Rod Liddle’s Education Policy is Antediluvian Piffle

3 November 2009 15:05

Rod Liddle reminds us that he’s no liberal. This will not, I imagine, trouble him unduly. Nevertheless, his disaste for the middle-classes gets the better of him when he writes:… Continue reading


The tyranny of choice

3 November 2009 13:58

A fine piece by Fiona Millar in The Guardian about parents cheating the system in order to get their kids into supposedly better comprehensive schools. The key paragraph, I think,… Continue reading


1989 And All That

3 November 2009 13:14

  I don’t think there’s much doubt that 1989 was the best year of my life. Not so much for me personally, but for the world. True, there aren’t many… Continue reading


The State We’re In

3 November 2009 11:42

Deficits aren’t necessarily the end of the world but they’re not your best chum either. This chart, pinched from Burning Our Money, is a handy reminder of where we are… Continue reading


A Warning from History

3 November 2009 10:56

Elections today in the USA. Here’s a reminder, published 61 years ago today, not to get carried away… [Via, The Corner]


Rebranding Republicanism

3 November 2009 1:08

Nate Silver says that while the Democratic "brand" is of marginal value in about half the country, the Republican "brand" is pretty toxic across two thirds of those United States.… Continue reading

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Surprising fact about the Iranian opposition: they take Iran’s national interest seriously!

2 November 2009 19:02

On the whole, Washington cynicism may be preferable to Washington’s special brand of bemused naivete. Consider Jackson Diehl’s remarkable column in this morning’s Washington Post in which he seems astonished… Continue reading


A Republican Resurgence?

2 November 2009 17:42

So, tomorrow’s off-off-year elections looks as though they will provide encouraging news for the Republican party. The special election in upstate New York may have been chaotic – it’s not… Continue reading


Deleted Post

2 November 2009 17:22

Earlier I posted a compellingly weird video addressed to Gordon Brown. Upon reflection, frankly, the woman responsible for it seems quite disturbed and, consequently, laughing at the fruits of her… Continue reading


Referendum Delayed: 2012 to be the new 2010?

2 November 2009 13:53

So, it seems that dreams of a referendum next year have been dashed. 2010, once the Year of the Referendum, will now be plebiscite-free. No referendum on the Lisbon Treaty… Continue reading


The Neather Brouhaha: A Correction

1 November 2009 21:21

So I was wrong. It was a mistake to suggest that the alleged Neather Plot – that is, the conspiracy to "swamp" Britain with Labour-voting imigrants – was the kind… Continue reading


To hell with Alan Johnson, the Tories are just as moronically authoritarian as Labour

1 November 2009 14:50

I don’t think that government ministers should necessarily listen to the advice they’re given by independent, expert authorities. That is, the government is and should be free to decide that,… Continue reading


Read Jeanie’s diary and reach for the gin

1 November 2009 13:35

Here’s where your money goes. Read it and seethe. Or maybe just sigh a little and fix yourself a stiff drink. I suppose you might hope that things will change,… Continue reading


According to Smith and McNulty, MPs, not taxpayers, are the victims of the expenses scandal

31 October 2009 13:11

You have to admire the magnificent, brazen, blank-faced nerve of Jacqui Smith – the former Home Secretary who could not be entirely sure where her home was. Appearing on Question… Continue reading


The Nonsensical Neather Plot

30 October 2009 1:27

Conspiracies are all the rage these days. And since this has turned into Immigration Week here one might as well address the Neather Brouhaha. This, British readers will need no… Continue reading


Playing Poker with Iran

29 October 2009 17:19

Robert Kagan worries that Barack Obama isn’t a strong enough poker player to beat Iran. This is probably not much of a surprise. But here’s how Kagan puts it: Many… Continue reading


Vietnam Watch: Ben Macintyre

29 October 2009 13:22

An occasional series deploring pundits’ determination to treat the curret Afghan campaign as though it were a replay of the Vietnam War. Today’s episode disappoints me since I have a… Continue reading


David Cameron’s Watford Playground Problem

28 October 2009 19:26

Brother Liddle is right to despair at the latest local government absurdity: banning parents from children’s playgrounds unless they’ve undergone a criminal background check to prove that they’re not paedophiles.… Continue reading


Let’s start a mass campaign of disobedience

28 October 2009 17:26

Try to take your child to a public playground in Watford and you will be denied entry on the grounds that you may well be a kiddie-fiddler. I don’t know… Continue reading


The Governator Strikes Back

28 October 2009 14:44

It’s been a while since we last checked in on Arnold Schwarzenegger and last time we looked California remained a basket-case (making it an awkward poster child for the Tories… Continue reading


One More Trip on the Immigration Merry-Go-Round

28 October 2009 3:42

This post on immigration prompted a pair of fine, Chestertonian (in the sense of we the quiet people of England stuff) responses to which I think it’s only proper that… Continue reading


In which, whisper it, I confess to feeling sorry for MPs

27 October 2009 23:41

So, the expenses scandal may finally be coming towards a close. We can only hope so. The leaks emanating from the Kelly report suggest that MPs will only be able… Continue reading


Afghanistan: A Modest Case for Dithering

27 October 2009 13:01

My old chum, and former boss, Iain Martin writes that time is, in fact, of the essence in Afghanistan and that Barack Obama needs to make a decision: We cannot… Continue reading


A Question of Numbers or of Kind?

27 October 2009 11:31

David Aaronovitch’s column in the Times today is excellent. Worthy of three cheers. I should say here that the ONS begins every such report with the explicit warning that its… Continue reading


Lessons from Reagan’s Generosity of Spirit

26 October 2009 23:17

I’ve often written that the modern Republican party’s obsession with Ronald Reagan obscures as much as it illuminates. The deification of the Gipper isn’t a great substitute for addressing the… Continue reading