The Telegraph’s Secret Agenda!

26 May 2009 11:57

Nadine Dorries is at the end of her tether: Does the DT [Daily Telegraph] have an agenda other than the desire to perform a public service? Why would they expose… Continue reading


Whitsun Break

23 May 2009 9:41

I’l be taking a break from blogging over the next week. Back at the beginning of June.


What’s the Best Sports City in the World?

23 May 2009 2:05

That’s the question Dan Drezner asks, riffing on this frankly dubious Toronto Star survey of North American cities. The Star bases its criteria upon winning percentage which is a rum,… Continue reading


Auto-tune the News: Pig Flu Special

23 May 2009 1:02

It’s hard to be certain of these things but, like Peter Suderman, I rather think that (video after the jump) this is the best edition of Auto-Tuning the News yet.… Continue reading


Headline of the Day

22 May 2009 23:36

This just in from the Lone Star State: Mayor quits job for gay illegal immigrant he loves Thank god he loves him. Me, I love Texas. Read the story too,… Continue reading


Diet Guantanamo!

22 May 2009 18:19

Watch this one run and run. First up is Florida Democrat Alcee Hastings: "If we have transparency and accountability, than you can leave Gitmo just like it is," he said.… Continue reading


Cheney vs Obama; Cheney vs The American Idea

22 May 2009 16:44

The theatre of yesterday’s speeches from Barack Obama and Dick Cheney was irresistible. And phoney. That is, this was a pretty strange "duel" given that the matter was decided long… Continue reading


Dick Cheney vs David Petraeus

21 May 2009 23:55

More on today’s Obama and Cheney speeches in due course, but first another bout: Dick Cheney vs David Petraeus. Cheney argued today that: If fine speech-making, appeals to reason, or… Continue reading


Special Relationship Fretting: Ambassadorial Edition

21 May 2009 23:22

Time’s Swampland blog pokes some fun at Britons getting "in a tizzy" over the apparent news that Obama is, like his predecessor, going to reward one of his fund-raisers by… Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong and the Giro d’Italia

21 May 2009 15:34

Among the plethora of things I hold against Lance Armstrong is the way that his story – no matter how inspiring and heroic and extraordinary it has been – has… Continue reading


Talking to the Taliban

21 May 2009 13:00

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Dexter Filkins reports in the NYT that talks have been taking place between the Taliban, the Afghan government and warlords such as Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Sirajuddin Haqqani… Continue reading

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Chipmunk Hunting

21 May 2009 12:08

Amidst the public riot over parliamentarians’ expenses, the story of Hazel Blears remains oddly fascinating. And story is the operative word, given that she appears to be the sole cabinet… Continue reading


The GOP’s in a Hole; Only a Terrorist Attack Can Save It…

20 May 2009 19:18

In the course of defending Dick Cheney’s assault on the Obama administration, Bill Kristol has this to say: But of course an intelligent and knowledgeable advocate–even if he’s personally not… Continue reading


Fixing parliament: We Want 18th Century Men With 21st Century Ethics

20 May 2009 15:33

Danny Finkelstein’s column in the Times today is very interesting if, perhaps, also a little too neat. On the other hand, I kinda hope he’s right. Large centralised political parties… Continue reading

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Parliament Should be a Gentleman’s Club.

20 May 2009 11:42

Apparently the Prime Minister believes that parliament “cannot operate like some gentleman’s club where the members make up the rules and operate them among themselves”. But if so then that’s… Continue reading


Harry Reid: Pretend Stupid or Truly Stupid?

20 May 2009 11:30

The great thing about Washington is its variety. Sometimes it’s the Republicans who infuriate you and sometimes it’s the Democrats whose bone-headed nitwittery is singularly depressing. Today it’s Harry Reid’s… Continue reading


Reselect Democracy

20 May 2009 9:28

Hats of to Paul Evans of the Local Democracy blog who has come up with a brilliant idea for renewing our political culture: Reselect Democracy. I am happy to endorse… Continue reading


A Collective Sigh of Relief

19 May 2009 23:54

Watching Newsnight tonight it felt like a dam had broken. Three MPs from the main parties having an open discussion about the future of politics post-Speaker Martin, Jeremy Paxman relaxed… Continue reading


The Absurdity of Energy Independence

19 May 2009 23:15

Of all the fatuous "debates" in Washington few can be as absurd or wearisome as the mantra, repeated by politicians of all parties, that it is time for the United… Continue reading


Burmese Groundhog Day

19 May 2009 19:36

For any number of obvious reasons Burma doesn’t receive as much attention as Cuba. One of those reasons, mind you, is that there aren’t too many simpletons forever making excuses… Continue reading

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Ken Loach’s Bullying Ghastliness

19 May 2009 13:47

This is normally Melanie’s territory and it is disgraceful. The chain of events seems to be this: 1. The Edinburgh International Film Festival invites Israeli film-maker Tali Shalom-Ezer to show… Continue reading


Lessons for 2012 from 1992

19 May 2009 13:15

John Huntsman’s decision to accept Obama’s invitation to serve as the US Ambassador to Beijing is, as James suggested, interesting given the recent rise in Huntsman stock. The advantages for… Continue reading

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Reviving Scottish Conservatism: A Lost Decade?

19 May 2009 13:01

A reader asks, not without reason, what I think of the Scottish Tories attempts at a makeover since their wipeout in 1997 and whether, given that I’m generally, broadly speaking,… Continue reading

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Back to the Twentieth Century

19 May 2009 12:55

Apologies for light posting: a power cut this morning cut one off from the outside world, returning us to the dark days of the twentieth century. It was most disconcerting.… Continue reading


Wild Times

18 May 2009 23:19

It’s all getting very strange, isn’t it? Now that Esther Rantzen has thrown her hat into the ring, anything is possible. Among the twitterati everyone and his dog is discussing… Continue reading