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George puts me in my place

2 October 2007 12:21

By the way I know that last post was very self-centred of me so I want to reassure Coffee House that lots of people up here are putting me in… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s conference diary

2 October 2007 10:58

Woke up to blanket coverage. Seems the speech went down well.


Security Risk

2 October 2007 10:41

Blackpool. Tuesday morning. Windy. Been here for 24 hours now, and why are there quite so many policemen? It’s not as if the Tories are in power. They are probably… Continue reading


Good signs for the Tories

2 October 2007 8:28

Politicians like to talk about ‘non-electoral milestones’—the big symbols, endorsements and Clause 4 moments that pave the way for a party’s return to power. But what about the much smaller… Continue reading

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Back in the game

2 October 2007 7:20

I was surprised to see Andy Coulson, George Eustice et al at the packed (and hot) Telegraph party last night with big smiles. Seeing today’s papers, I see why. This… Continue reading


Tories upbeat in Blackpool

2 October 2007 7:14

The mood at the conference has switched from despair to optimism. I traced it to Osborne’s speech but Emily Maitlis reckons it turned about midday. Anyway it was still buzzing… Continue reading


Will the non doms squeak under the Osborne squeeze?

1 October 2007 18:53

Team Osborne (regular, if anonymous Coffee House visitors) call to take issue with my earlier blog. I am not right to say non doms will pay more than 50% tax… Continue reading


The social perils of conference

1 October 2007 18:43

Fans of Larry David’s deeply wonderful US comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm will be familiar with the social angst of the "Stop-and-Chat". This is Larry’s description of the social obligation… Continue reading

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Gordon lends the Tories a helping hand

1 October 2007 17:31

This is such a good week. Commentators have said that Gordon has taunted us into announcing policies that we would have preferred to leave until later in the electoral cycle,… Continue reading


Tamzin needs some wellies

1 October 2007 15:52

Been everywhere and can’t find designer wellies. Am getting desperate. Does anyone reading this have any idea where I can get them? They don’t need to be leopard patterned. In… Continue reading


It is all set up for Dave

1 October 2007 14:35

For a party facing certain defeat at the next election, these Tories are strikingly upbeat. Osborne’s speech has put lead in their pencil, they sense—to use a phrase—that the über… Continue reading


Can the Tories learn to run before Brown runs to the country?

1 October 2007 14:25

The psychology of this conference is like no other I’ve experienced. Having mastered walking, the Cameron Conservative Party believed it had a couple of years in which to get on… Continue reading


Osborne explains who the uber mods are

1 October 2007 13:42

Steve Richards has just asked Osborne what he meant by "über modernisers" in his interview with me last week. Here’s his answer. "Some people who had urged modernisation on the… Continue reading

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Osborne and the non doms

1 October 2007 13:33

I’m sitting in a George Osborne fringe event, where he’s being given the Parky treatment by Steve Richards from the Indy. He’s discussing his new tax on the non domiciles:… Continue reading

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What I would do if I were Gordon

1 October 2007 13:21

Everyone is very upbeat this morning, despite the fact that I have yet to speak to anyone who got to bed before three am. There is a real buzz that… Continue reading

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Boris by the book

1 October 2007 11:52

Unlike the Labour conference, there is a bookshop here in Blackpool (what does that tell you?) and I have found a gem: The Little Book of Boris. It’s one of… Continue reading


Blackpool truce holds

1 October 2007 10:59

All those waiting for the latest instalment in the great grammar schools row are going to have to wait a little longer. The rumours that Graham Brady, the frontbencher who… Continue reading

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Gordon tries to rain on Dave’s parade

1 October 2007 8:38

There are certain gentleman’s conventions that govern British politics. One is that party leaders do not trash each other while overseas. Another is that, while one of the main parties… Continue reading


The Terminator is here in spirit

1 October 2007 0:37

Where the Conservative Party goes, the spirit of enterprise follows. Resourcefully, the local cinema in Blackpool is showing a mini-season of Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbusters to compensate for the Governator’s physical… Continue reading


Bar talk

30 September 2007 23:16

The ice-breaker at the bars in Bournemouth during the Labour conference was “when will the election be?” Here in Blackpool, the conversation starter is “is it over for Cameron?” But… Continue reading


Tamzin’s Blackpool report

30 September 2007 18:59

Hurrah! Finally arrived in Blackpool after only seven hours on train! It was v efficient, only had to change twice, and the engineering works only stopped us for an hour… Continue reading


If the shoe fits

30 September 2007 17:09

Nadine Dorries, the Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordhshire, will be blogging for Coffee House during conference. Heading for Blackpool. Slammed the boot of the car shut on far more luggage than… Continue reading


From Boris to Bloomberg

30 September 2007 16:59

Boris has just brought the house down with a speech attacking Ken Livingstone and setting out the Tory agenda for London. One senses that Boris will have no problem in… Continue reading


George Osborne’s conference diary

30 September 2007 16:25

George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor and Tory election co-ordinator, will be contributing to Coffee House throughout conference. Here is his first entry: The first full day of conference. Morning meeting at 8am… Continue reading


The glory of music

30 September 2007 15:57

Amidst the coruscating party conference commentary might I just slip in a small musical note akin to that so enjoyed by Matthew Parris in his terrific article in this week’s… Continue reading