Cameron vs Brown

11 October 2007 19:05

Video of yesterday’s assault on Gordon Brown. A friend emails: By god, Cameron destroyed Brown. Michael Howard on the Newnight panel astutely pointed out that Blair would have made a… Continue reading


Three Yanks and you are out?

11 October 2007 11:59

So, yes, the bloody New York Yankees came a cropper. Smirk all you like. They remain my American League peeps. It is, as I explain, all Dubya’s fault. Give me… Continue reading


The Lady Wasn’t For Turning (Thank God).

10 October 2007 22:24

Tyler Cowen takes a look at Paul Krugman’s book and says Krugman isn’t prepared to think broadly on the question of why conservatism triumphed in the 1980s: Conservatism rose in… Continue reading


They don’t like it up ‘em, you know

10 October 2007 16:10

The House of Commons returned today with the first Prime Minister’s Questions since the party conference season. And, as expected, it was a corker. Sometimes the Punch and Judy show… Continue reading

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A (Rather Good) Bit of Fry…

10 October 2007 7:14

Stephen Fry has a blog? Ye gods, whatever next? That said, he may not have quite mastered either the brevity or the frequency elements of the gig. Still, absorbing stuff.… Continue reading


The Ugly American Abroad: Animal Version

9 October 2007 22:47

DT Max had an entertaining piece in the New York Times Magazine this Sunday, exploring the Great British Squirrel Wars. Short story: its the worst sort of Squirrel Imperialism. American… Continue reading


Ron Paul has as much to lose as Fred Thompson?

9 October 2007 20:18

Time’s Jay Carney previews this afternoon’s GOP debate from Michigan. Most people will, quite naturally, be most concerned with judging Fred Thompson’s debut performance. But Ron Paul has quite a… Continue reading


The Belgian Conundrum

9 October 2007 19:40

Ages ago – light years in blog terms in fact – Megan noticed The Economist pointing out that the euro has lessened the pressure that Belgian politicians might otherwise face… Continue reading


Reasons to elect Mitt Romney, cont…

9 October 2007 18:24

Nonetheless, have a gander and tell me if Mitt Romney looks presidential in this clip? It’s not just the rather unfortunate – from Romney’s point of view that is, since… Continue reading

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Move along now son. Or else…

9 October 2007 16:48

Via NHS, I see Henry Porter is doing good work. You could hardly make this stuff up. It makes Anthony Blair look like a beacon of modesty, transparency and honesty.… Continue reading


1st Amendment Rights

9 October 2007 15:42

I’m not quite so pessimistic as Kurt Anderson here, but he does get to the guts of why politics in America can be so wearying these days: Almost any argument… Continue reading

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Argentina 19 Scotland 13

7 October 2007 21:55

Bugger. Time to go and talk the game over with Mr John Walker and Mr Macallan. Mr Bruichladdich may also be asked his opinion. I’d consult Mr Highland Park but… Continue reading


Allez les Bleus!

7 October 2007 18:42

Sympathy? You gotta be kidding me. The New Zealand press has not – suprise! – taken France’s stirring victory in Cardiff yesterday very well. Of course, like their neighbours across… Continue reading


Election schmelection

7 October 2007 18:38

Official: Gordon Brown bottles it. The News of the World poll showing the Tories with a six point lead in the marginals may have something to do with it. Tee… Continue reading


OK, let’s talk Turkey…

6 October 2007 16:36

Andrew Sullivan says Turkey may be the United States’ "most important ally" (really?) and condemns "myopic" Europe for not immediately welcoming a non-European country into the EU. Easy for him… Continue reading

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Picture of the Day

6 October 2007 16:19

I trust that Steve Clemons, pride and joy of the New America Foundation, won’t object if I thieve this adorable picture of his dogs, Oakley (left) and Annie. I grew… Continue reading


The Gentleman’s Gentleman Shrugged

6 October 2007 1:27

Your weekend essay question comes from Blood and Treasure: It always struck me that the antonym of Ayn Rand is PG Wodehouse. In Wodehouse world, it’s the servants who have… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s Just So Stories

6 October 2007 1:11

The Tories don’t really want a November election, but after a successful conference – producing a bounce that has them level with Labour in one poll and three points behind… Continue reading


When Morons Attack

6 October 2007 0:11

It’s the baseball play-offs. Hurrah. Let’s Go Yankees! But that also means it’s time for America’s sportswriters to be even dumber than is customarily the case. For the sake of… Continue reading


Friday Night Heartbreak

5 October 2007 21:22

Yay! Friday Night Lights returns this evening. If I hadn’t already seen the first episode of series two online I’d be setting the Tivo. If you haven’t seen the first… Continue reading


I hate kids too. Just for different reasons…

5 October 2007 18:25

I have no real interest in the SCHIP brouhaha and am puzzled by Bush’s to veto a bill that would expand children’s health insurance. This can’t be a very sensible… Continue reading


Bart goes to J-School

4 October 2007 20:15

I’ve written before that I think the wailing and gnashing of teeth over Rupert Murdoch’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal is, like, way overblown. Still, via James Fallows, you… Continue reading


The Monstrous Regiment* of Women

4 October 2007 19:26

Garance picks up on Ann Coulter’s latest grenade: deny women the vote and all America’s problems would disappear. As GFR says, this should be a gift for Democrats: I would… Continue reading


From the White Cliffs of Dover to the Tweed (But No Further)?

4 October 2007 3:15

Yes, I’d noticed this part of Cameron’s speech too: And those changes have brought us success, in local elections we have taken Plymouth, we have taken Lincoln, we took Chester,… Continue reading

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An American Life and Death

4 October 2007 0:19

Christopher Hitchens’ piece in this month’s Vanity Fair is quite something. Mark Daily, a young officer in the Seventh Cavalry, volunteered for the army despite his reservations about the wisdom… Continue reading

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