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How high is your inflation rate?

5 June 2007 21:25

In his Economics Made Easy column in the magazine last week, Allister Heath pointed out that the Consumer Price Index (CPI), the debased European measure of inflation which Gordon Brown… Continue reading


Is Bush a good man?

5 June 2007 19:14

Politics in Washington can be an unpleasant affair. But the news that Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, has been sentenced to 30 months in jail for perjury… Continue reading


Name the date

5 June 2007 15:39

So, we’re going to get another, much-needed Bank Holiday to celebrate Britishness. Personally, I’d nominate the anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October. It would break… Continue reading


Obama and Clinton level for the first time

5 June 2007 15:35

This poll, if it is accurate, is big news: Barack Obama has drawn level with Hillary Clinton in national polls. If the numbers are to be believed, he’s up by… Continue reading


Song of the Dove

5 June 2007 13:06

A new opera is a major undertaking for any company and one of the challenges is that staff responsible for raising money, enticing audiences and selling tickets can’t know exactly… Continue reading

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Sierra Leone’s tragedy

5 June 2007 11:12

I was depressed to learn yesterday that nineteen people died on a Paramount-operated helicopter in Sierra Leone on Sunday night. They had been travelling to Lunghi airport from Freetown after… Continue reading


PM and Becks

5 June 2007 10:42

Jonathan Freedland has a fun piece in The Guardian today on the similarities between Tony Blair and David Beckham. Both have wives with a taste for the finer things in… Continue reading


Not so glorious food

5 June 2007 9:31

I’ve just returned from the much-anticipated opening of the Wholefoods emporium on Kensington High Street feeling strangely deflated and disappointed. Having shopped extensively at Wholefoods in America,  (developing an almost… Continue reading


Putin’s power play

5 June 2007 7:56

Read this excellent piece on the Putin missile row in the DT by Anne Applebaum (a Contributing Editor at the Spectator, when she is not winning Pulitzer Prizes and writing… Continue reading

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Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em

4 June 2007 17:32

You would have thought that Lindsey Lohan’s mum would be a little suspicious of the whole showbiz tread mill what with her daughter checking into rehab for a month. But… Continue reading

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No go with the logo

4 June 2007 13:58

I am a big fan of the London Olympics but I am not a fan of their new logo. It looks like one of the puzzles from the Krypton Factor… Continue reading


How long do we have to stay in Iraq?

4 June 2007 10:44

This New York Times report on the progress of the surge is sobering reading. Despite the current push, two-thirds of Baghdad’s neighbourhoods remain outside of the control of US forces.… Continue reading

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Tory grassroots vent their anger at Cameron and Willetts

3 June 2007 21:48

ConservativeHome’s regular survey of Tory activists, the same one that got the leadership result pretty much spot on, shows that David Cameron’s popularity with the grassroots has been badly dented… Continue reading


Name that job

3 June 2007 20:25

Following the Coffee House debate a few days back on the lunacy of referring to "gangs" as "groups", I was delighted by


Why Cameron needs help

3 June 2007 17:27

It was a wonderfully subtle point by the Sunday Times. They run a profile of Andy Coulson, the Tory’s new communications chief, and beneath it a piece by David Cameron… Continue reading


Gordon and the mandarins

3 June 2007 17:18

This piece by the investigative journalist Tom Bower on Gordon Brown’s relationship with the civil service is well worth a click. According to Bower’s assessment of Brown’s record at the… Continue reading


Can Cameron get tough?

3 June 2007 10:27

A worrying poll for Dave in today’s Sunday Telegraph. It’s not all bad news for the Tories: they still have a five point lead on voting intention (though it should… Continue reading

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A tricky initial

2 June 2007 15:10

We all know a friend with an embarrassing second initial but Barack Obama’s H is particularly problematic. Hussein isn’t the pollster approved middle name for a US presidential candidate but… Continue reading

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The Blair story

2 June 2007 12:05

To John Self, Charles Highway and Keith Talent must now be added another unforgettable Martin Amis character: Tony Blair. Today’s must read is the author’s eyewitness account in the Guardian… Continue reading

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The new Paris

1 June 2007 18:08

Paris Hilton’s coming incarceration and Lindsay Lohan’s trip to rehab creates an opening for a new party girl to keep the paparazzi employed though the summer, the red tops in… Continue reading

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Stating the obvious

1 June 2007 15:15

Bewildered rage has greeted Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s announcement  that abortion is a bad thing and that Catholics should be against it.  He has been accused of using threatening and inflammatory… Continue reading


How to Survive without Government

1 June 2007 11:17

Wales scored a first in the modern political history of Britain this last month. It became the first area of the UK to survive-quite happily-without an elected government. For over… Continue reading


It was forty years ago today…

1 June 2007 9:58

Sergeant Pepper always cheers me up because – aside from its musical brilliance – it is slightly older than I am. Today’s papers are full of readable celebrations of the… Continue reading


‘Im worried about Lesley’

1 June 2007 9:33

Now that Big Brother’s returned for its summer run what does it tell us about the political mind of Britain? Leaders-and deputy leaders-come and go, manifestos get launched,opposition spokesmen are sacked… Continue reading

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Depressing story of the day

1 June 2007 8:53

The Portuguese police are now using, of all things, tip-offs from mystics in the search for Madeleine McCann. It is hard to remember a police operation that has been so… Continue reading