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Dare Cameron do it without notes?

3 October 2007 13:45

Word is that Cameron will attempt the speech of his life without notes or autocue. Critics said his 2005 noteless speech was no better than many stage actors could do… Continue reading


Tax and the Tories

3 October 2007 12:55

You wait ages for a Tory tax pledge then a whole slew come along at once. Following his speech on Monday which pledged to raise the threshold for inheritance tax… Continue reading


Waiting for Dave

3 October 2007 12:34

Waiting for David Cameron’s speech, which is going to be a great end to a great conference. General buzz here amongst those who were at Labour’s Conference last week is… Continue reading


The Night Before

3 October 2007 11:17

We were finally served our dinner at 10.30 last night. Thank goodness I was with the Countryside Alliance who are good fun and tolerant. It was then onto the News… Continue reading


Speech Countdown

3 October 2007 11:05

Samantha Cameron has risen even further in my estimation by declining to spend the week in Blackpool. She showed up on Sunday, to provide the main photo-shoot, then worked Monday… Continue reading


Back to the future

3 October 2007 10:53

Today’s speech really is as important as the hype says it is. If David Cameron delivers a barnstormer and Gordon Brown pulls out of calling an election it will be… Continue reading


Will Gordon ask the Commons before heading to the Palace?

3 October 2007 9:01

Peter Ridell makes an excellent point in The Times today. Three months ago, in a Green Paper Gordon proposed a new convention that the PM should be ‘required to seek… Continue reading

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Bye, bye Blackpool

3 October 2007 2:18

The Tories don’t like to be beside the seaside. Or, more specifically, I’m assured this is the last time they will choose a coastal resort for their conference;  which means… Continue reading


The gossip on what’s in Cameron’s speech

2 October 2007 23:16

Guido has been having fun at the conference here, and has caught wind of what’s in Cameron’s speech tomorrow. It squares with the gossip here.


How many minutes are left on the election countdown clock?

2 October 2007 22:37

I am on a Today Programme panel this week playing a prediction game modelled on the famous Doomsday Clock. The idea is for Michael Portillo, Jackie Ashley, John Curtice, Peter… Continue reading


The quiet man roars

2 October 2007 22:21

I am in the Hilton at a dinner hosted by the Countryside Alliance. There is someone I know on almost every table in the restaurant. Everyone is talking about the… Continue reading


All politics is local

2 October 2007 18:47

I’ve just been speaking to over hundred business people who have come up to Blackpool for our Corporate Day. I spoke alongside Miles Templeman, Director General of the Institute of… Continue reading


Told you so

2 October 2007 18:31

I have tried so hard all day. I have kept myself distracted. Fully immersed in meetings and preparing for my fringe tonight. I forced myself not to look at the… Continue reading


Brown’s biggest mistake to date

2 October 2007 16:25

Gordon Brown’s trip to Baghdad is the biggest political misjudgement of his leadership so far. It would have looked very different if the Tories were tearing themselves apart in Blackpool—Gordon… Continue reading


Tamzin’s Blackpool latest

2 October 2007 14:54

So exciting. Was at secret meeting with Dave last night when he told us Gordon was going to call the election on Friday, or possibly Monday. Or, possibly not for… Continue reading

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Will Brown dare not go to the country?

2 October 2007 14:09

Bumped into Baroness Peta Buscombe at the bar in the Imperial Hotel last night – Peta is the CEO of the Advertising Association. She told me that last week she… Continue reading


Why did Gordon change his Iraq timetable?

2 October 2007 12:27

So Gordon Brown, having brought forward his trip to Iraq, says that more than 1,000 troops will be home by Christmas. Is this the same Gordon Brown who said at… Continue reading


George puts me in my place

2 October 2007 12:21

By the way I know that last post was very self-centred of me so I want to reassure Coffee House that lots of people up here are putting me in… Continue reading

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George Osborne’s conference diary

2 October 2007 10:58

Woke up to blanket coverage. Seems the speech went down well.


Security Risk

2 October 2007 10:41

Blackpool. Tuesday morning. Windy. Been here for 24 hours now, and why are there quite so many policemen? It’s not as if the Tories are in power. They are probably… Continue reading


Good signs for the Tories

2 October 2007 8:28

Politicians like to talk about ‘non-electoral milestones’—the big symbols, endorsements and Clause 4 moments that pave the way for a party’s return to power. But what about the much smaller… Continue reading

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Back in the game

2 October 2007 7:20

I was surprised to see Andy Coulson, George Eustice et al at the packed (and hot) Telegraph party last night with big smiles. Seeing today’s papers, I see why. This… Continue reading


Tories upbeat in Blackpool

2 October 2007 7:14

The mood at the conference has switched from despair to optimism. I traced it to Osborne’s speech but Emily Maitlis reckons it turned about midday. Anyway it was still buzzing… Continue reading


Will the non doms squeak under the Osborne squeeze?

1 October 2007 18:53

Team Osborne (regular, if anonymous Coffee House visitors) call to take issue with my earlier blog. I am not right to say non doms will pay more than 50% tax… Continue reading


The social perils of conference

1 October 2007 18:43

Fans of Larry David’s deeply wonderful US comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm will be familiar with the social angst of the "Stop-and-Chat". This is Larry’s description of the social obligation… Continue reading

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