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What Labour MPs should read instead of The God Delusion

6 August 2007 17:03

The most popular book among Labour MPs this summer is, according to a new survey, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I have rather mixed views on Dawkins who is… Continue reading


Another Rumsfeld blunder

6 August 2007 15:02

Abu Ghraib was a shameful episode and Don Rumsfeld, true to obstinate form, never seemed to grasp quite how much damage it had done America. But what is equally revealing is… Continue reading


Help, help me Rhondda, there’s been another defection

6 August 2007 13:23

After Quentin Davies defected to Labour, Ed Balls hinted that there would be more to come. Well, one is about to be announced. Are you sitting down? It is none… Continue reading


Is Ashcroft’s money a reason for Brown to go early?

6 August 2007 12:23

John Kampfner has a piece in The Guardian today urging caution on Labour and its supporters about the party’s electoral prospects because of the amount of resources Lord Ashcroft is… Continue reading


Malloch Brown wanted a joint EU seat on the UNSC

6 August 2007 10:36

The Tories have dug up a rather good story. When Mark Malloch Brown was still at the UN he was a strong advocate of the EU having one collective seat… Continue reading


Miles off

6 August 2007 8:35

‘Food miles’ is one of the new eco buzz phrases and makes people think that buying local food is inherently better for the environment. But an op-ed in the New York… Continue reading


America looks for a first spouse

5 August 2007 21:22

One of the most notable features of the 2008 presidential race is the amount of attention being lavished on the spouses of the candidates. Just today we have a New… Continue reading

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What are Britain’s best blogs?

5 August 2007 19:45

Iain Dale is compiling a list of the best political blogs in the UK and wants to know what  y’all think. If you want to take part just send iain AT… Continue reading

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Gordon’s retirement plan

5 August 2007 13:12

With Brown celebrating what Matt rightly calls a triumph of a first month, it is a strange time to consider his retirment as I do in my column in today’s… Continue reading


Miraj row rumbles on

5 August 2007 10:24

The Ali Miraj saga takes another twist with a piece by him in The Sunday Times alleging that a current member of the shadow cabinet offered him a peerage soon… Continue reading


Screening the PM

4 August 2007 10:40

The Times has a cracking story this morning about how everyone in Whitehall is coping—or not—with Gordon Brown’s ferocious appetite for work. Apparently, “His weapon of choice is the mobile… Continue reading


What Cameron can learn from Canada

3 August 2007 19:59

The Conservative Home team are currently touring the Anglosphere and reporting back on the state of conservatism in these countries. This week’s report is on Canada under Stephen Harper (pictured) and… Continue reading


Summer reading for Gordon

3 August 2007 14:58

Matt notes in his report on Brown’s US trip this that Gordon Brown has, thankfully, abandoned the intellectual lazy assumption that poverty causes terrorism. But Brown should still get hold of a… Continue reading


Fighting words from Cameron, but he’s picking the wrong fight

3 August 2007 13:14

  Some strikingly martial language from Cameron who is now promising to "give the government a bare knuckle fight over the NHS". What a shame that his strategy is to… Continue reading


Have you seen this man?

3 August 2007 11:04

Iain Dale has his monthly table of shadow cabinet media mentions up and as always it makes for interesting reading. Amazingly, Peter Ainsworth, the Tory environment spokesman, got a mere… Continue reading


Guardian: Brown planning Spring ’08 poll

3 August 2007 8:36

The Guardian has a story in today’s edition suggesting that Gordon Brown has pencilled in spring 2008 as the time for an election. Apparently, campaign professionals are being sounded out about… Continue reading


Facing up to my new addiction

2 August 2007 22:21

Today I joined a cult. In a weak moment this morning my 21 year old son "enabled" me to join Face Book. It was 5am and we "clashed". I was… Continue reading


Forcing the issue

2 August 2007 19:58

It is good news that the government has finally got round to making certain that forced marriages are illegal. (How on earth it took this long baffles me. It is… Continue reading


Very possibly the worst idea from a presidential candidate ever

2 August 2007 17:20

  Some dumb things are said during every presidential campaign but few statements in campaign history can be as reckless, irresponsible and downright idiotic as Republican Presidential contender Tom Tancredo’s… Continue reading


I want the Conservatives to win next time because…

2 August 2007 15:20

We have a winner in our competition to say, in a sentence, why a normal voter would wish for a Conservative victory. It shows what a fix Cameron is in… Continue reading


The back story to the Cameron-Miraj showdown

2 August 2007 12:37

Martin Bright has some great detail on the lead up to the Cameron, Miraj row. Here’s the key passage: “I understand that at a meeting this year Cameron himself urged Miraj to… Continue reading


The challenge for Boris

2 August 2007 10:28

There is both a must-read and a must-hear on the Boris for London front this morning. First the must-read, Matthew Parris‘s column in this week’s magazine on what Boris needs to… Continue reading


The revolution enters a new phase

2 August 2007 8:21

Philip Gould’s memo laying out what Gordon Brown needs to do to win an early election makes for fascinating reading. Especially notable is Gould’s belief that elections can’t be won… Continue reading


The worst form of NIMBY-ism

2 August 2007 7:59

Societies often have trouble assimilating those who return from war. Half a century before Vietnam, Wilfred Owen wrote of the survivors of World War One: "A few, a few, too… Continue reading


Obama out-hawks Bush and Clinton on Pakistan

1 August 2007 19:46

Barak Obama just delivered the most important speech of the 2008 campaign so far. Having stepped to Hillary’s left on the issue of meeting with Castro, Ahamdinejad, Chavez et al,… Continue reading