Gordon Brown’s Legacy Revisted

1 March 2009 10:08

No one outside Downing Street can imagine how tense it must be getting in the bunker as the economic situation worsens and the period Gordon Brown has to turn things around… Continue reading


Scrummaging for Jesus

28 February 2009 11:27

Another Saturday, another trip to Murrayfield. Frank Hadden is not a lucky coach; the Scotland front five was supposed to be the team’s strength but Nathan Hines will miss the… Continue reading


The Stupidest Man on Television

27 February 2009 23:05

Competition is pretty tough, but Fox’s Glenn Beck may actually be too dumb for cable news. And if Beck is a libertarian, I’m an Eskimo. [Hat-tip: Radley Balko]


Co-operative Capitalism: The Mother of Invention

27 February 2009 22:27

I was interested to read Noreena’s Hertz’s take on "Co-Op Capitalism" in The Times. If what she calls "Gucci Capitalism" is going the way of the command economy then what will… Continue reading


The Oxbridge Elitism Debate: Lynne Featherstone Intervenes

27 February 2009 17:53

I always worry about attacks on the so-called elitism of our top universities. It strikes me that academic excellence must always be the "sine qua non" of access to the… Continue reading


In praise of… Ryanair

27 February 2009 16:05

Everyone is supposed to hate Ryanair, right? It’s the compay that takes the frills out of no-frills and that, increasingly, seems to relish treating its customers with a degree of… Continue reading


Today’s government news

27 February 2009 13:52

Avigdor Lieberman – Israel’s new kingmaker and, according to no less a hawk than Marty Peretz, a "neo-fascist" – says his ideas on citizenship really aren’t any different from those… Continue reading


What Do We Know?

27 February 2009 6:55

I had the pleasure of guesting on Jon Pienaar’s political podcast yesterday. Inevitably we ended up talking about the death of Ivan Cameron and found ourselves lost for words. But… Continue reading


How do you know Obama will defend Israel? John Bolton says he won’t.

27 February 2009 1:17

How do you know the Obama administration isn’t "soft" on Israel? John Bolton says it is. To wit, Bolton was asked at CPAC today if Obama would defend Israel "when"… Continue reading


The Daily Mail’s Definition of Britishness

26 February 2009 17:02

Golly. The Daily Mail seems to have a very narrow, dangerous view of who is, and who isn’t, British: However although the figures from the Government’s Office for National Statistics… Continue reading


The Danger of Wanting to be Californian

26 February 2009 15:34

Fraser’s article on the Californification of the Tory party is a splendid piece of work and highly recommended. I enjoyed it very much. And yet, the more one thinks about… Continue reading


The RBS Bailout

26 February 2009 15:16

A friend has just pointed out this extraordinary quote from The Times article on Fred Goodwin (I have stripped him of his knighthood as the government should). “The handout means… Continue reading


The Presidential Talkathon

25 February 2009 16:50

Gene Healy, author of The Cult of the Presidency (highly recommended, incidentally), resurrects one of my favourite Never-Gonna-Happen-Ploys: the President should make fewer speeches and deliver the State of the… Continue reading


James Wood’s Post-War Library

25 February 2009 15:09

Via Terry Teachout, the Elegant Variation republishes a list of books written between 1945 and 1985 that James Wood recommends you read. What’s notable is not so much the list… Continue reading


Holding out for a hero: GOP division.

25 February 2009 11:55

I don’t know why Bobby Jindal, the Republican party’s Great Brown Hope, agreed to give the GOP response to Obama’s speech last night. Supposedly a privilege, this more often turns… Continue reading


The Age of Obama

25 February 2009 11:13

WASHINGTON – FEBRUARY 24: U.S. President Barack Obama addresses a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress February 24, 2009 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty… Continue reading


Condolences to David and Samantha Cameron

25 February 2009 9:57

I was very sad to hear the news that Ivan, David Cameron’s six-year-old son, has died. This is a terrible blow for him and his family. There is really not much more I can… Continue reading


Let’s Look at Who really undermined Cabinet Government

25 February 2009 9:48

So Jack Straw has been the subject of an email scam. I hear some fraudster was putting it about that he was a politician of principle. His veto on the… Continue reading


Peter Mandelson’s Funny Bone

24 February 2009 23:00

I’m still recovering from Lord Mandelson’s deeply peculiar behaviour during his interview with Nick Robinson on the Ten O’Clock News. He was talking perfectly calmly (too calmly) about the row over… Continue reading


David Frum’s Warning

24 February 2009 16:25

David Frum gets it: A federal bank takeover is a bad thing obviously. I wonder though if we conservatives understand clearly enough why it is a bad thing. It’s not… Continue reading


Salmond’s Confederacy?

24 February 2009 14:43

Alex Salmond has been in Washington, where he snagged an audience with Hillary Clinton and delivered a speech at Georgetown University. Hamish Macdonnell explains: In a speech on Monday he… Continue reading


Why is Lord Ashcroft so important to David Cameron?

23 February 2009 23:55

The Conservative Party’s reliance on Michael Ashcroft has always mystified me. How a once great political party has allowed itself to become quite so dependent on one man, I will… Continue reading


A Night at the Oscars

23 February 2009 17:24

Oscar commentary is outsourced to the always-splendid Peter Suderman: The half-calculated, half-panicked seesawing between self-important Art and anxious populism means that the Oscars aren’t really an indicator of quality anymore,… Continue reading


Don’t Mention the Legacy!

23 February 2009 11:12

As the Cabinet meets in Southampton today there is one issue that will be strictly off the agenda: the Brown legacy. I have it on very good authority that Gordon… Continue reading


The Faultline At The Heart of the Government

23 February 2009 8:28

Francis Elliott’s story in The Times this morning is well-sourced and identifies the dangerous faultline that runs through the Labour Party right up to the Cabinet. Francis reports that Lord… Continue reading