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Catherine Tate

4 May 2007 13:55

The forgotten party of British politics

4 May 2007 12:57

Conservative Home asks why there isn’t more speculation about Ming Campbell’s future. It does seem odd how easy a ride he’s been given considering that the Lib Dems must be… Continue reading

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How good a night was it for the Tories?

4 May 2007 11:37

The general view so far which I myself posted earlier is that this has been a respectable rather than seriously impressive night for the Tories. However, see Iain Dale’s analysis… Continue reading

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Required viewing for all MPs

4 May 2007 11:32

It’s a pity that the elections yesterday coincided with Molly Dineen’s documentary ‘The Lie of the Land’ because I imagine that the minister of agriculture (or minister of Naff, Maff,… Continue reading

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Sarkozy’s lead widens

4 May 2007 11:12

To shift focus in our election coverage to across the Channel, Nicolas Sarkozy’s lead is widening. Two new polls out today put him at 54% and 54.5% respectively, a comfortable… Continue reading



4 May 2007 10:37

As Matt d’Ancona says, ‘hanging chads’ are the words that spring to mind when considering the technical disasters that attended the vote in Scotland. But there is another, less charitable… Continue reading


Recreating an Elgar premiere

4 May 2007 9:19

What is the peculiar magic of string quartets? Ian McEwan posed this question when I interviewed him recently. It came to mind again during an enchanting evening at the Spectator’s… Continue reading


The result: No overall control

4 May 2007 6:59

‘A new dawn has broken,’ said Eric Pickles, the Tories’ local government spokesman, just after 5:20. Oh no it hasn’t, Eric. Hovering around 41 per cent, with patchy gains in… Continue reading


Tories up 1%, Lib Dems down 1%

4 May 2007 2:15

And Labour pretty much as they were the BBC are projecting. That has got to count as a good night for Labour, in the circumstances, and a mediocre one for… Continue reading


Caught Spinning

4 May 2007 1:06

In the pub, awaiting developments

4 May 2007 0:19

I’m not quite on the BBC election panel – I’ve had better luck. I’m down the boozer: the St Stephens Tavern with Emily Maitlis and a wide array of pundits.… Continue reading

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Has Brown saved the union?

3 May 2007 23:43

Might Labour keep Scotland after all? I’m told Labour HQ in Glasgow is fairly chirpy this evening. The YouGov poll predicting their defeat doesn’t chime with what they’ve picked up… Continue reading

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Election night blogging on Coffee House

3 May 2007 20:47

Our indefatigable political editor Fraser Nelson will be blogging the election results as they come in. He’s also one of the analysts on tonight’s BBC election special. So check back… Continue reading

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Conservatives for Hillary?!

3 May 2007 20:23

Former Reagan and Bush 1 staffer Bruce Bartlett thinks that conservatives might, out of necessity, end up embracing their favourite hate-figure. Crazy as it sounds his argument has something going… Continue reading


Comment Away

3 May 2007 17:08

We’ve had had some problems earlier today with the comments but that’s now fixed–apologies if you tried to post earlier. So please do fire away, just click on the comment button… Continue reading

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Tamzin on the trail

3 May 2007 16:28

Greetings from Sheffield where yours truly has been put in charge of The Tory Revival In Our Great Northern Cities! Was feeling a bit down about things yesterday after a… Continue reading


Things best left unsaid

3 May 2007 16:06

The Business section of this week’s Spectator includes a fascinating interview with Sir Michael Bishop, founder-boss of the airline BMI. The interview is, in two respects, an example of the… Continue reading

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What a repulsive lot we have become

3 May 2007 15:49

It is greatly to Jonathan Aitken’s credit that he has come to the aid of Lord Browne in today’s Guardian. It is also greatly to the credit of the Guardian… Continue reading


The little shall inherit the earth

3 May 2007 13:41

Has anybody noticed that slowly, slowly, (little by little) short people are taking over the world? They took Hollywood many decades ago, beetling their way into the limelight with their… Continue reading


What will Blair do next?

3 May 2007 11:52

The reports this morning that Tony Blair might step down as an MP as soon as he quits as PM raise the question of what will Blair do next. (The… Continue reading

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I fell for Piers

3 May 2007 9:48

I think I have fallen victim to a cunning and captious new publishing ploy to get hopelessly vain creatures like me, who love seeing their names in print, to buy… Continue reading


What a Sarko win’ll mean for British politics

3 May 2007 9:42

The funny thing is that Labour is wholly relaxed about Sarkozy winning – he and Gordon get on very well. But imagine the identity crisis into which a muscular, right-wing… Continue reading

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Sarko clears the last hurdle

3 May 2007 7:21

Nicolas Sarkozy survived last night’s French presidential debate. Opinion seems divided on who actually won but Sarko didn’t throw it away, as many feared he would, by flying off the… Continue reading

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Who’ll be smiling tonight?

3 May 2007 0:05

A tiresome trait of local elections is seeing every party declare victory of sorts on election night. At present, it seems only the Scottish National Party will be able to… Continue reading


Britain, my Britain

2 May 2007 20:53

Why do the Scottish elections make me uneasy? Because the performance of the SNP, which is certain to be strong, is bound to stir up a reciprocal nationalism south of… Continue reading