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Hold the front page: Boris Johnson more right-wing than Steve Norris

21 August 2007 16:38

“Boris Johnson is by far the most right wing candidate ever to be presented by a major party for Mayor of London.” This is how the Compass dossier on Boris… Continue reading


Updating Our Island Story

21 August 2007 13:54

John Lloyd has a typically thoughtful op-ed in the FT today about how we should teach history in schools and how we can create a sense of nationhood that fits… Continue reading


The trendiest political trends

21 August 2007 11:56

Mark Penn is the pollster of choice for those politicians who still believe in the third way. He advised Tony Blair on how to win a third term in 2005,… Continue reading


Labelling Boris a bigot is pathetic

21 August 2007 11:35

The Guardian reports today that Compass, the leftwing pressure group, has compiled a dossier accusing Boris of being “Norman Tebbit in a clown’s uniform”. Well, now: I admire Norman and… Continue reading


The consequences of having a small army

21 August 2007 10:56

The FT’s look at how the British deployment in Basra got to where it is today is well worth reading. As the FT notes, the reason the British force in… Continue reading


How the Monarchy restored public affection for it

21 August 2007 8:45

If you’re planning to listen to a Royal Recovery on Radio 4 this morning at nine, repeated this evening at half nine, about how the Royal family came back from… Continue reading


Stripped down politics down under

21 August 2007 8:34

Australian Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd is hardly the first decent Christian family man visiting from out-of-town to find himself in a New York strip club. These things happen when… Continue reading

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Restoring the compact between the military and society

20 August 2007 21:26

One of the things that has been strained to an intolerable extent since 9/11 is the compact between the British people, represented by their government, and the armed forces. We… Continue reading


Whose memoirs would you most like to read?

20 August 2007 19:01

Michael White has a fun post up on which political memoirs really were worth the advances that their publishers paid for them. Which raises the question of which politician’s autobiography… Continue reading


Government spends like a WAG on a shopping trip

20 August 2007 16:43

If you want an example of how government comes up with ways to waste our money, just consider the story in The Sun today of ‘The WAG’s Guide to Travel’… Continue reading

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A good man returns to the fold

20 August 2007 16:23

Of all the characters in the cash for honours scandal, only one was unfairly maligned: John McTernan, Blair’s last political secretary. He was in No 10 but not of No… Continue reading


The FCO fritters away money like a WAG

20 August 2007 16:10

If you want an example of how government comes up with ways to waste our money, just consider the story in The Sun today of ‘The WAG’s Guide to Travel’… Continue reading


Time to prune back the quangos

20 August 2007 14:29

Trevor Kavanagh’s column in The Sun today contains one of those facts that makes you stop and re-read the sentence to make sure you’ve understood it correctly. Kavanagh calculates that,… Continue reading


Cameron comes out fighting

20 August 2007 12:45

David Cameron sounded the right note in his back-to-school interview on the Today programme this morning. As Fraser has so consistently called upon him to do, the Tory leader put… Continue reading


42% of people don’t feel it is safe to go out at night

20 August 2007 8:28

This YouGov poll in the Daily Mirror makes for depressing reading. 42% of people don’t believe that it is safe to go out at night, while 11% don’t ever feel… Continue reading

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Lib Dems not inclined to support a referendum

19 August 2007 23:18

One of the key things to watch in the European referendum debate is the position of the Liberal Democrats; their support for a vote last time round was crucial to… Continue reading


2012 will leave the wrong kind of sporting legacy

19 August 2007 11:55

We’re always being told that bringing the Olympics to London will turn us into a nation of athletes, getting us all off the couch and onto the running track. But… Continue reading

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Will Prezza spill the beans?

18 August 2007 14:48

John Prescott is getting £300,000 for his memoirs which will be called Prezza: Pulling No Punches and ghosted by Hunter Davies. Davies, having worked on the Wayne Rooney and Paul… Continue reading


W. F. Deedes, 1 June 1913 – 17 August 2007. RIP.

18 August 2007 9:26

Dear Bill. It is impossible to think of any other journalist – let alone a former editor of the Daily Telegraph — whose death would have made the lead on BBC… Continue reading


McCain: "Life is not 24"

17 August 2007 20:56

This John McCain interview with John Stewart demonstrates why it would be foolish to dismiss his presidential chances just yet. Watch from about two thirds of the way in and… Continue reading


Cutting to the chase

17 August 2007 16:48

A few things that bug me about this whole tax-cutting debate… 1)      Even Lord Forsyth’s suggestion of £21 billion worth of cuts is a tiny sum when you remember Brown… Continue reading


The suffering sub-primes

17 August 2007 15:46

Now that the Fed has introduced a temporary reduction in interest rates, and my selfish fear has subsided, I’ve become obsessed with the debt-ridden or bankrupt souls that we now… Continue reading

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At last, some good news for Bush

17 August 2007 15:06

The news that Jenna Bush, the president’s daughter, is engaged and likely to get married long before the family leaves the White House raises some delicious questions of both protocol… Continue reading

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Taxing Cameroon consistency

17 August 2007 12:48

James is right that the Tories are not ‘lurching to the Right’. There’s nothing intrinsically ‘rightwing’ about examining the case for tax cuts: if there were, why would Gordon Brown… Continue reading


Why there’s little difference between Hillary and Rudy

17 August 2007 12:01

It’s not possible to be neutral about Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York and now a Republican presidential candidate. You either love him or hate him. The novelist Kevin… Continue reading

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