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How the Labour government has hurt the poor

21 April 2008 18:18

Why are all these Labour MPs worried about the 10p tax? It is the least of the ways in which this Labour government has hurt the poor over its years… Continue reading


Boris leads, as another Livingstone associate comes under question

21 April 2008 16:33

The latest Evening Standard / YouGov poll is in, and it records another encouraging lead for Boris. The results in full – Boris is on 44 percent (down 1 from last… Continue reading


Hague talks politics & faith

21 April 2008 15:16

After hearing Tony Blair’s first confession, Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor is on a roll. He landed Blair for a speech on religion at Westminster Cathedral earlier this month, and now he’s lined… Continue reading


Kate Hoey’s explanation is, well, whooey

21 April 2008 14:11

Rosa Prince, who is owning this whole (non) endorsement story, has spoken to Kate Hoey about what happened and it seems she genuinely is sick. But the rest of Hoey’s… Continue reading


The Brownites don’t have the moral authority to talk about party loyalty

21 April 2008 12:55

Labour are going through a wobble at the moment—which might turn into a collapse on May 1st—and the leadership desperately needs the party to close ranks and MPs to stop… Continue reading


Is Kate Hoey backing Boris?

21 April 2008 11:39

Three Line Whip have been tracking a bit of mayoral election drama this morning.  On the way to Boris’ campaign event today, Rosa Prince disclosed that a "special guest backer"… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

21 April 2008 10:57

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend: Andrew Neil thinks that the abolition of the 10p tax band could cause major problems for the Government. Fraser Nelson… Continue reading


China is gaming the Olympic system

21 April 2008 10:45

The Washington Post has an important story this morning about how China is failing to live up to the promises it made on press freedom when it was awarded the… Continue reading

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Clarke lashes out at Balls

21 April 2008 8:56

The Labour infighting is becoming bloodier by the day. Remember Ed Balls’ call for party unity last week? Well – in a letter to today’s Times – Charles Clarke responds… Continue reading


Trail mix

20 April 2008 23:23

Over on Americano, I’ve just posted some thoughts on when Hillary might decide to drop out and how the Obama campaign practises the ‘old politics’ even while denouncing it. There’s… Continue reading


Why Brown has the ex-factor

20 April 2008 16:44

Like George Osborne, I was struck by David Miliband saying in his News of the World article that the government needs to look at things through the eyes of the… Continue reading


Jostling for prominence

20 April 2008 12:45

David Miliband has been a busy media figure recently. After his quasi-manifesto in the Times, he’s now penned an article for the News of the World. In it, he echoes… Continue reading


Raising taxes on those who work hard for little money could be the end of Labour

20 April 2008 10:44

Coffee Housers will soon be piling in with their own take on Alistair Darling’s performance on BBC1′s Andrew Marr Show this morning — he seemed to accept the abolition of… Continue reading


What do you have to say to get sacked by Gordon Brown?

20 April 2008 10:00

One of the more remarkable things about the row over the abolition of the 10p tax rate is the level of insubordination that the Prime Minister is letting Parliamentary Private… Continue reading


Brown doesn’t believe in choice, at least when it comes to coffee

19 April 2008 18:26

“When Gordon Brown used to hold meetings at the Treasury, coffee would be served with the milk already added. I always thought that summed up his style. Such was his… Continue reading


Putin’s private side

19 April 2008 16:27

The story of Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabayeva, the 24 year old gymnast turned MP, is bizarre. On Thursday, the newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent alleged that Putin was to leave his… Continue reading


Spelling it out to Brown

19 April 2008 13:30

Gordon Brown claims he is baffled by the suggestion that his decision to double (not abolish) the 10p starting rate of tax hurts anyone. We all have it confused somehow, he… Continue reading


Get Carter

19 April 2008 10:07

The tensions between Gordon Brown’s old team and his new recruits is bound to be exacerbated by the revelation in the Telegraph that Stephen Carter is earning £180,000 a year… Continue reading


Brown needs to talk to some new people

18 April 2008 18:37

It wasn’t just the presidential candidates and the president that Gordon Brown met on the DC leg of his trip. Here, via Playbook, are the other folk that he saw:… Continue reading


The week that was

18 April 2008 18:27

Fraser Nelson charts Brown’s Stateside errors, and implores the Tories to reward the strivers. Matthew d’Ancona claims Harrison Birtwistle’s The Minotaur is a chilling masterpiece. James Forsyth points out the shared… Continue reading


A losers’ summit?

18 April 2008 17:43

Now for four words which, in my experience, CoffeeHousers hate the most: “in fairness to Brown”. Not many other national leaders could have drawn all three presidential hopefuls to meet… Continue reading


Gwyneth Dunwoody RIP

18 April 2008 16:34

Gwyneth Dunwoody – the "Mother of the House of Commons" – died last night, aged 77.  I’d recommend you read Michael White’s tribute for the Guardian, from which the following is… Continue reading


Cable vs Osborne

18 April 2008 15:32

George Osborne’s main opponent isn’t Alistair Darling. It’s Vince Cable. As former chief economist at Shell, he’s that rare thing – a politician who knows what he’s talking about. Today… Continue reading


What’s the actual cost of living?

18 April 2008 12:08

Under the headline ‘The Real Rate of Inflation’, The Daily Mail launches its new Cost of Living Index. The idea is to show that the Consumer Price Index’s 2.5 percent… Continue reading


Boris: take two

18 April 2008 11:58

ConservativeHome have an exclusive peek at Boris’s second election broadcast. Maybe he’s taken Livingstone’s criticisms on board: this one is zippy, expansive and – gosh – even in colour.  To my… Continue reading