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The Iraq mission cannot afford more careless talk

7 September 2007 11:24

Next week’s testimony from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker to Congress on Iraq will give us the best idea yet of how the surge is progressing. To date, the signs… Continue reading


bin Laden’s message

7 September 2007 8:51

The claim that Osama bin Laden will issue a new broadcast message on the sixth anniversary of September 11 on Tuesday illustrates the fundamental difference between the two sides in… Continue reading


The BBC’s climate change u-turn

6 September 2007 16:41

The BBC’s decision to cancel its plans for a day-long special on climate change is fascinating. Earlier this year, I took part in a seminar at Television Centre led off… Continue reading


Balls doesn’t get the the broken society agenda

6 September 2007 11:59

One of the most infuriating things that Ed Balls does is try and claim that every mention of youth crime today is an attempt to demonise an entire generation of… Continue reading


RIP Luciano Pavarotti

6 September 2007 9:34

Tories and education

6 September 2007 8:48

The Tories seem very close to adopting the idea that children shouldn’t be allowed to pass into secondary school until they have passed certain tests as party policy. In the… Continue reading


Bill Clinton can still turn a phrase

5 September 2007 20:53

No one in modern politics is better at coming up with a pithy sound bite that sounds like a piece of home-spun wisdom than Bill Clinton. Just take this line… Continue reading


Terror arrests in Germany

5 September 2007 13:25

News is coming through that a huge terrorist attack on US interests in Germany has been foiled. Generally, the best place to follow these things is on The Blotter, a… Continue reading

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Bush’s attempts to coach the Iraqi PM

5 September 2007 11:21

This account of how George W. Bush has tried to mentor Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, is fascinating. Bush sees his role as giving Maliki the confidence to lead.… Continue reading


The greatest living Englishman

5 September 2007 7:46

Last night’s GQ Men of the Year Awards were, as ever, a glittering occasion and a tribute to the talents of the magazine’s editor, Dylan Jones (whose most recent Spectator… Continue reading


Ancram’s attack

4 September 2007 20:26

I was just settling down to write something about Michael Ancram’s rather odd pamphlet knocking David Cameron for distancing himself from the party’s past, when I saw this on Comment Central… Continue reading


Making sense of the polls

4 September 2007 12:52

If you’re struggling to come to terms with the slew of polling data that is currently circulating take a look at Tim Hames’s column in The Times that does a… Continue reading


What Brown’s new politics is all about

4 September 2007 8:36

Rachel Sylvester’s column in The Daily Telegraph today sums up brilliantly what Brown is up to with his call for a new politics. As Sylvester writes, “[Gordon Brown’s] aim is… Continue reading


The political season kicks off

3 September 2007 22:49

Today has been quite a day. Gordon Brown has burst back onto the political scene with an agenda-setting appearance on the Today Programme, a march into Conservative territory in The… Continue reading


John Howard heading for defeat down under

3 September 2007 21:13

Nobody in Australia has every come back from poll numbers this bad, this close to an election. According to Newspoll, Labor now leads the government 59 to 41 with 48%… Continue reading


What Britain owes southern Iraq

3 September 2007 16:01

Given that Tony Blair misled Britain on the way into war in Iraq, Gordon Brown had better be very careful not to mislead us on the way out. Are Iraqi… Continue reading


A flying start for Boris

3 September 2007 12:50

Boris is back: back Boris! Here at 22 Old Queen Street, the blond bombshell’s Spectator support team are punching the air. It wasn’t that we let the nay-sayers get to… Continue reading


New Brown much like old Cameron

3 September 2007 12:24

Moments into Gordon Brown’s speech about a new kind of government, it is already clear what the speech is about: copying David Cameron. Addressing a group of voluntary organisations, he… Continue reading


Gordon’s new friend

3 September 2007 10:49

There is nothing new in Gordon Brown’s taste for citizens’ juries and new forms of consultation – the cornerstone of his speech on the “New Politics” today – although his… Continue reading


Brown courts small ‘c’ conservatives

3 September 2007 9:01

Gordon Brown’s interview in the Daily Telegraph sums up how Brown thinks he can appeal to small ‘c’ conservative voters. He talks, as he did on the Today Programme this… Continue reading


An autumn election is becoming less and less likely

2 September 2007 23:10

The chances of Gordon Brown opting for an early election are rapidly receding. The latest polls show the Tories level and behind by three respectively; hardly the kind of margin… Continue reading


Bush’s shoulder to cry on

2 September 2007 11:17

There is a must-read account of George W. Bush’s private mood in the New York Times this morning. Robert Draper, who has interviewed the president for a new book coming out… Continue reading


Can McCain comeback?

1 September 2007 18:02

This is the last weekend before the US presidential primaries kick into top gear. At the moment, Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton are comfortably leading their respective fields. But a… Continue reading

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In real elections, little sign of the Brown bounce

1 September 2007 11:41

The Populus data James mentions has been a major factor in soothing nerves within the Tory ranks. I had been told about these figures on two separate occasions by Shadow… Continue reading


Tories internal polling has them one point behind Labour

31 August 2007 20:07

Anthony Wells has the details of the Tories private polling, done by Populus, which puts them on 36% to Labour’s 37%. The results are very different from YouGov’s in the… Continue reading