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No second chance for Malloch Brown

15 July 2007 12:45

Further to James’s post on the dreadful Lord Malloch Brown, my column in today’s Sunday Telegraph addresses the predicament facing Gordon Brown. I doubt the PM will be remotely sentimental… Continue reading


Signs are we might be heading for an early poll

15 July 2007 12:41

What today’s polls say to me is “early election”. If Brown keeps this up into the recess, his honeymoon will stretch through the summer. Remember, the Tories need a ten-point… Continue reading


Brown’s special mistakes

15 July 2007 12:24

Gordon Brown’s government has gone from blunder to blunder in Anglo-American relations. First it ennobled and hires Mark Malloch Brown, a talentless UN bureaucrat known only for his hostility to… Continue reading


The case for indefinite detention of terror suspects

15 July 2007 9:26

The proposal by Ken Jones, the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, reported in today’s Observer that the Government introduce powers of indefinite detention for terrorist suspects is… Continue reading


New poll shows Labour seven points ahead

15 July 2007 0:24

The Sunday Telegraph’s ICM poll is a serious blow to David Cameron, not least because it coincides with the disclosure that Tony Lit, the Tory candidate in Ealing Southall, gave… Continue reading


Malloch Brown speaks

14 July 2007 10:55

If Douglas Alexander’s speech yesterday–or, more accurately the spin applied to it–prompted concerned phone calls from Washington and a memo from Gordon to the cabinet to go easy with the… Continue reading

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Conrad Black convicted

13 July 2007 20:15

The most comprehensive coverage of the Conrad Black trial can be found at the Canadian magazine Maclean’s. For a firm defence of Black, check out Mark Steyn’s blog on the… Continue reading


It will take more than a tax break to restore the sanctity of marriage

13 July 2007 17:24

David Cameron told Jon Snow last night that in proposing tax breaks for married couples — whether straight or gay — he was ‘not moralising, not preaching’. His social affairs… Continue reading


The astronomical cost of over budget government projects

13 July 2007 12:42

The TaxPayers alliance has a corking piece of research, available on their new website, out on the cost of overruns in public sector projects. They’ve examined the records of 305… Continue reading

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What’s wrong with the new consensus

13 July 2007 12:12

When I supported the Iraq war, it was certainly for the aims James mentioned. And yes, I’m feasting on humble pie now. And Stuart’s right to say that even the… Continue reading


Why America went to war

13 July 2007 11:30

Come off it, James. American did not go to war to ‘set about a phenomenally ambitious project to build democracies in parts of the world where they had never succeeded… Continue reading


Coming soon: A Cameroon blog

13 July 2007 10:27

Reading the blogosphere must often be a frustrating business for David Cameron. But I gather a more supportive site is on the way. Fiona Melville, a member of his leadership… Continue reading


What is Douglas Alexander talking about?

13 July 2007 8:38

Douglas Alexander’s speech in Washington last night is being portrayed as distancing Gordon Brown’s administration from George W. Bush’s post 9/11 foreign policy. Particular importance is being attached to this… Continue reading


What do you call a coalition without Ming?

12 July 2007 21:38

Martin Bright has an intriguing interview with Ming Campbell in this week’s New Statesman. In it, Ming confirms that he and Brown discussed the possibility of current Lib Dem frontbench… Continue reading


Nigel Dempster RIP

12 July 2007 18:09

His critics called him vain, snobbish, jumped-up and vicious – all true – but Nigel Dempster was also generous (he felt uncomfortable if anyone else paid for lunch); charming (displaying… Continue reading

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Who should the BBC apologise to next?

12 July 2007 15:18

The BBC has now apologised to The Spectator and the Queen within 24 hours. Who should be next in line for an apology from the Beeb? Suggest away.


We have a winner, Ms. Moneypolly

12 July 2007 13:38

The best suggestion by a Coffee Houser for a new author of James Bond stories was Simon Chapman who proposed The Guardian’s in-house funster, Polly Toynbee. A bottle of champagne… Continue reading


How the Beckhams will crack America

12 July 2007 11:50

If you want to know how Brand Beckham will be marketed in the States take a look at the storyboards for the ad campaign that is being launched to promote… Continue reading


The coming Cold War

12 July 2007 8:21

With Britain and Russia on the verge of Cold War style diplomatic expulsions over Russia’s refusal to extradite Andrei Lugovoi over the death of Alexander Litvinenko, do read Fraser’s cover… Continue reading


The Bureaucratic Bungling Corporation

11 July 2007 17:59

Life is full of little ironies. I am just off to the BBC’s Millbank studios to do some recording for The Week in Westminster. Meanwhile, I have spent much of… Continue reading


City Academies and Super Casinos, RIP

11 July 2007 14:33

Putting City Academies under the care of local authorities is like putting chickens in the care of wolves – as Mr Brown knows very well. So it’s goodbye to Mr… Continue reading


Spot the Scot

11 July 2007 12:59

Brown has a PMQs headline for us: let Cameron do the PR, he’ll be the PM. Well, his performance was better than last week. But what struck me was the… Continue reading


Ricky Gervais hasn’t lost it

11 July 2007 12:37

I rarely allow myself to be “Outraged of Westminster”, but this scandalous post by Jim Shelley, the Mirror’s TV critic, has forced me to make an exception. Ricky Gervais has… Continue reading


Where Bill and Hillary disagree

11 July 2007 12:05

New York magazine has a piece that is well worth reading on the one issue where Hillary is busy distancing herself from the record of the Clinton presidency: trade. Free… Continue reading


The author’s Faulks, Sebastian Faulks

11 July 2007 10:05

The news that Sebastian Faulks has written a Bond novel says a lot about the status 007 has achieved in the culture. On the big screen and through a ruthless… Continue reading