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George Osborne wins politician of the year

15 November 2007 17:21

The Spectator Threadneedle politician of the year is George Osborne and the parliamentarian of the year is Alex Salmond. A full list of winners is available here. Full video of… Continue reading


Parliamentarian of the Year

15 November 2007 16:58

We have just posted the text of the remarks that Matthew d’Ancona delivered at the Spectator Threadneedle Parliamentarian of the Year awards earlier today,  We’ll also have video of the… Continue reading

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The Winners

15 November 2007 16:23

Newcomer of the year: Nick Clegg Inquisitor of the year: Michael Conarty Peer of the year: Baroness Thatcher Speech of the year: William Hague Resignation of the year: Tony Blair… Continue reading


And the winner is…

15 November 2007 16:08

George Osborne, The Spectator politician of the year


Watch the Parliamentarian of the Year Awards live

15 November 2007 12:17

If you want to watch today’s event live click here. The awards ceremony from Claridge’s Hotel in London will be broadcast live with welcome speech from 1-1:10pm and 1:50-2:30 pm.… Continue reading


George Osborne Wins Politician of the Year

15 November 2007 11:51

The Spectator Threadneedle politician of the year is George Osborne and the parliamentarian of the year is Alex Salmond. A full list of winners is available here. Full video of… Continue reading


Brown and terror

15 November 2007 9:24

Peter Riddell has a very wise column in The Times today. As he points out, what Admiral West said yesterday about 56 day detention was actually quite sensible even if… Continue reading


Who should Gordon invite to Chequers?

14 November 2007 14:24

Seeing as Gordon Brown is stonewalling efforts from both MPs and journalists to find out who he has invited to Chequers for dinner, I thought we could help him out… Continue reading


Brown avoids a thumping

14 November 2007 12:56

Brown lost over immigration at PMQs, but wasn’t thumped which is a result for him. He is desperate to tease out a Tory split on the EU referendum, and may… Continue reading


St Pancras Day

14 November 2007 12:35

   We’ve just posted a column by Martin Vander Weyer on the significance of the St Pancras Eurostar terminal and why it means that one day we might get a… Continue reading


The announcement strategy is back

14 November 2007 11:40

Gordon Brown has never looked comfortable at PMQs but after a poor first few performances he developed a clever strategy of announcing policy during it, for instance on super casinos.… Continue reading


Salmond fishing

14 November 2007 9:18

I love it when Alex Salmond sets a deadline for Scottish independence. First was his “free by ’93” slogan, followed by a lame joke about “nationalist heaven in 97”. Then… Continue reading


Is this all that Gordon has left to do?

14 November 2007 8:14

I guess all the other problems facing the government must be solved as Gordon Brown is now to turn his attention to making sure that premiership teams select more British… Continue reading

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The future of Conservatism?

13 November 2007 18:10

Conservative Home have just conducted an interesting survey of the candidates in the seats that the Tories have a realistic chance of picking up next time round. 70 of the… Continue reading


Sing along with the Foreign Office

13 November 2007 15:55

David Miliband was the guest of a press gallery lunch today and the Foreign Secretary had prepared the obligatory joke. Inspired by the decision of his French and German counterparts… Continue reading


Who is more corrupt?

13 November 2007 14:46

Now that the European Court of Auditors has refused to sign off the EU’s accounts for the 13th year in a row citing "errors of legality and regularity", I have… Continue reading


What did the Prime Minister know?

13 November 2007 12:54

Daniel Finkelstein cuts to the chase on Comment Central and points out that if the Home Secretary knew about this government foul-up for four moths and kept it secret then… Continue reading


How well worked out are Cameron’s council tax proposals?

13 November 2007 10:58

Cameron is on rather shaky ground claiming to abolish the council tax cap. His plan for a national annual tax rise, thus freeing councils to go over this limit in… Continue reading


Brown dusts off an old Blair number

13 November 2007 9:28

Blessed are the cheese makers, I mean, changemakers. Good old Brown. As James says, it was a Blairite speech – so much so that he’s resurrected the star of Blair’s… Continue reading

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Another Home Secretary on the rocks

13 November 2007 8:49

The storm that has broken around Jacqui Smith about illegal immigrants working in Whitehall is particularly dangerous for the government as it combines concerns over the loss of control over… Continue reading


How very Blairite, Brown’s foreign policy is

12 November 2007 22:59

Gordon Brown’s Mansion House speech lacked the rhetorical flourishes of any Tony Blair address on world affairs but it was substantively far more similar than one would have expected. Indeed,… Continue reading


Is Gordon doing better than people think?

12 November 2007 16:46

Political Betting has a must-read post up on why it would be a mistake to write off Gordon Brown. As Mike Smithson points out, Labour’s current performance compares favourably to… Continue reading


Balls’s real priorities in education

12 November 2007 14:18

The more that comes out about the Brown-Blair tensions, the more you realise quite how damaging they were to good government. Just take this example from the forthcoming BBC documentary… Continue reading

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Don’t give your opponents ammunition

12 November 2007 12:19

There is yet another story about Lord Ashcroft’s role with the Tories in the Guardian today. This time the news is that Ashcroft gave David Cameron a ticket to and… Continue reading


Parliamentarian of the Year Awards live on

12 November 2007 10:46

This Thursday watch the Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year awards on The awards ceremony from Claridge’s Hotel in London will be broadcast live with the welcome speeches running from… Continue reading