The March of the Surveillance State

10 November 2009 4:02

Good grief: All telecoms companies and internet service providers will be required by law to keep a record of every customer’s personal communications, showing who they are contacting, when, where… Continue reading


Without War We Are Nothing. Apparently.

10 November 2009 2:24

Happily my Outrage Outage didn’t last long. Thanks, Robert Kaplan! Your Atlantic column on the fall of the Berlin Wall proved a most adequate tonic. You conclude your piece: What… Continue reading


Blog Fail

9 November 2009 17:47

Apologies for the light blogging. I’ve failed to be outraged by anything today. Lamentably, this even includes not being outraged by the outrage over whatever it is that’s the outrage… Continue reading


The Politics of Health Care

8 November 2009 15:49

So the House of Representatives has, albeit narrowly, passed health care reform. Whatever one thinks of the merits of the bill that is an achievement for Pelosi and Obama in… Continue reading


Memo to Columnists: The EU does NOT have much in common with the USSR

8 November 2009 14:09

Janet Daley describes herself as a euro-sceptic of "apocalyptic dimensions". The evidence presented by her column today suggests this may be an understatement. Alas, this kind of euro-scepticism seems to… Continue reading


London Scottish (1914)

8 November 2009 2:35

The war memorial in my hometown, a place of no more than 6,000 people today, lists the names of no fewer than 292 men from Selkirk killed in the Great… Continue reading


Charles Krauthammer’s Crazy, Lazy Complacency

6 November 2009 20:10

Charles Krauthammer isn’t as reliably and consistently wrong as Bill Kristol, but he’s also determined to see the sun shining for Republicans. Thus: The Obama coattails of 2008 are gone.… Continue reading


Big Brother in Big Sky country

6 November 2009 19:05

Not welcome in Montana. For shame. A sad story of our times: residents of Belgrade, Montana petitioned the town council for permission to keep chickens in their yards. No-one objected… Continue reading


The Euro-sceptics will bide their time before devouring another Tory leader? Great!

6 November 2009 17:52

Yesterday I suggested that Europe may well end up destroying David Cameron’s ministry and that, consequently, some of this week’s maneouvering has been designed to delay that until a putative… Continue reading


Friday Afternoon Country: Lyle Lovett

6 November 2009 16:06

Because, frankly, from Afghanistan to Texas to the corridors of Whitehall and the Bank of England, it’s been a pretty bleak week it’s appropriate to bring Saturday Morning Country forward… Continue reading


Sod the Public: We Need Representatives, Not Delegates

6 November 2009 2:36

I don’t mean to pick on David Kerr, the SNP’s candidate in the Glasgow North-East by-election, because, frankly, every single one of the candidates would say something like this: "My… Continue reading


A just cause

6 November 2009 0:33

We are apparently incapable of fighting a war, these days, unless a quick and bloodless victory is pre-ordained. Labour (and especially John Reid) deserves some criticism for having pretended, initially,… Continue reading


Drug War Economics

5 November 2009 16:31

It seems that Mexican drug cartels, vexed by inceased security at the American border, are sensibly moving production to be closer to their clients. Consequently, they’re growing marijuana on Indian… Continue reading


Europe: A British Victory?

5 November 2009 13:25

Timothy Garton Ash’s piece recalling his adventures in central and eastern europe for this magazine is just as enjoyable as you would expect. Which is to say that it’s very… Continue reading


Order is Restored

5 November 2009 12:09

The peerless Mariano Rivera. Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images. After eight long, gruelling years the Curse of Bush is finally lifted and the universe is once more on an even keel:… Continue reading


Is it Possible to Have a Twit-Scoop?

5 November 2009 10:07

I was interested to see the Observer story at the weekend about Lord Ashcroft accompanying William Hague to Washington.  I tweeted this on October 23rd. I even teased Iain Dale… Continue reading


Referendum Questions: The 1707 Edition

5 November 2009 0:42

Now that the Conservatives have promised a referendum on any future transfers of power to Brussels and have, in general, become fans of referenda perhaps the party leadership can address… Continue reading


Petitioning Brown to Resign

4 November 2009 18:31

A pointless endeavour, of course, but there was a petition sent to Downing Street asking Gordon Brown to do the decent thing and resign. Today the government decided to respond… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s American Helpers

4 November 2009 16:55

This is ridiculous. Apparently Gordon Brown has been paying a DC firm of speechwriters for help "tailoring" his speeches to an American audience. West Wing Writers have been paid more… Continue reading


Lessons from NY-23 and Virginia?

4 November 2009 13:43

My old chum Toby Harnden says yesterday’s election results produced a "miserable night" for Barack Obama and clearly losing the gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia was hardly good… Continue reading


The Church of the Very Sad Polar Bears

4 November 2009 11:50

A judge has decided that belief in climate change is precisely the same as a belief in religion; a conviction impervious to the “present state of information available”. Mr Justice… Continue reading


The Tories’ Euro Curse

3 November 2009 22:28

I happened to be on the phone to the Foreign Office press office late this afternoon when I heard a huge cheer go up. The press officer I was speaking… Continue reading


Half Term Nostalgia

3 November 2009 21:30

I’ve been away for the half-term break. Sorry not to have blogged, but I needed a break from all the constructive criticism of my regular commenters.  i always get soppy… Continue reading


What’s the Matter with North Dakota?

3 November 2009 19:34

Photo: Germain Moyon/AFP/Getty Images Plenty, according to Matt Yglesias. Not least the fact that, like its southern brother, it exists at all. The Roughrider State celebrated the 120th anniversary of… Continue reading


Unseen Prequels

3 November 2009 16:14

There are times when Twitter is a bit like playing I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue. Today, for instance, folk have been frittering the afternoon away thinking of Unseen Prequels… Continue reading