliband heads for the exit

13 November 2014 15:24
Labour Leader Ed Miliband Makes A Speech In Defence Of His Leadership

One of the things that every political team needs is a Liz Sugg. Sugg works in Downing Street and makes sure that every trip the Prime Minister makes anywhere runs… Continue reading


Hillary Clinton and the Audacity of Inevitability

13 November 2014 15:21
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Campaigns With Jeanne Shaheen In New Hampshire

Here we go again. We last travelled down this road eight years ago. Then, as now, Hillary Clinton was laying the ground for a run to the White House. Then,… Continue reading


Why Christians should stick up for atheists

13 November 2014 14:07
In some countries this could get her killed. Image: Getty

Christians and Muslims in Egypt are joining forces to address the challenge of atheism, according to this news report. (It reminds me of the old headline from Northern Ireland: ‘Catholics… Continue reading


Citizenfour: the paranoia of Snowden & co will bore you to death

13 November 2014 13:50

In simple entertainment terms Citizenfour isn’t as interesting as watching paint dry. It is more like watching someone else watching paint dry. People with opinions on Edward Snowden tend to… Continue reading


England should withdraw from the 2022 World Cup

13 November 2014 13:38
Image: Getty

Mark Steyn once wrote of the United Nations: ‘It’s a good basic axiom that if you take a quart of ice-cream and a quart of dog feces and mix ’em… Continue reading


How sure are the Mirror about their White Widow splash?

13 November 2014 11:52
Samantha Lewthwaite, the so-called ‘White Widow’. Image: Getty

Big news on the front page of the Mirror today as the paper goes heavy on the report from the Regnum news agency that Samantha Lewthwaite, the British female terror… Continue reading


Why Social Justice Warriors are losing

12 November 2014 17:46
Anita Sarkeesian – threats against her have become part of the ‘#Gamergate’ controversy. Image: Wikimedia Commons

What has happened to social justice warriors recently? Every campaign seems to fail, the latest being a cack-handed attempt to police Twitter in order to win the Gamergate saga (turn… Continue reading


Ever wondered what Joan of Arc’s breasts were like? Wonder no more

12 November 2014 12:56
Joan of Arc in an illustration from a 1505 manuscript

Just as she arrived a bit late to the Hundred Years War – about three quarters of the way through – Joan of Arc takes a while to appear in historian… Continue reading


Ukip’s puppet David Cameron cuts a pathetic figure

12 November 2014 12:24
A demonstrator dressed in a Rupert Murdo

Well this is a pleasant surprise. After all the years of indifference, David Cameron has condescended to notice us. Not just notice us but want us too. His come-hither smiles… Continue reading


What has the killjoy Speaker got against oysters and champagne?

11 November 2014 17:21
Oysters and champagne

In his campaign to make every single member of the Conservative benches want to throttle him, the Speaker launched a bizarre broadside against Winston Churchill’s grandson Sir Nicholas Soames on… Continue reading


Why the ‘bat police’ are the animals’ own worst enemy

11 November 2014 17:18

‘The only thing to be said for Halloween’, wrote Alexander Chancellor in a recent Long Life column, ‘is that it perpetuates the demonisation of the bat’. My initial thought was:… Continue reading


Does anyone actually want to win the next election?

11 November 2014 15:28
Larry the Downing Street Cat Waits Outside Number 10

A battle lost is worse than a battle won and there are fewer Pyrrhic victories in politics than you think. One of the staples of pre-election punditry, however, is that… Continue reading


Cameron causes chaos at City supper

11 November 2014 14:10
Prime Minister David Cameron attending the Lord Mayor's Banquet, at Guildhall in the City of London, Monday November 11, 2013. Photo: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Much harrumphing reaches Mr Steerpike today from the City of London. At last night’s Lord’s Mayor Banquet — the annual knees up at Mansion House to welcome the new Lord… Continue reading


Pink Floyd’s new album: it’s not hip – but it is good

11 November 2014 13:02
Album artwork for Pink Floyd's swan song, The Endless River

Yesterday, I popped into Rough Trade West record store to purchase the new Pink Floyd album. That isn’t something I expected to say in my lifetime, but 20 years after their 14th album The… Continue reading


Britain’s ‘top entrepreneur’ Victoria Beckham faces a fine

11 November 2014 13:01
Image: Getty

When Victoria Beckham was crowned Britain’s top entrepreneur by Management Today there were sniggers from an unkind few, while others balked at her estimated worth of £210 million. Mr S… Continue reading


Seven big fat myths about fitness

11 November 2014 9:55
This picture taken on June 14, 2012 show

When it comes to exercise and health, there’s a lot of dodgy advice out there (including plenty from friends and family). We explode some of the myths which might put… Continue reading


I’ve just seen the Rochester candidates’ debate. Sheesh. Poor Rochester

11 November 2014 8:22
"Christ, what a shower" - the Rochester candidates

So – the Rochester and Strood by-election next Thursday. Who will win? I’ve been there a few times recently and my guess, from a feeling in my water, is that… Continue reading


Let’s hear it for the breaking down of hegemonic structures

10 November 2014 15:43
Professor Eric 'Gumby' Anderson appears on This Morning. Image: YouTube

The latest instalment of what is becoming a regular feature: admiring the work of academics at places which, these days, we must call universities. This week let’s hear it for… Continue reading


Labour hedge bets on PR firm

10 November 2014 13:44
Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 13.40.17

The Labour Party has asked the mad men over at Lucky Generals to work with them at the next general election, according to Campaign magazine. Seasoned watchers of this sort… Continue reading


Nick Clegg sweats it out on court against Cameron’s crony

10 November 2014 13:34
Nick Clegg puts his court skills to the test. Image: PA

On Friday, Mr S boarded the Thames cruiser the Silver Sturgeon to join TV presenter and former tennis pro Andrew Castle in welcoming heavy hitters Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and… Continue reading


Should we revive the Colosseum?

10 November 2014 12:04
It could become the perfect venue for pop concerts... Getty Images

It occurs to me that Italy isn’t the best place to live if you’re an architect. Take a walk at random through Rome or Florence or Venice, and it is… Continue reading

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A reverend at war

10 November 2014 11:16
HMS Tiger: the ship on which Rev Wilfrid Hannay Gibbins was navy chaplain, before being invalided on the grounds of ‘an old illness’

This evening – Armistice Eve – Ben Fleetwood Smyth (no relation) and Hugh Brunt will be putting on their annual British Art Music Series concert: this year, in aid of St… Continue reading


Why the Guardian is wrong to attack the Tower of London poppies

10 November 2014 10:51
Getty Images

The furore over Jonathan Jones’s criticism of ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ (or the Tower of London poppies, as they’re more familiarly known) has been both understandable and unsurprising,… Continue reading


How does naturopathy work? A bit like a flying vacuum-cleaner to Mars

10 November 2014 9:25

Every so often you read a piece about alternative medicine that asks: how does it work? How does homeopathy work, how does acupuncture work, etc. There was a piece in… Continue reading