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Brown’s agenda

27 June 2007 15:44

The school motto of Kirkcaldy High School: “I will try my utmost”. That was the principle which Gordon Brown promised to make the foundation of his work as Prime Minister.… Continue reading


"Beyond narrow party interest"

27 June 2007 14:59

That line makes me suspect that Brown really does have something up his sleeve even post-Ashdown.


Prime Minister Brown’s first line…

27 June 2007 14:44

What will Gordon Brown say on the threshold of Number Ten? In 1990, Margaret Thatcher famously quoted St Francis of Assisi: “Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where… Continue reading


How will Cameron welcome Brown?

27 June 2007 14:42

Gordon Brown is the 11th Prime Minister to have served the Queen, in succession to Churchill, Eden, Macmillan, Douglas-Home, Wilson, Heath, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major and Blair. But the first who… Continue reading


Welcome Prime Minister Brown, goodbye Mr. Blair

27 June 2007 14:39

We’ve just posted The Spectator leader that will be in this week’s print magazine; it looks at the challenges facing Gordon Brown. We’ve also put up a fantastic essay by… Continue reading


Paging John Bercow (UPDATED)

27 June 2007 13:43

I don’t know where John Bercow is having lunch right now, but a lot of people wish he’d switch his phone on. Perhaps thanks to Guido, there’s a rumour flying… Continue reading


Cherie’s parting shot

27 June 2007 13:19

Cherie just turned to the media in Downing Street and said: “Bye! I don’t think we’ll miss you!” Minutes before, John Prescott was on College Green telling Jon Sopel that… Continue reading


Who’d have thought it?

27 June 2007 13:04

Back in May 1997 what odds would you have got on the most generous tribute at Blair’s last PMQs coming from Ian Paisley?


Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen and Areverderchi

27 June 2007 12:45

For the first time in my time in the Commons, the press gallery was full. “A lot of so-called journalists I’ve never seen before” grumbled the doorman. And no wonder.… Continue reading


The coming battle

27 June 2007 12:02

We’ve got two great pieces up today on the new political landscape. James O’Shaughnessy explains why the master tactician Gordon Brown is putting housing at the top of his agenda.… Continue reading


What’s the next Brown surprise?

27 June 2007 10:38

Iain Dale reports that Ed Balls was understandably gloating about the defection of Quentin Davies last night at a Fabian Society reception last night and promised his audience that, “There’s more… Continue reading


How important is the defection of Quentin Davies?

27 June 2007 9:07

Two contrasting views in the papers this morning. Here’s the key passage from The Guardian’s leader on it: “There has been no more brutal assault on a Tory leader since… Continue reading


The piece you should read before Brown takes over

27 June 2007 8:52

This Fraser Nelson piece from September reveals which eight people will really matter when Gordon Brown finally gets his hands on the crown. Do give it a read.


Who we are

27 June 2007 7:59

Where better to spend the last night of the Blair era than in the company of ageing rockers? These days, The Who smash their tambourines rather than their guitars. But,… Continue reading

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Should Gordon worry about Tony’s new job?

26 June 2007 23:26

There are two reasons for Brown to be concerned about Blair becoming the quartet’s envoy to the Palestinians. First, it is going to exacerbate the problem of Brown establishing himself… Continue reading


Blair to stand down as an MP

26 June 2007 17:29

Not that surprising, but BBC News 24 is reporting that Tony Blair will resign as an MP tomorrow.


What this defection means

26 June 2007 15:35

Fraser is right that Quentin Davies is where he should always have been. But – as he acknowledges in his update – defections matter because of their symbolism; and, symbolically,… Continue reading


Quentin Davies defects to Labour

26 June 2007 15:05

My only surprise about Quentin Davies’ defection is that he joined the Tories in the first place. Last year he stopped me in the Commons to tell me he’d just… Continue reading


Brown’s strategy

26 June 2007 13:52

Today’s absolute must read is Rachel Sylvester’s column on how Brown intends to take on Cameron. It is chock full of details such as this, "The man who will take… Continue reading


Dangerous poppycock from Blair

26 June 2007 12:12

Today’s news that Afghanistan’s opium production is soaring takes me back to perhaps the biggest lie Tony Blair has uttered during the war on terror. He told the 2001 Labour conference that… Continue reading


Why can’t London be more like Munich

26 June 2007 10:44

Just back from a weekend in Munich, escaping from the grey, the rain and the Blair/Brown folderol to help a friend, about to take up the reins as president of… Continue reading

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Good Friday for the Middle East

26 June 2007 8:07

So Tony Blair is off to the Middle East as peace envoy – not for the US, but for the "Quartet" of UN, EU, America and Russia. His decision to… Continue reading


Why Charles Clarke might make a comeback

25 June 2007 21:45

Iain Dale has an interesting post up on the gossip amongst Westminster lobby correspondents that Charles Clarke might return to government this week. He writes that, “None of us could… Continue reading

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Captions please

25 June 2007 21:16

  Leave them in the comments below.


A good weekend to bury Europe

25 June 2007 21:05

I use to think that Blair’s desire to go to the European summit himself was a little bit vain and born of nothing more than a desire to give Jacques… Continue reading