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Can the Musharraf regime keep a lid on the violence in Pakistan?

27 December 2007 19:09

The political fall-out in Pakistan is likely to centre around a letter that Benazir Bhutto wrote to Pervez Musharraf on her return home, demanding that in the event of her… Continue reading


Musharraf’s share of the blame

27 December 2007 18:38

I don’t think Musharraf can now avoid be blamed for failing to provide Bhutto with the security she needed. Even worse for him that this should happen in Rawalpindi, the… Continue reading


Why is the BBC’s coverage of the Pakistan crisis so poor?

27 December 2007 18:27

Anyone listening to BBC Radio for the latest on Pakistan would have found only Five Live running with it. When I switched on, they had a chap with a South… Continue reading


What effect will Bhutto’s assassination have on the presidential primaries?

27 December 2007 18:13

Benazir Bhutto’s tragic death is dominating the news in the United States and could change the mood of the presidential primaries. The improvements on the ground in Iraq and the… Continue reading


What’s next in Pakistan?

27 December 2007 16:12

The Pakistani government is currently meeting to decide what to do about the Parliamentary elections scheduled for January. It seems almost certain that they will be postponed. The next question… Continue reading


The implications of Bhutto’s murder

27 December 2007 14:38

Outside the hospital where Benazir Bhutto died, her supporters chanted “Dog Musharraf, dog” – but no one would seriously believe that he, or any political party, was behind it. She… Continue reading

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Bhutto assassinated in Pakistan

27 December 2007 14:23

Benazir Bhutto’s murder vastly reduces the West’s options in Pakistan. Bhutto, while flawed in many ways, at least offered a secular and relatively liberal alternative to Musharraf. Musharraf now knows… Continue reading


What London should learn from New York

27 December 2007 14:00

New York’s famed zero-tolerance approach to crime continues to work its magic. This year murders are on track to fall below 500 for the first time since reliable records began… Continue reading


Party Non-Etiquette

26 December 2007 17:15

I gave two big Christmas bashes this year, one in London, one in New York. Both included friends who are celebrities, such as Joan Collins, Michael Winner, Tina Brown, Harry… Continue reading


Things worth reading

26 December 2007 17:12

David Brooks, perhaps the most perceptive commentator in America, picked out the year’s best American magazine pieces in The New York Times the other day. They are all well worth… Continue reading


A foul Christmas special

26 December 2007 13:54

The Catherine Tate Show’s Christmas Day Special managed over 20 uses of the F-word in the first five minutes, which must be something of a record, even by today’s debased… Continue reading


Happy Christmas

24 December 2007 15:53

Coffee House will be quiet over Christmas itself. We’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and thank you for reading and contributing. If you want a political giggle… Continue reading


Can the Prime Minister recover from his self-inflicted wounds?

23 December 2007 17:31

Andrew Rawnsley’s column in The Observer on how Gordon Brown undid all the good work of the early months of his premiership with the election that never was is essential… Continue reading


The forgotten victims of winter

23 December 2007 12:35

This winter, at least 15,000 British pensioners over the age of 75 will die from the cold. Their death is a normal, recurring fact of British life – since 1991… Continue reading


Tony Blair becomes a Roman Catholic

22 December 2007 16:59

With the news that Tony Blair joined the Roman Catholic church last night in a ceremony led by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, I’d thoroughly recommend reading—or re-reading—Fraser Nelson’s piece on  the… Continue reading


Why does Atonement knock Britain?

22 December 2007 10:17

Watched "Atonement", starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, the film version of Ian McEwan’s novel and the latest British costume drama which American critics affect to love (hence talk of… Continue reading


Slow brewing

21 December 2007 9:42

The Coffee House team are scattering to the four winds for Christmas so posting will be less regular than usual. You can keep up to date with all the latest… Continue reading


The Lib Dems need their A team on the field

20 December 2007 18:06

Nick Clegg’s reshuffle illustrates the problems that he is going to have as Lib Dem leader. Three of the most talented and well know Lib Dems won’t be on the… Continue reading


Christmas Cooking

20 December 2007 17:43

I’m fascinated by the history and mythology of Christmas. Up until the 1890’s, most English families if they were lucky, ate goose; turkey was a luxury only enjoyed by the… Continue reading


Cameron and Osborne all smiles, for now

20 December 2007 11:13

David Cameron and George Osborne are both singing from the same hymn sheet about the fact that there was no Granita style deal between the two of them in their joint interviews… Continue reading


Why it is not healthy for democracy to have Brussels fix the NHS

20 December 2007 8:58

This business with the EU and the NHS has been very disorientating. My conscience is pricked by MatthewT, who commented on my previous post: “So you guys are against the… Continue reading


The scale of Petraeus’s achievement

19 December 2007 16:59

If you want to get an idea of how great General Petraeus’s achievement have been in Iraq, consider this revelation from Time’s profile of him:  “At a Pentagon meeting with… Continue reading


Brown at it again on party funding

19 December 2007 15:02

Gordon Brown is an accomplished expert in the art of misrepresentation, here’s a prime example is from his press conference today: On the political funding issue, I think the Conservative Party… Continue reading


Has Lansley seen the light?

19 December 2007 13:02

I wouldn’t have put it past Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to side with the unions in today’s great health debate – and ConservativeHome wasn’t sure he wouldn’t either. But… Continue reading


Brown meets the press

19 December 2007 12:29

The main news coming out of Gordon Brown’s monthly news conference is that nationalising Northern Rock is now clearly under serious consideration, with Brown and Alistair Darling both stressing that… Continue reading