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Cameron on top form

15 May 2008 14:33

A number of CoffeeHousers asked that we put up video of Cameron’s superlative response to Brown’s Not The Queen’s Speech yesterday.  It’s been put up on YouTube now, so here goes (Cameron starts… Continue reading


Greed or need?

15 May 2008 13:30

Just to flag up another article from the latest issue for CoffeeHousers.  This one’s by Rod Liddle, and he takes issue with the recent deluge of memoirs from Blairite figures.  As he… Continue reading


Not Gordon’s Today

15 May 2008 11:08

If you didn’t hear Gordon Brown’s Today Programme interview this morning, do go and listen to it. You can almost hear Brown’s frustration as he tries to—unsuccessfully—wrestle back control of… Continue reading


Purnell: the next Labour leader?

15 May 2008 10:42

Just a follow-up to Fraser’s post of yesterday.  His article on why James Purnell could be the man to rescue Labour from their current scrape is now on the website. … Continue reading


The bleak economic horizon spells trouble for Brown

15 May 2008 8:59

As I wrote the other day, the British public is increasingly blaming the Prime Minister for the country’s economic problems. He’s no longer regarded as a steady hand on the… Continue reading


Only on Americano

14 May 2008 20:43

Over on Americano, some thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s primary win in West Virginia, why John McCain should style himself as a Reform Republican and Obama’s tendency to blame his staff… Continue reading

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Brown hits the airwaves

14 May 2008 19:14

If you’ve had enough of Brown, stay away from television or radio tomorrow morning. No10 has been hawking him to every outlet from hospital radio upwards, and, if that’s not… Continue reading


The Blair era memoir that really will be worth reading

14 May 2008 18:27

The memoirs of Cherie Blair, Lord Levy and John Prescott have all made this week even more difficult for Gordon Brown than it otherwise would have been. But I suspect… Continue reading

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Is this how to help low-income earners?

14 May 2008 18:03

As if proof were needed that this government has lost its grip, the centrepiece of today’s Not The Queen’s Speech is a plan to lure thousands of low-paid workers into… Continue reading


Can Purnell rescue Labour?

14 May 2008 15:48

Can anyone take Labour out of this mess? I have previously dismissed the younger leaders on the grounds that they’d wait for Labour to lose, then try and get back.… Continue reading


Team Brown’s plan to stop the bleeding

14 May 2008 15:09

The invaluable Ben Brogan has a great post up outlining how Team Brown plans to steady the ship. You realise quite how bad things have got, that the Brownites are… Continue reading


Brown survives PMQs

14 May 2008 13:35

Last week, I said that Cameron should embark on a “save the Brown” exercise and be dull in PMQs, so as to cast the Prime Minister a lifeline. Perhaps he… Continue reading


How low can they go?

14 May 2008 13:21

Jonathan Freedland’s piece in The Guardian suggesting that it might be best for Labour to lose the next election is well worth reading. But this section particularly jumped out at… Continue reading


PMQs video

14 May 2008 12:56

Thanks to the indispensable Politics Home, here’s footage of the Brown vs Cameron exchange in PMQs today.  Expect Fraser’s write-up shortly.


Darling’s tax con – now with added video!

14 May 2008 12:37

For those who missed it, ITN have put together a short clip of Alistair Darling’s statement yesterday:


Are people seeing through Darling’s new clothes?

14 May 2008 10:53

The biggest worry surrounding Darling’s 10p tax con is that people will fall for it; that it will be the vote-winner Brown so clearly wants it to be.  There were immediate signs yesterday that… Continue reading


Morning, Darling

14 May 2008 8:59

There’s plenty of comment rattling around this morning on Darling’s 10p tax compensation. The Guardian calls it “crude, simple and costly”, whilst the Mirror strains to remind us, “The bottom… Continue reading


Darling gets Snowed under

13 May 2008 22:42

If you missed Jon Snow monstering Alistair Darling, watch here—absolutely brilliant: and totemic. When even Mr Snow isn’t buying, then Darling has been truly rumbled. Darling’s answers were all nonsense,… Continue reading


Mocking Balls

13 May 2008 20:28

David Cameron’s joke-filled appearance before the Commons press gallery is getting pretty good write ups. Boulton and Co highlights one joke that I rather imagine would go down as well… Continue reading


Darling boosts Labour’s Crewe hopes

13 May 2008 18:59

Political Betting have put together a neat graph, showing the effect that Alistair Darling’s 10p compensation package has had on Labour chances in Crewe and Nantwich.  As far as the betting… Continue reading


The start of scorched-earth policy?

13 May 2008 17:35

So, does this make Crewe the most expensive by-election in British history? It will cost £2.7 billion for Darling’s move to try win back votes lost from his 10p tax… Continue reading


Darling announces 10p tax compensation

13 May 2008 16:13

Alistair Darling’s just delivered a statment to the Commons, outlining measures to help those hit by the abolition of the 10p tax band.  In short: the personal tax allowance will… Continue reading


Women and politics poll

13 May 2008 15:04

I’d recommend you take a look at Grazia magazine’s new poll – ‘Women and politics survey 2008′.  As you’d expect – with a title like that – all the respondents… Continue reading


Gaffe Central

13 May 2008 14:36

Is anything going right for this Government at the moment?  The latest gaffe: Caroline Flint revealing the front page of an internal Cabinet memo on housing to waiting photographers.  They dutifully… Continue reading


The high cost of living

13 May 2008 12:40

In his highly entertaining press conference yesterday, Ed Balls referred to “low inflation.” Today’s inflation bombshell makes such a claim impossible. Against expectations of 2.6% CPI for April, the figure… Continue reading