The Usefulness of Anonymous Sources

11 March 2009 17:42

Glenn Greenwald is, as Julian Sanchez says, back on the warpath. This time he’s blasting the continued use of anyonymous sources and what he sees as their corrupting impact upon… Continue reading

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Caribbean Lessons

11 March 2009 17:10

In the grander scheme of matters, a West Indian series victory which left England thinking they should really have won the series 2-1 was not a bad result. England can… Continue reading


The Decline of the Dublin Pub

11 March 2009 15:01

The Long Hall: photo by Flickr user inaki_naiz. Used under a Creative Commons License. An important article in the New York Times on the decline of the traditional Irish pub.… Continue reading


When Failure is Rewritten as Success

10 March 2009 23:35

An interesting, and telling, line from Jonathan Powell’s article on why we should not over-react to the latest outbreak of Republican violence in Northern Ireland: Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness… Continue reading


The Cool Black Guy and the White Nerd

10 March 2009 17:50

That’s how Jon Stewart described Barack Obama and Gordon Brown. Actually, Brown comes out of it fine as Giftgate receives an airing on the Daily Show. Bonus: there’s chuckling at… Continue reading


How It All Began

10 March 2009 15:56

Way back in 1994 the Economist reported on this whole World-Wide-Web thingy: The enthusiasm of volunteers has made the web into one of the Internet’s most popular technologies, accounting for… Continue reading


A brilliant, horrifying, moving article

10 March 2009 2:18

It’s hard to know how to describe Gene Weingarten’s piece in the Washington Post’s magazine, except to say that it is one of the most heart-breaking, moving, humane, pieces of… Continue reading


Idiosyncratic Local Communities

10 March 2009 0:36

An interesting post, as always, from Jim Manzi: I’ve written often about the need for renewing the conservative- libertarian fusion, why I think this is a natural alliance, and the… Continue reading


The Libertarian Moral High Ground

9 March 2009 23:57

James writes: "Too often, politicians on the right, wrongly and short-sightedly, cede the moral high ground to the left. Conservatives in Britain have been particularly guilty of accepting, or at… Continue reading


The History of the Hain-Brown Ideological Split

9 March 2009 23:20

Every now and again I find myself reaching for Robert Peston’s 2005 book, Brown’s Britain. As we are now living in Brown’s Britain (perhaps we have been for the past… Continue reading


America Moves to the Left

9 March 2009 18:45

Another problem with the Republican party’s apparent belief that the Same Old Tunes are just as popular as they ever were, if, that is, they’re played properly is that, just… Continue reading


The Prior Problem

9 March 2009 17:38

Apart from being England wicket-keepers what do Matt Prior and Godfrey Evans have in common? Congratulations if you answered that they’re the only keepers in the history of test cricket… Continue reading


The Republicans and Cameron, Cont.

9 March 2009 13:13

Background: John O’Sullivan wrote a piece for National Review arguing that the GOP had nothing useful to learn from the Tory party’s post-1997 experiences. I took issue with that here.… Continue reading


Frum vs Limbaugh: the Newsweek Edition

9 March 2009 12:09

Regular readers will not be surprised to learn that I think David Frum’s Newsweek piece on the Trouble with Rush has a lot going for it. I admire David’s bravery… Continue reading


Green Jobs? Really?

9 March 2009 11:14

Could there be anything nicer and popular than "green jobs"? Gordon Brown and Baack Obama has determined that a "green" job – all fresh and wholesome and wrapped in the… Continue reading


Charles Freeman

9 March 2009 10:59

Appointing Charles Freeman to run the President’s National Intelligence Council is not quite the same thing as asking him to be National Security Advisor or Secretary of State. How many… Continue reading

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Waiting for the Great Leader’s call…

8 March 2009 23:56

There’s something cool, yet creepy about Rune Guneriussen’s work… [Via Andrew]


Countercyclical Assets

8 March 2009 13:47

One of my favourite features at Marginal Revolution is Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok’s occasional look at countercyclical assets – ie, products and economic sectors that are doing quite nicely… Continue reading


Sarah Churchwell Gets Under the Skin of Republican Philistines

8 March 2009 12:19

I now get magazines sent to my home rather than my office, which means that I actually read them from time to time. The latest issue of The Liberal, for… Continue reading


The Complex Personality of Peter Hain

8 March 2009 9:58

A good mini-scoop from the Independent on Sunday based on an article from Peter Hain. News stories based on articles by politicians are often the last refuge of a political… Continue reading


Obama more out of touch than Bush, Hoover, Everyone combined…

7 March 2009 22:22

How so? Well, how can he say stuff like this and expect to be taken seriously? Mr. Obama rode to the White House partly on his savvy use of new… Continue reading



7 March 2009 13:22

Astute readers will have noticed that I’ve finally got round to adding a blogroll. All blogs listed are, of course, recommended. I’d particularly like to highlight, however, a couple to… Continue reading


Harriet’s At It

6 March 2009 23:57

My politics students at City University in London were delighted to have a visit from a master hack today. Kevin Maguire was an entertainining and marvellously indiscreet guest. The final… Continue reading


Giftgate Continues!

6 March 2009 18:34

On the one hand, the rumpus over the gifts exchanged between Gordon Brown and Barack Obama is, as TIME’s Michael Scherer puts it, "exhausting". Also, magnificently trivial. But let’s face… Continue reading


Ending the Drug War. Now.

6 March 2009 15:06

Although there are encouraging noises coming from Latin America, much of the western world remains deaf to common sense. Still, let’s hear it for the Economist which this week repeats… Continue reading