Was it Evgeny Lebedev wot won it?

17 May 2015 7:03
Prince Charles meets Evgeny Lebedev during a visit to the Standard and Independent offices (Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Getty)

During this election, every newspaper endorsed the party that most of their readers support – with two exceptions. The Independent and the Evening Standard, who have left-leaning readerships, both backed… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: SNP big in Japan

16 May 2015 10:15

Just when Mr S thought it was safe to go to his local watering hole now the 56 Scottish SNP MPs have chosen Parliament’s sports and social as their pub of choice, it turns… Continue reading


Spectator competition: ‘I have my own gun and a mind sufficient cold to master the arcane philosophies of your payment protection insurance’: Cormac McCarthy applies for a telesales job (plus: write a saucy short story)

16 May 2015 9:30
Image: Getty

Inspiration for the latest comp came from a young Hunter S. Thompson’s characteristically unorthodox pitch for a position at the Vancouver Sun. An unflattering portrait of his relationship with a… Continue reading


Boston bomber sentenced to death. But can they find the right drugs to kill him?

15 May 2015 22:41
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (FBI photo)

The Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was today sentenced to death by lethal injection. The jury reached the decision in the city where the killer, 19 at the time, blew up the… Continue reading


Why dance needs a Simon Cowell

15 May 2015 17:08

I have more and more time for Simon Cowell. On Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night he was dishing out his hard-faced reality check to the parade of wannabes who… Continue reading

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A modern scandal in Belgravia

15 May 2015 16:22
Motcomb Street

You know, I’m not sure the new, in-by-a-squeak Tory MP for Croydon, Gavin Barwell, has quite got it right when he says that ‘London is turning into Paris’, what with… Continue reading


Louise Mensch backs George Osborne to be the next Tory leader

15 May 2015 12:42
Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

All this talk from Labour and the Liberal Democrats about who will be their next party leader appears to have got to the Tory camp. Although the dust is yet to… Continue reading


A very modern Parliament causes problems for the Tories

15 May 2015 11:56
(Photo: Getty)

With 190 women elected last week and the number of ethnic minority MPs hitting record levels, Parliament is slowly beginning to look a little bit like modern Britain. Settling in,… Continue reading


Obesity isn’t a ‘disease’, whatever the American Medical Association may think

15 May 2015 11:30
Photograph: Daniel Jackson

This week, The Guardian informed us, a study revealed the ‘scale of the British public’s denial about weight problems’. Data collected by the Association for the Study of Obesity found… Continue reading


Chuka Umunna will no longer be the ‘English Obama’

15 May 2015 10:56
U.K. Opposition Labour Party Business Spokesman Chuka Umunna Interview

Chuka Umunna has surprised many today with the news that he has withdrawn from the race for the Labour leadership. Explaining his decision he said that the ‘added level of… Continue reading


Dulwich Picture Gallery fakes its own Fragonard

15 May 2015 8:00

This article was first published on Apollo magazine’s blog The latest addition to Dulwich Picture Gallery’s permanent collection display was a bargain at $88. For weeks the cheap Chinese copy… Continue reading


If I were prime minister, by Ian Fleming

14 May 2015 19:35
Ian Fleming

This article was first published in The Spectator on 9 October, 1959. I am a totally non-political animal. I prefer the name of the Liberal Party to the name of any… Continue reading


Chris Burden created some of the most exciting and utterly deranged art I’ve ever seen

14 May 2015 19:22

I once went out with a girl who jabbed me in the ribs every time I mouthed the phrase ‘conceptual art’. It hurt, but I got her point. The C-word,… Continue reading


Prince Charles’s letters reveal the extent of his lobbying for dangerous ‘alternative medicine’

14 May 2015 18:00
Image: Getty

The age of enlightenment was a beautiful thing. People cast aside dogma and authority. They started to think for themselves. Natural science flourished. Understanding of the natural world increased. The… Continue reading


A radical guide to boosting your baby’s ‘brand individuality’

14 May 2015 17:50
It's a brand opportunity!

A Telegraph journalist, Lucy Denyer, has written about how rubbish it is that people are calling their children stupid, made-up names. (Spoiler alert: I’m anti stupid made-up names.) Trouble is, while… Continue reading


Lib Dem leader hopeful Norman Lamb wins a celebrity backer

14 May 2015 16:43
Norman Lamb

Although Labour’s celebrity endorsements from Martin Freeman, Robert Webb and Russell Brand did little to help the party in the election, Norman Lamb will be hoping his new backer will help… Continue reading


The Stepford Student – The Spectator’s gift to the world

14 May 2015 16:02
The original Spectator cover image.

The Stepford Student website is full of interesting articles on current affairs. For instance ‘I couldn’t give a single flying shit about electoral reform’ by Nathan Akehurst and ‘Vote for whoever the fuck… Continue reading


Memo to David Aaronovitch: we’re not all metrosexual now

14 May 2015 12:40

Still inside that bubble, David Aaronovitch informs us that, regardless of the election result, we are all of a metrosexual mindset, whatever that is. Like it or not, the country… Continue reading


Charles’s ‘spider letters’: The Guardian falls for the pseudoscience of graphology

13 May 2015 18:23

The Prince of Wales’s ‘spider letters’ are out today – his letters to government ministers written or annotated in his distinctive spidery hand (see above) have been released under the Freedom… Continue reading


Tory MP teaches SNP MPs Westminster etiquette

13 May 2015 17:25
The SNP MPs gather for their first group meeting in Westminster

On Monday when 56 SNP MPs descended on Westminster, the youngest of the new intake Mhairi Black gushed that everyone had been so nice. Two days in, and cross-party relations have begun to cool.… Continue reading


Kristina Kyriacou rescues Prince Charles

13 May 2015 15:25
The Attorney General has blocked publication of Prince Charles' letters. Picture: Getty

Although the palace has played down concerns regarding the publication of Prince Charles’s ‘black spider’ memos to Government departments, given that they have spent nearly a decade fighting against their… Continue reading


What you could buy for the price of a $179million Picasso

13 May 2015 15:00
'Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)', 1955, by Pablo Picasso

This article was first published on Apollo magazine’s blog Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger (Version ‘O’) was the star lot at Christie’s ‘Looking Forward to the Past’ sale on 11 May, smashing the… Continue reading


Time for the pundits to keep their word

13 May 2015 12:57
Paddy Ashdown promised to eat his hat on live television if the BBC's exit poll was correct

There were some dangerous pledges made in the heat of the election battle from both politicians and pundits. Paddy Ashdown promised to eat his hat should the exit poll prediction bear… Continue reading


Jeremy Clarkson and James May take to the road after TV talks

13 May 2015 12:28
Top Gear Live - Media Call

After Jeremy Clarkson was sacked from Top Gear, his fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond resigned in protest. Since then, the trio have been spotted together over the past… Continue reading


‘Anti-lad’ crusaders have begun a cultural cleansing of British universities

13 May 2015 12:26

You can’t be on a campus for more than 10 minutes nowadays without hearing about inclusivity. Universities and students’ unions are mad for it. At the University of Sussex, a… Continue reading