The video (below) of Galloway really does have to be seen. It is best with the sound off (for what it is worth he is lambasting a student for asking a question which is critical of Hugo Chavez). It is best from about 3 mins 40 seconds in.

As well as something innately comic, there is also something slightly unsettling about this video. The court-looking background (in fact the Oxford Union), the field-marshal at ease attire of the man, his gait, gestures and manner of speaking: what does it remind you of?

Personally, it reminds me of how lucky we are to have been born in an age when voters can see what a person like Galloway is really like when he encounters someone who challenges his views.

I am no good with video-editing, but if there is someone out there who is, can you do something with this? A ‘Downfall’-style spoof might work best. Suggestions below?

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