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Between a Rock and a hard place

15 January 2008 8:54

Rachel Sylvester has a typically eloquent and perceptive piece on the political ramifications of nationalising Northern Rock in the Telegraph today. As Sylvester points out the government has to come… Continue reading


Can McCain keep the momentum going?

15 January 2008 0:17

Today, John McCain will either take a massive stride towards winning the Republican nomination by winning the Michigan primary or a triumph for Mitt Romney will scramble the contest still… Continue reading


The British are coming?  Hopefully not…

14 January 2008 18:42

Pete Hoskin At yesterday’s low-key Golden Globes ceremony, the British film ‘Atonement’ was named the Best Dramatic Motion Picture of the year; making it the front-runner for the “Best Picture”… Continue reading


Facing down Facebook

14 January 2008 17:34

I always knew I was right not to be one of the 59 million (7 million in the UK) people who have joined Facebook, and Tom Hodgkinson’s article in today’s… Continue reading


Is it our guilt that makes us so critical of Britney?

14 January 2008 15:39

Ayleet Waldman has a sure to be controversial piece in this week’s New York Magazine arguing that the reason society is so keen to jump on bad mothers like Britney… Continue reading


Cameron meets the press

14 January 2008 13:42

About the only thing we learned at his press conference today is that David Cameron  has mastered the art of not answering awkward questions. He dodged several this morning, but in a… Continue reading


The Hain and Osborne cases are not the same

14 January 2008 11:27

The idea that George Osborne and Peter Hain’s funding issues are somehow equivalent is absurd. One is a case of confusion over how many times something should be declared and… Continue reading


A new daily must read

14 January 2008 11:05

If you haven’t already, do go and take a look at which launched today. Brought to you by the team behind the essential Conservative Home, its aim is to… Continue reading


Hain on the outs

14 January 2008 10:22

Peter Hain is toast. Gordon Brown’s defence of him in The Sun today is not so much luke warm as broken-boiler Arctic. On Friday, the PM’s spokesman said that Gordon… Continue reading


Gordon Brown: I’m not the decider

14 January 2008 8:52

Gordon Brown’s interview with the Sun this morning displays one of the least attractive qualities of his premiership, his tendency to pass the buck. So, Peter Hain is praised but… Continue reading


Clinton, Obama fight escalates

14 January 2008 0:13

The Clinton-Obama fight is turning increasingly nasty and personal. In Washington, there is much talk about how the party can be put together again after the primaries. Tensions have been… Continue reading


Hands off our bodies, Mr. Brown

13 January 2008 19:14

I find Gordon Brown’s notion of ‘presumed consent’ for organ transplants, unveiled in the Sunday Telegraph, morally repugnant. It goes without saying that those who choose to give their organs… Continue reading


Why Hain must go

13 January 2008 17:11

Of all the reasons why Peter Hain should go, here’s my top one. Right now a quarter of British families are caught up in Labour’s hideously complicated means-tested benefits –… Continue reading


Brown’s golden error

13 January 2008 16:49

The price of gold broke $900 an ounce on Friday. So this gives us another chance to reflect on Brown’s calamitous decision to sell British gold reserves at $275 an… Continue reading


Cameron’s Sunday best

13 January 2008 10:29

David Cameron turned in a strong performance on the Andrew Marr show this morning pushing back firmly and effectively against Marr’s suggestion that there was somehow equivalence between Peter Hain… Continue reading


Overwhelming public support for Tory welfare policies

12 January 2008 23:16

Fraser wrote the other day about how public attitudes seemed to be moving decisively in favour of welfare reform and new poll numbers,flagged up by Conservative Home, back up this… Continue reading


Clegg steps up

12 January 2008 15:35

I spent the morning at the LSE, listening to Nick Clegg’s first big speech at Lib Dem leader and then participating in a panel on the issues he had raised.… Continue reading


What Gordon should learn from Hillary

11 January 2008 19:15

After Hillary’s remarkable come from behind victory in New Hampshire there have been a lot of jokes about how we can now expect Gordon Brown, and every other ambitious politician, to… Continue reading


The Hain saga

11 January 2008 15:37

Ben Brogan has an absolute must read post on this whole business of Peter Hain and the donations. As Ben writes, “For the moment Downing Street’s confidence remains solid, in… Continue reading


Cameron’s real enemy will be the machine

11 January 2008 13:21

A sound objection to David Cameron’s welfare reform policy is raised today by Richard Littlejohn. Norman Fowler took him out to Washington and Baltimore in the 1980s when he was… Continue reading


Gordon’s roof

11 January 2008 12:01

Today’s speech by George Osborne attacking Gordon Brown’s record for economic competence is an important development in the rolling out of Tory strategy. The charge that Gordon is not up… Continue reading


Premium Politics

10 January 2008 22:21

Sam Coates, over at his splendid new blog, writes that the Tories have been indulging in some clothes stealing by adopting the Lib Dem idea for a pupil premium for… Continue reading


Brown goes nuclear, repeatedly

10 January 2008 21:38

Is Gordon Brown running for the world record on the number of times a story is announced? His “revelation” that Britain will continue with nuclear power is something this government… Continue reading

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Why the press wrote the Obama surge story so hard

10 January 2008 16:07

The debate over why the polls in New Hampshire were so wrong is still raging on this side of the Atlantic. An agenda-setting op-ed by the top pollster Andy Kohut… Continue reading


What’s your view on the Fourth Plinth?  

10 January 2008 7:20

Come on Londoners – it’s judgement day! Now that the new designs for the Fourth Plinth are on display, I think it’s time for us all to have our shout… Continue reading