La Main du Match

19 November 2009 18:21

Photo: Lionel Bonaventure/AFP/Getty Images If there were a World Cup for Being Sanctimonious, Ireland would qualify every time. So, mind you, might Scotland. The aftermath of last night’s match in… Continue reading


Trying KSM in NYC

19 November 2009 17:36

On the whole I’m sympathetic to the Obama administration’s desire to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court in New York City. That is, dealing with this kind of… Continue reading


Does Obama Need Britain in Afghanistan?

19 November 2009 14:42

Since I outlined a modest case for dithering on Afghanstan last month, it probably behoves me to admit that, politicaly though perhaps not militarily, the time for consequence-free dithering seems… Continue reading


Muslim savages update

19 November 2009 14:06

Time for a quick update on what the Muslim savages are up to. Here’s a story from today’s Daily Mail, with a cut-out-keep picture, of Somali Muslim savages stoning to… Continue reading


David Cameron’s Immodest Belief in Government

19 November 2009 13:30

David Cameron’s response to the Queen’s Speech was, of course, dictated by both convention and political nit-picking. Nonetheless, I agree with Sunder Katwala that it’s rum to see a Conservative… Continue reading

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Background has nothing to do with being funny 

18 November 2009 16:52

There’s a piece by my friend Dominic Lawson in the Independent yesterday, eulogizing the comedian Michael MacIntyre. At last, Dominic suggests, here is a comic who is not afraid to… Continue reading


Health Care Reform is a Zombie Policy

17 November 2009 18:08

Peter Suderman notes that the Democrats’ health care plans have to play a finesse: on the one hand they promise that everything will get better; on the other they reassure… Continue reading


The Wire in Ten Minutes

17 November 2009 16:19

What’s your favourite moment from The Wire? Here are 100 great lines from the best TV show of the decade. [Hat-tip: Radley Balko]


Sarah Palin is Mitt Romney’s Useful Idiot

17 November 2009 15:41

The glib answer to this is to suggest that she’d do the party a great service by not running at all. Yesterday I wrote that she’s a "wrecker not a… Continue reading


Paul Clarke Update

17 November 2009 13:26

Remember the outcry after the discovery that Paul Clarke could face five years in prison for the "crime" of finding a sawn-off shotgun in his garden and handing it in… Continue reading


Are we heading for a repeat of 1992?

17 November 2009 10:54

Much as I hate to provoke, you have to say it’s been a very good couple of weeks for both the Prime Minister and the Labour Party. It is probably… Continue reading


Are Big Ideas Back?

17 November 2009 0:08

I can’t quite decide whether there really is a return of ideas to British politics or whether the political columnists have just grown tired of writing yet another piece about… Continue reading


The Second Coming of Sarah Palin

16 November 2009 13:47

Well, kind of. America’s most famous hockey mom is on Oprah this week, promoting her memoir. There’s going to be an awful lot of Sarah Palin this week. In the… Continue reading


20 Years of the Little Master

15 November 2009 23:07

The thing about cricket, or one of the things about it, is that the game makes few allowances for ability. The strong are persecuted just as surely as the weak… Continue reading


Britain: petty official capital of the world

15 November 2009 13:42

The former Tory whip, Tristan Garel-Jones, now Lord Garel-Jones, was searching for a cashpoint while in his car recently. He found one but there were no parking spaces available, so… Continue reading


Is This the Most Enraging Story of the Year? Perhaps!

14 November 2009 20:15

You might think that this story can’t be true or that’s been made-up to provoke everyone’s inner Littlejohn. But no, not so. It is true and, alas, an enraging, dispiriting… Continue reading


Saturday Morning Country: Laura Cantrell

14 November 2009 2:58

Yay! Another young, still-to-reach-their-prime performer! I like Laura Cantrell heaps. She has something. Here she is performing When the Roses Bloom Again. A nice, properly mournful song that is, in… Continue reading


Is heroin more popular than Toryism in Glasgow?

13 November 2009 17:19

Chris Dillow estimates that there are more heroin users in Glasgow North East than Tory voters*. For that matter, there are probably four heroin users in Springburn for every plucky… Continue reading


Lessons from Glasgow North-East

13 November 2009 1:06

The result hasn’t been officially announced yet but it’s clear that Labour have won a handsome victory in the Glasgow North-East by-election. That’s no surprise. I don’t think the SNP… Continue reading


Bright’s Blog: The Comeback

12 November 2009 22:32

Apologies that the blog hasn’t been as regular as it should have been recently. The Jewish Chronicle has worked me hard in my first few weeks and I have been… Continue reading


Satan’s Legions are…charming. Bugger.

12 November 2009 20:44

Never meet your enemies; you might end up liking them. I’ve just got back from The Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards and the buggers had sat me next to… Continue reading


Kevin Pietersen’s Sense of History

12 November 2009 15:32

Kevin Pietersen is an idiot. One day that will become endearing and amusing and we’ll look upon his daftness with fondness and so on. But that moment hasn’t arrived yet.… Continue reading


England are Third Best Football Team in the World, Boffins Say!

12 November 2009 2:30

Sure Barack Obama won the Presidential election last year. But he wasn’t the only big winner. Nate Silver, the number-cruncher behind was another victor, having predicted the result with… Continue reading


Three Cheers for the House of Lords

12 November 2009 0:09

Everyone, and not without reason, holds the House of Commons in some degree of contempt. This has provoked any number of proposals for reforming the lower house. One simple, if… Continue reading

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Gainsbourg: Vie Heroique

11 November 2009 19:44

Oh, this is splendid. Lord knows when it will be released in Britain, but a trip to Paris in the New Year to see this biopic of the great Serge… Continue reading

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