Melissa Kite and Celia Walden recount their most disastrous dates

14 December 2014 9:30
Celia Walden with husband Piers Morgan.

Celia Walden Journalist and novelist It was supposed to be an interview, not a date. But Piers seemed to have other ideas. The Ivy dinner crowd was particularly amusing that… Continue reading


Dear Mary: Jesse Norman asks how to deal with defectors

13 December 2014 11:00
sacha guitry

From Jesse Norman MP Q. We’ve been having a little local difficulty at work with one or two colleagues who vigorously assert their loyalty to the organisation, but then go… Continue reading


Dear Mary: Jim Broadbent worries that he lacks ‘certainty’

13 December 2014 11:00
Jim Broadbent. Image: Getty

From Jim Broadbent Q. As an immensely successful actor I am more than happy with my lot. However, I have recently developed a burning desire to make my mark in… Continue reading


Did Adnan Syed do it?

12 December 2014 16:21

I doubt most people would have been familiar with the relatively unremarkable murder of a Baltimore high school student by her ex-boyfriend in 1999. Until Serial started a couple of months ago.… Continue reading


The last days of the Cameron administration part 2: Failing Grayling

12 December 2014 15:18
Chris Grayling and Theresa May are unlikely to row over cats and human rights at this year's Conservative party conference. Picture: Getty.

Of all the reasons to wish this government gone, Chris Grayling is the largest. He is shutting poor and much of the working and lower-middle class out of the justice… Continue reading


Nigel Farage and Richard Desmond’s cosy deal making

12 December 2014 14:32
Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

Ukip are cock-a-hoop this afternoon with news that controversial proprietor Richard Desmond is to donate £300,000 to Farage’s party ahead of the 2015 election. Express sources confirm that Dirty Desmond… Continue reading


James Runcie’s date didn’t turn fruity, despite him tasting of ‘erotic raspberries

12 December 2014 9:30

James Runcie Author of The Grantchester Mysteries I met Lucy at a dinner party in the early 1980s. By the main course we were holding hands under the table. She… Continue reading


Treasure Island is a boys’ book. There’s no need for a feminist twist

11 December 2014 17:34
Patsy Ferran (Jim Hawkins) and Arthur Darvill (Long John Silver) - Photo: Johan Persson

When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Treasure Island he declared triumphantly that if it wasn’t a winner with boys, then he didn’t know what boys were like. And it was indeed… Continue reading


Russians pull plug on London conference

11 December 2014 14:52
Former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov arrives for the first session of the 47th Munich Security Conference at the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich, February 4, 2011

Things seem to be getting tricky for the Russian Embassy in London. A much hyped mini-conference organised with Russia Today and set to be headlined on Friday by former Foreign… Continue reading


In defence of the smug Cereal Café owners – and the mugs who eat there

11 December 2014 14:46
Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 14.39.53

There is a great deal of excitement around today about an interview that Channel 4 News did yesterday with some quite smug chaps who have set up something called a… Continue reading


Isis murder a homosexual man (but presumably it has nothing to do with Islam)

11 December 2014 13:21
Isis's headquarters in Aleppo (Photo: Mohammed Wesam/Getty)

I see that Isis have begun the holiday season by ‘executing’ (or murdering) a man who they say was homosexual in Syria/Iraq. They did this in the traditional manner, by throwing him… Continue reading


The Plebgate judge thought PC Rowland was a pleb

11 December 2014 12:55
Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell Loses His Plebgate Libel Case

In paragraph 135 of his judgment in the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ case, Mr Justice Mitting says that P.C. Rowland, the police officer whom Mr Mitchell was suing for libel, is… Continue reading


Dear Mary: Tatler’s editor asks how to cope with her new-found fame

11 December 2014 11:00
Kate Reardon. Image: Getty.

From Kate Reardon, Tatler Q. I recently took part (some might say ‘starred’) in a highly acclaimed BBC2 fly-on-the-wall documentary series. I must admit I rather enjoyed being centre of… Continue reading


