Photo of the Day

13 October 2008 17:18

Autumn. Mists and mellow fruitfulness and all that. The River Ettrick, as seen from the bridge at Selkirk.


They Haven’t Gone Away You Know

13 October 2008 16:02

The issue of whether the state can lock-you up indefinitely  for up to 42 days without even the courtesy of telling you why is back. Happily, the House of Lords… Continue reading


Blogger wins Nobel Prize for Economics

13 October 2008 13:04

This is going to upset a lot of people… Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize for Economics. I can't wait for the loopy-right to complain that even when the Nobel… Continue reading


When Big Becomes Obese

13 October 2008 12:59

Quote of the day comes from Chris Dillow: Everyone knows centrally planned economies are a stinkingly bad idea. The lesson of the collapse of many banks is that centrally planned… Continue reading

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RBS is Nationalised

13 October 2008 12:36

The big news, obviously, is the collapse of RBS as an independent entity, now that the government is going to pump in as much as £20bn and take 60% of… Continue reading


Department of Political Wisdom

12 October 2008 15:26

Michael Brendan Dougherty, splendid as always, brings it: At the end of the day, the arguments all seem to boil down to something similar: If it were more like me,… Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

11 October 2008 3:18

There would have been more – and better – blogging in these parts recently if I hadn't been helping to look after my niece, Florence, lately. She was, alas, suffering… Continue reading

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McCain and the Ignorance of Crowds

11 October 2008 1:51

I’ve been down on John McCain for quite a while (but, heck, so have a lot of people!) but despite the ugliness of his campaign he shows the better side… Continue reading


Urban Farmers to the Barricades!

10 October 2008 15:57

The most depressing thing I've read today (so far): Many large US cities, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Seattle apparently never thought to ban the… Continue reading


“Ambition” is the new “Uppity”

10 October 2008 14:42

Sarah Palin on Barack Obama and Bill Ayers today: This pattern raises serious questions about Senator Obama's judgment.  It raises serious questions about his truthfulness.  But there is no question… Continue reading

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Obama-McCain Round Two

9 October 2008 15:33

Who won? Well, Obama of course. That's not just my impression. Or yours. It's also the view of the lads* at Election Debates where grizzled debating veterans from Australia, the… Continue reading


Financial Crisis: All Uncle Milton’s Fault?

9 October 2008 14:24

Will Wilkinson has some fun with Naomi Klein's latest nonsense. Naomi Klein says [the financial crisis discredits neoliberalism]. Or she wants it to. She thinks it discredits Milton Friedman in… Continue reading


Financial Crisis: Cui Bono?

9 October 2008 14:10

Unionists of course. That. at any rate, is Alan Cochrane's argument in the Telegraph today. With his acknowledged acumen in this field, Mr Salmond has tried to put himself at… Continue reading

9 October 2008 13:31

Via the estimable Chris Dillow, here's James Delingpole on Ian Hislop: I think he’s a bit like Jeremy Paxman — another of those handsomely remunerated, public-school-educated presenters who believes in… Continue reading


Political Advertising 17

9 October 2008 13:07

Frank Sinatra cuts an ad for Hubert Humphrey in 1968 and they don’t even ask him to sing? And what’s with the Mafia Don setting? Strange.


They Knew They Were Right

8 October 2008 14:55

There's plenty one could say about National Review's blog The Corner. If nothing else it affords a grim panorama of the decline of the American conservative movement. Decline, at least,… Continue reading


Obama-McCain: I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow

8 October 2008 1:57

Shockingly Tom Brokaw has rejected Bill Kristol's internet-submitted question. Typical MSM bias. Fair play to the plucky folks at Fox however, they're doing their best to best to suggest that… Continue reading


McCain-Obama 2. This Time It’s Fraudulent

8 October 2008 1:23

Well, campers, if it's Wednesday you know it's Disappointment Time. Yes, John McCain and Barack Obama are "debating" again tonight. This time in an all-holds barred "town hall" format. Can… Continue reading


The Ottoman Threat

8 October 2008 0:12

Rod uses the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto to give Chesterton an airing. Grand stuff. But Mr Dreher also has this to say: Today is the anniversary of the… Continue reading


The Problem With Non-Americans

7 October 2008 22:31

At Culture11 there's some advice for the candidates before tonight's "debate." It's unlikely much of it will be taken. At her own blog Kerry Howley adds this: I’ll just add… Continue reading

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Sarah Palin* Killed My Laptop

7 October 2008 15:02

Which is why blogging has been non-existent these past few days. However my new MacBook arrived half an hour ago and, all being well, we'll be back up to speed… Continue reading

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Political Advertising 16

5 October 2008 13:36

Divided loyalties? JFK reassures voters in 1960 that they need not fear a Roman Catholic in the Oval Office.


Political Advertising 15

3 October 2008 10:31

An instant classic from 2004 as the Bush campaign returns to a favourite theme, first used, I think, by Nixon in 1972. Note too, whe wussy, hyper-european classical music…

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Biden-Palin: Live! For Real! At Last!

3 October 2008 1:28

Coffee? Check. Cigarettes? Check. Whisky? Check. Optimism? Not so much. But we're live and uninterrupted here as we await the Brouhaha in Missourah, aka the biggest let down in Presidential… Continue reading


Palin on Cheney and Football

3 October 2008 1:04

Will it never end? In fairness, the question "What do you think is the best and worst thing Dick Cheney has done as Vice-President?" isn't altogether fair. That is to… Continue reading