Tories Pledge Painless Defence Cuts?

8 October 2009 14:19

So, the headlines from Liam Fox’s speech today concentrate on his pledge to reduce MoD costs by 25% without, of course, there being any impact on "front-line troops". Our old… Continue reading

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Dannatt, gimmicks and half-wits

8 October 2009 12:11

Sir Richard Dannatt’s usefulness to the Conservative Party has just reduced by about ninety per cent as a consequence of his decision to accept an advisory post with the party.… Continue reading


Israel’s Enemy Within

8 October 2009 4:21

I confess I don’t know very much about Isi Leibler, but he’s a columnist at the Jerusalem Post who wrote this week that: The exploitation of Judge Goldstone’s Jewish background… Continue reading


Organ Markets: Still Needed

8 October 2009 2:29

This is why we need an organ market: The number of people agreeing to donate their organs after death is growing, but at a slower rate than the number of… Continue reading


Story of the Day

8 October 2009 2:11

I think this is probably the best intro you’re likely to read all day week: A gay man tried to poison his lesbian neighbours by putting slug pellets into their… Continue reading


Modern Mysteries: Some People Take Newt Gingrich Seriously.

7 October 2009 19:37

One of the great oddities of the moment is the apparent belief, held in some circles, that Newt Gingrich is some kind of political soothsayer. Granted, this notion is mainly… Continue reading

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The Man Who Would Be a Peer: General Sir Richard Dannatt

7 October 2009 15:16

Plenty of Tories are, it seems, cock-a-hoop about the news, still to be confirmed, that General Sir Richard Dannatt is to be elevated to the House of Lords where he… Continue reading


Generally speaking, British voters haven’t taken to the Waffen SS

7 October 2009 7:52

I am still not sure quite why the Conservative Party is determined to ally itself in Europe with the Waffen SS and Poland’s vigorous and exciting “No Yids or Queers”… Continue reading


David Cameron & the Special Relationship

7 October 2009 0:28

The FT’s Philip Stephens gave the traditional fretting over the future of the Special Relationship a novel twist yesterday: Tory hostility to the EU threatens the transatlantic relationship too. Actually,… Continue reading

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Does Obama Care About Human Rights in Iran?

6 October 2009 14:50

As readers know, in general terms I think the Obama administration has taken a fairly sensible, moderate approach towards Iran. Nevertheless, it’s possible to take this too far. And this… Continue reading


CCTV Britain: Welcome to our Dystopia

6 October 2009 13:35

Then again, if things are bad in Ireland, they’re also pretty ghastly here too. Consider this story from the Times today: Britain, already one of the most snooped-upon nations on… Continue reading


Department of Things Could Be Worse: Irish Edition

6 October 2009 13:03

George Osborne may be warning of austere times ahead, but the situation is much graver on the other side of the Irish sea. Yesterday’s Irish Times revealed the startling details… Continue reading


Despite Pundits’ Best Efforts, Afghanistan Stubbornly Refuses to be Obama’s Vietnam

6 October 2009 0:53

So, you see, Barack Obama is a Democratic president just like Jack Kennedy and LBJ and, right, there’s a war going on in Aghanistan which is in asia, just like… Continue reading

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Leaking Anti-Leaking Advice

5 October 2009 20:31

Sweet. This had to happen: A Ministry of Defence document giving advice on how to stop documents leaking onto the internet has been leaked onto the internet. …The 2,400-page restricted… Continue reading


School’s Out: The Swedish Model is Not the Only One.

5 October 2009 16:22

Like other sensible people I’m encouraged by the Tories plans for education in England. The Swedish system of Free Schools has a lot to be said for it. Still, I… Continue reading


Ignore the Party, You should Vote for the Best Candidate

5 October 2009 2:31

For some time since I came of voting age I took the view that it was more important to vote (when I bothered to vote) for the party, not the… Continue reading


Cascades of contrition that changed nothing

5 October 2009 0:24

Scouring the Sunday newspapers for any vestige of sentience, I find none whatsoever – but instead chance upon this whining, chippy, neo-Socialist drivel from Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times blaming… Continue reading


A Braw Bricht Moonlicht Nicht

4 October 2009 22:01

Aye lads, it’s what you might call a Reiving moon right enough. Taken circa 9pm tonight.


Wodehouse vs Wodehouse

4 October 2009 18:46

OK, some Sunday fun and games. A wee while back Patrick Kidd had a nice item in which Henry Blofeld listed his all-time cricket XI drawn from PG Wodehouse characters.… Continue reading


Gordon Brown & The Thick of It

4 October 2009 17:46

A lovely catch and telling observation from Iain Martin* on how the Prime Minister’s speech to the Labour party conference was put together and how this exhausted government is, essentially,… Continue reading


What is Tory policy on Europe?

4 October 2009 14:50

Fraser says there’s plenty to fight for on the Great European Question and, in many ways, I’m sure he’s right. But what is Tory policy in the event that Lisbon… Continue reading


Saturday Afternoon Country: Justin Townes Earle

3 October 2009 14:43

Yes, that would be Steve Earle’s boy and yes he’s named after the great Townes van Zandt. One of the things I like about country music is it that, in… Continue reading


David Cameron’s strange European bedfellows

2 October 2009 23:16

I just don’t understand David Cameron’s stubbornness over his alliance with his new friends in fringe European parties. Why make a stand for these people? William Hague’s insistence of an… Continue reading


Biblical Corruption: Liberals & Fellow-Travelling Surrender Christians

2 October 2009 17:03

Did you know that the problem with the Bible is that it is, frankly, a book for liberal surrender-monkeys? Apparently so. Hence the urgent need for a new, properly conservative… Continue reading


Yes, Mary Seacole was Black. So what?

2 October 2009 3:29

I confess that until recently I had never heard of Mary Seacole. But, like Boris Johnson, who found himself in this position a few years ago, that reflects poorly on… Continue reading