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Just as far as we can

31 July 2007 16:22

"We’ll have as much spine as we possibly can, under the circumstances." This response by Hillary Clinton to an activist calling on her to show some spine by endorsing federal… Continue reading

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Bush’s banter

31 July 2007 14:00

Nick Robinson has a funny little blog post up on the ongoing needle between him and President Bush. Back in December 2006, Robinson asked Bush if he was in denial… Continue reading


Where Brown agrees and disagrees with the neo-cons

31 July 2007 10:56

Rachel Sylvester has a typically astute piece in today’s Telegraph on how Brown differs from both Blair and Bush. Here’s the key section: “Mr Brown is different – not just… Continue reading


Cameron hits back

31 July 2007 8:25

Criticism from Ali Miraj, a Tory activist who was an early supporter of David Cameron and sits on two of the party’s policy review groups, of the Tory party’s lack… Continue reading


Baby talk

30 July 2007 18:44

I was struck by the fact James plucked out of that Newsweek article – that “every second child in London is born to an immigrant mother.” Could it really be… Continue reading


The George and Gordon show

30 July 2007 17:50

Gordon Brown will be pleased by how his first press conference with George W. Bush went. There were no disasters even if Bush’s ragging of the press and boast that… Continue reading

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Finish that thought

30 July 2007 16:12

“I really want the Conservatives to win the next election because…” A few CoffeeHousers have offered some endings to the above sentence, and I’d like to offer the bribe of a… Continue reading


Searching for an identity

30 July 2007 15:56

This week’s Newsweek has a piece on what it calls “Britain’s post-Blair identity crisis.” Most of the article is about Gordon Brown’s current obsession with Britishness but this fact in it… Continue reading


Signs of progress in Iraq

30 July 2007 12:40

Ken Pollack and Mike O’Hanlon—neither of whom could be called a neo-conservative, a Bush supporter, or a Republican—have a must read op-ed in the New York Times this morning on… Continue reading


Ingmar Bergman RIP

30 July 2007 11:34

The death of Ingmar Bergman coincides with the re-release of his greatest film, The Seventh Seal (1957), a meditation upon death and the fear of godlessness set in the middle… Continue reading


Brown hits all the right notes

30 July 2007 10:29

Gordon Brown’s op-ed in the Washington Post this morning shows how fluent he is in the language of the special relationship. (Although, Brown speaks it with a less emotional and… Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s American tour

30 July 2007 8:30

Gordon Brown’s first Prime Ministerial visit to the United States is working well so far. He has kept his personal distance by wearing a suit and not bringing along his… Continue reading


Time for Cameron to reflect

29 July 2007 19:04

Perhaps the best outcome of these torrid last few weeks is that the Cameron project has been brought down to earth. After winning the party leadership against all the odds,… Continue reading


As Brown heads to America, Cameron hits out at Iraq policy

29 July 2007 13:24

With Gordon Brown en route to Camp David, David Cameron has chosen to deliver his sharpest criticism of Iraq to date; telling the Sunday Times that we must “Learn the… Continue reading

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Why Dave needs David

29 July 2007 10:32

David Davis’s warning to his party to show discipline and stick to the centre ground in today’s Sunday Telegraph is the best news for the other David in a while.… Continue reading


The world after Bush

28 July 2007 17:09

This review essay by Samantha Power, a Harvard professor who is close to Obama, on where the Bush presidency is leaving the war on terror is well worth reading. Her… Continue reading


How bad is it for the Tories?

28 July 2007 10:10

There is some very astute commentary in the papers this morning about the situation that the Tory party finds itself in. Do read Charles Moore in the Telegraph on how… Continue reading


Tony Blair meets the Simpsons

27 July 2007 18:20

With Gordon jetting off to Camp David and the Simpsons movie coming out this weekend, here’s Tony Blair–he used to be Prime Minister, you know–doing a cameo on the show.… Continue reading


Another Colgate Moment?

27 July 2007 15:06

George W. Bush and Tony Blair famously bonded over their mutual use of Colgate toothpaste at their first meeting at Camp David. With Gordon Brown heading there this weekend, one… Continue reading


How Brown is reversing Blair’s reforms

27 July 2007 12:13

Doesn’t anyone spot what Gordon Brown is really up to? The great Peter Riddell isn’t convinced that he has altered the Blair reform agenda, and thinks that “changes are at… Continue reading


Having a blast before blast off

27 July 2007 11:32

There are few things that can be more boring that floating around in a tin can looking down at the earth. So I’m glad to hear that the astronauts have found… Continue reading


More poll woe for the Tories

27 July 2007 10:55

Today’s Telegraph poll is disastrous for Cameron. That the Tories are 9 points behind Labour is not even the worst news in it for him; what should worry him most… Continue reading


Why Cameron should stand on the centre ground

27 July 2007 8:40

Geoffrey Wheatcroft has a bizarre piece in today’s Guardian attacking Dave for hugging the "centre-ground" and for surrounding himself with a Blairesque "junta". Too much energy is expended on defining… Continue reading


A few bright spots for the Tories

26 July 2007 19:13

As Matt suggested, I’m getting some stick from Tories here in the Commons – mainly ones who have just seen today’s Spectator cover (Peter Brooke’s brilliant cartoon of Cameron about… Continue reading


Is their money good here?

26 July 2007 18:45

If you’re wondering what to make of the Chinese decision to invest in Barclays and the Qatari effort to buy Sainsburys do read this column that Martin Vander Weyer has… Continue reading