Department of Charming Understatement

31 March 2008 15:29

James Forsyth looks at Northern Rock’s annual report and finds that its opening line is: "2007 was a difficult and challenging year for Northern Rock" Indeed so. I do hope… Continue reading


Carmen May Seriously Damage Your Health…

31 March 2008 0:24

Anthony Holden in The Observer: Carmen is back at Covent Garden for the first time since last summer’s Orwellian smoking ban and I’m delighted to report that the Royal Opera… Continue reading


Department of self-promotion

30 March 2008 18:12

You want to know more about the state of the sports memorabilia market? Of course you do. From my piece in this week’s Spectator: As was so often the case,… Continue reading


It’s not the books, it’s you…

30 March 2008 16:48

God forgive me, but I do enjoy tales of woe from the Manhattan dating scene. The latest dispatch from the front lines comes courtesy of Rachel Donadio in today’s New… Continue reading


I am Wolfgang Schauble! I am Jacqui Smith!

30 March 2008 15:44

Ha! Those canny Germans! they published the fingerprint of German Secretary of the Interior Wolfgang Schäuble (link is to a Google translation of the German original). The club has been… Continue reading


Edrich’s XI

30 March 2008 0:26

So here we are again. After Armstrong, Benaud, Constantine and Dexter we come to John Edrich’s XI. 1. John Edrich (ENG) (Capt)2. Matthew Elliott (AUS)3. Bill Edrich (ENG)4. George Emmett… Continue reading


Department of Incentives*

29 March 2008 20:05

This time in poor Colombia: Funded in part by the Bush administration, a six-year military offensive has helped the government here wrest back territory once controlled by guerrillas and kill… Continue reading


Thought for the Day

29 March 2008 0:44

Courtesy of Charles Moore in this week’s Spectator: Reviewing Stephen Robinson’s new biography of Bill Deedes in these pages last week, Peregrine Worsthorne was fierce against his old colleague. Worsthorne… Continue reading


Department of Trying Too Hard

28 March 2008 22:33

Travis Daub at Foreign Policy:         A couple weeks back, we pointed out that John McCain likes to refer to America as "She," a habit that I… Continue reading

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The Small, Quiet Tragedy of Hillary Clinton

28 March 2008 19:13

Fine Peggy Noonan column today: Many in the press get it, to their dismay, and it makes them uncomfortable, for it sours life to have a person whose character you… Continue reading

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Sir Walter’s Gorgie Boys

28 March 2008 15:10

John J Miller at The Corner: I’ve always had some fondness for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens because their team name is a literary reference. Last weekend, while visiting the in-laws… Continue reading

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Question of the Day

28 March 2008 2:08

From Stephen Pollard, interrupting his holiday to enjoy the chaos at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5: Does anything work in Britain? Ever? Well, does it?


Department of Sports Journalism

28 March 2008 2:05

If Furman Bisher (great name!) is typical of the sports staff at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution then, you know, newspapers probably do deserve to die. Baseball used to be a game… Continue reading

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Cricket and Baseball II

28 March 2008 1:46

Ross responds to my gentle tweaking about baseball and cricket here. He makes some fair points. But thinking about it just now, it occurs to me that there’s another major… Continue reading

27 March 2008 19:56

There’s plenty of doom and gloom in Eric Alterman’s appraisal of the state of the American newspaper industry but not, for better or worse, much to disagree with. The relevance… Continue reading


Hillary of Belfast (Again)

27 March 2008 15:42

Gosh, from this remarkable exchange with Jamie Rubin you could almost be forgiven for thinking that Hillary Clinton had more to do with the Northern Irish "peace process" than, hmmm,… Continue reading

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Nurse Bloomberg for Washington?

27 March 2008 14:54

Add this to the reasons to be skeptical of Barack Obama… Vice-President Bloomberg*? I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg for his extraordinary leadership. At a time when Washington is divided… Continue reading


Craven Research Can’t Possibly Harm Your Throat

26 March 2008 4:25

It’s entirely possible that the research cited in this New York Times story has been corrupted by the fact that it seems to have been sponsored, in part or at… Continue reading

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Why oh why oh why indeed?

26 March 2008 2:47

Is this Glenn Reynolds post a plea for more coverage of Tibet or less of Palestine? GOOD QUESTION:  Why Do Palestinians Get Much More Attention than Tibetans? But, just perhaps,… Continue reading

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A New Cultural Revolution

26 March 2008 1:46

I wish this surprised or even shocked me. True, this is Dundee, but even so… Six young brothers and sisters face being taken from their parents and put into care… Continue reading


The Greatest Game of All

25 March 2008 21:15

Today, being perhaps the best day of the year*, is a good moment to consider Ross Douthat’s assertion that John Rawls was right. We do not speak of philosophy, of… Continue reading


Last Word on Hillary of Tuzla

25 March 2008 20:26

Hillary’s latest*: On saying last week that she landed under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996, when she was first lady: "I was sleep-deprived, and I misspoke."… Continue reading

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Brain cancer? You need to do better than that, Miss…

25 March 2008 19:04

America’s drug laws are wicked. So too are the scandalous conditions inside American prisons. And sometimes the people running those prisons are crueler than you might think possible. Radley Balko… Continue reading


There’s Romance in the Union

25 March 2008 17:48

One of Gordon Brown’s flunkies* writes in today’s Telegraph: More than a year ago I argued that a debate about the future of the United Kingdom was long overdue. I… Continue reading


Score one for common sense instead…

25 March 2008 14:59

So I see this at The Corner: British Future "Muslims ‘to outnumber traditional churchgoers.’" Score one for Steyn. Interesting (well, sort of) if true! But it turns out that the… Continue reading