MPs enjoy a summer of freebies

17 August 2015 9:29
John Bercow attends Wimbledon

With MPs being awarded a 10 per cent pay rise this summer, politicians have been left having to defend their annual salary of £74,00o from sceptics who point out that the boost comes at… Continue reading


Taki on Jeffrey Bernard – ‘Never a nice word about me’

15 August 2015 14:30

Some years ago, Taki and Jeffrey Bernard each wrote the other’s obituary. When Jeffrey died on 4 September 1997, The Spectator published Taki’s version. Radio 4 are today broadcasting Jeffrey… Continue reading


The poetic thoughts your pet is having

14 August 2015 16:51
I wandered lonely as a cloud

My request for poems by a pet who is cheesed off with its owner generated an entertaining parade of bullied, misunderstood and condescended-to creatures. The contempt in Basil Ransome-Davies’s closing… Continue reading


Coffee shots: Cocktails for Corbyn

14 August 2015 15:36
The Scottish Labour Young Socialists

With the registration period now closed, Labour members are sitting tight, waiting for their ballot papers to arrive. A period of quiet, sober reflection now begins, as members decide who they want… Continue reading


Labour’s attack dog takes a swipe at the Guardian after Burnham snub

14 August 2015 8:37
Michael Dugher

Oh dear. Is the Labour leadership campaign beginning to get too much for the Burnham camp? After the Guardian announced last night that they would be endorsing Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham’s… Continue reading


Is the dream over? Corbyn’s friend comes out against him

13 August 2015 17:56
Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

It’s safe to say that today has not been a great day for the Corbyn campaign. After Yvette Cooper gave a speech claiming her Labour leadership rival’s policies are neither original… Continue reading


John Bercow: clapping could be permitted in the Chamber

13 August 2015 10:55

The SNP may finally be having an effect on Westminster’s rules and traditions. Ever since the 56 SNP MPs descended on Parliament they have been repeatedly told off by the… Continue reading


‘Life in Squares’ reminds us that the Bloomsbury Group liked sex. That’s about it

12 August 2015 18:15

I didn’t have very high hopes for ‘Life In Squares’ (the BBC three-parter about the Bloomsbury circle which concluded this week).  But the first episode stuck me as promising.  The… Continue reading


Karen Danczuk struggles to find work

12 August 2015 15:52
(Credit: @KarenDanczuk)

It seems that Karen Danczuk’s glittering post-politics career isn’t going quite to plan. The estranged wife of Labour MP Simon Danczuk — who used to work for her husband as… Continue reading


Ukip accused of being too politically correct (yes, really)

12 August 2015 11:54
Mark Reckless has been billed as Ukip's new Economics Spokesperson

Ukip have been accused of being too politically correct. Yes, you did just read that sentence correctly. In a somewhat bizarre scenario, Nigel Farage’s former senior aide Raheem Kassam has… Continue reading


Amnesty International has pimped itself out

12 August 2015 8:36
(Photo: Getty)

There is no argument fiercer in feminism than the argument about prostitution. Say you want to ban it and the libertarian feminists denounce you as a ‘whorephobe’. Say you want… Continue reading


Is Andy Burnham telling the whole truth about his time outside Westminster?

11 August 2015 18:49
Andy Burnham met his wife Marie-France van Heel at Cambridge University

The Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham, who has worked in politics for 21 years, makes much of his life outside the Westminster bubble. As well as releasing a campaign video… Continue reading


If you want to save the British dairy industry, vote with your wallet

11 August 2015 18:38
Rachael protests outside Asda in Wigan. Image: PA

So Morrisons have announced that – after long discussions with farmers’ unions over the price of milk – they will launch a new brand of milk, which will be 10p… Continue reading


Correction of the day: is the Pope Catholic?

11 August 2015 11:32
Pope John Paul II, born Karol Wojtyla (Photo: Getty)

The results are in. After scrolling through today’s papers, ‘Correction of the day’ goes to the Times for an apology which brings new meaning to the age-old question ‘is the Pope… Continue reading


Having an Aga doesn’t make you posh

11 August 2015 10:26
Plates on shelf above white Aga oven in country kitchen

‘I already hate Sam. He’s too chavvy.’ Can you imagine the outrage that would kick off if someone said that about a contestant on a reality TV programme? But that’s essentially… Continue reading


The Economist under fire over Egypt advertorial

11 August 2015 9:55

If reports that Pearson will soon sell their stake in the Economist magazine are to be believed, Mr S hopes that the publication’s latest ‘cover’ won’t dent the brand’s value. Steerpike… Continue reading


Harriet Harman: how I protected my baby from Margaret Thatcher, ‘the witch’

10 August 2015 15:25
(Photo: Ian Forsyth/Getty)

According to some of the more far-left members of the Labour Party, Harriet Harman is a Tory. The somewhat surprising claim came after she told her party to abstain on… Continue reading


Nicola Sturgeon’s bandwagon rolls on: a new poll puts the SNP on 62%

10 August 2015 12:40
Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

People like to support successful teams. That’s why there are far more Chelsea fans now than there were 20 years ago. It’s why, in Scotland, Celtic and (until recently) Rangers… Continue reading


Corbynmania takes hold of the Tories

10 August 2015 11:30

Forget Tories4Corbyn, a new craze is taking hold of Conservative politicians across the country. With Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity now at an all-time high, he has amassed a hoard of female fans… Continue reading


Andy Burnham’s GQ interview comes back to haunt him

9 August 2015 8:58
Labour leadership candidates Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham on stage at the Labour leadership hustings in Citywest hotel on June 9, 2015 in Dublin, Ireland.

Although much has been made of Andy Burnham’s admission in an interview with GQ that he owns an Armani suit, perhaps the most embarrassing revelation lies further down. When asked for… Continue reading


The Ashes: This Really Is As Good As It Gets

8 August 2015 18:44
England v Australia: 4th Investec Ashes Test - Day Three

All across the country this afternoon struggling club sides could cheer themselves with the thought that once their batsmen had survived for 112 deliveries they were doing better than Australia… Continue reading


Déjà-lu in today’s Times — but where was the Spectator’s credit?

7 August 2015 16:37

Mr S couldn’t help but notice that the Times made for familiar reading this morning. A leader titled ‘Ending the Exodus’ suggested that the government ought to ‘Give Syrian refugees… Continue reading


Karen Danczuk on marriage split from Labour MP: ‘I feel like the new Bridget Jones’

7 August 2015 16:11

Since Karen Danczuk announced her split from her husband Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP, she has been embroiled in a bitter row with him over the reasons for their parting of… Continue reading


BBC ‘environment analyst’ explodes on Twitter as BBC presenter mocks Met Office’s climate prophecies

6 August 2015 22:16
Quentin Letts

Climate change is the subject of a complex debate in which, increasingly, experts disagree with each other. Nearly all of them believe in man-made global warming, but they’re not sure how bad the problem… Continue reading


Lynton Crosby offers Nigel Farage some career advice

6 August 2015 17:22
Lynton Crosby

In an interview with Sky News Australia, David Cameron’s former election strategist Lynton Crosby has today offered his thoughts on the Prime Minister’s rivals. Unsurprisingly, his conclusions are hardly flattering.… Continue reading