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Brown should embrace the fight over the Union

7 May 2008 16:43

Labour appears split over whether or not it wants a referendum on Scottish independence, Wendy Alexander is in favour but Gordon appears to be against. But I actually think Gordon… Continue reading


What will Cameron tell his MPs?

7 May 2008 15:56

As Boulton & Co. are reporting, Cameron’s marshalling his MPs for a meeting this evening – "all must attend", apparently.  As things go, it’s hardly earth-shattering news. But it’s a… Continue reading


Another victory for Cameron at PMQs

7 May 2008 13:45

Another good show from Cameron and dismal one from Brown. Perhaps I’m growing too sensitised to this, but his half-truths and (in this case) outright lies really jump out at… Continue reading


Should the Tories throw Brown a lifeline at PMQs?

7 May 2008 11:43

Tories should today hope that David Cameron gets panned in Prime Minister’s Questions. Hope that Brown scores a resounding success, and leaves with the applause of all Labour MPs ringing… Continue reading


Give Brown another kicking

7 May 2008 10:56

A few people have mentioned this in various comment sections, but I thought I’d give it its own post.  Madame Tussauds are holding a vote on whether they should make a… Continue reading


Wendy Alexander adds to Brown’s woes

7 May 2008 8:59

You can trust Wendy Alexander to make things more difficult for the Government.  The Labour MSP, and close ally of Brown, has called for a snap referendum on whether Scotland… Continue reading


Obama is almost there

7 May 2008 8:42

Raleigh, North Carolina This morning, Barack Obama is closer than ever to being the Democratic nominee. He scored an impressive 14 point victory in North Carolina and ran Hillary Clinton… Continue reading

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Live from Obama’s election night HQ

6 May 2008 23:44

I’m at Obama’s election night event here in Raleigh. It’s been held in the basketball arena at North Carolina State which gives the press section with its rows of wooden… Continue reading


More than half of Labour voters want Brown to quit

6 May 2008 21:24

The new Populus poll for The Times is going to stoke the mood of panic inside the Labour party. It finds that 55 percent of Labour voters want Brown to… Continue reading


What Gordon can learn from Hillary

6 May 2008 18:26

If Stephen Carter and his team are searching for inspiration for how to get Gordon Brown back in the game, they should look to Hillary Clinton. Since the beginning of… Continue reading


Clarke lashes out (again)

6 May 2008 16:24

Charles Clarke, as predicted earlier, has been distributing his article in the new Progress magazine. It is strong stuff: "First, we have to change the conduct of our politics. We… Continue reading


Brownie No.3 – Gordon Brown’s "transitional" 10p tax rate

6 May 2008 14:56

When Gordon Brown was defending his decision to scrap the 10p tax rate in April 2008, he spoke as if he was avenging a great moral wrong. “I think I… Continue reading


Brown loses another popularity contest

6 May 2008 13:13

It goes from tragedy to farce. Madame Tussauds has decided against having a Gordon Brown waxwork amongst its world leaders – he dithered over whether to sit for its sculptors and… Continue reading


Cameron dodges the 10p tax issue

6 May 2008 12:02

Cameron has three times avoided in his press conference answering what a Conservative government would do to help those people stung by the 10p tax. (No, A cock hasn’t crowed).… Continue reading


The Labour beauty contest

6 May 2008 10:04

The beauty contest begins: read Polly Toynbee in the Guardian today and her praise for James Purnell, the arch-Blairite Work and Pensions Secretary who is making a speech calling for… Continue reading


Have you got any questions for Cameron?

6 May 2008 8:30

I am interviewing the victorious David Cameron later on today, after his monthly press conference. Any questions Coffee Housers would like to put to him?


Will today be the day the Clintons get back in it?

6 May 2008 7:26

A late breaking poll has Hillary up by seven against Obama nationally among Democrats, this follows an earlier poll which also had Hillary up nationally. At this point, national poll… Continue reading


Carolina in my mind and on Americano

6 May 2008 3:16

Over on Americano, I’ve just posted on Bill Clinton’s shot at redemption, the campaigns differing attitudes to the press and what they say and why North Carolina is so important… Continue reading

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Are we in for a shock tomorrow?

5 May 2008 23:00

Raleigh, North Carolina For a long time, many observers have had tomorrow marked down as the day that the Democratic primary would end. It was thought, and rightly, that Clinton… Continue reading


Who is Labour’s Chris Huhne?

5 May 2008 22:37

Reading Fraser’s posts about the odds on who will succeed Gordon Brown as Labour leader and whether he will be challenged this side of a general election, it struck me… Continue reading


Has the Democratic race shifted?

5 May 2008 15:36

Chapel Hill, North Carolina Being away from the States, I had not realised just how much Obama is now on the back foot. While Clinton and her surrogates seem, to… Continue reading


Boris revisited

5 May 2008 15:34

Over at the Spectator 180th anniversary blog, we’re holding a mini-celebration of all things Boris.  How did Our Man get on in post-Saddam Baghdad?  What does he think of our… Continue reading

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Who’s next?

5 May 2008 13:39

Ladbrokes has just updated its odds for the next Labour leader. Which of the below names would have the ability to unite Labour against Brown, successfully trigger a leadership challenge,… Continue reading


Will Brown go?

5 May 2008 10:57

“They say that Gladstone was at the Treasury from 1860 to 1930. I intend to be Minister of Labour from 1940 to 1990”- Ernest Bevin The five scariest words you… Continue reading


The next round

5 May 2008 4:36

I’m out in North Carolina for the next few days for the latest instalment in the Hillary and Obama show. North Carolina is the biggest state still to vote and… Continue reading