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Physician heal thyself

29 April 2008 8:23

After Nick Clegg yesterday, it was David Cameron’s turn to do The Today Programme pre-local election interview this morning. John Humphrys was in particularly combative form, interrupting at every opportunity.… Continue reading


Fuelling conflict

29 April 2008 2:33

Jerusalem, Israel Forget Scotland – the fuel crisis we’ve really got to keep our eyes on is in the Gaza Strip. Israel stopped supplying fuel to the Hamas-controlled region a… Continue reading


What’s the deal with Syria?

29 April 2008 0:13

Jerusalem, Israel Syria received top-billing in our meeting with the Israeli prime minster’s spokesman – Mark Regev – in Jerusalem this morning. Sadly, though, he was tight-lipped about that intriguing… Continue reading


Iraq in comparative perspective

28 April 2008 19:41

Fred Kagan, one of the architects of the surge, sets out how he thinks we should measure progress in Iraq in the latest Weekly Standard. The whole piece is worth… Continue reading

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Cameron tries to break free from Labour’s poverty of thought

28 April 2008 16:38

I doubt many headlines will come from David Cameron’s poverty speech in Euston today, but for those looking to see him wrestle his way out of Labour’s way of thinking… Continue reading


What does Gordon do on May 2nd?

28 April 2008 14:43

At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, an occupational hazard of punditry, there are some interesting thoughts out there about what Gordon will do on May 2nd if the… Continue reading


We’re just showing the government how to do it, says Cameron

28 April 2008 13:34

Team Osborne get in touch in relation to my last post. Yes it is an old idea, they say, but Labour is pussyfooting around. They would implement it properly. Cameron… Continue reading


The Tory answer to the credit crunch should be less tax not pinching more Brown ideas

28 April 2008 12:19

The other day I blogged how the Tories are engaging in a “fool’s game” of trying to work out what the government will announce, beating them to it, and then… Continue reading


Boris leads by 11 in final YouGov poll

28 April 2008 11:09

The last Monday YouGov poll for the Evening Standard has Boris on 46 percent to Ken’s 35. Once the second preferences are factored in, Boris leads Ken 55 to 45.… Continue reading


Jump-starting social mobility

28 April 2008 10:56

Gary Duncan has an important piece in this morning’s Times keying off Reform’s report on social mobility. As Gary writes, “The realities behind Mr Brown’s rhetoric on poverty are a… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

28 April 2008 10:02

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend: Matthew d’Ancona reflects on how the Carole Capln story could so easily have been about Tony not Cherie. Boris Johnson… Continue reading


Brown’s poll position

28 April 2008 8:39

Jackie Ashley’s column this morning makes the good point that by this time next week the commentariat could be praising Gordon Brown’s resilience and fighting qualities. The silver lining to… Continue reading


60 years of Israeli independence

28 April 2008 0:43

I’ve just touched down in Jerusalem, ahead of the sixtieth anniversary of Israeli independence next week.  Over the next three days, I and a few other journos will be ferried around Ramallah, Tel Aviv and… Continue reading


Postcard from Scotland

27 April 2008 23:09

I’ve just arrived back from a visit to Scotland (stag party in Feshiebridge) and in my sober moments picked up these few observations…. 1. No Tolls: On my drive there and… Continue reading


Has anyone endorsed Ken enthusiastically?

27 April 2008 16:05

The three press endorsements of Ken Livingstone that have appeared in recent days have one overarching theme in common:  a complete lack of enthusiasm for Livingstone. The Observer even urges… Continue reading


A sharpened Tory message

27 April 2008 13:41

David Cameron’s appearance on Andrew Marr has not made much news but it was, to my mind, one of Cameron’s most impressive performances to date. Two of the most common… Continue reading


Massaging the story

27 April 2008 12:01

Further to James’s observations about the Mail on Sunday’s coverage of Lord Levy’s book: I was struck, to say the least, by the disclosure that His Lordship was deputed by… Continue reading

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Levy guns for Brown

27 April 2008 9:50

Reading the extracts from Lord Levy’s book in The Mail on Sunday one is struck by just how determined Levy appears to cause maximum damage to Brown. We’re told that Blair… Continue reading


New poll of battleground seats shows the Tories on course for a big majority

26 April 2008 17:36

If David Cameron liked the YouGov poll in the Telegraph last Thursday, he will love tomorrow’s News of the World. For the first time since the bottled election it has… Continue reading


Boris should ask his voters to make Paddick their second choice

26 April 2008 14:08

All the opinion polls show that neither Boris nor Ken have much chance of winning the London Mayoralty on purely first preference votes so the race is going to be… Continue reading


Tories for Brown

26 April 2008 10:44

Back in the summer of 2007 when Gordon Brown was riding high in the polls, there was a small but significant ‘Tories for Brown’ movement. It was comprised of those… Continue reading


Cui bono from the latest PR Week leak?

25 April 2008 18:47

The latest PR Week scoop about what is going on in Downing Street has revived my suspicions about who is doing the leaking. The story says that Gordon Brown is… Continue reading


The week that was

25 April 2008 18:13

The Spectator 180th Anniversary blog has been launched.  Visit it here. Fraser Nelson confronts the striking teachers, and charts how Labour has hurt the poor. James Forsyth questions the moral… Continue reading


Any suggestions?

25 April 2008 17:47

Over at the 180th Anniversary blog, we’re asking which historic events you’d like to see The Spectator’s take on.  Just head over there to post your suggestions. As part of the anniversary celebrations,… Continue reading

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The Beeb’s anti-Thatcherism

25 April 2008 14:54

What is it with the BBC and Margaret Thatcher? Britain’s leading public-service broadcaster never seems to miss an opportunity to do her down, especially in its dramatic depictions, which regularly… Continue reading