Lance Armstrong: A Sceptic Writes…

19 September 2008 8:12

More Culture11: I've a piece arguing that no-one should be terribly happy about Lance Armstrong's decision to come out of retirement next season. Snippet: Unlike fans in other sports, such… Continue reading

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Global Crisis Deepens

19 September 2008 0:02

Uganda's ethics and integrity minister recognises that these are perilous times. Women wearing mini-skirts, he says, are a danger to public safety, responsible for all manner of traffic accidents. What's… Continue reading

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Political Advertising 2

18 September 2008 20:15

Richard Nixon in 1968: “Decisions”.


Taxpayers’ Fantasy Football

18 September 2008 19:04

Small guest-posting at The Plank on taxpayers' football. We have Newcastle United and Northern Rock, the Americans get AIG and Manchester United. Sums up the "Special Relationship", you might say…… Continue reading

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Sports for people who don’t like sport

18 September 2008 16:27

At Culture11, Michael Brendan Dougherty has a fine piece on how the people who run sports are more interested in catering to people who don't like sport than for those… Continue reading


The Audacity of Hirst

18 September 2008 15:09

Clive Crook is on good form today: I am a huge admirer of Damien Hirst. Not of the art, which is rubbish, but of the sheer productivity and exuberance he… Continue reading

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Political Advertising. Episode 1.

17 September 2008 20:09

British observers of American politics tend to love the Yanks’ political advertising, even if many of those same observers might think it quite a good thing that we don’t permit… Continue reading


Not in My Name

17 September 2008 8:40

Tom Harris, urbane and sensible blogger and, despite that, Labour MP for Glasgow South, writes: It’s called “Scotland’s shame” for a reason: sectarianism makes you feel embarrassed to be Scottish.… Continue reading


Andrew Sullivan and Sarah Palin.

17 September 2008 5:59

Let me make something very clear: I like, admire and respect Andrew Sullivan and his writing. I can’t remember when I first started reading his blog, but I think it… Continue reading


Outsourcing Blogging.

17 September 2008 0:59

Christ. The US government seems to have, more or less, bought AIG. Like most bloggers/journalists I don't for a second pretend to understand these matters. But Megan McArdle doesn't merely… Continue reading


Where’s My Van?

17 September 2008 0:24

Life – or rather the BBC – emulates The Wire. Frank Sobotka would, I hope, be proud. Full details here.


The Future is Youthiness

16 September 2008 16:36

Jonathan Rauch has a terrific, hilarious column about the McCain campaign. Highly recommended. Excerpt: "We need to go on offense. Our theme is that Barack Obama is too old for… Continue reading


Elitist Greens

16 September 2008 15:53

Matt Yglesias reconsiders his position on arugula. Of course, in Britain we call "arugula" "rocket" – a much more homely, substantial, salt-of-the-earth kind of name, you will agree. A ploughman… Continue reading


Life in a Green Suit

16 September 2008 15:43

Visiting friends or family with small children? Stuck for a present (toy drums and trumpets are not, I believe, generally considered thoughtful)? Well, my default gift is a collection of… Continue reading

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Gauging the Palin Effect

16 September 2008 7:59

American readers may consider themselves fortunate that they have no idea who Tavish Scott is. English readers may do likewise. For that matter, so may many Scots. Nonetheless, Mr Scott,… Continue reading

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Hoots Mon, there’s a Moose Loose… No, not that Moose

16 September 2008 0:18

Today's episode of the Sarah Palin chronicles comes via Matt Yglesias who asks: I continue to be baffled as to how moose hunting, which surely almost nobody in the United… Continue reading


Tales from the Nanny State

14 September 2008 20:28

Good grief. A TEAM of NHS nurses is patrolling Scotland's streets to target pot-bellied members of the public and tell them how to lose weight. Armed with measuring tapes to… Continue reading


McCain’s Second Life

14 September 2008 18:38

What was John McCain to do? By that, I mean: what sort of campaign was he supposed to run? Steve Benen says it's "chilling" that Sarah Palin could be a… Continue reading


Telegramese Charm

14 September 2008 13:15

All gone, now of course. Bryan Appleyard has more:  I was once persuaded, against my better judgment, to write to Samuel Beckett in Paris – I knew him slightly –… Continue reading


For God and Ulster and Michigan…

13 September 2008 0:47

As readers may know by now, I'm hopelessly in love with college football. Within that realm, I follow the University of Michigan. Today, the Wolverines travel to South Bend, Indiana… Continue reading


How Bush Made Life Easy for Europe

12 September 2008 17:06

I've a piece up at Culture11 considering some of the problems Europe may face when confronted by the next American president. Snippet: The election of a new American President is… Continue reading


Waiting for Glenrothes

12 September 2008 14:12

So, the conventional wisdom is that Gordon Brown has survived and will not, in fact, face a leadership challenge anytime soon. Why? Because it's too difficult to get rid of… Continue reading


Making government “cool”…

12 September 2008 4:09

What a choice Americcans have! There's the elderly candidate with precious little interest in domestic policy whose signature legislative achievement was to abridge the First Amendment and whose running mate,… Continue reading


Headline you won’t see: “Palin Agrees with Obama”

11 September 2008 23:32

I guess this is going to get some attention: EXCLUSIVE: GOV. SARAH PALIN WARNS WAR MAY BE NECESSARY IF RUSSIA INVADES ANOTHER COUNTRY Well, yes and no. Here's what Sarah… Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Friend to Liberty?

11 September 2008 18:40

Radley Balko says that, yes, perhaps she is. At least sort of. At least more so than her running-mate and, it must be said, more so than Barack Obama. True,… Continue reading