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Election 2008, what’s next?

25 May 2008 20:05

Over on Americano, a guide to McCain’s VP shortlist and some thoughts on the state of the race between McCain and Obama.


Miliband far from Shermanesque in his denials

25 May 2008 15:31

David Miliband was on Adam Boulton’s show today and described reports that he is manoeuvring for the leadership as ‘fiction’. But his denial of interest in challenging Brown left him… Continue reading


The Taliban’s changing tactics

25 May 2008 12:48

Helmand Province, Afghanistan I have adopted the Gordon Brown strategy and disappeared after a bad by-election result for Labour. My excuse is that I’m now in Afghanistan, finding out how… Continue reading


Miliband on manoeuvres

25 May 2008 9:14

The Sunday Times reports this morning that David Miliband is readying himself for a run at the leadership. A source close to Miliband tells the paper that “David is not… Continue reading


Campbell to Cherie: I never swore at your hairdresser

24 May 2008 18:25

There is a classic letter from Alistair Campbell in The Times today disputing Cherie Blair’s account in her book of how Campbell swore at her hairdresser.   Sir, Before “you’re… Continue reading


Miliband’s gift to McCain

24 May 2008 17:22

John McCain and Barack Obama have been involved in a fierce back and forth about Obama’s willingness to meet with the Iranian leadership without preconditions. McCain claims that Obama’s willingness… Continue reading


Will Carter get Brown?

24 May 2008 11:55

Gordon Brown has survived the first 30 hours after Crewe and Nantwich. In public, the cabinet has remained supportive and even among backbenchers those prepared to openly call for leadership… Continue reading


Writing Labour off

24 May 2008 7:42

Peter Riddell  is rightly regarded as the dean of the Parliamentary press corp. He is not a man prone to exaggeration or over-excitement which is what makes the conclusion to… Continue reading


Why cyclists need to get a jump on life

23 May 2008 20:30

This morning as I cycled through Covent Garden, Melanie Phillips nearly killed me. Here’s how: I often jump red lights in London on my bike. I quite see how irritating… Continue reading


If Labour want to limit the damage, then Alan Johnson is their best bet

23 May 2008 19:46

One of the reasons that most pundits still think that Gordon Brown will survive is that there is no obvious alternative to him. Personally, I’m sceptical as to whether anyone… Continue reading


Has anyone seen this man?

23 May 2008 16:48

Update: In the comments, Emily points to a BBC interview with Ed Balls that I missed. So, I owe Mr Balls an apology. However, I would be even more impressed if Balls… Continue reading


If Labour need ideas…

23 May 2008 16:30

Clive points out that John Prescott is a late addition to the line-up at the Festival of Ideas in Bristol. Maybe, Prezza is going to reinvent himself as the new… Continue reading


Not so capital

23 May 2008 16:14

Before we get back to discussing Crewe and Nantwich and what happens next, I’m going to have a little rant about London traffic and the price of taxis. This morning,… Continue reading


No more need to worry about Labour’s long term plans

23 May 2008 15:02

I am now in sunny Afghanistan, where we woke up to the Crewe result. This puts thing into a new perspective. It’s becoming rapidly clear that we need not worry about the… Continue reading


What we know now

23 May 2008 10:42

Here are a few things that I think we’ve learnt from last night’s result: 1). The Tories are now the best closers in British politics: In London, the local elections… Continue reading


Does Labour have no alternative to Brown?

23 May 2008 8:59

Considering the size of the swing to the Tories last night, it no longer seems silly to talk about a leadership challenge to Gordon Brown. But Michael White’s analysis this… Continue reading


Crewe goes bright blue, will Labour now dump Brown?

23 May 2008 3:20

If on April 29th, when Labour announced the date of the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, you had told people that the Tories would win the seat by 7,860 votes you… Continue reading


If this swing was replicated nationwide at the next election, Labour would be down to 100 MPs

23 May 2008 3:06

John Curtice has just crunched the numbers for the BBC and found that if this swing happened across the country at the next election, there would be 497 Tory MPs and… Continue reading


Tory majority of 7,860

23 May 2008 2:29

The Returning Officer has just declared the official result and Edward Timpson is the new MP for Crewe and Nantwich. This is a massive defeat for Labour and will make… Continue reading


Final result sometime after 2am

23 May 2008 1:46

No one is disputing that Labour has taken a mighty kicking tonight but we are going to have to wait until a little bit after 2am for the formal declaration.… Continue reading


Will the recess save Brown?

23 May 2008 0:07

The one consolation for Gordon Brown about tonight’s result is that the MPs are all leaving Westminster for the Whitsun recess and so the opportunities to plot will be limited.… Continue reading


Labour’s expectations management strategy fails again

22 May 2008 23:56

If there is one aspect where the Tories still feel that they lag behind Labour it is expectations management. Tory staffers feel frustrated that Labour succeeds so easily in getting… Continue reading


It is a now a question of how big the Tory majority will be

22 May 2008 23:46

It appears pretty much certain that the Tories have won tonight’s by-election and reports are that they might have done so by a truly staggering margin. If the margins that… Continue reading


Crewe, we’ll be up until the result comes in

22 May 2008 18:59

The result from Crewe and Nantwich is expected between 2 and 3am. As long as there’s coffee in the Coffee House, we’ll be covering it. So check back in later… Continue reading


Basra, a city filled with hope

22 May 2008 18:52

Basra, Iraq Two years ago when Des Browne came here they wouldn’t let him out of the car. Now, he can do a walkabout in downtown Basra. The liberation on… Continue reading