Department of Equine Hyperbole

14 October 2009 16:54

Sea the Stars winning the Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp. Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images. So long, then, Sea the Stars. A shame you won’t run as a four year old… Continue reading

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The scoundrel’s last refuge is to cry "racist"

14 October 2009 11:02

During the feisty game between Swindon and Millwall on Saturday, there was a bit of a bust up between Swindon’s Kevin Amankwaah and Millwall’s veteran striker, Neil “Bomber” Harris. I… Continue reading


Arabian Chutzpah

14 October 2009 5:27

No matter what you think of global warming, I think this qualifies as chutzpah: Saudi Arabia is trying to enlist other oil-producing countries to support a provocative idea: if wealthy… Continue reading


President David Petraeus?

14 October 2009 3:45

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images Until he gives a Shermanesque denial – and perhaps even that won’t be enough to silence the speculation – you can bet that there’ll be people… Continue reading


Carter-Ruck’s Own Goal

14 October 2009 1:21

I make no particular comment about this chatty stroll through the ways and means of getting an injunction, save to note that it was written by Nigel Tait, a partner… Continue reading


What Should We Do About Carter-Ruck?

13 October 2009 22:32

I am delighted to add my voice to those congratulating The Guardian’s David Leigh and parliament’s Paul Farrelly MP for fighting off lawyers Carter-Ruck over their absurd but spine-chilling injunction… Continue reading


A Good Day: Geert Wilders May Now Visit Britain

13 October 2009 16:30

Against all the odds, this is turning into a rare fine day. First the Guardian wins the Battle of Trafigura; now the courts have over-turned the order prohibiting Geert Wilders… Continue reading


British Press Banned from Reporting Parliament. Seriously.

12 October 2009 23:41

This time, perhaps even the lawyers have gone too far. It’s hard to recall, even in the long history of appalling gagging orders, a more disgraceful injunction than this: The… Continue reading


Whatever happened to duty, responsibility, thrift and local solidarity?

12 October 2009 15:17

I’ve been so tied up with my financial advisers, getting my bid together for the Dartford river crossing (my plan is to prevent people from Essex visiting Kent, because I… Continue reading


Is David Cameron going to be the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

12 October 2009 3:16

Could David Cameron be the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? Clearly we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, but… Some regular commenters will hope so since this would, depending… Continue reading


Why Fox-Hunting Matters

12 October 2009 0:04

Members of the Bicester and Whaddon Chase Hunt. Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images. And so it begins. As a traditionalist when it comes to these matters, I think it best that… Continue reading


Sunday Evening Country: The Louvin Brothers

11 October 2009 17:48

Elvis Presley once said that the Louvin Brothers were his favourite country musicians. But he nver recorded one of their songs. Perhaps because, like almost everyone else who ever had… Continue reading


Welcome to the era of British Olympic domination

11 October 2009 12:21

It is wonderful news that both golf and rugby sevens have been accepted as Olympic sports. It gives us the chance of winning many more medals than if the games… Continue reading


Michal Kaminski: An Astonishing New Twist

11 October 2009 11:46

David Miliband has really gone for it in the Observer. Far from apologising for his Labour conference attacks on David Cameron’s right-wing alliance in the European parliament, he has suggested… Continue reading


John Rentoul Calls it Right on Brown and Cameron

11 October 2009 8:14

As he says himself in this week’s column in the Independent on Sunday, John Rentoul showed "slavish admiration for a former Prime Minister". Such is his grief for Tony Blair… Continue reading


When will the Nobel Peace Prize be awarded to Rod ‘Seacole’ Liddle?

10 October 2009 12:06

Another year of bitter disappointment – I have once again failed to win the Nobel Prize for Peace. My pitch – that I deserve to win it because I am… Continue reading


The Nobel Peace Prize Jumps the Shark

9 October 2009 11:17

I mean, really, how absurd. We are accustomed to being baffled by the Nobel committee, but the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama is entirely preposterous.… Continue reading


Michal Kaminski: Cameron’s Ultra-Right Europhile

9 October 2009 7:40

The Jewish Chronicle this week landed an exclusive interview with Michal Kaminski, the Tory Party’s controversial new Polish friend in the European parliament. He answered some pretty tough questions on… Continue reading


Conservative Party Conference Impressions

9 October 2009 0:22

I have to say that I found this year’s Conservative Party conference a little lacklustre. I realise this was sort of the whole point — the "no triumphalism" ordinance and… Continue reading


David Cameron Prepares for Government

8 October 2009 16:30

At first I thought it a little unfortunate that David Cameron’s peroration today unconsciously – I assume – echoed the Royal Bank of Scotland’s slogan "Make it happen". But actually,… Continue reading


Tories Pledge Painless Defence Cuts?

8 October 2009 14:19

So, the headlines from Liam Fox’s speech today concentrate on his pledge to reduce MoD costs by 25% without, of course, there being any impact on "front-line troops". Our old… Continue reading

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Dannatt, gimmicks and half-wits

8 October 2009 12:11

Sir Richard Dannatt’s usefulness to the Conservative Party has just reduced by about ninety per cent as a consequence of his decision to accept an advisory post with the party.… Continue reading


Israel’s Enemy Within

8 October 2009 4:21

I confess I don’t know very much about Isi Leibler, but he’s a columnist at the Jerusalem Post who wrote this week that: The exploitation of Judge Goldstone’s Jewish background… Continue reading


Organ Markets: Still Needed

8 October 2009 2:29

This is why we need an organ market: The number of people agreeing to donate their organs after death is growing, but at a slower rate than the number of… Continue reading


Story of the Day

8 October 2009 2:11

I think this is probably the best intro you’re likely to read all day week: A gay man tried to poison his lesbian neighbours by putting slug pellets into their… Continue reading