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Another poll with a big Tory lead

30 November 2007 18:06

The latest IPSOS-MORI poll has the Tories nine ahead, with Labour down three to 32. Although, the Tory lead is considerable this poll will not send Labour into a tailspin.… Continue reading


Could Wendy Alexander be collateral damage?

30 November 2007 15:46

Over at that new daily must-read The Three Line Whip, Iain Martin has news of a letter that puts Wendy Alexander in a very difficult position. Alexander wrote to Paul… Continue reading


The limit to Alan Johnson’s ambition

30 November 2007 14:21

If–and this is still phenomenally unlikely–this current sleaze scandal either topples Gordon Brown or brings about a challenge to him, Alan Johnson is being tipped as the man to watch.… Continue reading


Huhne turns donor-gate to his advantage

30 November 2007 11:29

A big winner of donor-gate is Chris Huhne. He’s been the face of the Lib Dems on this, as Vince Cable continues to hound Northern Rock. The ability to jump… Continue reading


Things can only get worse

30 November 2007 9:07

There was a moment of unintentional humour during Jack Straw’s interview on the Today Programme when he was asked if Labour had changed the culture as well as the law… Continue reading


It just keeps coming

30 November 2007 0:14

This evening, Peter Hain has announced that his campaign failed to register a £5,000 donation from Jon Mendelsohn, the chief fundraiser who was told by Peter Watt of how Abrahams… Continue reading


Tories with biggest ever YouGov lead

29 November 2007 21:52

The new YouGov poll for the Telegraph puts the Tories 11 points ahead, which is the first time the pollsters have found the Tories to have a double digit advantage.… Continue reading


This investigation won’t take long

29 November 2007 21:34

Given that the Metropolitan Police are probably more familiar with Labour Party financing than Gordon Brown himself, this shouldn’t be a long investigation. It could be over in as little… Continue reading


Over to the police

29 November 2007 18:16

Yates of the Yard is back. So runs the delicious rumour now the Old Bill has been dragged into the donations scandal: Yates won’t run the investigation but he has… Continue reading


Gordon Brown now acting Labour party treasurer

29 November 2007 15:18

Guido explains why.

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All the fun of the fair?

29 November 2007 11:36

I was bicycling to work along the south side of Hyde Park, admiring the last of the autumn colours, when, glancing to my left, I saw an enormous Ferris wheel.… Continue reading


What more is there to come?

29 November 2007 11:18

Martin Bright has a typically excellent column in the New Statesman about this whole fundraising scandal. Here’s the key graf: “Claims that no one but Watt knew what was going… Continue reading


So much for education, education, education

29 November 2007 7:06

How well is school literacy doing under Labour? The international PIRLS study shows England has plunged from 3rd to 19th in the league tables between 2001 and 2006 – a… Continue reading


Will Gordon listen to this advice?

28 November 2007 22:08

Jackie Ashley, a commentator who is generally seen as on side with the Brown project, has written a piece on how the Prime Minister can begin to recover. She spends… Continue reading


Brown makes his stand

28 November 2007 16:54

When Nick Robinson dropped the bombshell on the Today Programme that Jon Mendelsohn had known about how David Abrahams was funnelling money to the Labour party, I assumed that—if this… Continue reading


Who called Brown Mr Bean first?

28 November 2007 16:10

Vince Cable’s new nickname for the Prime Minister looks like sticking and so we now have to work out who can claim credit for it. As Stephen points out, Leo… Continue reading


Gordon Brown couldn’t sack Harriet Harman even if he wanted to

28 November 2007 15:04

Three Line Whip, the new Telegraph politics blog, points out that because Harriet Harman was elected by the Labour party membership she serves at their pleasure not Gordon Brown’s. This… Continue reading


Another miserable PMQs for Brown

28 November 2007 12:38

What does Jon Mendelsohn know? Enough, it seems, to keep his job. There was muffled laughter in the house when Brown said a "former bishop of Oxford" would look into… Continue reading


Quote of the day

28 November 2007 12:16

Vince Cable’s contribution at PMQ’s today was a classic: “This House has noted the Prime Minister’s remarkable transformation from Stalin to Mr Bean in the past few weeks.”


What Brown needs to do now

28 November 2007 11:38

I wonder whose turn it will be today to ask the planted PMQs question so Brown can apologise to Labour, rather than the Tories, as he did last week over… Continue reading

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Gordon Brown’s moment of decision

28 November 2007 10:23

Nick Robinson sets out what he believes Jon Mendelson knew and when he knew it in this blog entry. The series of events as laid out raises serious questions about… Continue reading


Labour fundraising scandal takes a dramatic turn

28 November 2007 8:37

Nick Robinson has just reported on the Today Programme that Jon Mendelsohn had been told by Peter Watt, the Labour Secretary General who has already resigned over this scandal, how… Continue reading


Abrahams speaks

27 November 2007 23:57

The mysterious David Abrahams called into Newsnight this evening and his exchange with Jeremy Paxman makes things even murkier but does seem to bring the scandal closer to Downing Street.… Continue reading

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Two keys to the puzzle

27 November 2007 19:46

I’d urge you to read Stephen Pollard on how well known David Abrahams was on the Labour circuit in the 1990s and this post from Boulton and co by Joey… Continue reading

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Where’s Jack?

27 November 2007 19:38

Has anyone heard from Jack Dromey? Last time a Labour funding crisis emerged, the party Treasurer was touring TV studios venting pious anger. Now, silence. There are plenty unanswered questions… Continue reading