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One for the reading list

20 June 2007 12:47

Sometimes a book is so compelling you have to recommend it before you’ve finished it. I might have known that Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia by… Continue reading


The case against the Rushdie knighthood

20 June 2007 12:07

Yesterday, I was happily thundering away against all the hand-wringing over the Rushdie knighthood when a friend brought me up short my making a rather good case against it. The… Continue reading


What we shall do with the deputy PM?

20 June 2007 11:09

The Times today comes up with some new sea shanties for our times. My favourite is The Guardian’s ditty about John Prescott – click here if you haven’t seen it.… Continue reading

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And now the end is near

20 June 2007 10:09

And so the cavalcade of farewell parties proceeds towards the terminus of June 27 and Tony Blair’s last bow. Last night, it was the turn of Lord Levy to say… Continue reading

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Brown to bring Lib Dems into the cabinet?

20 June 2007 8:25

Today’s Guardian reports that Brown is considering bringing a Lib Dem or two into the government. My gut reaction is that the Lib Dems would be fools to accept the… Continue reading


The next Reagan?

19 June 2007 22:20

Fred Thompson, the man many are hailing as the saviour of the Republican party and who you probably know best from his roles in Hunt for Red October, In the… Continue reading


The only reason to knight Rushdie

19 June 2007 14:05

I can’t really comment on Salman Rushdie as a literary figure, since I tried and failed three times to get beyond the opening 50 pages of Midnight’s Children.  I can… Continue reading


Ageism Watch

19 June 2007 13:57

The departure of Nick Ross from “Crimewatch” is a sad victory for the worst kind of criteria now being applied in television. Nobody disputes the importance of appearance on screen… Continue reading

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Blair, Brown and the tussle in Brussels

19 June 2007 9:56

Two days to go and already the European Union summit is promising to be a cliffhanger. Will Blair sign? Will the Poles and the Czechs save him, and veto? No10… Continue reading


The reality behind the slogan

19 June 2007 9:50

Power to the People! Or not? The unmissable Steve Richards has a good piece in today’s Indy about “people power”. Every politician says he is in favour it: how could… Continue reading

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The Downing Street divide

19 June 2007 8:54

This front page story in The Guardian about the Blair Brown relationship is essential reading for anyone who thinks that the whole Blair Brown feud is something got up and… Continue reading

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No laughing matter

18 June 2007 19:13

I must admit that I disagree with Matt about Bernard Manning. The man was a deeply unpleasant bully and while others who ‘say the unsayable’—Borat, for instance—are actually ridiculing racism,… Continue reading


Why we laughed

18 June 2007 17:46

The death of Bernard Manning marks the end of an era in comedy and will force liberals once again to wrestle with the question: why was a man who ought… Continue reading

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Why the Tories picked Tooting

18 June 2007 16:35

I’ve now learnt why today’s event was held in Tooting. First, my former home is now considered a bellwether target seat, and second the candidate in question – Mark Clarke –… Continue reading


The shame of Abu Ghraib

18 June 2007 16:23

This New Yorker piece by Sy Hersh on the Pentagon’s indifference to the investigation into the Ahu Graib torture scandal makes for depressing reading, although the general in charge of it does… Continue reading


Citizen Cameron

18 June 2007 14:25

Why Tooting Broadway? Of all the places in London, why would David Cameron choose this decaying corner of South London to launch his new agenda? It is in the public… Continue reading


Throwing the baby out with the bath water

18 June 2007 12:15

It seems that as part of the Cameroon mid-course correction, they’ll no longer be talking about being the heir to Blair. I think this is a big mistake, but I… Continue reading


The dangers of doing policy in public

18 June 2007 10:26

David Cameron’s rebalancing speech is getting strong reviews from Conservative Home, The Telegraph and Iain Dale. The speech is certainly more conciliatory towards his party than much of what Cameron… Continue reading

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Cameron’s new pitch

18 June 2007 8:26

A big day for David Cameron. His speech on what divides the Conservatives from Gordon Brown is billed in the Telegraph as the speech of his leadership. Their political correspondent… Continue reading


Campaign Literature

17 June 2007 22:44

This essay by the US political commentator Michael Barone does a cracking job of explaining why 2008 presidential politics is so dynamic compared to the predictable politics of polarization that have dominated the… Continue reading


An interesting day out

17 June 2007 18:29

Back from Interesting 2007, a daylong festival of creativity in the Web 2.0 world at the Conway Hall in Red Lion Square, and organised by the peerless Russell Davies (check… Continue reading


The pro-European case against a Constitution

17 June 2007 12:23

Denis Macshane, Blair’s former Europe minister, has an interesting piece in the Observer making the pro-European case against a grand constitutional-style treaty. He argues that Europe is working as it… Continue reading


Real Progress

17 June 2007 10:17

When you hear the word "progressive" mentioned in Westminster, it is normally a Labour MP (like Douglas Alexander) preparing the ground for coalition with the Liberal Democrats. I’ve never understood… Continue reading


A special failure

17 June 2007 10:06

With only ten days to go, the great mystery of the Blair era remains the PM’s failure to push Bush harder – or at all – on post-war reconstruction in… Continue reading


Blair for president of Europe?

16 June 2007 17:14

The FT has a story today about how Nicolas Sarkozy is touting one A. Blair as a possible president of Europe. I actually think this is distinctly unhelpful for the… Continue reading

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