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The cost of drugs

24 February 2008 17:09

To clarify my earlier blog, I certainly did not mean the murdered prostitutes in Suffolk were “victims” of the government’s failed war on drugs. They were born free and chose… Continue reading


The right long-term decisions?

24 February 2008 12:49

Just in case anyone still believed Gordon Brown’s "right long-term decisions" claim, then the Observer’s interview with Anne Owers – the chief inspector of prisons – should set them straight.  … Continue reading


How the Tories can break on through

24 February 2008 11:32

Northern Rock has not fatally wounded this government and Gordon Brown is slowly getting back on the front foot. The government, it appears, will not lose the next election all… Continue reading


Victims of a failing war on drugs

24 February 2008 3:22

As the Suffolk Stranger was being sentenced, the Home Office slipped out this written answer on the street price of heroin. It’s almost halved from £74 a gram to £40… Continue reading


Speaking of controversy

23 February 2008 19:07

Michael Martin’s spokesman has resigned for unwittingly misleading a journalist over the recent story about the Speaker’s wife’s £4,000 taxi expenses. The spokesman had said that she had been accompanied… Continue reading


Wil Obama seal the deal on March 4th?

23 February 2008 18:58

Over on Americano, all the latest from the US elections including reports that Hillary aides are thinking about a dignified exit for her if Ohio and Texas don’t go her… Continue reading


Don’t clobber drinkers

23 February 2008 10:59

The idea of vastly increasing the tax on alcohol to deal with Britain’s ‘binge-drinking’ problem is gaining ground. The Tory Social Justice policy group was keen on the idea and… Continue reading


Is Yvette Cooper beyond help?

23 February 2008 10:15

Iain Martin has a great post over at Three Line Whip about the rather disastrous effect that media training has had on Yvette Cooper’s manner—proof that things can get worse.  … Continue reading


The original Coffee House

23 February 2008 9:33

Some people ask why we call this blog Coffee House. The principal reason is that this magazine’s founders, Joseph Addison and Richard Steele, went around such places picking up gossip… Continue reading


Labour still in danger of drifting onto the rocks

22 February 2008 18:30

Today’s Economist poll on Northern Rock is a belated birthday present for Gordon Brown. Only 5 percent believe the government is most responsible for the crisis and people are more… Continue reading


What on earth were the Tories thinking?

22 February 2008 16:54

Putting the words Auschwitz and gimmick together is ill-advised and for a politician to do this is particularly foolish. Whatever the substance of David Cameron’s criticisms he has opened himself… Continue reading


Gimmicky Gordon

22 February 2008 14:26

In the wake of Coffee House’s Brownies campaign, numerous commenters have been imploring the opposition parties to undermine Gordon Brown’s little porkies.  Take, for instance, CoffeeHouser Mike O’Callaghan’s recent suggestion: "Each week Brown is allowed to provide… Continue reading

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An act of genius, or of self-indulgence?

22 February 2008 12:34

Does Daniel Day Lewis deserve an Oscar for There Will Be Blood? I’d say so, over Clooney anyway – who rarely differs the characters he plays. In a Hollywood era… Continue reading


Killer Cable strikes again

22 February 2008 10:40

I’m on the train back from Question Time (most of the panel stayed in Newcastle last night) and I am again sitting three seats down from a man who has… Continue reading


Where the burden of Brown falls most heavily

22 February 2008 8:58

 In the Telegraph, John Kampfner makes the case that Gordon Brown is as ‘uncritically’ adoring of the super rich as Tony Blair ever was. He argues that this attitude stems… Continue reading


Groundhog Day

22 February 2008 8:50

With the prison population reaching an all-time high of 82,006 (only 21 places short of full capacity), Jack Straw once again begs judges to consider more non-custodial sentences.  Of course,… Continue reading


Washington rules, doesn’t it?

22 February 2008 7:38

The News reported yesterday that US diplomats have told PPPP Co-Chair Asif Ali Zardari that they “Will not allow anyone to destroy” their “huge investment” of more than $10 billion… Continue reading

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Chinese whispers

21 February 2008 17:56

Judging by this post over at Sky’s Adam Boulton & Co. blog, the dispute between Steven Spielberg and China over Darfur has just entered the realm of the bizarre.  According… Continue reading


Lords inflicts defeat on government over Northern Rock

21 February 2008 16:13

The Lords has just defeated the government on its plan to exempt Northern Rock from the freedom of information act, the issue which David Cameron raised at PMQs yesterday. Brown… Continue reading


A rhetorical divide

21 February 2008 14:56

David Cameron’s announcement that a Tory government would consider making forced marriages a criminal offence opens up – at the very least – a rhetorical divide between his party and the… Continue reading


The rendition row

21 February 2008 13:52

David Miliband has confirmed that two US rendition flights – carrying suspected terrorists – stopped on UK territory in the Indian Ocean, in 2002. There had previously been “no evidence” of… Continue reading


The brain drain goes into overdrive

21 February 2008 11:38

Anyone who was depressed by the powerful splash in the Daily Telegraph today about Britain’s brain drain had best sit down. I have worse news. It may be a new OECD report,… Continue reading


Viewing guide

21 February 2008 10:58

Anyone with a taste for schadenfreude can tune in to BBC1 Question Time tonight, where yours truly will be in Newcastle extolling the virtues of the free market in the… Continue reading


Brown’s Black Wednesday?

21 February 2008 8:35

Few have torn into Gordon Brown’s Government with the ferocity of Anatole Kaletsky, and today the Times writer adds another landmark article to the pile.  In it, he highlights the parallels between… Continue reading


Gordon’s American problem

20 February 2008 19:25

Gordon Brown should be casting nervous glances across the Atlantic because a defeat for Hillary Clinton, which is now the most likely result, would be bad news for him. First,… Continue reading