Couric vs Palin

2 October 2008 0:03

The slow drip torture is, as you would expect it to be, agonising. But here's the latest from Katie Couric's destruction of poor Sarah Palin. You can see why CBS… Continue reading


The Boy Dave Done Good

2 October 2008 0:02

It's just like old times, ain't it? The Sun wading in behind the Tory leader. The paper's leader today has a headline Tory HQ would have written themselves: He's Ready.… Continue reading


Change We Can Believe In?

1 October 2008 20:09

Ben Brogan suspects the financial crisis is an advantage for Gordon Brown. Perhaps it is. In the short-term. Make that in the very short-term. But in the medium to long-term… Continue reading


Political Advertising 13

1 October 2008 15:18

Dedication. Humanity. Good Sense. Fine virtues all. But enough to win an election? Jimmy Carter hopes so in 1980. But, dash it, there’s something a little forlorn about this ad:

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Quote for the Day

1 October 2008 14:55

Comes from that wise bird, Tyler Cowen: 11. If someone is pushing conclusions and not identifying the potential weak points in his or her arguments, be suspicious.  Also beware of… Continue reading


Winning and Losing in Afghanistan

1 October 2008 13:33

A rather interesting development in Kabul. The French satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaînė (France's Private Eye) claims that the British Ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, has told the French… Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass

1 October 2008 11:42

Away from the markets and in advance of tomorrow’s Vice-Presidential debate, you might enjoy this: Cruel, but fair.

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The Bailout & I

30 September 2008 13:18

I really don't know enough to tell whether it was a good thing that the bailout plan failed yesterday or not. Mebbes aye, mebbes naw as a great man was… Continue reading


Political Advertising 12

30 September 2008 11:26

This time we’re going back to 1956 and this short, but to the point, Adlai Stevenson advert. More than anything else, it reminds one of how long Richard Nixon was… Continue reading

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When Paul placed his hands on them, the Holy Spirit came on them, and they spoke in tongues and prophesied.

30 September 2008 0:16

Radley Balko is right. If this story isn't the sort of cheery goodness you've been craving in these troubling, turbulent times then, well, what the hell's wrong with you? It's… Continue reading


Hobnobs for All

29 September 2008 15:08

Via, Mr Eugenides, I see that, despite what you may think, it's not all doom and gloom. Just occasionally good and wholesome news slips through the clouds, spreading sweetness and… Continue reading


Where’s Scotland?

29 September 2008 13:41

Notice what's missing from this Guardian scoop? A third runway at Heathrow airport would be scrapped by a Tory government that would instead build a £20bn TGV-style high speed rail… Continue reading

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Political Advertising 11

29 September 2008 11:14

I wish they still made ads like this one for Gerald Ford in 1976. Check out the jaunty music and the fab 70s kitsch of it all. Not a bad… Continue reading


Pastoral Scene of the Day

27 September 2008 18:38

Well, yesterday actually. Sheep graze under an oak tree at twilight. Looking east towards Selkirk.


Stanislav Petrov Day

27 September 2008 13:34

The Yorkshire Ranter explains why this matters and why we should all be grateful to this Soviet Air Force colonel.


Political Advertising 10

27 September 2008 11:54

The contrast between this jaunty, jolly ad and what we know of Richard Nixon’s character and temperament is quite striking. “Nixon Now”, from 1972, is mesmerising. Amazing stuff.

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Who Won?

27 September 2008 4:50

So who won? And does it matter? Only up to a point. John Kerry won the first of his debates with George W Bush and won it handsomely. That is… Continue reading


McCain vs Obama in Mississippi

27 September 2008 1:36

Well, here we go again campers. And this time it might even matter, though without the presence of Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards… Continue reading


Alan Keyes on Obama and McCain

26 September 2008 23:52

Toby Harnden reminds us that the only man to have debated both Obama and McCain is Mr Loony Tunes himself, Alan Keyes. So what does he think? So what does… Continue reading


Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is Susan Alexander…

26 September 2008 16:33

Amusing comment left on this post that dared to observe that Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric was less than wholly impressive: what do you know. english marxist hates palin.… Continue reading


Gordon Brown is Jimmy Carter

26 September 2008 16:05

Sure, his conference speech tried to meld elements from both the McCain and Obama campaigns, but the Prime Minister's micro-management and control-freakery is more reminiscent of the poor old Georgian… Continue reading

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26 September 2008 15:43

Some additions to the blogroll. So, welcome to: Charles Crawford's Blogoir SNP Tactical Voting Scottish Unionist Ta-Nehisi Coates John Schwenkler The Confabulum Deep Glamour Tom Harris MP


Bailout Politics

26 September 2008 13:57

So, no deal in Washington. NYT account here; WaPo here. Politico's story contains this detail that, unsurprisingly, has been making waves: According to one GOP lawmaker, some House Republicans are… Continue reading


Karl Marx: Blogger

26 September 2008 12:45

Norm has the details, of course: Why do you blog? > To lay bare the economic law of motion of modern society. (1) What has been your best blogging experience?… Continue reading


Political Advertising 9

26 September 2008 9:49

No-one ever accused LBJ of being a soft touch. This ad, “Confessions of a Republican” from 1964 is brutal. And brilliant. Four hideous minutes for Barry Goldwater. Yet it still… Continue reading

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