Further Perils of Jogging

23 October 2007 19:19

David Frum reads Robert Draper’s Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, and reports [emphasis added]: If he [Bush] has anything more to say, it will  have to wait… Continue reading

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Republican Facebook Parody

22 October 2007 19:40

Republican Facebook? Well, an amusing parody anyway. [Hat-tip Crooked Timber]


Defending the indefensible

21 October 2007 5:28

Mike Crowley has a jolly piece* in the new issue of The New Republic in which he gallantly makes the case for Fred Thompson. Or rather, strictly speaking, suggests that… Continue reading

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Who dares say the Japanese are odd?

20 October 2007 23:29

The New York Times’ Martin Fackler has your most entertaining story of the day. Magnificent stuff, and oddly charming too: On a narrow Tokyo street, near a beef bowl restaurant… Continue reading


Serge Toujours

20 October 2007 18:21

Sweet, sweet piece on the great Serge Gainsbourg in Vanity Fair. Jane Birkin describes their daily routine in the 1970s as follows: they woke up at three in the afternoon;… Continue reading


NBC continues its mission to destroy its best show

20 October 2007 3:12

Great. Not content with introducing one ridiculous, potentially series-killing storyline (the whole Landry killing a man and dumping the body in the river thing, you know) Friday Night Lights decides… Continue reading

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The problem with targets

19 October 2007 18:42

Merit pay, eh? Normally I’m all for hopping on the teachers-unions-are-spawn-of-the-devil bandwagon. But they’re right to think that performance-related pay, or at least any form of it likely to be… Continue reading

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Admittedly it’s not a crowded field, but…

19 October 2007 17:52

James Poulos asks an excellent question, perfect for parlour-game speculation: Yesterday or the day before I was hanging out in the grad lounge with a sane Americanist who was scrolling… Continue reading


Sod You, Broon…

19 October 2007 6:16

Ah, the tabloids… Bless them. Just when you think no newspaper can keep a healthier stable of high horses than the New York Times, Fleet Street reminds one that humbug… Continue reading


Hold the foreign page…

18 October 2007 22:29

Matt Yglesias writes:              People often note that there appears to be a more vigorous debate over Israel’s approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict in the mainstream Israeli… Continue reading


Scots wha hae with Cumberland bled…

18 October 2007 20:08

James Fallows’ blog is normally a treat. But in the midst of slapping Congress for the supposed foolishness and self-indulgence of the Armenian genocide resolution he writes this (emphasis added):… Continue reading


Derbyshire voted off the island…

18 October 2007 16:15

John Derbyshire on fetishisation and Islamophobia (which does, of course exist, even if it is much less widespread than muslim "community leaders" would have you believe): Speaking of which, I… Continue reading


Marie Antoinette: Under-Rated!

17 October 2007 16:33

Foreign Policy’s Blake Hounshell deplores knee-jerk contrarianism and lists 10 Contrarian Arguments He Never Wants to Hear. Among them: Let Them Eat Cake: How a Delicious Dessert Could Save the… Continue reading

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Any port in a storm: or more odd reasons for forgetting the Armenians again.

17 October 2007 4:21

Amidst suggestions that Nancy Pelosi will in fact put the Armenian Genocide resolution in her pocket, it’s been quite something to see so many self-styled liberals shake their heads and… Continue reading


Who are the Evil Geniuses that Really Control Washington?

16 October 2007 20:13

Via Marc Ambinder, here’s what the new Politics of Hope* has to say for itself: *Of course Hillary Clinton really is the candidate favoured by much of the Democratic establishment.… Continue reading

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Do I hear Texas? Vermont? Any other takers?

16 October 2007 3:51

Reading this post from James Poulos left me wondering: What would happen if a US state decided to leave the Union? Would they be permitted to do so? How would… Continue reading


Swing Low, Sweet Chariot* (I think)

15 October 2007 19:27

Rugby World Cup blogging: well, that was a disappointing weekend wasn’t it? For the second tournament in a row both semi-finals went the way I didn’t want them so. Such… Continue reading


The New British Invasion: Or, Thoughts on the Duty of Opposition, the Responsibility of Newspapers and Why the Netroots are Just Like the London Tabloids

15 October 2007 6:56

Via the admirable Mr E, I find Matthew Parris offering some sound advice to the Tories. Parris, one of the most urbane journalists working in London, found himself making an… Continue reading


Scotland 3 Ukraine 1

14 October 2007 3:23

"For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die."

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Those Damn Yankees, cont…

11 October 2007 20:22

A friend emails me some more George W Bush-New York Yankee parallels: Blowing 3-0 lead [in the 2004 ALDS] = Squandering of good will after 9/11 Signings of Carl Pavano… Continue reading


Who remembers the Armenians?

11 October 2007 20:04

I’d been quietly, if feebly, sympathetic towards some of the realpolitik concerns about the forthcoming Congressional vote on recognising the Armenian genocide. Then the Washington Post came out fighting. Apparently… Continue reading


Cameron vs Brown

11 October 2007 19:05

Video of yesterday’s assault on Gordon Brown. A friend emails: By god, Cameron destroyed Brown. Michael Howard on the Newnight panel astutely pointed out that Blair would have made a… Continue reading


Three Yanks and you are out?

11 October 2007 11:59

So, yes, the bloody New York Yankees came a cropper. Smirk all you like. They remain my American League peeps. It is, as I explain, all Dubya’s fault. Give me… Continue reading


The Lady Wasn’t For Turning (Thank God).

10 October 2007 22:24

Tyler Cowen takes a look at Paul Krugman’s book and says Krugman isn’t prepared to think broadly on the question of why conservatism triumphed in the 1980s: Conservatism rose in… Continue reading


They don’t like it up ‘em, you know

10 October 2007 16:10

The House of Commons returned today with the first Prime Minister’s Questions since the party conference season. And, as expected, it was a corker. Sometimes the Punch and Judy show… Continue reading

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