What to make of the BNP’s success?

8 June 2009 12:07

What to make of the BNP’s success in Northern England last night? Regrettable, even infuriating for sure. A consequence of this government’s failure and, it might as well be said,… Continue reading



7 June 2009 1:50

As any fool knows the freedom of the press is, in the end, the freedom of the chap who owns the press. Much the same may be said of blogs.… Continue reading


Saturday Morning Country: Gillian Welch & Gospel

6 June 2009 11:57

You can’t have a country music series without acknowledging the contribution church music has made to the genre. The thing about the gospel music that sprang from the this topsoil… Continue reading


Gordon Brown, Caroline Flint, the Scorpion and the Frog

6 June 2009 0:30

Of all the blunders made by Gordon Brown and his henchmen, few were as easily avoidable as that which led to Caroline Flint’s resignation. Equally, few do more to illuminate… Continue reading


The Least Democratic Cabinet Since the War

5 June 2009 23:14

I didn’t think Gordon Brown’s narcissistic statements of principle could get more embarrassing. The idea that he is driven by his presbyterian conscience was bad enough, but this Washingtonian nonsense… Continue reading


A Message from Gordon Brown

5 June 2009 20:40

El Gordo addresses the nation: This government will never stop fighting for ordinary people in these extraordinary times. Today I have reshaped the government around three clear priorities. Cleaning up… Continue reading


Alan Sugar: the rare rat that joins a sinking ship

5 June 2009 13:54

Could anything more confirm this government’s hapless, pointless, useless, desperate, incompetence than the appointment of Alan Sugar* as "Enterprise Czar" (whatever the hell that is)? Doubtless this is something to… Continue reading


What about the Ministry of Defence?

5 June 2009 13:21

Via Facebook, a friend makes a very good point: John Hutton’s successor as Secretary of State for Defence will be the fifth person to hold that job in the last… Continue reading


Moving from Crisis to Catastrophe

4 June 2009 23:26

Perhaps James Purnell was at Hamlet last night as well. There is a kind of tragic inevitability to all this now. Until tonight there was at least the appearance of a… Continue reading


To vote or not to vote?

4 June 2009 15:23

I’d been thinking that I might as well vote today but Chris Dillow makes a pretty good case for not bothering to endorse any of the parties seeking one’s support.… Continue reading


Obama in Cairo

4 June 2009 13:21

I have no doubt that Barack Obama’s speech in Cairo today will not have gone down well amongst American conservatives. In fact many of them will be appalled by it.… Continue reading


It’s Truly Shakespearean Now

4 June 2009 0:29

I’m just back from seeing Jude Law’s Hamlet at the Wyndham’s Theatre. I’ll leave judgement on the quality of the production and performances to those more qualified than myself. But … Continue reading


Egyptian Reformers Boycott Obama’s Speech

3 June 2009 23:43

More on the disappointing lack of emphasis Obama places on human rights and democratic reform. Mike Crowley reports from Cairo that Ayman Nour, the Egyptian dissident, has turned down an… Continue reading


Barack Obama’s Super-Secret Desire to Impose Sharia Law

3 June 2009 16:08

Melanie Phillips is, of course, correct to point out that Barack Obama’s statement that the US is one of the larger muslim countries in the world is an exaggeration –… Continue reading


What is Britishness?

3 June 2009 3:16

Commenting on this post in which I suggested that the BNP’s electoral tactics are not dissimilar to those employed by Sinn Fein in the Republic of Ireland, NDM asked that… Continue reading


Why the Reshuffle is a Nightmare for Brown

2 June 2009 17:30

There are a number of peculiar aspects of the political moment through which we are living: the fact that the Prime Minister has no mandate from the country or his… Continue reading


Pigs at the Trough?

2 June 2009 13:31

Now that the Tories have reopened their candidate selection process, there are going to be plenty of candidates wondering how best to take advantage of their opponents’ extravagant expense claims.… Continue reading


Ricky Jay & Susan Boyle

2 June 2009 11:41

Ricky Jay has an op-ed in today’s NYT on the Susan Boyle phenomenon. It’s interesting – there may not be many people alive who know more about the history of… Continue reading


Why is Kevin Pietersen Playing in the Twenty20 World Cup?

2 June 2009 4:56

Every so often someone at Lords remembers to trot out the line that Test Cricket is and must remain the pinnacle of the game; every time this happens something pops… Continue reading


Obama’s Human Rights and Democracy Hypocrisy

2 June 2009 4:26

How committed is Obama to human rights? Not very, it seems. Perhaps his speech in Cairo on Thursday will change one’s view of this, but the new President must be… Continue reading


Who leads Iran?

2 June 2009 0:12

Marty Peretz makes a sensible point: A story by Parisa Hafezi at Reuters knocks the wind out of the expectation that, if Dr. A’jad loses his re-election campaign, Iran’s nuclear… Continue reading


Is Anyone Thinking Strategically?

1 June 2009 23:27

The MPs’ expenses scandal has been a devastating distracttion. It has been an essential process. But it is a distraction all the same. How many times have commentators now said the country… Continue reading


Oprah: The Queen of Snake-Oil

1 June 2009 23:20

Michael Kinsley has a very entertaining take-down of the "new" Newsweek in this week’s edition of the New Republic*. However, I doubt the "old" Newsweek would have dared publish this… Continue reading


How to deal with a problem like North Korea?

1 June 2009 17:33

As Yglesias notes, it’s uncanny how too many conservative pundits continue to believe that every problem is a nail and the only tool the United States possesses is a hammer.… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s Presbyterian Conscience

1 June 2009 12:21

When a politician tries to make a virtue out of the fact that he was brought up in a household in which lying was frowned upon then, verily, you know… Continue reading