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The case for Obama

8 November 2007 16:40

Andrew Sullivan’s Atlantic essay making the case for Obama is well worth reading. His key point is this,  Unlike any of the other candidates, he could take America—finally—past the debilitating,… Continue reading

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Can’t get no Respect

8 November 2007 14:41

The internecine warfare at Respect just took another turn with George Galloway denying that he has left the party. There now seems to be a bitter dispute between Galloway’s faction… Continue reading


Why so green?

8 November 2007 12:28

I regularly enjoy Camilla Cavendish’s pieces, but to keep doing so I have to skip over anything she writes about the environment. It spoils it. How can a commentator who… Continue reading


This time with feeling

8 November 2007 11:05

Tara Hamilton-Miller has a great little blind item in this week’s New Statesman:  A shadow secretary of state, who shall remain nameless, decided to sing and briefly weep to a… Continue reading


Politics regained?

8 November 2007 9:39

Joe Klein, the legendary American journalist and author of Primary Colors was in town last night to talk about the US election. TimeWarner threw a champagne-soaked gathering with the great… Continue reading


Respectable behaviour

8 November 2007 8:42

Respect is finally collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions. Daniel Finkelstein reports that George Galloway has kicked out the Socialist Workers. However, this is only the beginning of… Continue reading


Brown backs away from a fight over 56 days

8 November 2007 2:19

It was supposed to be the big day when Gordon Brown put the case for detaining terror suspects for up to 56 days and took on his backbenches. Instead he,… Continue reading


The Lord Malloch-Brown story

7 November 2007 17:27

Don’t miss a very important piece in tomorrow’s magazine by James and the distinguished US journalist Claudia Rosett on the star of Gordon’s “ministry of all the talents”, Mark Malloch… Continue reading


What will it take for Sir Ian Blair to quit?

7 November 2007 17:12

The Met have been convicted of breaching of Health and Safety Laws, the London Assembly has passed a vote of no confidence in him but still Sir Ian Blair clings… Continue reading


Race for the White House hots up

7 November 2007 14:56

Today is a big day in the race for the Republican nomination with both Rudy Giuliani and John McCain (pictured) rolling out major endorsements from influential Christian conservatives. Giuliani wheeled… Continue reading


Lord Drayson resigns

7 November 2007 12:05

I don’t mean to sound like a kill-joy but doesn’t it suggest a rather warped set of priorities for a minister in the Ministry of Defence to quit his post to… Continue reading


Brown fails to seize the agenda

7 November 2007 8:45

The reaction of three of the most influential commentators on the left to the Queen’s speech is instructive. Michael White in The Guardian suggests that it was less important than… Continue reading


Mrs Brown

6 November 2007 23:11

Michael White’s diary for Guardian Unlimited is always worth reading and today it has a fascinating little tit-bit that I hadn’t heard before. Apparently, it was Sarah Brown who persuaded… Continue reading


Advantage Cameron

6 November 2007 16:08

Walking into the press gallery, I saw something I haven’t seen for ages. Labour MPs animated, laughing, roaring, unfrozen. David Cameron was making the light-hearted speech which follows opening of… Continue reading


Brown’s search for opinions

6 November 2007 15:40

Ben Brogan flags up a hilarious, and worrying, stat from the FT this morning. Only 71 people responded to the government’s online consultation on the Queen’s speech. The FT also… Continue reading


Talking Brown

6 November 2007 12:12

Poor Liz. After ten years of being used to regurgitating Blairite language in the Queen’s Speech, she now has the Brownite argot to contend with. “My government will meet the… Continue reading


Is the monarchy safe for good now?

6 November 2007 11:36

It has long been a joke in Westminster that you don’t need to put your finger in the wind to see which way it is blowing, you just watch Jack… Continue reading


Mbeki still in denial

6 November 2007 8:56

Perhaps the most depressing story in the papers today is the one about how Thabo Mbeki remains an “AIDS dissident.” The Guardian reports how Mark Gevisser, a biographer of Mbeki,… Continue reading


Labour ahead in new poll

5 November 2007 23:07

A Populus poll for tomorrow’s Times has Labour on 37, the Tories on 36 and the Lib Dems on 16. The Lib Dems are the big gainers, up four, while… Continue reading


Bonfire Night Drinks

5 November 2007 17:06

I love Bonfire Night, with its promise of bangers in the sky, and on the plate.  There’s just something about that evocative smell of cordite; the taste of charred sausages… Continue reading


The view from the frontline

5 November 2007 15:00

The speech by Jonathan Evans, the Director General of MI5, to the Society of Editor’s conference is well worth reading in full. Iraq and the dodgy dossiers mean that it… Continue reading


Now the Saudis claim they warned the US about 9/11

5 November 2007 11:58

Following on from King Abdullah’s claim that the British were warned about 7/7, Prince Bandar—formerly the Saudi ambassador to the US who is extremely close to the Bush family—has said… Continue reading


Musharraf prepares to postpone poll

5 November 2007 8:18

The Guardian reports this morning that neither David Miliband nor Condi Rice can get General Musharraf to return their calls. This suggests that Musharraf might be preparing to renege on… Continue reading


How Obama views the world

4 November 2007 22:31

This essay on Barack Obama’s foreign policy is well worth reading for an insight into the candidate’s thinking and his growing frustration with Hillary Clinton. One quote stood out to… Continue reading


The Great Iraq Debate

4 November 2007 21:16

On December 11th, the Spectator is hosting with Intelligence Squared a debate on the future of Iraq at Central Hall in Westminster. The speakers include Liz Cheney, Tony Benn, Sir… Continue reading