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It’s not good out there

3 July 2007 21:49

It’s a bit rough out there. Every day brings a flood and dry cleaning bills. Anglican bishops taking time off from gay-obsessions tell us the rain is all our fault… Continue reading


Cheap radicalism

3 July 2007 19:46

Gordon Brown’s justification for his constitutional meddling is that “the best answer to disengagement from our democracy is to strengthen our democracy.” Which begs the question of why are people… Continue reading

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Follow the talent

3 July 2007 18:23

If anyone was wondering what the political parties think the key battleground of the next few years will be, just look at the people taking on the children, schools and… Continue reading

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Brown v. Cameron: Round one

3 July 2007 16:59

Some thoughts on the Brown statement… 1. Cameron’s response was very good. He had varied intonation and passion – while Brown’s stutter got steadily worse as he read his constitutional proposals… Continue reading


Brown’s constitutional

3 July 2007 16:21

Brown’s statement on the Constitution can be read here. Interestingly, he’s shot Cameron’s fox on both a national security council and giving Parliament the power to declare war—both bad ideas… Continue reading

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Who’ll be the first to fall foul of the smoking ban?

3 July 2007 13:12

Today’s Sun report on the after party for the Diana concert, says that: "Harry became one of the first people in the country to break the new smoking ban—as he lit up… Continue reading


The new religion

3 July 2007 12:18

What I love about the climate change “debate” is that when the public show themselves unconvinced about its wilder claims, the media talks patronisingly about a need to “educate.” This… Continue reading


For an alternative take on the news

3 July 2007 10:49

Visit the website of Press TV, Iran’s new global news channel. The Guardian has a good review of the, how shall we put this, idiosyncrasies of the site’s coverage here. 

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The theocratic elephant in the room

3 July 2007 7:43

Go to the Newsnight site and watch last night’s discussion on the terror attacks of the past few days. Hassan Butt, a former jihadi and activist for the radical group… Continue reading


Bush does the right thing

2 July 2007 23:28

President Bush’s decision to commute the prison sentence of Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, will attract criticism. But it’s the right thing to do, as I tried… Continue reading

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Reshuffle round up

2 July 2007 22:40

If Coffee House has not slaked your thirst for reshuffle analysis, Conservative Home and Iain Dale both have comprehensive takes on it.


What to make of the Tory reshuffle

2 July 2007 20:58

Some thoughts on the Tory reshuffle… 1. This was described to me as an “election footing” reshuffle. It’s the explanation why Maude has gone – he represented the pre-election phase, apparently.… Continue reading


A new tack for the Tories?

2 July 2007 18:34

David Cameron’s choice of Sayeeda Warsi to shadow Hazel Blears, further illustrates how far the Tories are moving away from a hawkish position on the war on terror. Here is… Continue reading

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Tories turn ever further away from neo-conservatism

2 July 2007 17:56

Dame Pauline Neville Jones recently gave evidence to Paddy Ashdown’s Iraq Commission. With today’s news, her testimony makes for fascinating reading. Here’s the key section of her remarks: "I think… Continue reading

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Cameron’s answer to Sir Alan West

2 July 2007 17:31

Dame Pauline Neville Jones is apparently joining the shadow cabinet in a security role. She’s a very establishment figure with very establishment views. Her record over Bosnia suggests that she has fairly… Continue reading


No Foxy moves

2 July 2007 17:00

Conservative Home has confirmed that Liam Fox is staying where he is.


Maude moved

2 July 2007 16:30

Francis Maude has been sacked as Tory chairman, party sources confirm. He’ll be taking up another job, though. More soon.

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Salmond takes centre stage

2 July 2007 15:01

Not much detail about those arrested over the last few days in connection with the failed Glasgow Airport and London attacks – but Alex Salmond’s administration has been keen to… Continue reading


What motivates them?

2 July 2007 12:00

So, how much—if at all—does the Israel/Palestine conflict ‘cause’ terrorism? Matt argued yesterday that it is a “great error” to think that there’s a “causal link between the growth of… Continue reading


Team Brown’s psychological warfare

2 July 2007 10:36

Gordon Brown has spent a large part of his honeymoon trying to destabilise the other two parties. As Jackie Ashley, whose columns will be essential reading in this new Brown… Continue reading


Rocking with the Royals

2 July 2007 8:25

Last night’s Diana concert was ostensibly a tribute to the late princess on what would have been her 46th birthday. But its deeper function was – yet again – to… Continue reading

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Brown’s view of the terror threat

1 July 2007 17:20

The Brown doctrine on the war on terror is emerging more quickly than we might have expected and certainly than he would have wished. In his interview with Andrew Marr,… Continue reading

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Report: Intelligence warned of Glasgow attack

1 July 2007 12:51

Interesting report from ABC News on the Glasgow attacks: “U.S. law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against "airport infrastructure… Continue reading


The Glasgow airport attack (updated)

30 June 2007 19:14

Were they Scottish? The response to the failed Glasgow airport attack will be dictated by the identity of the perpetrators. Early reports say Asian men were seen leaving the car,… Continue reading


Playing modern Britain

30 June 2007 14:22

I have been trying to work out why the idea of John Simm as the Master in Doctor Who is so compelling. By my calculation, Simm is the eighth actor… Continue reading