The missing candidates in the Labour leadership contest

18 June 2015 17:29
Dan Jarvis MP. Image: Getty

This Labour leadership contest is almost as notable for who isn’t standing as for who is. First, there is the former paratrooper turned MP Dan Jarvis who declined to stand… Continue reading


It has to be Liz Kendall, doesn’t it?

18 June 2015 16:44

The most revealing moment in the Labour debate last night came when a questioner asked ‘what qualities do you share with Nicola Sturgeon that could make you as successful as… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Introducing ‘ISIS Schools’

18 June 2015 14:04

Earlier this week the chief inspector of schools Sir Michael Wilshaw warned that schools needed to show Muslim pupils that they are valued by society in order to stop them running off… Continue reading


Telling young men that ISIS is ‘dangerous’ will only encourage them to go

18 June 2015 11:23
honor is jihad

‘The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had’ When we were both sixteen, my then-best friend Dave carved the above lyric on his school desk. It… Continue reading


Ed Balls hired by Harvard to ‘research financial stability’

18 June 2015 11:16

During the election, Ed Miliband’s opponents regularly criticised the Labour leader for naming his life experience outside the Westminster bubble as ‘teaching at Harvard’. Still, the naysayers haven’t put his former sidekick… Continue reading


Labour’s ‘attack dog’ turns on Laura Kuenssberg over BBC debate

18 June 2015 8:40

Last night’s Newsnight Labour leadership debate proved to be a rather dull affair with all four hopefuls failing to make a strong impression. While many were quick to suggest that this was… Continue reading


The Pope and climate change: Francis is slapping his conservative critics in the face

17 June 2015 20:07
Image: Getty

Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment comes down firmly on the side of the global warming consensus/lobby (delete according to taste) and is a slap in the face to climate sceptics… Continue reading


Backbench ‘plot’ deprives Alan Mak of his favourite spot at PMQs

17 June 2015 16:40

Unfortunate timing for ambitious new Tory MP Alan Mak to be turned over by the Times today, after he was on the order paper to ask a prominent question at… Continue reading


Entourage review: its obsession with boobs, babes and oiled up bodies continues

17 June 2015 14:54

Look, could everyone please stop denigrating the Entourage movie for spurious reasons like ‘it feels like an extended episode of the TV series’? Since the US release a few weeks… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Jeremy Clarkson is back on the BBC

17 June 2015 14:18
Jeremy Clarkson was spotted by the BBC's film crew at Queen's

Last night Chris Evans was announced as Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear successor, following Clarkson’s fracas with a BBC producer. However, this doesn’t mean Clarkson won’t be appearing on the BBC… Continue reading


Liz Kendall on safe ground for Newsnight debate

17 June 2015 12:07
Labour's Leadership Candidates Take The Stage At Irish Hustings

Tonight’s Newsnight debate will see the four Labour leadership hopefuls – Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn — head to Nuneaton in a bid to boost their campaigns. Given that… Continue reading


The best way to end the ‘poshness test’

17 June 2015 10:59
Toffs And Toughs

Here is a preview of Toby Young’s column in this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow. Subscribe from just £1. There’s a warning buried in the detail of the new report by… Continue reading


Sayeeda Warsi is part of the jihadist emigration problem

17 June 2015 10:40
Baroness Warsi arrives in Downing Street to attend a weekly cabinet meeting on April 8, 2014 in London, England.

Honestly. No sooner have I filed a piece than along comes Sayeeda Warsi to help prove my point. Yesterday morning she popped up because another three sisters and their nine… Continue reading


Forget Jeremy Corbyn, I’m backing Liz Kendall for Labour leader

16 June 2015 22:43
Labour leadership candidate Liz Kendall addresses delegates at the GMB Union annual conference in Dublin, June 9, 2015.

I daresay some of you lot are amusing yourselves by joining the Labour Party for three quid so as to vote for Jeremy Corbyn in the forthcoming leadership election. Can’t… Continue reading


Chris Evans performs U-turn over Top Gear job

16 June 2015 20:56

After Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear following a fracas with a show producer, reports soon emerged claiming Chris Evans would be his replacement. However, the radio host was quick to… Continue reading


Adventures in Truthiness: The SNP and Full Fiscal Autonomy

16 June 2015 19:08

As a general rule I prefer the stupidity theory to the mendacity concept of politics. That is, if a politician says something obviously wrong it is more probably because they… Continue reading


Richard Desmond: I made £5,000 profit from Labour donation

16 June 2015 16:31
Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

Although Richard Desmond recently pledged his allegiance to Ukip’s Nigel Farage, the media mogul previously backed Tony Blair, with the owner of the Express papers donating £100,000 to Labour in 2001.… Continue reading


Why feminists like me are addicted to Game of Thrones

16 June 2015 15:32
Queen Cersei Lannister - pre-punishment

This post contains spoilers and discussion of the Season 5 Finale. My name is Kate Maltby, I’m a feminist, and I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. I’ve known I’ve had a problem for… Continue reading


Battle of the pundits: Owen Jones vs ‘the Katie Hopkins of the Blairite right’

16 June 2015 13:54

Today the BBC invited arch-enemies Dan Hodges and Owen Jones onto Daily Politics to discuss the Labour leadership battle. What began as a civil exchanging of views over Jeremy Corbyn’s inclusion… Continue reading


If you’re thinking of making an off-colour joke in modern Britain, you’d be off better joining ISIS

16 June 2015 11:46
Kashmiri protesters hold up a flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), during a protest against Israeli military operations in Gaza, on July 18, 2014 in Srinagar, India

Should we feel sorry for people who join barbarian jihadist groups like ISIS? I ask because I had always assumed that people who volunteered to join gangs which specialise in… Continue reading


If the Guardian dislikes privately educated Oxbridge types, why does it hire so many?

15 June 2015 22:55
David Miranda questioned

The Guardian ran an article today about research by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. The commission claims around 70 per cent of jobs at law, accountancy and financial firms… Continue reading


Lionel Richie is an unusual ‘Face in the Crowd’ on Parliament visit

15 June 2015 17:16
Lionel Ritchie attended a Jewish Care dinner with Lord Levy and Prince William

You might expect to see Lionel Richie pass outside your door, if you were in the Ivy last night, or in the VIP yurt of this month’s Glastonbury Festival. But… Continue reading


Lesley Garrett: Labour chose the wrong Miliband brother

15 June 2015 16:55

As a Doncaster resident, Lesley Garrett is well acquainted with her local MP Ed Miliband. However, the soprano was left disappointed by Labour’s effort in the general election. In an interview ahead of… Continue reading


David Starkey defends his comments comparing the SNP to the Nazis

15 June 2015 15:50

Over the weekend, David Starkey caused outrage in Scotland when he compared the SNP to the Nazis. While the SNP MP Kirsten Oswald was quick to dismiss Starkey as a ‘serial… Continue reading


In praise of charming but pointless laws – like the Magna Carta

15 June 2015 13:36
Salisbury Cathedral's Magna Carta Granted World Heritage Status

If you peer deep into the statute book, you will see that it is still an offence to enter parliament wearing armour. Even more amazing, it has been a crime… Continue reading