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Is Blair eclipsing Brown in Israel?

1 May 2008 11:38

I’ve just returned from Israel, but the issues have followed me to London. Tomorrow the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee convenes in the capital, to discuss the Palestinian situation.   Gordon Brown’s… Continue reading


Back Boris

1 May 2008 9:05

We have had the debates. We have had the interviews. We have had acres of newsprint, some sensible, some way off the mark and some downright scurrilous. Can anyone doubt… Continue reading


It’s election time

1 May 2008 8:58

It’s local and London election time, and Coffee House will be bringing you frequent news and analysis throughout today and tomorrow. For now, though, an overview of what the papers… Continue reading

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How to vote for Boris

30 April 2008 19:19

If you’re voting in London tomorrow, you are going to be given three ballot papers—one for the mayoralty, one for the constituency section of the London assembly and one for… Continue reading


A snapshot of Sderot

30 April 2008 16:29

Yesterday, I visited the Southern Israeli town of Sderot. Being perched on the border with Gaza, it’s subjected to a constant barrage of rockets from Hamas and their associates. A… Continue reading


Cameron is walking into an elephant trap on 42 days

30 April 2008 14:54

Like Fraser, I thought that David Cameron went on the wrong topic today. But I think the bigger mistake the Tories might be making is in trying to turn 42… Continue reading


In crisis, there’ll be an opportunity for Brown

30 April 2008 13:13

If Livingstone loses on Thursday and the Labour vote slumps elsewhere in the country, the headlines for Gordon Brown will be dire and he’ll be plunged further into the mire.… Continue reading


A better PMQs for Brown

30 April 2008 12:57

In a not-very-hotly contested category, this was perhaps Gordon Brown’s best PMQs performance. His content wasn’t any more accurate, but sounding confident is half the battle. And he did. He… Continue reading


Today’s Brownies

30 April 2008 10:21

Gordon Brown gives interviews like he is programming a computer. In his pre-election appearance on Today at 8.10am he fired off statistics, as if they spoke for themselves – sounding… Continue reading


What counts as a good result?

30 April 2008 8:58

Over at the Red Box, Sam Coates has a very handy guide to what the parties are claiming would constitute success for them in Thursday’s elections.


Listen Live: Has America lost its moral authority?

29 April 2008 18:24

Few questions have divided opinion as much as this one in recent years, Tonight, broadcasts a debate on this topic featuring an all star set of speakers. Arguing for… Continue reading


Brown plans a by-election bounce

29 April 2008 16:56

Labour’s losing no time on the Crewe and Nantwich by-election – due three weeks on Thursday (May 22). I suspect they believe this will be a much-needed fillip to Brown.… Continue reading


Mervyn King reveals truth behind Treasury spin

29 April 2008 15:30

Remember when Alistair Darling “announced” the £50 billion loan package to banks? That time he summoned banks to a meeting saying he wanted better fixed-rate deals and mortgage holidays “in… Continue reading


Hoey’s ‘clarification’ is perfectly compatible with voting for Boris

29 April 2008 13:35

Reading Kate Hoey’s ‘clarification’, which Fraser just posted, this sentence jumped out at me. I will be voting for my party and Labour candidates on Thursday. Note, no mention of… Continue reading


Hoey’s clarification

29 April 2008 13:19

A chastened and whipped Kate Hoey has, via the Labour Party HQ, issued this “clarification”:  “The key part of the Boris Johnson statement – ie that I will be the… Continue reading


Osborne didn’t strike out

29 April 2008 12:06

I’m not so sure that George Osborne did gaffe when he hinted yesterday that he’d crack down on the power of public sector unions. Labour is stoking the row. But… Continue reading


Hoey’s status uncertain

29 April 2008 10:42

This morning, Boris Johnson announced that Kate Hoey would be his advisor on sport and the Olympics, making Hoey’s attempt to pass off her planned appearance with Boris at a… Continue reading


Physician heal thyself

29 April 2008 8:23

After Nick Clegg yesterday, it was David Cameron’s turn to do The Today Programme pre-local election interview this morning. John Humphrys was in particularly combative form, interrupting at every opportunity.… Continue reading


Fuelling conflict

29 April 2008 2:33

Jerusalem, Israel Forget Scotland – the fuel crisis we’ve really got to keep our eyes on is in the Gaza Strip. Israel stopped supplying fuel to the Hamas-controlled region a… Continue reading


What’s the deal with Syria?

29 April 2008 0:13

Jerusalem, Israel Syria received top-billing in our meeting with the Israeli prime minster’s spokesman – Mark Regev – in Jerusalem this morning. Sadly, though, he was tight-lipped about that intriguing… Continue reading


Iraq in comparative perspective

28 April 2008 19:41

Fred Kagan, one of the architects of the surge, sets out how he thinks we should measure progress in Iraq in the latest Weekly Standard. The whole piece is worth… Continue reading

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Cameron tries to break free from Labour’s poverty of thought

28 April 2008 16:38

I doubt many headlines will come from David Cameron’s poverty speech in Euston today, but for those looking to see him wrestle his way out of Labour’s way of thinking… Continue reading


What does Gordon do on May 2nd?

28 April 2008 14:43

At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves, an occupational hazard of punditry, there are some interesting thoughts out there about what Gordon will do on May 2nd if the… Continue reading


We’re just showing the government how to do it, says Cameron

28 April 2008 13:34

Team Osborne get in touch in relation to my last post. Yes it is an old idea, they say, but Labour is pussyfooting around. They would implement it properly. Cameron… Continue reading


The Tory answer to the credit crunch should be less tax not pinching more Brown ideas

28 April 2008 12:19

The other day I blogged how the Tories are engaging in a “fool’s game” of trying to work out what the government will announce, beating them to it, and then… Continue reading