Ron Paul: the Housewife’s Choice?

30 October 2007 18:59

Isaac Chotiner issues a provocation: British coverage of the United States must be really bad if William Hill have been persuaded that Ron Paul is a 12/1 shot to become… Continue reading


Values: An Immensely Malleable Concept

30 October 2007 17:43

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is visiting Britain this week. Fine. These are people we need to be able to do business with, however much one might wish it otherwise.… Continue reading


Fred Thompson, Scourge of Moonshiners

30 October 2007 14:26

So, Fred Thompson is just a conservative good-old-boy from Tennessee whose folksy charm is his biggest selling point. OK, well then you might expect that Fred would be a champion… Continue reading


Lindsay Lohan and William Jennings Bryan?

30 October 2007 7:19

Someone arrived at this blog thanks to a search for: Angelina Jolie George Wallace. Readers are invited to suggest other, even more improbable, Hollywood-Politics couples in the comments section.


Department of Local Interest

30 October 2007 5:23

Lots of talk about taxis in Washington DC and, more particularly the Mayor’s announcement that DC will switch to a meter system, abandoning the current fare tariff which is based… Continue reading


But at least the trains ran on time…

29 October 2007 18:06

Megan on the horrors of travelling in the United States these days: You know, I never really understood why making the trains run on time was so important for Mussolini,… Continue reading

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Media Training 1980s Style…

29 October 2007 2:15

Jim Hacker, immortalised forever in the classic BBC comedies Yes, Minister and Yes Prime Minister prepares to deliver a Prime Ministerial televised address to the nation. But what, if anything,… Continue reading


Why does John McCain hate America?

28 October 2007 19:03

John McCain tells ABC’s This Week that – shockingly! – torture is " a very important issue to me" and consequently that he can’t guarantee that he will vote to… Continue reading


Midgets need not apply?

28 October 2007 18:31

Via Arthur Goldhammer – curator of the excellent French Politics blog which has become an invaluable resource for keeping up to speed with Sarko et al – comes this splendid… Continue reading


Obama: Tiocfaidh ar la

28 October 2007 13:18

Well, who’d have thunk it? According to today’s New York Times: Obama Promises a Forceful Stand Against Clinton In classic NYT fashion here’s something a little Pooterish about the headline… Continue reading


First CAMRA takes Manhattan?

28 October 2007 9:55

This New York Times piece by Eric Asimov has, for British readers, a certain charm. It’s rather like seeing the world through alien eyes. My what strange yet wondrous habits… Continue reading


Forget 42nd St, Rush to See the 42nd Highland Regiment

27 October 2007 22:26

As someone who has, er, fond teenage memories of being barked at by NCOs from the Black Watch during hours of drill on the parade-ground and rather fonder recollections of… Continue reading

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Press Management By Dummies

27 October 2007 21:58

Say what one may about the Blair-Brown years but I’m not sure even they would be mad brazen enough to try something like this: The Federal Emergency Management Agency‘s No.… Continue reading


Privileged Motion No 3, Mr Chairman…

26 October 2007 21:36

Via Julian Sanchez, here’s a documentary I hope reaches DC soon. Just the ticket: a movie about – drum roll please – debating. Like Julian, mind you, I’d rather it… Continue reading


Laffering all the way to the Revenue

26 October 2007 20:43

Lots of talk about the Laffer Curve these days as folk argue over whether it a) exists at all and b) under what circumstances it might be applicable if a)… Continue reading


Hillary Clinton’s Entrancing, Bewitching Power?

26 October 2007 20:03

Andrew Sullivan really doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. Fair enough. I look forward to seeing him make the case for Barack Obama in next month’s Atlantic. Andrew’s taken to calling Hillary… Continue reading


Laws Are for Other People

25 October 2007 19:55

Rudy Giuliani in Iowa: Asked at a community meeting here whether he considered waterboarding torture, Mr. Giuliani said: “It depends on how it’s done. It depends on the circumstances. It… Continue reading


The unmitigated ghastliness of Mitt Romney

23 October 2007 22:48

I highly recommend Ryan Lizza’s dissection of Mitt Romney’s campaign in the current issue of The New Yorker. If, after eight years of presidential overstretch, you’re looking for a period… Continue reading


I love the Aroma of Cleveland Park in the evening…

23 October 2007 20:55

A bar worth making the effort to visit: DC grants first exemption to its brutal ban on smoking in pubs.

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And her hair hung over her shoulder tied up in an Orange velvet band…

23 October 2007 20:39

A splendid Daily Telegraph obituary of Sammy Duddy, a, er, colourful figure in Loyalist paramilitary circles: Sammy Duddy, who died on October 17 aged 62, had a rather unusual curriculum… Continue reading


An American, er, Werewolf in London…

23 October 2007 19:42

I’ve a piece in the new edition of The American Conservative looking at Rudy Giuliani’s trip to London last month – a trip designed to make Rudy seem like an… Continue reading


Further Perils of Jogging

23 October 2007 19:19

David Frum reads Robert Draper’s Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush, and reports [emphasis added]: If he [Bush] has anything more to say, it will  have to wait… Continue reading

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Republican Facebook Parody

22 October 2007 19:40

Republican Facebook? Well, an amusing parody anyway. [Hat-tip Crooked Timber]


Defending the indefensible

21 October 2007 5:28

Mike Crowley has a jolly piece* in the new issue of The New Republic in which he gallantly makes the case for Fred Thompson. Or rather, strictly speaking, suggests that… Continue reading

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Who dares say the Japanese are odd?

20 October 2007 23:29

The New York Times’ Martin Fackler has your most entertaining story of the day. Magnificent stuff, and oddly charming too: On a narrow Tokyo street, near a beef bowl restaurant… Continue reading