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And now the end is near

13 August 2007 23:49

Watching the Bush-Rove conference, it was impossible not to feel that this was the end of an era. The president admitted he soon be gone too; telling Rove “I’ll be… Continue reading

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Have we turned away from the emotionalism of the Diana moment?

13 August 2007 22:57

As the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death approaches we’re going to spend a lot of time debating whether or not the public reaction to her death ushered in a new,… Continue reading


Prezza’s tale

13 August 2007 16:20

I am almost certainly in a minority of one on this, but I suspect that John Prescott’s memoirs will be a lot more interesting than people are expecting. On all… Continue reading


Heathrow needs more runways

13 August 2007 14:21

The case for Heathrow getting a third runway is overwhelming. It is mad that the world’s third busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers only has two runways while Amsterdam’s… Continue reading


‘Bush’s brain’ leaves the White House

13 August 2007 12:07

If you want to get an idea of how important Karl Rove was to George W. Bush imagine if Peter Mandelson, Philip Gould and Alastair Campbell had all been rolled… Continue reading


Karl Rove resigns

13 August 2007 10:07

Karl Rove, the architect of President Bush’s two election victories, is resigning from the White House at the end of the month. Rove was convinced that he could re-align US… Continue reading


The cause of the sub-prime crisis

13 August 2007 8:46

If you want to know what to make of the current panic in the financial markets and the role of sub-prime mortgages in creating it, do read Sebastian Mallaby in… Continue reading

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What happens when you are down

12 August 2007 22:46

When you are ten points down in the polls everything you do is seen through that prism. So whenever the Tories announce a policy or talk about a topic, the… Continue reading


Why we must end forced marriage

12 August 2007 11:48

Damian Green, the Tory Immigration spokesman, sets out how the Tories plan to end forced marriages in an op-ed in The Observer today. There are some good suggestions in it,… Continue reading


The Brown bounce becomes the Brown boom

12 August 2007 0:14

Gordon Brown has restored Labour’s fortunes to pre-Iraq levels, according to a YouGov poll in tomorrow’s Sunday Times. The poll puts Labour on 42, the Conservatives 32 and the Lib… Continue reading


Extreme in any context

11 August 2007 12:30

Charles Moore has a must-read in the Telegraph today about the Dispatches programme “Undercover Mosque” that the CPS and the West Midlands police have criticised. They claim that the programme… Continue reading

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Blue Saturday

11 August 2007 10:17

I do not know whether, as was so often claimed, Tony Wilson, who has died aged 57, was a genius. But, as music mogul, club entrepreneur, loudmouth and zealous Mancunian,… Continue reading

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Football’s back

10 August 2007 18:05

The football season kicks off tomorrow and with England so far on the back foot in the cricket that they’re in danger of stepping on their stumps, it will be… Continue reading


Ignoring our debt to the Iraqi interpreters

10 August 2007 15:00

I would have thought that the idea of granting asylum to those Iraqis who have served as interpreters for British troops would be fairly uncontroversial. But Neil Clark has issued… Continue reading


Ashley’s Ashes

10 August 2007 12:15

Simon Barnes has a lovely tribute to the retiring England spinner Ashley Giles in this morning’s Times. Giles had a bit of a rough press as he was nearly always… Continue reading

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A healthy crunch

10 August 2007 10:23

It seems the silly season is extending to financial markets. I have yet to hear a convincing explanation about how the credit crunch is supposed to be such a disaster… Continue reading


How long can Brown have it both ways on relations with the US?

10 August 2007 8:54

Gerard Baker has a great column in The Times this morning about how Gordon Brown is trying to play it both ways on relations with America. Baker dubs it the… Continue reading

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The security charade

9 August 2007 23:51

Going to Calais from Dover this morning on the Eurotunnel was a master class in the ineptitude and pointlessness of security. As my car approached Passport Control I handed over… Continue reading


What Bush almost said about Iraq

9 August 2007 17:10

George W. Bush’s speech in May 2003 declaring major combat operations in Iraq over while a banner behind him proclaimed “mission accomplished” was, with the benefit of hindsight, unfortunate at… Continue reading


Are diversity and solidarity compatible?

9 August 2007 14:34

Robert Putnam’s new work on diversity is sure to set the cat amongst the pigeons. The Boston Globe summarises the findings of The Bowling Alone author thus: “the greater the… Continue reading


Look who’s coming to dinner

9 August 2007 12:20

The Bush clan will be gathering in their New England retreat this weekend and they will be joined, as Irwin Stelzer hinted they would be, by Nicolas Sarkozy, who is… Continue reading

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The Iranians in Iraq

9 August 2007 10:28

Do watch the opening segment from yesterday’s edition of Newsnight on what the Iranians are up to in southern Iraq. It gives you a very good idea of what the… Continue reading

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Hold The Jaws Remake

9 August 2007 8:36

It is safe to go back in the water in Cornwall. It turns out that the the great white shark that was supposedly seen off Newquay was actually photographed in… Continue reading


Obama hits Hillary over Iraq

8 August 2007 19:38

The contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is entering a decisive phase. The first primary is now only five months away and Hillary retains a commanding national lead, even… Continue reading


The 2008 version of the Olympic Spirit

8 August 2007 18:26

A small, but telling, example of the nature of the regime that will be hosting the 2008 Olympics comes in James Fallows’s latest missive from China. “CNN International began its… Continue reading

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