The Sins of the Fathers

27 November 2009 19:39

The least surprising thing about the latest revelations of the Irish Catholic Church’s complicity in thousands of cases of horrific child abuse is that almost none of it is surprising… Continue reading


Caledonian Blues

27 November 2009 15:01

Ochone, ochone! The plight of the Scottish Tories has been receiving attention again this week. As Pete pointed out, the latest Tartan poll puts the Tories at just 18% north… Continue reading


The Woman in White

27 November 2009 13:09

I’ve had Wilkie Collins on my To Read list for, well, for years now. Somehow it’s never happened. And with a dozen or so still-not-finished books at the moment it… Continue reading


Stats and climate change – a response to Jim Ryan

27 November 2009 11:20

I find it genuinely difficult to debate with people who deny my right to debate; this is the case with the climate change lobby. The danger, if you don’t watch… Continue reading


You’re my bes mate

27 November 2009 7:18

Appppareny if you raished the pricxe of alcocoholby 40 p  people wouldn’t die of it. What? Shuttuip. I thhink its 40p. Mightv been 60. I don’tnkow. Shome doctor said, and… Continue reading


Blond & Liberty

27 November 2009 1:19

So Philip Blond’s new think tank ResPublica (that’s how it’s spelt, leaving one to wonder whether it’s actually a pretentious electricity company or something) and his "Red Toryism" is this… Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving

26 November 2009 14:01

Sasha Obama, the daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama, looks at a turkey named ‘Courage’ during an event to pardon the 20-week-old and 45-pound turkey at the White House November… Continue reading


Broken Britain: The Reality

26 November 2009 9:55

I was hugely impressed by a long article by my former colleague Rob Yates, in this weekend’s Observer magazine. Rob went back to his roots in Walton, Liverpool, one of… Continue reading


Obama Breaks A Promise to Britain

25 November 2009 18:15

Perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye, but on the face of it the Obama administration has not only broken a promise made to Britain but reneged upon… Continue reading


Remain sceptical at all times

25 November 2009 16:49

I’ve been trawling through the emails hacked from the Hadley Centre’s Climatic Research Unit at East Anglia University, and very boring most of them are too. It’s a good story,… Continue reading


How to Save Test Cricket?

25 November 2009 4:33

Test cricket in crisis! Again! That’s the headline you could draw from an MCC survey that finds just 7% of Indian cricket fans prefer Test cricket to other, lesser, forms… Continue reading


Cool Pictures of the Year

24 November 2009 18:38

Nazroo, a mahout, poses for a portrait while taking his elephant, Rajan, out for a swim in front of Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Rajan is one of… Continue reading

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Obama as the Liberal Reagan

24 November 2009 17:39

So Barack Obama’s approval rating in Iowa has slipped below 50%. Indeed, he receives negative ratings from Iowans in every area except foreign policy. So much for all that Hope… Continue reading


Death of the Novel & the Birth of the Everlasting Telephone

24 November 2009 14:40

From a letter written by the American novelist F. Marion Crawford, on August 23, 1896: The old fashioned novel is really dead, and nothing can revive it nor make anybody… Continue reading


What about Climategate?

24 November 2009 14:02

A reader writes to complain that I haven’t written anything about "Climategate" (please, can we stop the use of the suffix "gate"?). Well, the main reason I haven’t is that… Continue reading


New Police Mission: DNA-Farming

24 November 2009 0:42

Can this really be true? Apparently and alas unsuprisingly the answer seems to be yes: Police are routinely arresting people simply to record their DNA profiles on the national database,… Continue reading


Lou Dobbs 2012?

24 November 2009 0:13

Apparently it’s a possibility. At the very least such a run would help Dobbs sell a few more books. Whether a Perot-like third party anti-immigration, anti-globalisation, anti-Wall Street crusade will… Continue reading


Gordon Brown is a Rescue Donkey

23 November 2009 15:22

Brother Liddle asks "Why is it unravelling for Dave?" and, while this may be a mild exaggeration, it’s true that, in as much as he can ever look jaunty, there’s… Continue reading


There’s No Stupidity Like Palin Stupidity

23 November 2009 1:39

You’d have to stupid to think an Ivy League* education must be a necessary qualification to be President of the United States but you have to be even dumber to… Continue reading


People are Stupid, but the Electorate is Not

23 November 2009 0:16

Martin Bright argues that "the British people deserve a hung parliament". I’m not sure that’s quite correct. It might be more accurate to say that David Cameron’s Conservatives have not… Continue reading


Why’s it unravelling for Dave?

22 November 2009 23:04

A new opinion poll puts the Tory lead down to just six points, the lowest for quite a while. It’s only one poll, of course, but it does tend to… Continue reading


I Hope I’m Wrong

22 November 2009 20:23

I can’t help thinking that the Observer’s Ipsos/Mori poll this weekend was something of a blip. What exactly has the Labour government done to narrow the gap in the last… Continue reading


Sunday Evening Country: Emmylou Harris

22 November 2009 19:41

Sadly Youtube doesn’t seem amply stocked with footage of Gram Parsons. But here’s one of the next best things: Emmylou Harris performing her great tribute to Gram, Boulder to Birmingham:

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A charisma free zone

21 November 2009 14:32

I’ve just been looking up the history of Lady Catherine Ashton, who was appointed last week to the post of Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to the European… Continue reading


The XI of the Decade

20 November 2009 23:19

It’s that time of year and that time of the decade. So, what’s the best XI of the last ten years? In some ways it is a disappointingly easy selection.… Continue reading