How Cameron can turn "Tory cuts" to his advantage…

7 May 2009 17:08

An interesting exchange between Danny Finkelstein and Andrew Cooper, director of Populus in which Mr Cooper addresses public attitudes towards cuts in public spending: In principle, then, there seems to… Continue reading


Towards a Republican Recovery

7 May 2009 15:35

Reihan Salam offers some tough love to the GOP: In a Pew survey conducted shortly after the 2008 election, an impressive 38 percent of the electorate identified themselves as conservatives,… Continue reading


Graeme Swann Takes the New Ball

7 May 2009 14:35

Shamefully, I’ve not kept a sufficiently close eye on the cricket today. It’s early May and it doesn’t feel right for there to be a test match on so soon.… Continue reading


Visca Barca!

7 May 2009 13:52

Jim Henley had a great post a while back naming names and shaming those people who blog too much. As Jim rightly put it, these days you need to be… Continue reading


The Royal Navy vs the SNP

6 May 2009 23:38

Alex Salmond may argue that Scotland is "two thirds" of the way towards independence (though even if Salmond is correct that doesn’t mean independence is necessarily imminent) but the Royal… Continue reading


David Cameron and the People’s Post Office

6 May 2009 15:48

If the Tory leader is as canny a political operator as I think he is then he should adopt Compass’s idea of setting up the Post Office as a not-for-profit… Continue reading


Poverty: Grim but Authentic!

6 May 2009 14:03

There is, as you might expect, some good stuff in Christopher Caldwell’s Weekly Standard piece on the rise and fall of the Celtic Tiger. But it also contains some strange… Continue reading


Smoking To Recovery

6 May 2009 13:21

Good and bad news from China: A Chinese county has rescinded a rule urging its government workers to smoke more in order to boost tax income. The authorities in Gong’an… Continue reading

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The Ultimate New Labour Insult

5 May 2009 20:52

Mental illness has always taken up a lot of space in the lexicon of New Labour,  I have always thought Alistair Campbell’s own brush with the black dog had something to do… Continue reading


Krapp’s Last Sale

5 May 2009 20:05

From John Banville’s TNR review of The Letters of Samuel Beckett, 1929-40: In London, Beckett considered a number of possible day jobs, toying with the notion of becoming an airline… Continue reading


The Party of Trammeled Freedom

5 May 2009 19:39

Like James, I thought there’s some interesting stuff in David Brooks’ column today. On the other hand there’s also a fair quantity of stuff with which one might take some… Continue reading


Harriet Harman Disappoints Again

4 May 2009 13:53

Say it ain’t so, Harriet! Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman has denied a report she would fight for the party leadership, as speculation grows over Gordon Brown’s position. She insisted… Continue reading


Holy Gordon’s Prayer

4 May 2009 1:22

There’s a telling line in this story from the Mail which (if true!) gets to the heart of Gordon Brown’s sense of himself. Apparently he was unhappy with the line… Continue reading


Hazel Takes the Reins

3 May 2009 11:43

Hazel Blears knows exactly what she’s doing by intervening in print during the Labour Party’s darkest spring. Think of it the other way around. Ministers know that when the Prime Minister… Continue reading


Swine Flu Panic

2 May 2009 14:27

The latest news should obviously have you feeling Very, Very Afraid: Mexico has revised down the suspected death toll from swine flu from 176 to 101, indicating that the outbreak… Continue reading


Prescott Does It Again

2 May 2009 11:28

It was vintage John Prescott on the Today programme today. Utterly incoherent, but the man just never, ever gives up. The way he dismissed the recent snipers was just so… Continue reading


Saturday Morning Country

2 May 2009 1:37

Last week it was Dolly Parton in this (newly created!) slot; this Saturday it’s the turn of another great country diva, Emmylou Harris. I saw her at the Royal Concert… Continue reading


Nick Cohen’s Fear and Filth

1 May 2009 23:28

This month’s Standpoint carries a powerful piece by Nick Cohen about the recent bad behaviour in the court of the Prime Minister. I will say no more than that.


The Generation Game

1 May 2009 23:17

The rhododendron flowers are out, so it must be time for the  big beasts of the Labour Party to stir again. Charles Clarke has said that he’s ashamed to be a… Continue reading


Judging Dubya: A Litmus Test

1 May 2009 17:18

Generalisation of the Day comes from Jay Nordlinger at National Review: In my experience — and I’m just generalizing here — the better the person, the more positive he is… Continue reading


Gordon Must Stay!

1 May 2009 17:09

Iain Martin – who’s been blogging has been splendid lately – is right: the Tories should be worried that Labour might unseat Gordon Brown and fight the next election under… Continue reading


Petain, de Gaulle and Patriotism

1 May 2009 15:25

As part of an excellent back-and-forth with Daniel Larison on the question of patritism, Noah Millman asks: Can one hold that both Marsall Petain and General de Gaulle were French… Continue reading


Peter Mandelson: A National Treasure?

1 May 2009 14:26

The other day, Danny Finkelstein asked if Peter Mandelson has "given up". He was reflecting upon Mandelson’s wistful declaration that his career "has not been as successful as I wished.… Continue reading


Faith and Begorrah…

30 April 2009 19:53

Good lord, it’s like the last thirty years never happened: the Irish government wants a new law to prohibit blasphemy. If passed then, astonishingly, the courts will be asked to… Continue reading


Swine Flu Fever

30 April 2009 19:07

If they can panic in Washington DC, then, for heavens’ sake, we can have some hysteria here too: The first Britons confirmed to have caught swine flu have been discharged… Continue reading