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Is the worst over for Brown?

6 June 2008 15:01

There is a little glimmer of hope this afternoon for Gordon Brown: the Politics Home 5,000 Panel reports that Brown’s ratings are no longer falling. The bad news is that… Continue reading


How to get hold of the Spectator 180th Anniversary issue

6 June 2008 13:30

We’ve had quite a few people asking how to get hold of the special Spectator 180th Anniversary issue, other than from off newsstands (priced £4.95).  You can do so by either… Continue reading

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Miliband needs to check his facts

6 June 2008 11:24

Strikingly good BBC Question Time last night, the highlight of which was David Miliband being asked if he could save the Labour Party. He avoided that question, but his answers… Continue reading


New poll suggests the Irish might vote No on the EU Reform Treaty

6 June 2008 10:39

Over at Centre Right, Tim Montgomerie flags up a new poll that shows the No campaign leading in Ireland in advance of next week’s vote on the Lisbon Treaty. The… Continue reading


Blair highlights Brown’s weaknesses

6 June 2008 8:56

Tony Blair’s return to the GMTV sofa and Parliament yesterday showed up Gordon Brown’s communications deficiencies. Blair spoke in fluent human, defused tensions with the odd joke and was relaxed in his… Continue reading


Brown squares off against the Bank of England

5 June 2008 20:21

The intriguing power struggle between Gordon Brown and Mervyn King has just heated up a few notches. Since (finally) securing his second term as Bank of England governor, King has… Continue reading


Now the Blairites want to be the heirs to Cameron’s ideas

5 June 2008 18:21

A friend of Coffee House passes on an email from Progress which announces a series of seminars “which will ask whether progressives need to revisit their conception of the role… Continue reading


Which senior cabinet minister thinks he’s been over-promoted?

5 June 2008 15:51

Adam Boulton has a great little scoop over at his blog, one senior member of the cabinet has been telling colleagues that he has been over promoted but that he… Continue reading


Gordon ties himself to the mast on vehicle excise duty

5 June 2008 14:51

Sam Coates points out over at Red Box that Gordon Brown boxed himself in on vehicle excise duty at PMQs yesterday by telling those questioning the move that: “Don’t you… Continue reading


A classic underclass problem?

5 June 2008 12:59

What’s the cause of knife crime? The government has today focused on tightening laws etc. But if Charles Murray were here today, he’d see this as a classic underclass problem.… Continue reading


It might not be right for Dannatt to go public, but he is right

5 June 2008 11:46

One can question the propriety of General Sir Richard Dannatt speaking out about serviceman’s pay in The Sun but it is hard to disagree with him. "You look to see… Continue reading


In the latest issue

5 June 2008 10:56

We’ve just uploaded the content from the latest issue of the magazine. And I’d strongly recommend you read Matt’s interview with Jacqui Smith, on the hot topic of 42-day detention.… Continue reading


Hillary bows to the inevitable

5 June 2008 8:52

"Senator Clinton will be hosting an event in Washington, DC to thank her supporters and express her support for Senator Obama and party unity.  This event will be held on… Continue reading


Will Labour’s expectations management spin be right again?

4 June 2008 18:25

Over at Red Box, Sam Coates reports that Labour is already lowering expectations for its performance in Henley, briefing that it will lose its deposit. Now, I’d be tempted to… Continue reading


Brown’s "record employment"

4 June 2008 16:30

Gordon Brown frequently asserts Britain has record employment or that Labour has “the best employment record in history” (Hansard, 16 Jan 08). In fact this honour goes to Nigel Lawson… Continue reading


PMQs footage

4 June 2008 15:02

Thanks to the great Politics Home, here’s footage of the Cameron and Brown exchanges in PMQs:


A ticket to defeat

4 June 2008 14:59

Picking Hillary Clinton as his VP would be fatal to Obama’s chances. It is hard to imagine a move that could cause him more damage. First, it would make him… Continue reading


The rebirth of inflation

4 June 2008 14:10

Many years ago, Roger Bootle wrote a book called ‘The Death of Inflation’ which was a brilliant guide to understanding the economics which were to dominate all major countries in… Continue reading


Brown and Cameron do battle over statistics

4 June 2008 12:58

Many CoffeeHousers have asked why Cameron doesn’t lampoon Brown for using his trademark dodgy figures as per our Brownie series. Well today he did – not on economics but on… Continue reading


What now for Obama and McCain?

4 June 2008 12:33

If John McCain or his supporters had any doubts about the challenges ahead, they should have been removed last night. Obama once more demonstrated that he can hit the rhetorical… Continue reading


What are the odds?

4 June 2008 11:59

Apologies for the confusion folks, but William Hill has sent over the actual odds for ministers to lose their seat. (What we had before was rather mangled thanks to a… Continue reading


Boris stands down as MP for Henley

4 June 2008 10:53

So, Boris has formally announced he’s standing down as MP for Henley. No surprise. But it’s a welcome announcement nonetheless. As Stephen’s already said, Boris should avoid cultivating the “part-time… Continue reading


Obama: I will be the nominee

4 June 2008 7:23

Hillary Clinton might not have conceded last night but Barack Obama now has the delegates he needs to be the nominee. He declared himself the nominee last night despite Hillary… Continue reading


Obama will have enough delegates to formally claim the nomination once the Montana and South Dakota results come in

4 June 2008 0:38

NBC’s delegate count shows that following the flurry of super delegate declarations for him today, Obama is only 11 away from having an absolute majority of delegates. Considering that there are 31… Continue reading


The wacky world of Lib Dem policy

3 June 2008 18:23

I know one shouldn’t take Liberal Democrat policy seriously, but I went along to their first lobby briefing today just to see. Anyone who believes Gordon Brown is detached from… Continue reading