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Taki on Jeffrey Bernard – ‘Never a nice word about me’

15 August 2015 14:30

Some years ago, Taki and Jeffrey Bernard each wrote the other’s obituary. When Jeffrey died on 4 September 1997, The Spectator published Taki’s version. Radio 4 are today broadcasting Jeffrey… Continue reading

Robert Conquest (left) receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Aretha Franklin (middle) and Alan Greenspan (right) at the White House, 2005

Robert Conquest: ‘There is something particularly unpleasant about those who, living in a political democracy, comfortably condone terror elsewhere’

4 August 2015 22:21

Robert Conquest, the historian of Soviet Russia who has died aged 98, was also The Spectator’s literary editor between 1962 and 1963. The following essay was published in the magazine… Continue reading

February - Cutting Weather', 1839. A typical day at Dr Swishtail's Academy.

How to grapple with discipline in schools

21 June 2015 20:29

The government’s new school discipline leader Tom Bennett has a difficult brief; he’s in charge of stopping the schoolchildren of the entire nation swinging on their chairs, playing on their… Continue reading

Australian entertainer and artist Rolf Harris (centre) at the launch of the 'Spread A Little Happiness' campaign on behalf of the International Year of the Child at Vauxhall City Farm in Lambeth, south London.

Rolf Harris’ lack of remorse and the psychology of uncomfortable emotions

14 June 2015 18:29

A year into his sentence on 12 counts of indecent assault, it doesn’t look like Rolf Harris has developed much of a sense of remorse. After seeing Mr Harris’s latest… Continue reading

(Photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty)

There’s nothing ‘normal’ about turning down a pay rise

8 June 2015 11:29

The MPs grandstanding about how they’ll give any salary increase to charity should all be ashamed of themselves. The entire point of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is to take… Continue reading

Charles Kennedy, photographed in 2004 during his time as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Photo: Getty.

Fighting talk from a dove — Peter Oborne interviews Charles Kennedy

2 June 2015 10:40

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy has died at the age of 55. He was the party’s most successful leader in 80 years, winning 62 seats in… Continue reading


Never marry a lounger, a pleasure-seeker, or a fribble

22 May 2015 13:15

It’s good to see that an actual anthropologist is studying the behaviour of some of America’s weirdest women. Wednesday Martin’s book The Primates of Park Avenue describes the exhausting lives… Continue reading

15th September 1959:  A group of women organise election propaganda at the Conservative Party central office in London.

The next Labour leader should remember the ‘politics of envy’ never work

17 May 2015 19:33

Andy Burnham may be the trade unions’ favourite candidate for Labour leader but he is already distancing himself from some of Ed Miliband’s worst populist nonsense. This is what he… Continue reading

(Photo: Ben Stansall/Getty)

Sensible Tories still believe in One Nation Conservatism

12 May 2015 10:32

David Cameron has said the Conservatives will govern as a party of one nation. The phrase was apt at a time when part of the country seems to be pulling… Continue reading

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

Possible ways to neutralise the SNP

3 May 2015 17:40

The prospect of government by short-term deals and extortion is so depressing that you can see why Ed Miliband has said he won’t go in for that kind of thing,… Continue reading


Duelling advice for Nigel Farage

19 April 2015 12:31

A Polish prince this week challenged Nigel Farage to a duel. The prince, Yanek Zylinski, blames Farage and Ukip for anti-Polish sentiment in the UK so he’s suggesting they meet in Hyde… Continue reading

February 1874:  Working men voting during the dinner hour (Picture: HultonArchive/Illustrated London News/Getty)

Bored teenagers are the last people we should be forcing to vote

7 April 2015 11:11

One of the trendy things to worry about these days is political disengagement among young people. A think tank called the Institute for Public Policy Research is so worried it’s… Continue reading

Jeffrey Bernard and Jeremy Clarkson (Photo: Getty)

Jeffrey Bernard and Jeremy Clarkson would have understood each other

26 March 2015 10:02

A lot of people seem to have confused the fact that Jeremy Clarkson is right wing and amusing (which they believe is at odds with the culture of the BBC)… Continue reading


Thank goodness we only have to watch one TV debate

22 March 2015 16:08

The treasurer of one of Manchester’s Conservative clubs is a lifelong Labour voter who votes only as a mark of respect for his father, who always voted Labour. He’s one… Continue reading

circa 1955:  A boy and girl give presents to their mother on Mother's Day.  (Photo by Lambert/Getty Images)

Reflections on the importance of Mothering Sunday

15 March 2015 11:44

For Mothering Sunday, some advice to mothers from a 1912 edition of The Spectator. Be with him yourself as much as you can… I have no fear of your being… Continue reading


50 years on, the battle for civil rights continues in America

7 March 2015 17:11

Fifty years since the first civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery, America still has huge problems with race. Only this week a federal investigation into the killing of an… Continue reading

A homeless woman, with her belongings in a shopping trolley, sitting on steps on Remembrance Day, central London, 11th November 1995.

How do you tell a sturdy vagabond from a submissive pauper?

1 March 2015 15:00

The number of people sleeping on the streets has risen by 55 per cent in the last five years. New statistics show that London had 742 rough sleepers on the… Continue reading

It’s 10 years since the hunting ban came into force (Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

The sadistic sport of the hunt saboteurs makes you long for the good old days

13 February 2015 12:49

At a recent day’s hunting in Wiltshire, a man in a balaclava trying to pull a rider off his horse and said, ‘Some of you will be going home in… Continue reading

Pallbearers carry Sir Winston Churchill's coffin down the steps of St Paul's Cathedral, London, after the funeral service.

Glorious and triumphant — Iain Macleod on Winston Churchill’s funeral

30 January 2015 9:30

Today marks fifty years since the funeral of Winston Churchill. In the 5 February 1965 edition of The Spectator, editor Iain Macleod wrote under the pen name Quoodle about the occasion.  There has never… Continue reading

Image: Getty

The perils of being posh

23 January 2015 12:41

This week’s wazzock spat hasn’t polarised people in the way that arguments about class often do; most of us have just enjoyed the spectacle of the pop star James Blunt… Continue reading

Ronnie O'Sullivan (Photo: Ben Hoskins/Getty)

Would a dash of hooliganism improve the game of snooker?

14 January 2015 12:23

The recent BDO and PDA darts championships were undeniably glorious. Ronnie O’Sullivan is arguing that snooker needs to learn from darts by introducing shot clocks and power play to speed… Continue reading


Is torture acceptable if it helps save thousands of lives?

14 December 2014 11:20

This week’s Senate Report on the CIA hasn’t settled the question of torture once and for all, as Bruce Anderson has pointed out. When we talk about the heroes of… Continue reading

Bathers in 1939. Credit: Getty.

From the archives: Some advice on stripping

5 December 2014 10:52

There have been some glorious celebrations of human flesh in the newspapers this week – who could resist poring over the pictures from the Victoria’s Secret catwalk show, or taking… Continue reading

King George V in uniform.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Spectator at war: Good taste and good breeding

4 December 2014 8:30

From The King at the Front, The Spectator, 5 December 1914: It is impossible for the ordinary Englishman not to be delighted with the good taste and good breeding as well… Continue reading

(Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty)

Tristram Hunt’s proposals for public schools are nothing new

28 November 2014 15:39

The Shadow Education Secretary is suggesting that private schools provide qualified teachers to help deliver specialist subject knowledge to state schools. It’s depressing that they don’t all already have in-house… Continue reading