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Lost in Translation

24 July 2007 17:46

This morning, I linked to Open Europe’s translation of the EU Constitution. Now the former Europe Minister Denis MacShane is claiming that Open Europe has mistranslated it to “whip up… Continue reading


Answer the snowman

24 July 2007 14:37

The most surreal question from last night’s YouTube debate in South Carolina between the Democratic primary candidates.

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Here’s some beef

24 July 2007 10:49

Amidst all the hullabaloo about David Cameron heading to Rwanda while parts of his constituency remain flooded, it is worth noting that the report he is unveiling over there has… Continue reading


New EU treaty is 96% the same as the constitution

24 July 2007 8:20

The invaluable think-tank Open Europe has translated the text of the European treaty formerly known as the constitution into English; something the government has so far failed to do.  Their… Continue reading


Cameron’s gamble

23 July 2007 20:14

Behold an extraordinary role reversal: the Tories used to define themselves by crunchy competence, and Labour by compassion and an emotional appeal to collective and international solidarity. Tonight, Gordon Brown… Continue reading


The real Iraq question

23 July 2007 19:35

Both sides in the Iraq debate tend to ignore, or downplay, the downside to their preferred course of action. On Meet the Press, New York Times columnist David Brooks put the… Continue reading


Direct questions

23 July 2007 15:06

Tonight the Democratic presidential candidates are doing a debate where the questions will come from YouTube users. The almost 3,000 videos submitted are of surprisingly high-quality. The campaigns must be a little… Continue reading


Kavanagh: Labour set to win big and then win again

23 July 2007 11:46

In The Sun this morning Trevor Kavanagh dismisses the Tories chances of winning the next election, writing: “Gordon Brown is going to win—and win big. In the process he will… Continue reading


No time to leave the country

23 July 2007 9:30

As Middle England sinks further underwater today, David Cameron is off to Rwanda to inspect the gap year-style project overseen by Andrew Mitchell. The timing couldn’t be worse: today, for… Continue reading


Public sour on globalisation

23 July 2007 8:29

There is a fascinating, and worrying, poll in the FT this morning about people’s attitudes to globalisation. Remarkably, about 60 percent of the electorate in the UK favour government imposed… Continue reading

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Can the Tories win from this far behind?

22 July 2007 20:58

Matt is right that the Tories would be daft to dump Dave. First, Labour would have an absolute field day accusing the Tories of panicking and ‘lurching to the right’.… Continue reading


Powell’s wife hits out at police over ‘cash for honours’

22 July 2007 11:09

One of the most striking things about the end of the ‘cash for honours’ inquiry on Friday was the absence of a victory lap from those who had spent so… Continue reading

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Why the Tories would be fools to dump Dave

22 July 2007 10:02

Melissa Kite has a terrific scoop in the The Sunday Telegraph, revealing that Tory MPs have started to send letters to Sir Michael Spicer, the chairman of the 1922 Committee,… Continue reading


Why we’ll remain fully booked

22 July 2007 9:55

Coffee House guru Seth Godin has a great parting thought on the Harry Potter phenomenon, why books are useless for keeping secrets, but why they’ll survive as a still-treasured medium… Continue reading


Brown doesn’t want it to rain on his parade

21 July 2007 20:57

Gordon’s response to the floods shows that his political antennae are twitching ferociously in spite of the overall strength of his political position this weekend. If the car-bomb plot was… Continue reading

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Waiting for Harry

21 July 2007 20:48

The queue party in Hampstead was more queue than party – a few Waterstones employees in witches’ hats and T-shirts saying ‘Muggle’ wandered up and down taking notes of children… Continue reading


Blog justice

21 July 2007 20:43

Over at Guido, they are trying something very Web 2.0: namely, to test possible financial backing for a private prosecution in the loans for honours case. One poster suggests £50… Continue reading


You’ve seen the queues, now read the review

21 July 2007 10:36

  Coffee House has a review of the latest, and final, Harry Potter book here. The review doesn’t give too much away, but if you’re a dedicated Potter fan I’d… Continue reading


A resignation at CCHQ

20 July 2007 19:22

Ben Brogan reports that George Bridges, David Cameron’s former campaign manager, has quit, It is a loss, he’s a great guy and had a hell of a tough job. Being… Continue reading


Why Cheney is a law unto himself

20 July 2007 19:09

What makes Dick Cheney so unusual a Vice President is that he knows this is his last gig. He really couldn’t give two hoots who he ticks off because after… Continue reading


Talking about Harry’s generation

20 July 2007 15:30

I am of the “Harry Potter Generation”, but truthfully, the massive hype really puts me off the whole thing. I wish I could escape it. Inevitably there are some of… Continue reading


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hype

20 July 2007 15:02

Writing on the eve of the most over-hyped book release in history (dare I mention the title), I find myself lost. Never in history has such overexcitement surrounded a book… Continue reading

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The fallout from ‘cash for honours’

20 July 2007 13:38

My thoughts on today’s drama 1. Yates will be hopping mad if (as is believed) he recommended charges against Jonathan Powell and others. He may see this as the second time… Continue reading


The ties that bind

20 July 2007 12:05

In a piece keying off the Beckhams arrival in the States, Time magazine tries to explain what unites the English-speaking peoples and comes up with an interesting, distinctly non-Churchillian answer:… Continue reading

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A long summer ahead for David Cameron

20 July 2007 8:33

The Tory result in Ealing Southall is a setback for David Cameron that ensures he will be on the back foot over the summer. To come a poor third after… Continue reading