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Who’ll be smiling tonight?

3 May 2007 0:05

A tiresome trait of local elections is seeing every party declare victory of sorts on election night. At present, it seems only the Scottish National Party will be able to… Continue reading


Britain, my Britain

2 May 2007 20:53

Why do the Scottish elections make me uneasy? Because the performance of the SNP, which is certain to be strong, is bound to stir up a reciprocal nationalism south of… Continue reading


Londoners: The country’s personal shoppers

2 May 2007 20:48

The entire Kate Moss Topshop collection has ended up on ebay. This morning I noticed there are over 5,000 items for sale. It seems London-based fashionistas just act as personal… Continue reading

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Blair’s Legacy

2 May 2007 19:52

“Blairaq” screamed the headline on the front page of Tuesday’s Independent. This was a reference to a poll that revealed 69 per cent of Britons believe Blair will be remembered… Continue reading


The Tory media list

1 May 2007 12:37

Iain Dale has an interesting post on which shadow cabinet members get the most press. What strikes you straight away is how David Davis, who gets the most with the… Continue reading

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