A Ray of Hope and the Budget for Jobs

19 April 2009 12:30

Three pieces of essential reading today.  Ian Kirby’s allegations in the News of the World placing  Labour General Secretary Ray Collins in meetings about the Reg Rag website;  Jonathan Oliver… Continue reading


The Last Word on the Katwala-Cohen Row… I Hope

18 April 2009 18:02

Shiraz Maher, the former HIzb-ut-Tahrir member turned thoughtful opponent of Islamist ideology has made his position clear on Harry’s Place. I commend this article to anyone who wants to understand why large… Continue reading


Worse Still

16 April 2009 22:33

Just to clarify. I didn’t intend to suggest in my last post that Damian McBride’s smear tactics would have been excusable if they had worked. Sorry if I gave that… Continue reading


Bombing Iran? Counter-productive and unlikely to even work.

16 April 2009 17:32

Of all the many reasons to be wary of bombing Iran, one of the best is also one of the simplest: it won’t work. Or, rather, whatever advantage there may… Continue reading


It Doesn’t Get Any Worse

15 April 2009 21:07

The revelations over the weekend about Damian McBride’s pitiful smear campaign have probably delivered the fatal blow to Labour’s chances of winning the next election. The only possible excuse for… Continue reading


Glenn Beck and the Useful Idiots at Fox News

15 April 2009 17:01

David Frum is, once again, spot on. Writing about the ludicrous – and loopy – Glenn Beck and his fantasies of armed resistance against the Obama administration’s "fascism", Frum points… Continue reading


Fixing the County Championship

15 April 2009 15:47

The cricket season has begun which is, as usual, a cause for celebration and an occasion to lament the guarantee that the first month of the new innings will be… Continue reading


In praise of Andrew Sullivan

15 April 2009 1:05

My father is fond of telling a story that, though possibly apocryphal is, in the old newspaper terminology, too good to check. Apparently Georges Simenon was in Edinburgh and, as… Continue reading


Exams good enough for the rich are good enough for the poor too

14 April 2009 17:00

Here’s an interesting – and, for once, encouraging – development. Motherwell College (soon to be moving to a new campus on the site of the old Ravenscraig steel mill) is… Continue reading


The Wages of Torture and their Repercussions

14 April 2009 2:30

The Daily Beast has a scoop that (if true!) is going to make life rather awkward for rather a lot of people: Spanish prosecutors have decided to press forward with… Continue reading


Damn those ugly sociopathic nerds and their squalid ejaculations!

14 April 2009 1:44

Imagine that, until now, the only books you’d been able to read were those that had been carefully selected by your parents and that, not surprisingly, these were books of… Continue reading


Hold that Vegetable Garden Exclusive!

12 April 2009 18:48

Commenting on this post about the Damian McBride Affair, Shippers makes an excellent point: things are just as bad, if not worse, on the other side of the Atlantic. Consider… Continue reading


If politics were more like the internet… that would be a good thing

12 April 2009 18:35

If it weren’t such fun despising Derek Draper one might have to pity the poor man. James has already highlighted one part of his latest post, but here’s another noteworthy,… Continue reading

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Department of Meaning

12 April 2009 14:27

How can someone at the BBC write this without bursting into laughter? Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to ensure every young person has done 50 hours of voluntary work… Continue reading


How much does Damian McBride’s disgrace actually matter?

12 April 2009 13:05

The first thing to say about the downfall of Damian McBride is, of course, how entertaining it is. Gordon Brown’s machine has deserved this kind of comeuppance for years. These… Continue reading


And So it Came To Pass…

12 April 2009 9:07

It’s Easter Sunday and I have better things to do than think about sleazy emails. I’m unlikely to be able to post again about this again today, but I have… Continue reading


Could It Get Any Worse?

11 April 2009 20:04

The tawdry tale of Damian McBride’s "juvenile and inappropriate" emails about Conservative politicians is pretty grim as it is. But it is just possible to imagine how the situation might… Continue reading


Tribalism: The Curse of Labour

11 April 2009 9:32

The official line from Number 10 is that Damian McBride’s emails were "juvenile and inappropriate" and that all staff will be reminded of the "appropriate" use of resources. Presumably they… Continue reading


How much does Barack Obama hate America?

10 April 2009 2:07

It’s actually quite hard to know where to begin when it comes to criticising Pete Wehner’s stunningly bone-headed, paranoid critique of President Obama’s alleged disdain for the United States of… Continue reading


The Gathering Storm of Same-Sex Marriage

10 April 2009 0:20

My crack that same-sex marriage hadn’t caused the sky to fall in any of the places where it has been established prompted a socially-conservative friend to suggest this was a… Continue reading


Were the G20 protestors also to blame for the attack on Ian Tomlinson?

9 April 2009 14:29

Iain Martin suggests that amidst the justified hoopla over the death of Ian Tomlinson we shouldn’t forget the role the G20 protestors played too. They, he says, are "just as… Continue reading


Libel: The New Jihad

9 April 2009 8:36

Let’s make one thing crystal clear. When I refer to jihad in the headline of this piece, I mean it in the non-violent sense of "holy struggle", rather than the nastier… Continue reading


Robert Gates does the Royal Navy a favour

8 April 2009 18:23

TNR asks defence analysts Who Won and Who Lost in Bob Gates’s realignment of Pentagon spending priorities? One party that doesn’t get a mention is the Royal Navy, yet the… Continue reading


Marriage and Abortion Share a Slippery Slope. Apparently.

8 April 2009 15:44

Quote of the day comes form Steve King, a Republican Congressman from the Great State of Iowa: If we don’t save marriage, we can’t remain pro-life. "Saving" marriage obviously means… Continue reading


Welcome to Marlboro Country Where Regulation is King-Sized

8 April 2009 15:25

A splendid piece by Tim Carney in the Washington Examiner explaining why Philip Morris* is quite happy to hop into bed with anti-smoking campaigners and lobby for more federal regulation… Continue reading