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The Evening Standard calls it for Boris

2 May 2008 20:06

Still no official word, but The Evening Standard has declared Boris the winner.


The week that was

2 May 2008 19:15

Peter Hoskin reports from Israel on life in the town of Sderot, and on efforts to forge peace with Syria. James Forsyth says Gordon Brown has spectacularly failed his first… Continue reading

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Blair trumps Brown (again)

2 May 2008 18:41

If Brown feels like taking his mind off things, he shouldn’t flick through the latest Time 100 – the magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.  Thing… Continue reading


When will we get a result?

2 May 2008 18:00

Dire rumours flying about the Mayoral count, hopefully all untrue. The worst is that we may not have a winner by midnight. Adam Boulton at Sky News confident of getting… Continue reading


Next Labour leader odds

2 May 2008 17:47

The latest William Hills odds for the next leader of the Labour party make interesting reading in the light of last night’s results and the list of cabinet ministers at… Continue reading


"Boris has got it"

2 May 2008 16:25

Over at Comment Central, a senior Conservative tells Daniel Finkelstein that "Boris has got" the role of mayor.  It isn’t quite the fat lady singing, but enough for the Times to run an article… Continue reading


These minsters will be very, very worried

2 May 2008 15:56

A nice summary from ConservativeHome: "All these ministers would lose their seats if last night’s elections were repeated at the General: Ed Balls, Jacqui Smith, James Purnell, John Hutton, Caroline… Continue reading


Introducing Apollo Muse

2 May 2008 15:27

We’ve just launched Apollo magazine’s Muse blog.  It’s a new and exciting destination for news and topical comment on the latest debates, controversies and happenings in the art world.  It… Continue reading


Hoon in denial – now with added video

2 May 2008 14:40

James reported on Geoff Hoon’s remarkable denial over his party’s local election results.  Now, some computer whizz has put together an irreverent video clip – here it is, for your viewing… Continue reading

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The Labour implosion

2 May 2008 14:22

Ben Brogan reports that just to make things even worse for Labour, the incoming General Secretary has resigned. Meanwhile, even Jackie Ashley is saying that Brown only has until the party… Continue reading


Election update

2 May 2008 13:52

Just an update on some of the election figures: 139 of 159 councils have now declared their results, and it just gets better and better for the Tories.  They’ve picked… Continue reading


It just keeps getting worse for Gordon Brown

2 May 2008 12:48

“So fair and foul a day I have not seen” – Macbeth Act 1, Scene 3   Can this beautiful May afternoon get any worse for McBrown? Em, yes. Stuart Wheeler… Continue reading


The column that should worry Gordon Brown

2 May 2008 12:35

Steve Richards is one of the most perceptive commentators on the left, he’s also generally inclined to give Gordon Brown a pretty fair shake. So, his piece for Open House… Continue reading


The Tory opportunity

2 May 2008 12:27

The Tories have an open road ahead of them. Until at least the party conference season, Labour will be in disarray. This provides the Tory with a real opportunity to… Continue reading


The Tories have friends in the north

2 May 2008 11:45

The BBC are confirming that the Tories have taken North Tyneside, a nice psychological boost for the party.


All down to Brown 

2 May 2008 10:30

I’ve just done BBC World Service with Martin Bright, my counterpart at the New Statesman. We’re pitched against each other quite a lot – the theory being that I’m a… Continue reading


Brown, the author of his own misfortune

2 May 2008 10:06

When considering what effect these results will have on the mood of the Parliamentary Labour Party, it is worth remembering that most people are blaming Labour’s ghastly performance on the… Continue reading

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The Tories’ slicker operation

2 May 2008 8:59

Last night gave yet another example of the Tories’ more finely-tuned internet operation.  A visit to their website, and you’d find twitter feeds and behind-the-scenes video footage (the most recent of which you… Continue reading

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Morning round-up

2 May 2008 6:56

For those who missed the drama of last night, a quick round-up… At time of writing, results have come in for 100 of 159 councils.  So far, the Tories have gained 147… Continue reading


If tonight’s results were repeated in a general election, the Tories would have a majority of 138

2 May 2008 3:51

Jeremy Vine just sent a chill down the spine of Labour MPs with extrapolation for how many MPs each party would have if the parties received the same vote-shares in… Continue reading


Has Brown led Labour to its worst results since 1968?

2 May 2008 3:15

So, when was the last year Labour did so badly? “Since records began in 1973” say the Tories but surely they can do better than that. Michael Portillo, whom I… Continue reading


Gordon Brown fails his first electoral test

2 May 2008 3:04

In the first elections since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister, Labour’s national vote share fell to 24 percent. Labour’s worst result in a generation is bound to further undermine Brown’s… Continue reading


A nightmare for Brown

2 May 2008 2:06

If the BBC national projections aren’t giving Brown a headache right now, then this Times prediction sure will.  It suggests that Labour’s on course to lose around 270 seats.  That’s some distance from the… Continue reading


Hoon: ‘There is no crisis’

2 May 2008 1:59

Geoff Hoon is turning in one of the worst TV performances I’ve ever seen by a front-line politician. His attempt to pretend that the results really aren’t that bad is making him… Continue reading


Labour in third on 24 percent, Tories on 44 percent

2 May 2008 1:48

The national vote equivalents that the BBC just projected are dire for Gordon Brown. Under him, Labour are doing worse than they were under Tony Blair at the height of… Continue reading