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RIP Anita Roddick, inspiration for the new Conservatives

11 September 2007 9:54

Anita Roddick, implausible as it may seem, deserves a footnote in future histories of the Conservative Party as well as the annals of ‘ethical consumerism’ where her place was already… Continue reading


Boris’s first full length TV interview of the campaign

11 September 2007 8:21

Tonight on 18 Doughty Street, Iain Dale has a half an hour interview with The Spectator’s official candidate for Mayor of London. You can watch the entire thing here.   One… Continue reading


The Iraq report

10 September 2007 21:27

If you want to follow the General Petraeus and Crocker testimony the New York Times, the Washington Post and The Politico are all live blogging it. You can also read… Continue reading


Hague is all too vague on Iraq

10 September 2007 19:53

William Hague has just given a non-committal response to the “mixed results” of the American troop surge. I’d rather have liked him to say something like this (adapted from the… Continue reading


Why is al Qaeda releasing a second bin Laden video?

10 September 2007 16:14

There’s another bin Laden video coming out soon. This time, bin Laden will introduce the testimony of one of the 9/11 suicide bombers. The appearance of a second video is… Continue reading

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Addressing the reality of Iraq

10 September 2007 14:15

The next few days will be a big test of whether the political class on both sides of the Atlantic can think about the reality of Iraq. Too often, the… Continue reading

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How things look from the other side of the pond

10 September 2007 13:37

I have to admit: last week was a bad one to take off. Plenty happened in Britain, which I’m digesting now (what was Mercer playing at?). But for what it’s… Continue reading


The great digital seduction

10 September 2007 11:49

Last week the RSA hosted ‘The Great Digital Seduction’, a lively event that gave rise to a gripping and important debate. On one side was Andrew Keen, author of The… Continue reading


Gordon goes where Dave can’t

10 September 2007 11:23

“British jobs for British workers”: Gordon Brown has road-tested this muscular phrase many times before, not least when he accepted the Labour leadership in Manchester in front of a Union… Continue reading


Give the surge time

9 September 2007 20:51

General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker’s testimony to Congress will be crucial in shaping future US strategy in Iraq. As a new poll reveals, Petraeus will be delivering his report against… Continue reading


‘We need a surge in the South’

9 September 2007 13:05

"I wish they would recalibrate. The south is a growing problem. It’s the next big problem to be faced. The British force in the south could do a great deal… Continue reading


The McCain comeback

8 September 2007 16:41

This week was meant to be all about the entry of Fred Thompson, the politician turned actor who’s being presented as the new Reagan, into the Republican race. But Thompson… Continue reading


The McCann saga

8 September 2007 11:34

In the acres of news print devoted to the McCanns this morning, Andrew Pierce’s Telegraph column (a must-read on Saturdays) offers the best analysis. Andrew points out the sheer scale… Continue reading


What you should do if you can’t see Atonement this weekend

7 September 2007 16:59

Cinema goers will all be planning to go to see Atonement this weekend: I know I am. But if you are defeated by the queues, which threaten to be of… Continue reading


Is Osama bin Laden not in Pakistan or Afghanistan after all?

7 September 2007 16:21

This new bin Laden video might provide vital clues at to where the al Qaeda leader is hiding. One thing that is notable about it is that his beard is… Continue reading


The Iraq mission cannot afford more careless talk

7 September 2007 11:24

Next week’s testimony from General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker to Congress on Iraq will give us the best idea yet of how the surge is progressing. To date, the signs… Continue reading


bin Laden’s message

7 September 2007 8:51

The claim that Osama bin Laden will issue a new broadcast message on the sixth anniversary of September 11 on Tuesday illustrates the fundamental difference between the two sides in… Continue reading


The BBC’s climate change u-turn

6 September 2007 16:41

The BBC’s decision to cancel its plans for a day-long special on climate change is fascinating. Earlier this year, I took part in a seminar at Television Centre led off… Continue reading


Balls doesn’t get the the broken society agenda

6 September 2007 11:59

One of the most infuriating things that Ed Balls does is try and claim that every mention of youth crime today is an attempt to demonise an entire generation of… Continue reading


RIP Luciano Pavarotti

6 September 2007 9:34

Tories and education

6 September 2007 8:48

The Tories seem very close to adopting the idea that children shouldn’t be allowed to pass into secondary school until they have passed certain tests as party policy. In the… Continue reading


Bill Clinton can still turn a phrase

5 September 2007 20:53

No one in modern politics is better at coming up with a pithy sound bite that sounds like a piece of home-spun wisdom than Bill Clinton. Just take this line… Continue reading


Terror arrests in Germany

5 September 2007 13:25

News is coming through that a huge terrorist attack on US interests in Germany has been foiled. Generally, the best place to follow these things is on The Blotter, a… Continue reading

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Bush’s attempts to coach the Iraqi PM

5 September 2007 11:21

This account of how George W. Bush has tried to mentor Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, is fascinating. Bush sees his role as giving Maliki the confidence to lead.… Continue reading


The greatest living Englishman

5 September 2007 7:46

Last night’s GQ Men of the Year Awards were, as ever, a glittering occasion and a tribute to the talents of the magazine’s editor, Dylan Jones (whose most recent Spectator… Continue reading