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Poll: A majority of Americans favour impeaching Cheney

6 July 2007 18:19

If you want to get an idea of how unpopular Dick Cheney has become, consider this: 54% of American think the House of Representatives should impeach him.


We have an answer…it’s Charlie Kennedy

6 July 2007 16:43

Earlier in the week Coffee House asked who would be the first public figure to fall foul of the smoking ban and it appears we have an answer. BBC News… Continue reading


Another Mayoral twist

6 July 2007 15:51

The latest development in the saga of who will be the Tory candidate to take on Red Ken is the Tory claim that Digby Jones wanted to be their candidate,… Continue reading


Brown takes a page from the Clinton playbook

6 July 2007 12:28

Gordon Brown told the BBC this morning that he’ll be holidaying in Britain this year. Dick Morris will be proud! With all his Middle Britain pleasing micro-initiatives–flying the flag over… Continue reading


Where Cherie goes wrong

6 July 2007 10:17

Fiona Millar has a piece in The Guardian today defending herself from some of the implicit criticisms made of her in the Cherie Blair documentary. Much of the criticism Cherie… Continue reading


A swell party

6 July 2007 7:47

Last night, The Spectator celebrated its (modern) birthday, July 5, 1828, and its move to the heart of Westminster with the magazine’s annual summer party. It isn’t for me to… Continue reading


Cameron takes on the broken society agenda

5 July 2007 17:59

The Spectator last week ran a piece by Andrew Neil saying "Memo to Gordon: it’s the Broken Society, stupid." Was his memo intercepted? Because David Cameron has today given a… Continue reading


Our news from America

5 July 2007 16:54

British police are infuriatingly tight-lipped about terror investigations. But they do talk to American counterparts, who are less guarded with American journalists, so often the US media is first with… Continue reading

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Back on the trail

5 July 2007 16:14

Mark Halperin has a great piece in Time magazine about the Clintons going on the trail together in Iowa and how Bill is adjusting to playing second fiddle.


Inflated criticism

5 July 2007 13:27

It will be terribly painful for those of us with mortgages but the Bank of England has done the right thing. Interest rates in the UK are now 5.75%; and… Continue reading


Paying to keep people poor

5 July 2007 12:01

Buying the Big Issue magazine is never an act of charity. Its content is well worth the cover price, especially when John Bird, its founder, writes on social issues. His… Continue reading


RIP George Melly

5 July 2007 10:23

  So farewell, George Melly. There isn’t much fun left in jazz any more; it takes itself so seriously. George didn’t — always having fun, listening to his favourite Bessie… Continue reading

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From Rousseau to Blears

5 July 2007 8:08

"The English people believes itself to be free; it is gravely mistaken; it is free only during election of members of parliament; as soon as the members are elected, the… Continue reading


Appearances Matter

4 July 2007 18:52

Perched high up in the press gallery for PMQs, I didn’t see Cameron’s superb sneer when Brown moaned he’s only been in the job for five days (seven, actually, Gordon… Continue reading


Official: Spectator backs Boris

4 July 2007 18:05

   No more than a formality, of course, and the least I can do as the great man’s successor in the Editor’s chair. As a Londoner, I know he would… Continue reading


Will Boris run?

4 July 2007 16:34

Nick Robinson doesn’t take fliers. The more calls I make on this Boris for London story, the more true it seems: wheels are indeed in motion. Perhaps what he needs… Continue reading


Two views on the Fourth

4 July 2007 15:13

The late David Halberstam—author of The Best and the Brightest—has a posthumously published essay in Vanity Fair on Bush’s misuse of history. He charges that the Bush administration lives in… Continue reading

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Boris for Mayor?

4 July 2007 12:53

Nick Robinson is suggesting that Boris Johnson may run for London mayor. I can tell you that Boris was unofficially sounded out at the Tory summer party last year, and… Continue reading


Brown’s first PMQs

4 July 2007 12:43

A packed house and full of entertainment. Ming Campbell spent ages trying to make his way to his seat: people didn’t seem to notice him. Brown was wearing a pastel… Continue reading


Flagging up a problem

4 July 2007 11:42

Strange to see Gordon Brown dropping the phrase "war on terror" while asking (through today’s Sun) that we all fly Union Flags to show war-style defiance against terrorism. I admire… Continue reading


A Doctor of Culture

4 July 2007 11:33

Further to my post on John Simm, it seems to me that Doctor Who, once the home of Daleks and wobbly cardboard scenery, is now becoming the nation’s cultural showcase… Continue reading


Brown, constitutional conservative or radical?

4 July 2007 11:08

Gordon Brown’s constitutional proposals receive a generally good press this morning. Interestingly, everyone has decided to concentrate on the bits they like rather than the bits they don’t: The Sun… Continue reading

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The portfolio of all the talents

4 July 2007 10:14

Much has been said, and rightly, about the battle of the titans over schools and children’s policy which will now ensue between Ed Balls and Michael Gove, elevated to the… Continue reading


The odds MI5 is working against

4 July 2007 9:59

“As many as four of the NHS terror cell suspects were already known to security services, it emerged last night,” reports The Daily Mail this morning. This revelation is bound to set off… Continue reading


Don’t blame foreign policy, blame the world view

4 July 2007 8:15

Asim Siddiqui has a powerful op-ed in the Guardian today on the futility of blaming foreign policy for terror attacks. As he writes: “And once we’ve left Iraq, will they… Continue reading

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