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Recession Watch

18 March 2008 9:03

Asian markets rallied this morning, most likely in expectation of an emergency rate cut from the US Federal Reserve. After the falls of yesterday, many commentators predict that Western markets will… Continue reading


A decisive moment for Obama

18 March 2008 2:38

The controversy over Barack Obama’s pastor and his racially divisive views just keeps getting worse for the Obama campaign. Today, Obama will attempt to move past the story by giving… Continue reading


Tories up 13 in new ICM poll

17 March 2008 20:48

The Guardian has just posted the headlines figures from its new poll which shows the Tories with a 42-29 lead over Labour. The poll also finds that David Cameron and George Osborne… Continue reading


Why falling base rates have lost their sting

17 March 2008 18:20

Now the Fed has cut US rates by another quarter, what’s next? The City expects UK rates to fall to 4.75% by year-end. Now and again, Gordon Brown likes to… Continue reading


The threat of violence

17 March 2008 16:29

Jonathan Powell’s new book and in particular his thoughts on talking to terrorists have been making waves in recent days. But the Guardian news story accompanying the paper’s serialisation of… Continue reading


Tories & tax cuts

17 March 2008 14:56

With Philip Hammond suggesting that the Conservatives won’t cut taxes until a second term in government, there’s a lot of great reading material on the Tory tax debate in today’s… Continue reading


On Boris and that poll lead

17 March 2008 13:55

Who’s laughing now? Boris has stormed ahead in the polls today, with a 12 point lead over Ken in the Standard’s YouGov survey. With 45 days to go, 49 per… Continue reading


Place your bets

17 March 2008 11:51

This is asking for trouble. Ladbrokes has opened a book on the first question David Cameron will ask in PMQs. There will be at least a dozen Tories who will… Continue reading


Boris 12 points up in London

17 March 2008 11:37

Over at Centre Right, Harry Phibbs points to a new poll in The Standard that shows Boris with a 49 to 37 lead over Ken. Boris also leads on second… Continue reading


Keeping it in the banking industry

17 March 2008 10:45

In today’s FT, Alan Greenspan describes the current financial mess as the “most wrenching since the end of the Second World War” (his hindsight being rather better than his foresight). Dismayed… Continue reading


Just in case you missed them…

17 March 2008 9:35

Here are some of the posts made over the weekend: Peter Hoskin is impressed by David Cameron’s Spring Forum speech, and asks whether we should talk with terrorists. Fraser Nelson highlights… Continue reading


What will follow?

17 March 2008 9:04

The credit crunch took its deepest bite into the US economy over the weekend, as the major investment bank Bear Stearns collapsed under the strain of massive debts.  Shares that… Continue reading


More voters want Delia Smith as the next Chancellor than Ed Balls

16 March 2008 14:56

Tucked away in today’s YouGov poll is a rather amusing question about who voters think would make the best Chancellor if Alistair Darling were to step down. Perhaps unsurprisingly considering… Continue reading


Revealed: Britain’s welfare ghettos

16 March 2008 12:48

Rabbi Lionel Blue talks about a “moral long-sightedness” of politics – the ability to see problems thousands of miles away (in Africa) or a century away (climate change) but not… Continue reading


Tories spring into a 16 point lead 

16 March 2008 11:56

Two new polls this morning offer real encouragement to the Tories. YouGov for the Sunday Times has them 16 points ahead of Labour at 43 percent, if replicated in a… Continue reading


A wider philosophy

15 March 2008 14:51

David Cameron’s given his speech at the Conservative Spring Forum.  I haven’t got access to a television at the moment, so I don’t know what his delivery was like –… Continue reading


The bard of Whitehall

15 March 2008 14:23

Some cabinet ministers are not fully reconciled to the Brown era if a few lines of verse supposedly written by a cabinet minister that have been doing the rounds in… Continue reading


Talking with terrorists

15 March 2008 11:28

There’s a punchy interview with Jonathan Powell – Tony Blair’s former chief of staff, and a key figure in the Irish peace process – in today’s Guardian.  He’s quite candid… Continue reading


The week that was

14 March 2008 17:58

Here are some of the posts made over the past week: Nick Clegg asks CoffeeHousers for their questions. Peter Hoskin on why school-leavers shouldn’t have to swear allegiance. James Forsyth… Continue reading


Weekend art

14 March 2008 16:49

The Chinese are coming — or, rather, they’ve come. China Design Now at the V&A is the latest arrival in the China Now Festival — a nationwide celebration of all… Continue reading

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Shannon Matthews found alive

14 March 2008 16:06

I passed two Evening Standard vendors shouting out the news that Shannon Mathews has been found alive – even though it’s not in the newspaper. One was listening on his… Continue reading


Do the reverse Salisbury

14 March 2008 14:57

Last week, The Spectator called on the House of Lords to apply the Salisbury convention in reverse to the Lisbon treaty and use its power to force the government to… Continue reading


Carry On Recruiting

14 March 2008 14:26

Aside from the Chinese Red Army and Indian Post Office, the NHS is the world’s largest employer with 1.3m staff. Government attempts to trim this unwieldy, inefficient behemoth are pathetic.… Continue reading


A tale of two polls

14 March 2008 13:46

As the Tories descend on Gateshead, two polls will be giving them food for thought.  The first is one of party members conducted by ConservativeHome.  It’s worth flicking through all the results, but… Continue reading


Play the Dave game

14 March 2008 13:02

So Dave has let cameras into his house, to show that ‘the anxieties of parenting are universal’. And what cosy fun the clip is too, and how lovely Sam looks… Continue reading