Tanya Gold went on to marry the person she had her worst date with, Jack Whitehall didn’t

11 December 2014 9:30
Image: Getty

Tanya Gold Food columnist My worst date was with the man who is now my husband. It was in February 1994, and we were both freshers at Oxford. He took… Continue reading


GQ Editor reveals that Tony Blair was awarded gong for services to Wendi Deng

10 December 2014 17:07
Me? Really? (Photo: GQ/Getty)

To Quaglino’s for the GQ Christmas lunch, where editor Dylan Jones was in a revelatory mood. Lifting the lid on his magazine’s controversial decision to award Tony Blair the Philanthropist… Continue reading


Where were you when Rusbridger quit?

10 December 2014 16:27
Zambian-born journalist Alan Rusbridger, the editor-in-chief of Guardian News and Media, arrives at the High Court in central London on January 17, 2012

Alan Rusbridger’s announcement that he will stand down in summer 2015 as Guardian editor after 20 years has fired the starting gun on one very long succession battle. Current online boss Janine… Continue reading


Don’t criticise Janet Suzman for saying theatre’s ‘a white invention’, thank her

10 December 2014 13:27
Janet Suzman and Khayalethu Anthony in 'Solomon and Marion'

Janet Suzman’s throwaway comment about the theatre being ‘a white invention’ has attracted a storm of opportunistic derision. What Dame Janet may have meant was this. Theatre is gossip ceremonially… Continue reading


Toby Young and Taki reveal their strangest date

10 December 2014 13:22

Toby Young Status anxiety columnist About 15 years ago, when I was single and living in New York, I acquired what I can only describe as a stalker. A woman… Continue reading


Wow, just wow – liberalism is dead

10 December 2014 12:50
Alex Proud, owner of the Proud Gallery auctions off a signed photographs at The Six Shooters exhibition at Proud Camden on July 21, 2010.

I tend to avoid Camden these days as it makes me feel even more like Mark Corrigan than usual, so it’s been a few years since I visited the Proud… Continue reading


The Bird-Bolter plot thickens…

10 December 2014 12:50
Natasha Bolter and Roger Bird: the investigation continues.

It’s a good name, Roger Bird, isn’t it? The story, or non-story, develops apace. Read Steerpike here for the details of the text messages sent by Natasha Bolter to Mr… Continue reading


The CIA’s torture regime shames the United States. It will not be forgotten

10 December 2014 10:34
Pentagon Holds Departure Ceremony For Rumsfeld

We knew and we knew years ago. Anyone who has been paying attention has known for a long time that the CIA committed appalling acts of brutality in the years… Continue reading


Revealed: the cringeworthy horror of Ukip chat-up lines

9 December 2014 18:19
Natasha Bolter and Roger Bird: the investigation continues.

The Roger Bird-Natasha Bolter saga continues. Text messages between the Ukip romantics have revealed by the Telegraph which paint Bolter in a less favourable than Bird. While the Ukip investigation is ongoing,… Continue reading


Handbags for Commons couples: Sarah Vine vs Ed Balls

9 December 2014 17:11
Ed Balls v Sarah Vine.

It was a battle of the Westminster couples last night as Yvette Cooper took to the airwaves on Tom Bradby’s ITV Agenda show. Snarkily commenting from the couch at home,… Continue reading


If you like The Godfather, you’ll love this

9 December 2014 16:32

There can’t have been many trumpet players more nervous about their solo at the Albert Hall than the one who opened the performance there last night. His orchestral colleagues surrounding… Continue reading


As political scandals go, Ukip’s latest offering is hardly a knee-trembler

9 December 2014 10:04
Main Political Parties Take Heavy Losses In UK Euro Vote

The Natasha Bolter story is a little peculiar, no? Ms Bolter, formerly of the Labour Party and more latterly a rising star in Ukip, has been telling the press how… Continue reading