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Class and Death

31 August 2007 18:23

Over at the always thought-provoking Open Kingdom blog, Anthony Barnett makes an interesting point about class, you knew that good only English obsession had to get an airing today, and the… Continue reading


What did Diana change?

31 August 2007 16:22

Matt’s cover a few weeks back illustrated how the Royals had absorbed the lessons of Diana’s life and death. There is little doubt that Diana has had a huge impact… Continue reading

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A very public display of affection

31 August 2007 13:28

Come on guys. You are being a little harsh. It may not be "normal" to mark the anniversary of a death – but nothing about Princess Diana’s life or death… Continue reading


Blair’s Diana moment

31 August 2007 12:29

Thinking back to the events of ten years ago, it is quite remarkable how Blair’s statement grabbed the mood of the nation. Watch this clip and note how Martin Lewis,… Continue reading


Today will not bring closure

31 August 2007 11:14

As the excitement about today’s Diana memorial service grows, take a look at Fergus Shanahan’s plain-speaking column in the Sun. He makes the perfectly valid point that the anniversaries of… Continue reading


Diana’s death ten years on

31 August 2007 11:08

The Britannica blog has been running a rather good forum on Diana and the cult of celebrity. Theodore Dalyrmple’s contribution challenges the sentimentality that has come to surround her in… Continue reading

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Miliband and Browne: The Brits have not failed in Iraq

31 August 2007 9:48

David Miliband and Des Browne take to the Washington Post this morning in an attempt to rebut claims from various US military and intelligence figures that the British have lost the… Continue reading

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What a voice to waste

31 August 2007 8:04

I have a piece in today’s Independent on the downfall of Amy Winehouse, an extended version of my post earlier this week. Which just goes to show that where Coffee… Continue reading

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German wit

30 August 2007 20:26

Rosemary Righter’s column in The Times today is trenchant stuff. She calls Diana’s death the “best thing that could have happened to the Royal family”, which seems rather strong even… Continue reading


Guess which presidential candidate said this about Iran?

30 August 2007 16:47

“For diplomacy to work, we need to dial up our political and economic pressure – not just our tough talk. Iran’s troubling behavior depends in large part on access to… Continue reading

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Was the Bush administration too principled for its own good in Iraq?

30 August 2007 12:07

David Ignatius has an intriguing piece in the Washington Post today saying that the Bush administration made a big mistake by not interfering in the Iraqi elections back in 2005.… Continue reading


Dave’s wrong choice of words on immigration

30 August 2007 9:59

I have been mulling over Dave’s Newsnight performance, which was mostly very impressive. I think, however, that his choice of words on immigration was a mistake. The problem with suggesting… Continue reading


Cameron’s Newsnight Review

30 August 2007 7:58

David Cameron has for some time been wanting to do one of these Newsnight panel-style interviews. Watching it, I can see why. He excels at answering rapid fire questions, and… Continue reading


Cameron impresses in Newsnight grilling

29 August 2007 20:15

You can watch the Newsnight special with David Cameron here. In it, Cameron confirms Fraser’s earlier report that the Tories will not, thankfully, be stopping all airport expansion. Cameron put in… Continue reading

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Goldsmith-Gummer report is headed for the recycling bin

29 August 2007 16:15

I have a bit of good news for James (and Iain Dale).  Zac won’t be listened to. I understand that of the six policy review groups, the favourites of the… Continue reading


Will Brown try and beat the downturn?

29 August 2007 14:01

Irwin Stelzer has a typically sharp piece in today’s Telegraph in which he makes a crucial point about a rather overlooked political consequence of the recent market turbulence. As Stelzer… Continue reading


Cameron takes a leaf out of Howard’s book

29 August 2007 12:38

Tomorrow’s editorial in The Spectator praises David Cameron for taking on board one of the many lessons to be learned from the his old boss at the Home Office, Michael… Continue reading

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Who could object to a statue of Mandela?

29 August 2007 12:15

Earlier today, the great and the good were gathered a stone’s throw from the Spectator offices for the unveiling of a statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square. Journalists thrive… Continue reading


The tragic fall of Amy Winehouse

29 August 2007 12:01

There is something more than usually grotesque about the slow-motion downfall of Amy Winehouse being played out daily in the media. As the singer and her appalling husband holiday in… Continue reading


The importance of what Bush is saying about Iran

29 August 2007 8:51

President Bush’s statement to the American Legion  that “I have authorized our military commanders in Iraq to confront Tehran’s murderous activities” is understandably getting a lot of ink this morning. But this… Continue reading


Paul Keating regrets

29 August 2007 8:30

APEC–the group which brings together the countries of the Pacific Rim including the US, Russia, Japan and China–is meeting in Sydney next week and to mark the occasion former Australian… Continue reading


Cameron’s next test

28 August 2007 23:08

As Matt, Fraser and Tim Montgomerie have all argued things are looking up for Project Cameron. Peter Riddell in Wednesday’s Times is more cautious but he still thinks that “Cameron… Continue reading


How Cameron can mend the broken society

28 August 2007 16:26

Was the Rhys Jones murder just a crime, or the result of a new phenomenon? The answer splits left and right. We’ve heard strikingly little from Gordon Brown – and… Continue reading


Lady of the night

28 August 2007 15:35

I don’t ‘do’ sleep very well. Never have. If I do manage it, I don’t do it for very long. Or long enough. I am not an insomniac yet according… Continue reading


What to see this Autumn

28 August 2007 13:31

If you want to know what’s coming up in the arts this autumn a good place to look is today’s G2, where critics have chosen the ‘50 hottest acts’. The… Continue reading